Educational Outreach

The Middle East Forum supplements its writings with in-depth briefings, conference calls, and on-campus activities. Non-partisan specialists take on the Middle East's most controversial and difficult issues with an eye toward American interests – questioning assumptions, provoking thought, and offering new solutions.

Direct public outreach imparts a deeper understanding of current events, from immigration to the Syrian civil war, from Islamism in the West to biased Middle East studies.

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Webinar Series

The Forum organizes online seminars linking multiple participants and organizations in different locations, providing fresh views on vital issues.

The series builds support for our initiatives; create synergies with like-minded organizations; and develops relationships with affinity groups. Policy-makers and policy-influencers, as well as Forum subscribers and donors, are invited to tune-in and submit questions to the moderator.

Summaries and audio recordings of select webinars are available here.


The Forum sponsors briefings by former government officials, scholars, journalists, and others with insights into the Middle East and Islamism.

Recently Guy Milliere, professor at the University of Paris, explained how Islamism threatens Europe's future; Michael Doron, former senior director of the National Security Council under President George W. Bush, discussed the Middle East's state of crisis; and Dr. Moshe Zviran of Tel Aviv University discussed Israel as a global business partner.

Summaries and audio recordings of select briefings are available on the Forum's Wires webpage.

Conference Calls

The Forum hosts monthly conference calls with specialists, staff members, and select donors.

Summaries and audio recordings of select calls are available on the Forum's Wires webpage.