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Daniel Pipes


Daniel Pipes has led the Forum since 1994. With an A.B. and Ph.D. from Harvard, he has taught at Chicago, Harvard, Pepperdine, and the U.S. Naval War College; currently he is an...

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Gregg Roman


Gregg Roman functions as the chief operations officer for the Forum, responsible for day-to-day management, communications, and financial resource development. Mr. Roman previously served...
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Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Research Fellow, Jihad-Intel

Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi researches violent non-state Islamic and Middle Eastern groups for the Forum. A graduate of Oxford University, with ancestry tracing back to Baghdad and Mosul, Mr...
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Cinnamon Stillwell

Campus Watch West Coast Representative

Cinnamon Stillwell analyzes Middle East studies academia in West Coast colleges and universities for Campus Watch. A San Francisco Bay Area native and graduate of San Francisco State...

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Clifford Smith

Washington Project Director

Clifford V. Smith is MEF's liaison to decision makers and opinion leaders in Washington, D.C. He holds a B.A. from Washington State University, an M.P.P. with a focus on international...
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David J. Rusin

Islamist Watch Research Fellow

David J. Rusin investigates and combats nonviolent radical Islam in the United States and other Western countries for Islamist Watch. His research has highlighted the dangers posed by...

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Efraim Karsh

Principal Research Fellow and MEQ Editor

Efraim Karsh is editor of the Middle East Forum's flagship publication, the Middle East Quarterly. He is an emeritus professor of Middle East and Mediterranean studies at King'...

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EJ Kimball

Senior Advisor, Israel Victory Project

EJ Kimball is a foreign policy and national security consultant with over 10 years' experience working in Washington, D.C. He most recently served as executive director of the Israel...
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Judy Goodrobb

MEQ Managing Editor

Judy Goodrobb is responsible for day-to-day management and design of the Middle East Quarterly. She is a writing tutor at Penn State University-Brandywine. Previously Ms...
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Kyle Shideler

Counter-Islamist Grid Director

Kyle Shideler is the Director of the Counter-Islamist Grid. Mr. Shideler specializes on Islamist groups operating in the United States, having spent over a decade researching and...

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Lisa Barbounis

Executive Liaison

Lisa Barbounis serves as the executive liaison to Gregg Roman and Daniel Pipes. Representing the president and director, internally and externally, she serves as an intermediary between...
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Marc Fink


Marc Fink serves as the Forum's in-house legal counsel and chief editor, while directing the Legal Project. He previously...
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Marilyn Stern

Communications Coordinator

Marilyn Stern serves as communications coordinator for the Forum. She manages monthly conference calls with subject matter experts who brief our participants on current Middle East issues...
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Marnie Meyer


Marnie Meyer is responsible for the Forum's finance, accounting, and reporting activities. Prior to joining the Forum, she provided accounting and business management services for GC4...
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Matthew Bennett

Director of Development

Matthew Bennett is responsible for financial resource development and information technology at the Forum. He manages the development team to direct annual fundraising campaigns, secure...
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Oren Litwin

Islamist Watch Research Fellow

Oren Litwin does research for the Forum's Islamist Money in Politics project. He is an associate fellow for the R...
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Sam Westrop

Islamist Watch Director

Sam Westrop has headed Islamist Watch since March 2017, when MEF absorbed the counter-extremism unit of Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT). Prior to this he was research director at...
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Samantha Rose Mandeles

Islamist Watch Coordinator

Samantha joined MEF in September 2017, after coordinating anti-BDS faculty efforts for Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and managing distribution for Americans for Peace and...

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Stacey Roman

Development Associate

Stacey Roman is responsible for the Middle East Forum's database operations as part of its development team. Prior to joining the Forum, she interned for an innovation accelerator...
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Thelma Prosser

Office Manager

Thelma Prosser has been in charge of the Middle East Forum office since 1995. She previously worked at the Foreign Policy Research Institute for over twelve years.
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Tricia McNulty

Program Manager

Tricia McNulty is responsible for the Forum's in-person and online programming, including: donor lunches, conferences, briefings, lecture series, webinars, and speaking engagements...
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Winfield Myers

Director, Academic Affairs

Winfield Myers is director of the Middle East Forum's Campus Watch, which reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North American universities. He has taught world history and...

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