Campus Watch in the Media

Title Publication Date
Why the Hatred for Israel on College Campuses? [incl. Beshara Doumani] National Review November 1, 2023
Joseph Massad: Petition to Oust Columbia Prof for Calling Hamas Attacks 'Awesome' Gains 20, 000 Signatures [incl. Joseph Massad] MEAWW October 15, 2023
Republicans Demand Answers from Education Dept. on Antisemitism Funding The Jerusalem Post March 13, 2023
Meet Jasmine Zine, whom the Trudeau and Company is Financing to Spread Antisemitism in Canada TFIGlobal January 3, 2023
GOP Probes Academic Group After it Defends Professor who Blamed Rushdie Attack on Israel [incl. Nader Hashemi] The Washington Free Beacon September 15, 2022
It's Time for Radicals to Own up to their Own Opinions JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) June 9, 2022
The Ascent of the Cry-Bully in Campus Anti-Israel Activism The Times of Israel December 24, 2021
Anti-Israel Academia Mute on Decades-Long Child Abuse by Terrorists American Family News September 17, 2021
Middle East Studies at Brown: If you Thought it Couldn't get Worse, you were Wrong [incl. Beshara Doumani] Substack August 7, 2021
Is Musa Al-Gharbi the Last Academic Who Can Tell the Truth? Tablet Magazine May 3, 2021
New York City's in Trouble and Other Commentary The New York Post April 8, 2021
Anti-Israel Professor Hamid Dabashi Benefited from Ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar's Philanthropy Israellycool Blog April 5, 2021
Internet Mogul Funds Anti-Semitic Professor, Israel Boycotters United with Israel April 4, 2021
Winfield Myers on Radicalized Universities in the United States Israel Hayom December 3, 2020
Are Universities Producing the Anti-Israel Foot Soldiers? The Jerusalem Post December 2, 2020
Sens. Cramer, Rubio Call for Review of Potentially Misused Higher Education Act Funds Kevin Cramer (Press Release) November 13, 2020
A Milestone for Palestinian Studies Inside Higher Ed August 11, 2020
Former College Professor Is a Rabid Antisemite — and Must Be Condemned The Algemeiner July 13, 2020
Federal Tax Dollars Funding Anti-Israel Sentiment on Campuses: Expert OneNewsNow July 8, 2020
The Apparent Reason for my Disinvitation from that Australian School Many Years Ago Patheos July 2, 2020
In Defense of Ilana Feldman and BDS Supporters Academe Blog (American Association of University Professors) June 22, 2020
Stop Using Federal Money to Finance Anti-Zionism at US Colleges [incl. Linda Darling] The Algemeiner March 22, 2020
The Twisted World of Craig Considine [incl. Akbar Ahmed] FrontPage Magazine February 12, 2020
The Prelude to Trump's Peace Plan: Politicizing College Campuses Medium February 4, 2020
Are American Taxpayer Funds Fueling Anti-Israel Indoctrination? JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) January 2, 2020
The Tell: Executive Order Disorder JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) December 13, 2019
GOP Congressman Expresses Concerns About Anti-Israel 'Scholarship' at Georgetown University [incl. Middle East Studies Association] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) December 13, 2019
Feldman Who Argued 'Islamists Never Got a Govern' Is Certain Trump Should Be Impeached December 4, 2019
Gulf Donors Drawn into Controversy Over Foreign Influence at US Campuses Al-Monitor December 3, 2019
The Trump Administration Is Using Accusations of Anti-Semitism to Silence Criticism of Israel The Forward November 29, 2019
Berkeley Professor Connects Islamophobia in the U.S., India and Israel [on Hatem Bazian] Wisconsin Muslim Journal August 27, 2019
A Plague Of Col(e)itis In Academia... [on Juan Cole] (website of Gerald A. Honigman) August 24, 2019
Qatar Foundation International Funds Arabic Programs in Select US Schools The Daily Caller August 15, 2019
Hijacking Black History to Bash Israel Mosaic Magazine August 13, 2019
Higher Indoctrination (Education?), and the Angry Jew News Service [incl. As'ad AbuKhalil, Norman Finkelstein] Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) August 8, 2019
Muslim Reform: It Won't Come Through the Imams [incl. Khaled Abou El Fadl] Clarion Project July 23, 2019
Campus Bureaucrats Prove Timid Friends of Free Speech The Australian June 17, 2019
Denying Omar Barghouti Admittance to the U.S. is a Free Speech Issue History News Network May 5, 2019
Elite Universities Hide Information on Funding From Ultraconservative Nation of Qatar [incl. Jonathan A. C. Brown] The Daily Caller December 16, 2018
Professors from Georgetown, Columbia, Berkeley, UNC Attend Conference Led by Convicted Jihad Terror Leader Jihad Watch October 22, 2018
Why the Middle East Studies Association Raised Concerns About the Publication of Stolen Iraqi Documents History News Network October 21, 2018
Anti-Semitism On Full Display At Ben-Gurion Airport [on Pnina Peri] FrontPage Magazine June 4, 2018
Why this Islamophobia Confab in Berkeley was a Lie-fest J. (The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California) May 22, 2018
The Commodification of Learning and the Decline of the Humanities Quillette May 3, 2018
Academic Watchdog Says Georgetown Middle East Studies Faculty 'Most Anti-Israel' The Washington Free Beacon December 7, 2017
Georgetown's Middle East Bridge to Nowhere Accuracy in Academia December 7, 2017
New Report Details Links Between Georgetown's Islamic Studies Department and Radical Islam [incl. John Esposito; Jonathan Brown] The Georgetown Review December 4, 2017
Terrorist-Sympathizer Speaks at George Washington University, Calls Zionists 'McCarthyites' [on Rabab Abdulhadi] Washington Examiner November 16, 2017
Columbia Professor Criticized for Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts [on Hamid Dabashi] Washington Free Beacon November 14, 2017
Campus Watch Demands Firing of Anti-Israel Activist at Center For Jewish History Truth Revolt September 14, 2017
Largest Jewish History Museum in US Appoints CEO Who Defends Boycotts on Israel [on David N. Myers] United With Israel September 5, 2017
New CEO of Center for Jewish History Holds Radical Viewpoints [on David Myers] The Algemeiner September 5, 2017
Center For Jewish History New CEO Holds Radical Left Viewpoints [on David Myers] Arutz Sheva September 5, 2017
New CEO of Largest Jewish History Museum in US Supports Israel Boycott [on David N. Myers] Truth Revolt September 4, 2017
The Israel Lobby vs. the First Amendment Al Jazeera August 15, 2017
The Federal Program Funding Hamas Supporters on College Campuses [incl. Gabriel Piterberg, Jonathan Brown, John Esposito, Khaled M. Abou El Fadl] FrontPage Magazine August 1, 2017
Conflict Over Cancellation of Prof Search GV Wire June 2, 2017
Phyllis Chesler Is Latest Disinvited Campus Speaker Independent Women's Forum May 2, 2017
Being a Zionist is Even Worse Than Being An Islamophobe Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) April 26, 2017
Michigan's Infamous Middle East Specialist, Juan Cole, Comes Up With Another Doozy ZipDialog April 25, 2017
San Fran State Has Partnership with Palestinian TERRORIST University California Political Review April 7, 2017
A 1389 Year-Old 'Phobia'? [incl. Reza Aslan] FrontPage Magazine April 7, 2017
San Francisco State University Says Partnership With Palestinian School Whose Students Promote Violence Against Israel Will Continue The Algemeiner March 29, 2017
Academic Ethics: Defending Faculty Speech The Chronicle of Higher Education March 22, 2017
CNN's Reza Aslan Losing Fight to Make 'Islamophobia' Happen PJ Media March 14, 2017
Reza Aslan Eats Human Brains, But It's Unlikely to Help Jihad Watch March 7, 2017
Vote Yes on MESA Bylaw Amendment: Roundtable by Elyse Semerdjian, John Chalcraft, and Asli Bali Jadaliyya February 22, 2017
Experts: Western Universities Should Cut, Reconsider Ties With Palestinian Partner School in Wake of Militant Rally Inciting Violence The Algemeiner February 7, 2017
The Intellectual Hypocrisy of Anti-Israel Academic Boycotts The Algemeiner January 30, 2017
U. Professors Put on Watch List for Anti-Conservative Views The Michigan Daily January 26, 2017
Israel Hating Professor Shamed over Sexual Harassment [on Gabriel Piterberg] The Jewish Press January 12, 2017
The Truth About Academic Jihad: The Professoriate Crusade of Truth Blog January 4, 2017
ZipDialog's Roundup of News Beyond the Front Page ZipDialog December 19, 2016
Could a Radical Israel Basher Soon Head the Democratic Party? FrontPage Magazine November 16, 2016
Middle East Studies Professors Back Antisemitic BDS Campaign [incl. Beth Baron, Richard Bulliet, Judith Butler, MESA] The Algemeiner November 15, 2016
The Indivisibility of Justice [on Rabab Abdulhadi] The McGill Daily (McGill University) November 14, 2016
Middle East Studies Profs Back Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign [incl. MESA] The Jerusalem Post November 3, 2016
Radical Student Union Labelled Anti-Semitic by Off-Campus Group The Observer (student newspaper of Case Western Reserve University) October 28, 2016
The Conservatives Behind the Campus 'Free Speech' Crusade The American Prospect October 19, 2016
FrontPage Mag Says "Hello" to San Francisco State University Israel Thrives October 16, 2016
The Palestine Exception To Free Speech In The U. S. Counter Currents October 4, 2016
In a Time of Trump, Millennial Jews Awaken to Anti-Semitism Politico October 2, 2016
BDS Won't Be Silenced By Their Blacklist The Socialist Worker September 28, 2016
New Attack on Free Speech: Pro-Israel Groups Wage War on Campus Freedom September 24, 2016
SFSU Links with Controversial Palestinian University Troubles Pro-Israel Advocates CNS News September 23, 2016
Remembering Joan Davenny While a University Honors Her Killers September 22, 2016
Letter to San Francisco State U. President Leslie Wong [in Support of Rabab Abdulhadi and SFSU's MOU with An-Najah U.] Middle East Studies Association (MESA) September 19, 2016
ZipDialog's Roundup of News Beyond the Front Page: SFSU's ties with An-Najah University ZipDialog September 18, 2016
US Taxpayer Dollars Contribute to BDS Activity and Anti-Semitism on Campuses The Weekly Standard September 13, 2016
Watchdog: San Francisco State U's 'Deafening Silence' Over Ties to Radical Palestinian Counterpart Reflects Complacency to Anti-Israel Behavior (INTERVIEW) The Algemeiner September 12, 2016
Petition Criticizes SF State's Relationship to Palestinian University [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] Golden Gate Xpress (student newspaper of San Francisco State University) September 10, 2016
San Francisco State University Criticized Over Partnership With Palestinian University Accused Of Anti-Semitism CBS SF Bay Area September 9, 2016
Petition: End SFSU cooperation with An-Najah University Israel Thrives September 7, 2016
Political Correctness and Its Real Enemies The New York Times September 3, 2016
What Do American Schools Teach about Islam? PC or Nothing The Federalist August 16, 2016
Turkey Cracks Down on Academics, Anti-Israel Scholars Silent [incl. MESA] CAMERA July 25, 2016
Collapse of Mattson Libel Suit Signals Victory for Free Speech and The Lawfare Project [on Ingrid Mattson] The Lawfare Project July 7, 2016
Campus Watchdog: San Francisco State U Hiding Partnership With Palestinian College Notorious for Jihadist Activity The Algemeiner July 6, 2016
Western Universities: The Best Indoctrination Money Can Buy Gatestone Institute June 26, 2016
Campus Watch's List of Professors to Avoid June 23, 2016
Roots of BDS [incl. Hatem Bazian] Power Line April 29, 2016
Harvard's Center For Middle East Studies Crying Victim Fousesquawk Blog April 28, 2016
The Link Between Saudi Donations to U.S. Universities and the Israeli Apartheid Week [incl. John Esposito] Conservative Papers March 25, 2016
Scholars' Open Letter Defending Professor's 'Blood Libel' Garners 1,000 Signatures, Ignites Outrage Among Pro-Israel Groups The Algemeiner March 9, 2016
Cinnamon Stillwell Calls Out San Francisco State University Anti-Semitism Elder of Zion Blog March 6, 2016
Washington Post Columnist Takes 'Islamophobia' Bait Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) March 2, 2016
U.S. Colleges: Middle East Money Speaks to Silence Socrates The Blaze February 11, 2016
Ignoring the Anti-Semitism Behind the BDS Movement Fousesquawk Blog February 6, 2016
Public Schools Struggle with Lessons about Islam Amid Renewed Fears about Terorrism The Los Angeles Times December 20, 2015
How Academic Standards Promoting Islam Have Invaded America's Classrooms Breitbart News November 2, 2015
A Rebuttal and Rejoinder to 'Preserving Integrity in Middle Eastern Studies' Commentary Magazine September 20, 2015
Brandeis to Award Endowed Chair to Anti-Israel Scholar The Jewish Voice September 9, 2015
The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies The Jewish Voice August 19, 2015
New Jersey Professor Criticized for ISIS Tweet The Jewish Voice August 5, 2015
The Hollow Cry of 'McCarthyism' Inside Higher Ed July 2, 2015
The New McCarthyism Inside Higher Ed June 16, 2015
Sheldon Adelson Looks to Stamp Out Growing U.S. Movement to Boycott Israel The Guardian (U.K.) June 5, 2015
Hatem Bazian's Islamophobia Conference Sparsely Attended Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers May 24, 2015
The Academic War on Israel [incl. Richard Falk, Ghadi Karmi, Ilan Pappé] The Gatestone Institute April 23, 2015
Columbia Professor Who Says Zionists Supported Nazis Speaks at Cornell: Israel Has No Right to be Jewish State [on Joseph Massad] The Cornell Review Blog April 8, 2015
Defending the Indefensible: Georgetown Professor "Explains" ISIS' Destruction of Antiquities [on Elliot Colla, incl. John Esposito] Fousesquawk Blog March 25, 2015
"Pass the Bong": At Stanford, "Academics" Discuss the "Connection" Between the Middle East and Ferguson Fousesquawk Blog March 1, 2015
Soccer Mania: Mark LeVine's Latest Contribution to Al Jazeera Fousesquawk Blog February 18, 2015
Obama Invited Leader Of Terror Co-Conspirator Group To Meeting [incl. Sherman Jackson] Investor's Business Daily February 6, 2015
American Middle East Studies Professors Paint European Muslims as Victims Fousesquawk Blog January 26, 2015
UCLA Prof Assigns Pro-Israel Book in Order to Trash It The Jewish Voice December 28, 2014
Another Academic Laffer Fousesquawk Blog December 12, 2014
Campus Watch Response to Chronicle of Higher Education Fousesquawk Blog December 9, 2014
Steven Salaita - The Left's New Martyr [incl. Lisa Hajjar] Fousesquawk Blog November 25, 2014
Zaid Shakir's Propaganda Show in Australia Fousesquawk Blog November 24, 2014
Middle East Studies Association Fights a Rising Tide of Critics The Chronicle of Higher Education November 21, 2014
Did Georgetown Conference Unwittingly Reveal an Inconvenient Truth? [incl. John Esposito] Fousesquawk Blog November 11, 2014
Another Islamist Conference Coming Up in Washington DC [on MESA] Fousesquawk Blog November 5, 2014
Islamists Infiltrating Academia Assyrian International News Agency October 30, 2014
MESA Letter on Gaza Aid Ignores Hamas, Blames Israel The Jewish Voice October 22, 2014
Why is Congress Funding Biased Reports on the Middle East? The Algemeiner October 15, 2014
Georgetown Muslim Studies Director, Professors Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions Catholic Education Daily (a project of the Cardinal Newman Society) September 29, 2014
Is Anti-Israel Bias at UCLA Breaking Federal Law? One Study Says Yes. The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. September 23, 2014
Coalition Bidding for Ban on Federal Funding for Anti-Israel Activity on Campus Jewish Telegraphic Agency September 18, 2014
Pro-Israel Groups Question Federal Funds for Middle East Centers Inside Higher Ed September 18, 2014
U.S. Government Funding Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic, Anti-American School Programs The Washington Free Beacon September 17, 2014
Three-Year Study Charges UCLA Department With 'Antisemitic Activity and Anti-Israel Bias' The Algemeiner September 17, 2014
Groups Ask Congress to Deny Funds to Biased Middle East Studies Programs September 17, 2014
Georgetown's Esposito Joins Israel Boycott Investigative Project on Terrorism September 9, 2014
Middle East Studies directors put on the spot over academic boycott of Israel pledge American Thinker Blog September 5, 2014
Anti-Semites Rock Colleges [incl. Hatem Bazian] National Review Online June 18, 2014
Pro-Palestinian Students Bring Hate, Intimidation to Campus, Critics Say [incl. Hatem Bazian] Fox News June 9, 2014
More From the "Big" Islamophobia Conference at UC Berkeley Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) June 4, 2014
Brotherhood Influence Op Inside U.S. Academia: Success [incl. Ingrid Mattson] The Clarion Project May 5, 2014
The Israel Lobby's Trojan Horse: 'Reforming' Education Laws to Defund Middle East Studies Programs Mondoweiss April 2, 2014
SFSU Prof Advocates Violence against Israel The Jewish Voice March 12, 2014
Agree to Disagree? [incl. Ian Lustick] 34th Street February 20, 2014
Middle Eastern Studies Association Mocks Academic Freedom Commentary Magazine February 16, 2014
Why Replace Richard Falk? Commentary Magazine February 10, 2014
An Exercise in Indoctrination [on Hatem Bazian] The Investigative Project on Terrorism February 6, 2014
Berkeley Students Must Tweet on Islamophobia [on Hatem Bazian] The Toronto Sun February 5, 2014
War on Women, Deluxe Edition National Review Online December 3, 2013
Radical Islam at the University of Toronto [incl. Ingrid Mattson, Tariq Ramadan] The Propagandist June 7, 2013
Berkeley Profs: "Islamophobia" Greater Threat Than Islamic Jihad Terrorism Jihad Watch May 28, 2013
Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, "Islamophobia," and Blowback Jihad Watch May 10, 2013
Obama Pushes Funds for Islamists —- Trashes Their Christian Victims Frontpage Magazine May 10, 2013
Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, 'Islamophobia,' and Blowback Americans for Peace and Tolerance May 7, 2013
Recommended Reading: "Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, 'Islamophobia,' and Blowback" Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch May 7, 2013
Mazrui's Faith Award Criticised in the U.S. [incl. John Esposito] The Star (Kenya) May 6, 2013
Does the Governor General's Wife Know Who's Coming to Dinner? [on Ingrid Mattson] The Ottawa Citizen April 28, 2013
Presbyterian Author Omits Crucial Information About College's Founders [on Zaytuna College] Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA) April 5, 2013
California State University Appoints WHO to Battle Anti-Semitism on Campus? [on Manzar Faroohar] Before It's News December 14, 2012
California State University Appoints WHO to Battle Anti-Semitism on Campus? [on Manzar Faroohar. FouseSquawk December 13, 2012
BDS Advocate Appointed To Chair Committee Combating Anti-Semitism At California State University System? [on Manzar Foroohar] Orange County Task Force on Anti-Semitism December 13, 2012
University System in California Appoints Anti-Semite to Fight Anti-Semitism [on Manzar Foroohar] Jabotinsky International Center December 12, 2012
BDS-Linked Professor to Chair California University Anti-Semitism Task Force [on Manzar Foroohar] Stand With Us December 12, 2012
BDS-Linked Professor to Chair California University Anti-Semitism Task Force [on Manzar Foroohar] The Algemeiner December 12, 2012
Few Classes to Address Current Arab-Israeli Affairs [incl. Ian Lustick] The Daily Pennsylvanian (student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania) December 9, 2012
The Ramblings of Joseph Massad Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) November 6, 2012
Watcher's Council Nomination – On, Wisconsin Edition The Watcher's Council June 6, 2012
Muslim Students: Radicals or Partners? Forward May 1, 2012
Ohio Colleges Partner with Hamas-Founded CAIR Right Side News May 1, 2012
Hartford Seminary's Shameful Ties to Syria's Dictator Connecticut Jewish Ledger April 24, 2012
Blood, Money and Jews Ynet News March 28, 2012
Islamic Supremacist Academic Propagandist Omid Safi Equates Jihadist Nidal Hasan with Robert Bales Jihad Watch March 26, 2012
As'ad Abu Khalil And The Angry Jew News Service February 21, 2012
CAIR's Fight Against Pennsylvania Foreign Law Bill [incl. Sherman Jackson] Assyrian International News Agency February 13, 2012
Saudi Largesse at Georgetown and Harvard Phi Beta Cons (National Review Online) February 6, 2012
Q&A With an NYU Prof: Why Occupy Wall Street Presents a Teachable Moment Metro Focus (WNET, NYC) January 17, 2012
Professor Khaled Abou El Fadl -- Pernicious Peddler of Poisonous Piffle? The Iconoclast - New English Review January 14, 2012
Islamism at UCLA Law School [on Khaled Abou El Fadl] American Thinker January 7, 2012
In Academia, Islam Remains a Risky Third Rail The Christian Century January 5, 2012
Parents, Have You Read Your Child's Textbook Lately? The Tennessean December 23, 2011
Rashid Ghannoushi: John Esposito's Islamist in Tunis Right Side News December 11, 2011
The 'Angry Arab' Goes Mad Family Security Matters December 9, 2011
The Middle East Studies Establishment vs. Walid Phares Assyrian International News Agency November 11, 2011
The Middle East Studies Establishment vs. Walid Phares Jihad Watch November 11, 2011
Profiles in Hate: Hatem Bazian Fight Hatred (Blog of The Jabotinsky International Center) November 5, 2011
Public Schools: Key Site for 'Soft Jihad' September 22, 2011
Berber Autumn... August 29, 2011
Islamist Lawfare on Steroids FrontPage Magazine June 28, 2011
Moosa and the Madrassas Right Side News May 22, 2011
University of Western Ontario: Muslim Brotherhood Organizations Commit to Fund a Chair in Islamic Studies [incl. Ingrid Mattson, Tariq Ramadan] Point de Bascule May 14, 2011
Canada University Offered $2 Million from Muslim Brotherhood-linked Groups to Establish Islamic Studies Program Jihad Watch May 13, 2011
Dumbing-Down about Islam at Canada's Huron College The Ottawa Citizen May 11, 2011
Jewish Studies Professors "Stand With" Muslim Violence and Against Free Speech Hudson New York May 3, 2011
Campus Watch Is Not Hostile to Islam The Chronicle of Higher Education May 1, 2011
Who Is To Say When It's Okay To Cry 'Fire'? The Forward April 27, 2011
Academe's Obligation to Counter Anti-Muslim Sentiment Chronicle of Higher Education April 3, 2011
Sharing Cultural Space With Ingrid Mattson Power Line Blog February 23, 2011
Caught in the Act? Akbar Ahmed, the 'Islamization of Knowledge,' and the Muslim Brotherhood Pajamas Media February 21, 2011
How to Respond to Ivory Tower Demands to Talk with Hamas Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) February 7, 2011
Islamic Supremacist Pseudo-academic Khaled Abou El Fadl Lies about Sharia, Freedom Fighters Jihad Watch December 24, 2010
The Compromised University Pajamas Media November 29, 2010
Feministyczna Polityka Islamskiej Mizoginii Racjonalista Blog November 24, 2010
Joel Beinin Draws the Ire of FrontPageMag (Again) History News Network November 18, 2010
Joel Beinin's Love Letter to the 'New Protest Generation' November 18, 2010
Juan Cole Blames the West (Again) November 15, 2010
The Feminist Politics of Islamic Misogyny [on Lila Abu-Lughod] Right Side News November 15, 2010
Front Page Mag: Juan Cole Blames the West (Again) History News Network November 15, 2010
The Feminist Politics of Islamic Misogyny [on Lila Abu-Lughod] News Real Blog November 14, 2010
Alan Jacobs: Jewish Theological Seminary Hosts Islamic Triumphalists Solomonia Blog November 14, 2010
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast? [on Lila Abu-Lughod] The Iconoclast - New English Review November 14, 2010
Civilizational Thinking [on Lila Abu-Lughod] Power Line Blog November 13, 2010
Jewish Theological Seminary Forum on Judaism and Islam Troubling [incl. Sherman Jackson, Ingrid Mattson] October 25, 2010
Watching the Pro-Israeli Academic Watchers JCPA Institute for Global Jewish Affairs October 2010
Make a Difference: Malhotra and Sklar Visit CCC Political Club The Angle (Clearwater Christian College) October 11, 2010
The Arab-Israeli Conflict on Campuses The Brown Daily Herald October 4, 2010
The Hyping of a Muslim College [on Zaytuna College, incl. Hatem Bazian] The Investigative Project on Terrorism September 20, 2010
How It Feels to Be A Problem The New Yorker September 1, 2010
Academic Defenders Of The Faith On "Bigotry" New English Review August 29, 2010
Who're You Calling a 'Bigot'? Middle East Studies Professors Attack Opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque David Horowitz Freedom Center August 29, 2010
John Esposito, Islamophobia, and the Ground Zero Mosque Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) August 3, 2010
A Tale of the Two Mezvinskys Pajamas Media August 1, 2010
Campus Watch Corrects Accusations by Leftists and Apologists for Radical Islam The NY Israel Conflict Examiner July 30, 2010
Khalidi Advances Falsehoods in Appeal for Gaza Flotilla Funding The New Media Journal July 23, 2010
Rashid Khalidi Appeals for Funds for Ship to Run Israeli Blockade of Gaza David Horowitz Freedom Center July 22, 2010
Is This Another Teachable Moment for Americans? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker July 22, 2010
Winfield Myers: Rashid Khalidi And "The Audacity Of Hope" The Iconoclast - New English Review July 21, 2010
Stunner. Obama's Jew-Hating Buddy Khalidi Raising Cash For 'Audacity of Hope' Ship to Bust Gaza Blockade Gateway Pundit (A First Things Blog) July 21, 2010
Obama Pal Rashid Khalidi Back in the News for Aiding Hamas The Corner (Blog of National Review Online) July 21, 2010
Rashid Khalidi Appeals for Funds for Ship to Run Israeli Blockade of Gaza Hudson New York July 21, 2010
Winfield Myers: Rashid Khalidi Appeals for Funds for Ship to Run Israeli Blockade of Gaza Solomonia Blog July 20, 2010
Obama Mentor Fixes to Challenge Gaza Blockade [on Rashid Khalidi] Power Line Blog July 20, 2010
Islamic Schools in U.S. Raises Hopes, Fears [incl. Islamic Saudi Academy] Voice of America News July 12, 2010
Elena Kagan's 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Sharia Policy National Review Online July 8, 2010
Muqtedar Khan: Voice of Hate Jihad Watch June 28, 2010
Joel Beinin's Old Time Religion of Israel Bashing History News Network June 23, 2010
Revealed: Photo of Obama's Radical Mentor Chucking Rocks at Israeli Soldiers Gateway Pundit (at First Things) June 22, 2010
Target Israel Right Side News June 17, 2010
Cinnamon Stillwell: Target Israel Solomonia Blog June 15, 2010
Mid East Profs Become Censurers Arutz Sheva ( June 14, 2010
Brendan Goldman: Middle East Studies Profs Usurp New Roles to Censure Israel over Gaza Flotilla - Solomonia Blog June 14, 2010
Meet Suad Joseph, President-Elect Of MESA NOSTRA The Iconoclast - New English Review May 21, 2010
Apologist for Gender Apartheid [on Suad Joseph] Assyrian International News Agency May 21, 2010
Dershowitz vs. Tenured Extremists FrontPage Magazine May 17, 2010
How to Make the Next Buber The Jerusalem Post May 11, 2010
Interview with Professor Joshua Schreier – Unedited Transcript Fringes Blog (publication at Vassar College) May 7, 2010
A Light Is Cast Upon Pro-Israel Groups The Daily Star (Lebanon) May 1, 2010
Does the World Need Another 9/11 to Wake Up? Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) April 22, 2010
B'nai B'rith Canada and Campus Watch in Conspiracy Against Free Speech? NY Israel Conflict Examiner April 19, 2010
The Groupthink Version Of Academic Freedom Minding the Campus March 30, 2010
Cole at Yale: The Final Word National Association of Scholars March 26, 2010
Campus Watch Issues Challenge to Juan Cole History News Network March 25, 2010
Canadian Educators Need Education on Hate Speech National Journal March 22, 2010
Collaborators in the War against the Jews: Judith Butler FrontPage Magazine March 9, 2010
Stop Obama Before He Ends America ... As We Know It The Philadelphia Bulletin February 23, 2010
Think Again: More Free Speech Follies [incl. David Newman and Neve Gordon] The Jerusalem Post February 19, 2010
Barnard College Teams with Columbia MSA and Radical Harvard Cleric for Islamic Finance Symposium [on Taha Abdul Basser] Militant Islam Monitor February 11, 2010
'Reviving the Islamic Spirit' or Promoting Islamic Dominance? Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) February 5, 2010
Speaker at UCLA Attacks Homosexuals, Denies Existence of Gays in the Middle East and Islamic World [on Joseph Massad] Blog of Reut Cohen February 3, 2010
Winfield Myers: Tariq Ramadan May Return to U.S.A.; Notre Dame Says No Intention to Re-Hire Solomonia Blog January 22, 2010
Another Dystopian Professor [on Andrew March] National Association of Scholars Blog January 14, 2010
Islam's Angry Women CBC News January 12, 2010
Battling Anti-Zionism On Israeli Campuses: An Interview With Dr. Steven Plaut 5 Towns Jewish Times January 7, 2010
Fake American Patriots The Anchorage Conservative Examiner December 20, 2009
Talk to Me Before You Label Me, Says Chelsea Clinton's Future Uncle The Forward (letter to the editor) December 9, 2009
Need to Know: America's First Islamic College? December 6, 2009
Chelsea Clinton Will Join Diverse Mezvinsky Clan [incl. Norton Mezvinsky] The Forward December 2, 2009
There's Fort Hood Blood On Obama's Hands The Philadelphia Bulletin November 24, 2009
A Saudi View of Orientalism [incl. Bernard Lewis, Fouad Ajami, Judith Tucker, Edward Said, Yvonne Haddad, Joel Beinin, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad] Middle East Quarterly Fall 2009
How Do We 'Know' the Middle East? [Middle East Studies Association 2009 Presidential Address] Middle East Studies Association November 22, 2009
Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Sara Roy FrontPage Magazine November 18, 2009
Ivory Tower Teaching Explains Fort Hood [incl. John Esposito] Blog of The National Association of Scholars November 17, 2009
Zionist Group in Israel Urges Students to Report 'Subversive' Professors The Chronicle of Higher Education November 16, 2009
Fort Hood and Academic Obscurantists [incl. John Esposito] Phi Beta Cons (Blog of National Review Online) November 16, 2009
Fort Hood and the Academic Apologists [incl. John Esposito, Ingrid Mattson, Muqtedar Khan, and Khaled Abou El Fadl] Muslims Against Sharia Blog November 15, 2009
Fort Hood and the Academic Apologists [incl. John Esposito, Ingrid Mattson, Muqtedar Khan, and Khaled Abou El Fadl] History News Network November 15, 2009
Academia Must Guard Against Policing The Miami Student (Miami Univ. of Ohio) November 10, 2009
Conservatives Feel Seminar Organized by Historian Gabriel Piterberg 'demonized' Israel History News Network November 10, 2009
Censored! The Truth About Hizb ut-Tahrir Pajamas Media November 3, 2009
Aw, Shucks [on Rashid Khalidi] Phi Beta Cons (Blog of National Review Online) November 2, 2009
Mogahed's Excuses Don't Add Up [incl. John Esposito] Right Side News November 1, 2009
Obama Appointee's Excuses Don't Add Up Hudson Institute (New York) October 30, 2009
Mogahed's Excuses Don't Add Up [incl. John Esposito] Muslims Against Sharia Blog October 30, 2009
Sharia and Women — Two Very Different Perspectives [on Dalia Mogahed] National Review Online October 26, 2009
Nazis in the Ivory Tower [incl. Joel Beinin, Joseph Massad, Juan Cole] FrontPage Magazine October 26, 2009
Pro-Palestinian Junta [incl. Hatem Bazian and Jytte Klausen] WORLD Magazine October 24, 2009
The 'Guardians' of Israeli Academia Haaretz October 23, 2009
Does Sharia Law Promote Women's Rights? [incl. John Esposito] Muslims Against Sharia Blog October 21, 2009
Obama adviser: "When we ask people what can Muslims do to help themselves, one of the most frequent responses is for them to unify and another is for them to follow Islam and make it a greater and more authentic part of their lives" Jihad Watch October 21, 2009
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Two new websites of interest were inaugurated this week: The Yad Vashem site of Holocaust victims, and the Israel Academia Monitor. Arutz 7 November 22, 2004
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CU Releases List of Said Chair Donors Columbia Spectator March 26, 2004
San Bernardino, Calif., University Plans Center for Middle Eastern Studies Miami Herald March 24, 2004
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ACLU Letter to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Expressing Academic Freedom Concerns re: H.R. 3077, the International Studies in Higher Education Act of 2003 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) February 13, 2004
Ask Your Senator to Defend Academic Freedom CAIR February 13, 2004
My Talk at UC-Berkeley February 12, 2004
Fascism at UC Berkeley: Muslim Student Association Disrupts Daniel Pipes Lecture February 12, 2004
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U.S. academic defies protests to deliver pro-Israeli message to students Canadian Press January 28, 2003
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York to allow controversial speaker Toronto Star January 25, 2003
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The Jews of the Arab World: A Community Unto Itself [Campus Watch mentioned] Bint Jbeil October 16, 2002
Let Netanyahu speak, Wiesenthal urges Globe and Mail October 16, 2002
Left behind: the democratization of the media October 16, 2002
Anti-Israel parley shows intensity of battle for students' hearts, minds JTA October 15, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Professors should ‘inspire us to think' Stanford Daily October 14, 2002
Free speech cuts BOTH ways Philadelphia Daily News October 14, 2002
Ad condemning anti-Semitism on campuses misses the point JTA October 14, 2002
Hundreds of Students Nationwide Gather at U. of Michigan to Plan Campus Strategy for Pro-Palestinian Movement Chronicle of Higher Education October 14, 2002
Les profs pro-palestiniens sur une liste noire La Presse October 12, 2002
US students to report 'biased' academics Straits Times October 12, 2002
Mideast war rages on U.S. campuses October 12, 2002
Campus Collision on Israel Washington Post October 12, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Editorial ‘misrepresents' Campus Watch Stanford Daily October 10, 2002
Zero-tolerance of anti-Semitic acts declared Daily Bruin October 10, 2002
Israel divestment draws campus battle lines USA Today October 10, 2002
Campus Watch stifles freedom of expression Stanford Daily October 9, 2002
Debate heats up over two boycotts Frontier Post (Pakistan) October 9, 2002
"Antisémitisme" et "délation" sur les campus américains Le Monde October 9, 2002
Grabenkämpfe auf dem Campus Badische Zeitung October 9, 2002
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Pro-Israel ‘suicide attacks' on US academia are worse than previously thought Daily Star (Lebanon) October 8, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Campus Watch ‘prevents spread of canards' Stanford Daily October 7, 2002
Pro-Israel website blacklists college profs. Dartmouth Online October 7, 2002
Front a háborúellenes amerikai professzorok ellen Népszabadság October 7, 2002
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Analysis: Debate Over Limits Of Free Speech When Discussing The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict NPR All Things Considered October 7, 2002
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Website kontrolliert isreal-kritische Uni-Professoren Netzeitung October 6, 2002
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Debate hots up over two boycotts Arab News October 5, 2002
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Letter to the Editor: Campus Watch seeks ‘to scare people away from independent thought' Stanford Daily October 4, 2002
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Campus Watch launches controversial monitoring of academic bias Israel Insider October 4, 2002
Prof, 'U' targets on watchdog website Michigan Daily October 4, 2002
Can we talk? About the Middle East? Philadelphia Daily News October 4, 2002
Stanford targeted for ‘anti-Israel bias' Stanford Daily October 3, 2002
Expert on Islam defends Web site Daily Oklahoman October 3, 2002
Letter attacking Campus Watch from MESA Middle East Studies Association October 3, 2002
A Watchful Eye on Education Jewish Exponent October 3, 2002
Watch on the Campus Jewish Exponent October 3, 2002
Campus critics: Academic debate on Mideast is badly biased, Web watchdog suggests Ottawa Citizen October 3, 2002
'Dossiers' dropped from Web blacklist San Francisco Chronicle October 3, 2002
A Pro-American Forum New York Times October 3, 2002
Zionist Thought Police: Obfuscations and Scare Tactics of "Campus Watch" Media Monitors Network (MMN) October 2, 2002
CampusWatch Launched on the Web Arutz 7 October 2, 2002
Die Aufpasser Süddeutsche Zeitung October 2, 2002
Controversial Web site changes format Daily Californian October 2, 2002
Big student is watching you Der Spiegel October 2, 2002
Thought crime on campus Creative Loafing Atlanta October 2, 2002
Controversial visiting lecturer describes militant Islam Oklahoma Daily October 2, 2002
Campus Watch Org Needs To Add 318 Israeli Professors IndyMedia October 1, 2002
Web site to lose critic list Berkeley Daily Planet October 1, 2002
Watchdog Web site good for debate Pitt News October 1, 2002
Anti-Islamist Pipes lectures at OU (Video) October 1, 2002
Harvard president's remarks, Web site ignite campus wars JTA October 1, 2002
Daniel in the Academics' Den (Hebrew) Maariv October 1, 2002
Letters to the Editor (about Campus Watch) Oklahoma Daily October 1, 2002
OU professors' protest causes lecturer to change Web site Oklahoma Daily October 1, 2002
Pro-Israel Web Site Removes 'Dossiers' It Was Keeping on Professors Chronicle of Higher Education October 1, 2002
U.S. Launches 'Enemies List' Web Site Canadian Association of University Teachers October 2002
Forum reports attacks on academic freedom Emory Report September 30, 2002
Professors accuse Web site of witch hunt Alameda Times-Star September 30, 2002
ADC Denounces New Efforts to Chill Academic Freedom: Release Palestine Chronicle September 30, 2002
Academia watchdog Web site not McCarthyist Washington Square News September 30, 2002
Who's Watching the Watchers? History News Network September 30, 2002
Freunde oder Feinde? Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung September 30, 2002
Mau-mauing the Middle East September 30, 2002
Poison Ivy FrontPage Magazine September 30, 2002
Pro-Israel US Web Site Slated for 'McCarthyism, Intimidation' Palestine Chronicle September 29, 2002
Professors want own names put on Mideast blacklist San Francisco Chronicle September 28, 2002
U-M prof insists pro-Israel Web site's claims untrue Ann Arbor News September 28, 2002
US Panel To Look At Impact Of 9/11 Times of London September 27, 2002
Welcome to! September 27, 2002
Site monitors critics of Israel, U.S. policies Daily Texan September 27, 2002
Battling the Campus Leftists Edge City Review September 27, 2002
Web Site Supporter Fails to Identify Own Bias Daily Californian September 27, 2002
Pro-Israel Web Site Causes Furor Associated Press September 27, 2002
Shut Up, You're Violating My Civil Liberties Wall Street Journal September 27, 2002
Campus Watch: Interview with Prof. Joseph Massad Electronic Intifada September 27, 2002
Web Site Fuels Debate on Campus Anti-Semitism New York Times September 27, 2002
ADC Denounces New Efforts to Chill Academic Freedom American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee September 26, 2002
Campus Watch: Interview with Prof M. Shahid Alam Electronic Intifada September 26, 2002
Campus Watch: Interview with Prof. Juan Cole Electronic Intifada September 26, 2002
Campus Watch: Interview with Prof. Rashid Khalidi Electronic Intifada September 26, 2002
The Battle to Win Hearts and Minds Has to Begin at Home Los Angeles Times September 26, 2002
Academics speak out against Daniel Pipes' "Blacklist" Council on American-Islamic Relations September 25, 2002
Campus Watch Website Carolina Week September 25, 2002
Shades of McCarthyism Daily Star (Lebanon) September 25, 2002
Campus Watch: Middle East McCarthyism? Electronic Intifada September 25, 2002
Israel Sparks Fresh Controversy for a SUNY Women's Studies Conference Village Voice September 25, 2002
Academic freedom under attack Emory University Academic Exchange September 24, 2002
Academic Freedom in Times of War Emory University Academic Exchange September 24, 2002
Smear Mongers CounterPunch September 24, 2002
Letters to the Editor: Web Site Necessary to Combat Anti-Israel Bias Daily Californian September 24, 2002
Alum Starts Watchdog Group Harvard Crimson September 24, 2002
Cole letter on Campus Watch H-Levant September 23, 2002
Campus Watch List on Web New York Post September 23, 2002
Web site to list anti-Israeli feelings Philadelphia Daily News September 23, 2002
Campus Watch: The Vigilante Thought Police CounterPunch September 23, 2002
Philadelphia group monitors Calif. schools for anti-Israeli bias Associated Press September 23, 2002
Middle East Professors Say They Are Under Email Seige History News Network September 23, 2002
Balancing the Academy National Review Online September 23, 2002
Anti-U.S. Profs Targeted September 21, 2002
Trio of Bay Area universities monitored for anti-Semitism Contra Costa Times September 21, 2002
Summers hits 'anti-Semitic' actions Boston Globe September 20, 2002
Site Tags UC Berkeley Students as Anti-Israeli Daily Californian September 20, 2002
Campus Watch unveiled JTA September 19, 2002
Web Site Lists Professors Accused of Anti-Israel Bias and Asks Students to Report on Them Chronicle of Higher Education September 19, 2002
Pro-Israel Site Encourages Students to Spy on Professors Islam Online September 19, 2002
A Spy in the Ivory Tower Colorado Springs Independent September 19, 2002
Campus Watch Raises Spector of McCarthyism North Gate News Online September 18, 2002
Eyes on Campuses National Review Online September 18, 2002
Qui custodiet ipsos custodes? Campus Watch September 18, 2002
Pro-Israel Web Site to Monitor Views of US Academia Dow Jones News Service September 17, 2002