Writings by Steven J. Rosen

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Iranian Nukes, the Arab Gulf, and Obama's Seductive Summitry The Washington TimesJune 2, 2015
Will Obama Pick Another Fight with Israel? The Washington TimesApril 27, 2015
Why Has the U.S. Congress Done So Little About UNRWA? JusticeWinter 2014-2015
The Real Crisis in U.S.-Israel Relations Lies Ahead The Washington TimesMarch 1, 2015
Are Palestinian Offensives Inviting Israeli Reprisals? The Gatestone InstituteJanuary 7, 2015
Could Obama Swing the Israeli Election? The Gatestone InstituteJanuary 3, 2015
Will Mahmoud Abbas Reject Israeli Protection? The Gatestone InstituteOctober 20, 2014
Why State Dept. Defends UNRWA's Artificial "Refugee" Designations The Gatestone InstituteSeptember 30, 2014
Palestine's Peace Bomb Foreign PolicyJanuary 31, 2014
Pushed on the Bandwagon Foreign PolicySeptember 4, 2013
Is J Street Winning? Foreign PolicyNovember 9, 2012
Lessening UNRWA's Damage The Jerusalem PostJuly 10, 2012
Israeli Settlements, American Pressure, and Peace JCPA Strategic Perspectives2012
Talking Points Foreign PolicyMarch 2, 2012
The Palestinians' Imaginary State Foreign PolicyAugust 3, 2011
Obama's Moment of Truth at the UN CommentaryJanuary 6, 2011
Why Isn't Obama Pressuring the Palestinians? Foreign PolicyJanuary 4, 2011
Will Obama Use His UN Veto? CommentarySeptember 2010
Bush's Gift to Obama ForeignPolicy.comAugust 18, 2010
Erdogan and the Israel Card Wall Street JournalJune 10, 2010
The Special Relationship: The Establishment is Doing Just Fine ForeignPolicy.comMay 21, 2010
Obama's Foolish Settlements Ultimatum ForeignPolicy.comApril 1, 2010
Is Barack Obama More AIPAC Than J Street? ForeignPolicy.comFebruary 17, 2010
The Mideast Peace Deal You Haven't Heard About ForeignPolicy.comDecember 18, 2009
Don't Take Netanyahu to the Woodshed ForeignPolicy.comNovember 9, 2009
Stuck in the Middle East ForeignPolicy.comSeptember 17, 2009
Tough Love Is No Love at All ForeignPolicy.comJuly 21, 2009
Cut Bibi Some Slack ForeignPolicy.comJuly 1, 2009
An Assessment of the Obama Mideast Team Middle East Review of International AffairsMarch 2009
Assessing the Obama Mideast team Jerusalem PostFebruary 12, 2009
Obama and a Settlements Freeze MEF Policy ForumJanuary 28, 2009
Articles in Middle East Quarterly
Title Publication Date
A European Boycott of Israel? Middle East QuarterlySpring 2014
Kuwait Expels Thousands of Palestinians Middle East QuarterlyFall 2012
Why a Special Issue on UNRWA? Middle East QuarterlyFall 2012
Abbas vs. Obama Middle East QuarterlySpring 2011
The Arab Lobby: The European Component Middle East QuarterlyFall 2010
Title Publication Date
Israel and the Palestinian Refugee Issue: The Formulation of a Policy, 1948-1956 Middle East QuarterlyFall 2015
The Arab Lobby: The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America's Interests in the Middle East Middle East QuarterlySpring 2012
Transforming America's Israel Lobby Middle East QuarterlySummer 2010
Freedom's Unsteady March: America's Role in Building Arab Democracy Middle East QuarterlySummer 2009
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
The New Israeli Government MEF WireJune 24, 2015
The Hamas-Fatah Unity Deal MEF WireMay 1, 2014
Israel and the Palestinians MEF WireDecember 17, 2012
Criticizing Israel, Outside of Israel NPR: On the MediaJune 4, 2010
U.S.-Israel Relations in Crisis MEF WireApril 21, 2010
Israel and the Iranian Bomb MEF WireApril 27, 2009
Wishful Thinking and Iran MEF WireNovember 10, 2008
Blog: Obama Mideast Monitor
Title Publication Date
Netanyahu interview with ABC News April 21, 2010
Obama's Counterproductive Settlements Ultimatum April 14, 2010
Fierce attack on Dennis Ross March 28, 2010
Iran: Michael Ledeen vs. Flynt Leverett March 4, 2010
J-Street not invited to Biden meeting March 3, 2010
Obama's Iran Team February 12, 2010
Interesting George Mitchell Interview January 7, 2010
Mitchell on Parallel Israel/Palestinian Talks December 28, 2009
Abbas: "I could have reached an agreement with Olmert" December 20, 2009
Netanyahu's New Agreement with Mitchell December 19, 2009
More details of Olmert offer disclosed December 16, 2009
63% of Americans support preemptive attack on Iran December 4, 2009
Olmert Details His Offer to Abbas December 1, 2009
J Street allied to Goldstone?? November 2, 2009
Progress on settlements compromise August 27, 2009
Settlement freeze talks accelerating August 16, 2009
Will Netanyahu/Mitchell meeting be postponed again? August 12, 2009
The "Morning After" a temporary settlements freeze August 3, 2009
The Left vs. the Center on the Obama Mideast Team July 31, 2009
NYT mag: Obama will accept a nuclear-armed Iran July 30, 2009
Jones, Ross to Israel: Reset? July 22, 2009
Abrams: Israel is right that there were settlement agreements June 25, 2009
Kurtzer denies there was an agreement on Settlements June 14, 2009
Jewish left shaped Obama on Settlements June 13, 2009
There was a Bush Agreement on Settlements June 6, 2009
Rahm Emanuel as a dove May 26, 2009
Netanyahu: Only Israel will stop Iran threat May 26, 2009
Mullen: time for Iran diplomacy running out May 25, 2009
Israel seeks renewal of settlements freeze terms May 23, 2009
Americans would support use of force against Iran May 21, 2009
U.S., Israel discuss settlements freeze May 21, 2009
U.S., Israel, form joint group on Iran May 20, 2009
If Israel Attacks Iran, 49% Say U.S. Should Help May 13, 2009
Cheney: Europeans willing to live with nuclear Iran May 13, 2009
Netanyahu and Obama will find Common Ground May 12, 2009
Ha'aretz: Iran talks to begin soon, reevaluate in October May 10, 2009
Me interviewed about the AIPAC case May 6, 2009
NSC head: U.S. guiding hand in Palestinian talks April 30, 2009
Rare case of clear thinking about the Harman incident April 28, 2009
Iran gasoline sanctions bills moving April 28, 2009
Interesting Dennis Ross mission April 28, 2009
US may target Iran gasoline imports April 23, 2009
The only crime in the Harman case April 23, 2009
Obama seeks aid for Palestinian unity government April 20, 2009
Gates warns against strike on Iran April 14, 2009
Obama may allow Iran to enrich uranium during talks April 14, 2009
Left-wing goons attacking Clinton's assistant Feltman April 11, 2009
"Pressure on Israel: A user's guide" April 11, 2009
Biden: Israeli strike on Iran would be "ill advised" April 8, 2009
Are Obama and Netanyahu headed for conflict? April 8, 2009
Elliot Abrams on a Settlements Freeze April 8, 2009
Mullen: Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran, is capable April 6, 2009
Bibi's record on "Land for Peace" April 3, 2009
Freeman deplores "the way this Administration works" April 3, 2009
"Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran—Or I Will" March 31, 2009
Uzi Arad will get visa to U.S. March 31, 2009
Ross brings in Tayekh, Fishman March 30, 2009
Gates: Sanctions on Iran more promising than diplomacy March 29, 2009
Netanyahu will offer formula for Palestinian statehood March 29, 2009
Blair's post-mortems on Chas Freeman, Iran NIE March 28, 2009
Top Dems want 'urgent action' on Iran March 27, 2009
Joseph McMillan to key Pentagon post March 26, 2009
Iran Policy Review completes milestone March 26, 2009
Revealing new Freeman interview March 26, 2009
Fatah warns EU not to lower the bar for Hamas March 25, 2009
Herro Mustafa appointed Biden's Mideast adviser March 22, 2009
Clinton won't meet Iranians separately on March 31 March 19, 2009
Obama reconsidering Turkey genocide pledge March 19, 2009
Netanyahu seeks Obama meeting in early May March 19, 2009
Left-wing Jewish groups split over Freeman affair March 18, 2009
Assad says he was near deal with Olmert; needs U.S. March 18, 2009
Mitchell's two deputies: Dayton and Hof March 17, 2009
Netanyahu's adviser denied visa to U.S. March 17, 2009
Chairman of Joint Chiefs warns Israel but also Iran March 15, 2009
Prominent group urges Obama to negotiate with Hamas March 14, 2009
Freeman: Obama should have jumped in for me March 13, 2009
Netanyahu aide: Iran first, then Palestinians, not Syria March 13, 2009
Freeman fought to keep position, then withdrew March 11, 2009
Chas Freeman withdraws from NIC nomination March 10, 2009
Freeman received more from Saudis than previously revealed March 10, 2009
DNI Blair defends Freeman in letter to Congress March 9, 2009
another good nominee for Treasury terror finance March 9, 2009
Seven more senators oppose Chas Freeman March 9, 2009
Netanyahu's key foreign policy staff March 7, 2009
Chinese dissidents oppose Freeman March 6, 2009
Jewish Republicans want Freeman out March 6, 2009
Obama on Dennis Ross March 6, 2009
James Baker vs. Chas Freeman March 6, 2009
Why is the Israel Policy Forum supporting Chas Freeman? March 5, 2009
Was Freeman's background investigated for National Intelligence Council? March 5, 2009
Ranking Republican on Intell. Committee calls for Freeman withdrawal March 4, 2009
Ten in Congress ask for investigation of Freeman March 3, 2009
Asst. Sec. Feltman going to see Assad March 3, 2009
Iran policy unfolding... March 3, 2009
Clinton firm on Hamas conditions March 3, 2009
Israel's "Red Lines" for U.S. talks with Iran March 2, 2009
U.S. aid for the Palestinians announced March 2, 2009
Does Brennan's influence at NSC extend to Iran? February 28, 2009
Freeman NIC appointment not announced by White House February 26, 2009
"Talk to Hamas" lobby surging; Israel worried February 26, 2009
Ross, or Burns, to run Iran policy????? February 26, 2009
Struggle over Intelligence Council pick intensifies February 25, 2009
More distressing information about Chas Freeman February 24, 2009
Elliott Abrams' advice to Obama team February 24, 2009
Mitchell committs to Bush 2004 letter; could affect "settlements freeze" February 24, 2009
Appointment of Dennis Ross as Special Advisor February 24, 2009
Concerns expressed about Freeman heading NIC February 23, 2009
Cunningham continues in Israel; Rubenstein to be ConGen in Jerusalem February 23, 2009
Susan Rice on Iranian threat February 21, 2009
Freeman says he took $1 million for Saudi "public relations" February 21, 2009
CNN: Ross to be named next week February 20, 2009
Another Israel tirade by Chas Freeman February 20, 2009
Nuclear Iran closer than previously estimated February 20, 2009
Alarming appointment at the CIA February 19, 2009
Mitchell to Turkey February 24-25 February 19, 2009
Russia puts Obama Iran strategy in doubt February 17, 2009
Stark warning from Barak about a nuclear Iran February 16, 2009
Netanyahu finds another point of agreement with Obama February 16, 2009
Elliot Abram's conclusions about the Bush years February 15, 2009
Israel troubled by Obama delay on naming Iran chief February 15, 2009
Clinton to Israel, Egypt March 2 February 14, 2009
Is Obama willing to see Hamas in a "unity government"? February 14, 2009
Olmert, Assad close to joint statement, direct talks? February 13, 2009
Is Clinton's influence shrinking? February 12, 2009
Colin Kahl, tough on Iran, to key Pentagon post February 12, 2009
Obama rejects NIE, sees Iranian nuclear weapon program February 12, 2009
Iran: discontinue Iraq talks with U.S. February 12, 2009
Obama: Iran state media, or Radio Farda and VOA? February 11, 2009
Assessing the Obama Mideast team February 11, 2009
Obama's Mideast Team: recap February 10, 2009
Puneet Talwar to head Iran, Iraq at NSC February 10, 2009
Carnegie report downbeat about Iran engagement February 9, 2009
Jones seeks control over national security decisionmaking February 7, 2009
Fred Hof likely to join Mitchell mission February 6, 2009
Power, harsh Israel critic, to non-Mideast post February 6, 2009
Iran's Larjani cancels meeting with Foreign Affairs Chair Berman February 5, 2009
Dennis Ross' role February 5, 2009
Dan Kurtzer back at Princeton February 5, 2009
Experts: Prospects for Israeli-Palestinian deal slim February 5, 2009
Clinton: Our Hamas principles will not change February 3, 2009
Chris Hill role in Iran talks?? February 2, 2009
Further good news about Stuart Levey February 2, 2009
Will Obama yield to Iran on Enrichment? February 2, 2009
Netanyahu on use of force against Iran. January 31, 2009
Carter Briefed Obama About Hamas January 29, 2009
Iran wants Obama Apology; Clinton Admin tried that January 29, 2009
Obama to disavow policy of Regime Change in Iran? January 28, 2009
Vali Nasr to State; Opposes Iran Sanctions and Containment January 28, 2009
Netanyahu: top priority with Obama is Iran January 27, 2009
Who was in the room when Obama met with Mitchell yesterday? January 27, 2009
Shapiro to head NSC Middle East East; Talwar NSC Iran; Feltman State NEA? January 26, 2009
Malley: "Concerning Hamas...I don't think Obama shares my point of view" January 25, 2009
Candid and important Obama comments about the Middle East January 24, 2009
Obama's Mandate to George Mitchell January 22, 2009
Dennis Ross appointment still pending January 22, 2009
Obama's Mideast team: The names so far January 20, 2009
George Mitchell to be Mideast "Peace" Envoy?? January 19, 2009
Obama and hawkish options toward Iran January 18, 2009
Obama doubts feasibility of "closing a peace deal" soon January 17, 2009
Good news about Stuart Levey at Treasury January 16, 2009
New elements in Clinton's testimony on Iran January 14, 2009
Strong support for Israel: new McClatchy poll January 14, 2009
two profiles of Jim Jones January 13, 2009
Clinton today on engagement with Syria January 13, 2009
Clinton today: No decision on Mideast peace personnel January 13, 2009
Clinton today: If diplomacy with Iran fails... January 13, 2009
"Clinton wants fresh face for Mideast envoy" January 13, 2009
Puneet Talwar to head NSC Near East Affairs; was Elliot Abrams January 12, 2009
Jewish groups fault Bush failure to veto January 12, 2009
Obama: I'll move quickly on Iran, Palestinians January 11, 2009
Clinton selects Arab-Israel envoy; it's not Haass January 9, 2009
W Post: Beth Jones may get NEA post at State January 9, 2009
Indyk and Haass propose Obama Mideast strategy January 8, 2009
Obama steadfast on Hamas January 8, 2009
Flournoy to top DoD policy position; mixed views on Iran January 8, 2009
J Street fails to prevent Senate vote supporting Israel January 8, 2009
More Haass reports January 7, 2009
Why Obama passed over Jane Harman for CIA January 7, 2009
Ross' portfolio on Iran January 7, 2009
Why Clinton is slow to fill Arab-Israeli position January 7, 2009
Dan Shapiro, Lippert to NSC January 7, 2009
Brennan, very soft on Iran, to get senior NSC post January 7, 2009
Assessing the Obama Mideast team so far... January 6, 2009
Ross report confirmed, Haass report denied January 6, 2009
Ross for Iran, Kurtzer or Beth Jones for NEA, says Foreign Policy/WPost blog January 6, 2009
Nelson report: Ross to be Iran; Haass Israeli-Arab January 6, 2009
DoD, Biden aides named; Jane Harman passed over January 6, 2009
DNI, Blair; CIA Director, leon Panetta January 5, 2009
Dennis Ross: Hamas cannot be allowed to rebuild January 5, 2009
Ross, Kurtzer, and Indyk: decisions soon? January 2, 2009
Top Obama aide defends Israeli action in Gaza December 30, 2008
J Street says US and Quartet should restrain Israel; but Meretz supports strike December 27, 2008
Shimon Peres: Obama should wait for Iran election December 26, 2008
More left-wing criticism of Dennis Ross December 26, 2008
Obama team meets with Jewish groups December 24, 2008
Berman to Obama: give Iran deadline December 24, 2008
Blinken confirmed; Burns to stay? December 24, 2008
Jack Lew to top State post? December 23, 2008
Obama picks for intelligence expected this week December 18, 2008
Obama's challenge at the U.N. December 17, 2008
Wishful thinking and the return of Khatami December 16, 2008
Negotiating with Iran before or after its June 10 election? December 15, 2008
Another "multiple special envoys" report: Wash. Post December 15, 2008
Mark Lippert, Chief of Staff at the NSC December 14, 2008
Hayden may remain head of CIA December 14, 2008
Guesting on "Rosner's Domain," on Obama and the Mideast December 14, 2008
Gates warns Iran in Obama's behalf December 14, 2008
Obama planning five special envoys? December 13, 2008
Leading Chicago Jews helped Obama's rise December 12, 2008
Obama to meet national security team December 12, 2008
Obama wants to "reboot America's image in the Moslem world" December 11, 2008
"In Her Own Words: Hillary Clinton on the Middle East" December 11, 2008
Intell posts still open; more names December 11, 2008
"Obama to offer Israel nuclear umbrella" December 11, 2008
Donilon Likely for NSC December 10, 2008
Marty Peretz: "Semantha Power is a friend of Israel" December 9, 2008
Obama: "Iran can do it the easy way or the hard way" December 7, 2008
Jim Jones' successes as Middle East Security envoy December 6, 2008
Shapiro, Feinstein to play key State roles? December 6, 2008
Obama, Bush strong words on Iran December 6, 2008
Good piece on Jones and NATO forces in territories December 5, 2008
3 Who Hate This Blog December 5, 2008
"Obama and Netanyahu can work well together": Wexler December 4, 2008
Khameini's role: implications for the new Administration December 3, 2008
"Steinberg authored Obama's AIPAC speech" December 3, 2008
Negotiating with Iran before its presidential election December 2, 2008
Ross on Iran: bigger carrots, bigger sticks December 2, 2008
Key 12 remaining positions to watch November 30, 2008
Two takes on James Jones November 29, 2008
The Left is Unhappy with Obama's Foreign Policy Team November 27, 2008
EU 3 accuse Iran of "utter disrespect" November 27, 2008
Obama Transition National Security Policy Working Group November 26, 2008
Brennan will not head CIA November 25, 2008
Obama's decisions on Iran November 25, 2008
Jones would put NATO force in West Bank November 24, 2008
Steinberg to State, Donilon to NSC November 24, 2008
WPost: Clinton "hawkish, pro-Israel" November 23, 2008
Scowcroft advising Obama November 21, 2008
Indyk predicts Obama/Clinton Iran policy November 21, 2008
Antiwar groups fear Obama may create hawkish Cabinet November 20, 2008
How the Jewish Left sees Rahm Emanuel November 19, 2008
Good News About Obama Appointments November 19, 2008
Bush Officials Met with Iranian Counterparts 28 times November 17, 2008
The Left vs. Dennis Ross November 17, 2008
Middle East Forum Blog
Title Publication Date
Why Does the State Department Defend UNRWA's Artificial "Refugee" Designations? September 18, 2014