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In the current Middle East Quarterly
Are Doomed Peace Talks Better than None at All?

Diplomats from 26 nations met in Paris on June 3 to discuss stalled Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. As usual, the primary point of consensus among the attendees, according to the BBC, "appeared to be that any effort to revive the peace process was better than nothing at all." Is that true?

Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes has argued that Washington should "urge Jerusalem to forego negotiations and return instead to its earlier and more successful policy of fighting for victory." MEF fellow Efraim Inbar concedes that Israel's participation in fruitless talks "maintains the domestic social cohesion necessary for protracted conflict (management) while projecting a positive image abroad," but cautions that it can also "prevent fresh thinking about alternative solutions." This echoes the 2014 Middle East Quarterly article of Mordechai Nisan, who bemoans the "intellectual brainwashing exercised by the Oslo paradigm."

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