MEF Junior Fellowship


The Middle East Forum (MEF) has launched a Junior Fellows Program to encourage serious, original work by up to four young scholars, journalists, and analysts at a time. MEF hopes to provide a platform to enhance skills, share innovative ideas, and build networks among those working on the Middle East, Islamism, and related topics.


The program is open to those under 32 years of age. Candidates will be selected based on the promise shown in their academic or professional work and their alignment with the Forum's values and goals.


Stipend: An annualized stipend of $1,200.

Mentorship: Each Junior Fellow will be paired with an experienced staff member or fellow who will provide topic guidance, editorial feedback, and connections.

Research and Writing: Fellows are invited to contribute to MEF publications and participate in talks, podcasts, and other discussions. Work will be promoted through MEF channels.

Skill Development: Opportunities to learn, and gain skills in research, analysis, and writing.

Networking: Opportunities to share ideas and connect with peers and leading experts.


The fellowship program is designed to run 6-12 months.

Selection Process

Applications are accepted at any time; there is no deadline. Please send a cover letter and resume to