This list makes no claims to completeness; indeed, we invite nominations of other scholars (please send names to Individuals listed here are done so at Campus Watch's initiative; they have neither asked to be included, nor have we asked for their authorization. Specifically, they do not necessarily endorse the Campus Watch project, nor does Campus Watch necessarily endorse all their work.

For a listing of the field's most politicized, biased professors, please go to the parallel page, “Professors to Avoid.”

Phillip I. Ackerman-Lieberman
Associate Professor of Jewish Studies, Law, and Religious Studies
Affiliated Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and History
Vanderbilt University
Areas of Expertise: Economic, social, and legal history of the Jewish community in the lands of Islam in the medieval period.

Amir A. Afkhami
Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and of Global Health
George Washington University
Areas of Expertise: History of medicine and public health, global public health, especially in the Middle East.

Isaac Alteras
Professor of History
Queen's College
Areas of Expertise: Modern Jewish history, US-Israeli relations.

Jeffrey M. Bale
Associate Professor in the Graduate School of International Policy and Management
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Areas of Expertise: Terrorism, political and religious extremism, insurgency and counterinsurgency, Middle Eastern history and politics, Islamic history, military history, international politics.

Magnus T. Bernhardsson
Associate Professor of Middle Eastern History, Chairman of International Studies Program
Williams College
Areas of Expertise: Modern Iraqi history, U.S.-Iraqi relations 1900--2000, archaeology and nationalism in the Modern Middle East

Abdelilah Bouasria
Term Assistant Professor of Global Politics
George Mason University
Areas of Expertise: Latin and Middle Eastern politics, social movements, peace and conflict, gender, religion, and politics, Sufism, French and Arabic literature.

Steven Bowman
Professor of Judaic Studies
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies - Affiliate Faculty
University of Cincinnati
Areas of Expertise: Women in the Bible, Jews in Byzantium, Book of Yosippon, holocaust and resistance in Greece during World War II

Daniel Brumberg
Associate Professor, Department of Government
Georgetown University
Areas of Expertise: Democracy in the Middle East, Egypt, Iran, Algeria.

David G. Cashin
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Columbia Biblical Seminary and School of Ministry
Areas of Expertise: Islamic history, theology, Muslim-Christian relations

Jamsheed Choksy
Professor of Central Eurasian Studies and Professor of History
Indiana University
Areas of Expertise: Central Asia, South Asia, medieval Iran, Zoroastrianism

Mark R. Cohen
Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East and Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Princeton University
Area of Expertise: Jewish history in medieval Muslim countries.

David Cook
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Rice University
Areas of Expertise: Origins and historical development of Islam, Jihad, Islamic Mysticism

Michael Cook
Class of 1943 University Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Princeton University
Areas of Expertise: Formation of Islamic civilization and the role played by religious values in that process.

Adeed Dawisha
Professor of Political Science
Miami University of Ohio
Areas of expertise: the application of theories of democratic transitions and consolidation to the Middle East, particularly post-2003 Iraq.

Marius Deeb
School of Advanced International Studies Professorial Lecturer of Middle East Studies
Johns Hopkins University
Areas of Expertise: Militant Islamic movements and terrorism.

Donna Robinson Divine
Morningstar Professor of Government
Director of Middle East Studies
Smith College
Areas of Expertise: The Arab-Israeli conflict, Ottomon Palestine, Middle East history and politics, Muslim and Jewish cultures.

Alan Dowty
Professor of Political Science, Emeritus
University of Notre Dame
Areas of Expertise: The Arab-Israel conflict; Israeli politics, Middle Eastern international relations, international relations.

Miriam F. Elman
Associate Professor of Political Science
Syracuse University
Areas of Expertise: International relations, national security, Middle East, Arab-Israeli conflict.

Richard Foltz
Professor and Graduate Program Director, Department of Religion
Concordia University
Areas of Expertise: Iranian studies, Persian history, Islam, Zoroastrianism, environmentalism/ecology/animal rights in the Muslim world.

Robert O. Freedman
Visiting Professor
Johns Hopkins University
Peggy Meyerhoff Pearlstone Professor of Political Science Emeritus
Baltimore Hebrew University
Areas of Expertise: Russian foreign policy toward the Middle East, Central Asia, Arab-Israeli conflict

David Fromkin
Professor of International Relations, History and Law
Boston University
Areas of Expertise: Modern Middle East politics, International Law

Gregory Gause
Associate Professor, Political Science Department
University of Vermont
Areas of Expertise: Arabian peninsula, Persian Gulf.

Anna Geifman
Professor of History
Boston University
Areas of Expertise: Political extremism and terrorism, history of the Russian revolutionary movements, psychohistory.

Lenn E. Goodman
Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Studies, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities
Vanderbilt University
Areas of Expertise: Metaphysics, ethics, Islamic and Jewish, political, medieval philosophy.

Larry P. Goodson
Professor of Middle East Studies
U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pa.
Areas of Expertise: Modern Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, political Islam, international relations, democratization.

Louis A. Gordon
Professor of Political Science
California State University San Bernardino
Areas of Expertise: Government and politics of the Middle East, Middle East security, national security studies.

Mary Habeck
Associate Professor of Strategic Studies
School of Advanced International Studies
John Hopkins University
Areas of Expertise: American defense policy, Islamic religion, culture and law, strategic and security issues, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction.

Aaron W. Hughes
Philip S. Bernstein Professor of Jewish Studies
Department of Religion and Classics
University of Rochester
Areas of Expertise: Judaism, intellectual history, historiography, theory, method, and religion.

Norman Itzkowitz
Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus
Princeton University
Areas of Expertise: Ottoman History, modern Turkey.

Susan M. Jellissen
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Belmont University
Area of Expertise: International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Violence and Terrorism, Politics of Europe and Politics of the Middle East

Bruce Jentleson
Professor of Public Policy Chairman and Political Science
Duke University
Areas of Expertise: U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet
Robert I. Williams Term Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Iran, Ottoman empire

Mark Katz
Professor of Government and Politics, Department of Public and International Affairs
George Mason University
Area of Expertise: International relations of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula.

Timur Kuran
Professor of Economics and Political Science and Gorter Family Chair in Islamic Studies
Duke University
Areas of Expertise: Islam and Economics, Social Mechanisms.

John C. Lamoreaux
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Southern Methodist University
Areas of Expertise: Early Christian and Muslim literature in Arabic, the history of the Orthodox Church under Islam.

Jacob Lassner
Professor of History and Religion
Philip M. & Ethel Klutznick Professor of Jewish Civilization
Northwestern University
Areas of Expertise: Medieval Near Eastern History, Jewish-Muslim relations.

Avigdor Levy
Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Brandeis University
Areas of Expertise: Arab-Israel Conflict, Ottoman empire, Jews in Muslim countries.

James E. Lindsay
Professor of Middle East History
Colorado State University
Areas of Expertise: Medieval Islamic History.

J. Mark Long
Director of Middle East Studies and Associate Professor in the Honors College
Baylor University
Areas of Expertise: Contemporary Islamic fundamentalism and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Kanan Makiya
Senior Fellow and Professor Emeritus of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
Brandeis University
Areas of Expertise: Iraqi history and politics.

Fedwa Malti-Douglas
The Martha C. Kraft Professor of Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Gender Studies and Comparative Literature
Adjunct Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law
Indiana University, Bloomington
Areas of Expertise: Gender and feminist studies in the Arab and Islamic worlds, medieval Arabic biography.

Ann E. Mayer
Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Comparative law, Middle Eastern law, human rights law, international law, Islamic law; law and international business

George J. Michael
Professor of Criminal Justice
Westfield State University
Areas of Expertise: Militant Islam's alliances with the extreme right, extremist political movements.

Abbas Milani
Hamid and Christina Moghadam Director of Iranian Studies
Stanford University
Areas of Expertise: U.S.-Iran relations, Iranian cultural, political, and security issues.

Brendan O'Leary
Lauder Professor of Political Science
University of Pennsylvania
Areas of Expertise: Iraq, Kurdistan, ethnic conflict, terrorism.

David Siddhartha Patel
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Cornell University
Areas of Expertise: Iraq, Middle Eastern politics, Islamic institutions, political culture.

Camille Pecastaing
Senior Associate Professor of Middle East Studies
School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University
Areas of Expertise: Iran, Iraq, Middle East, Persian Gulf.

Daniel C. Peterson
Professor of Islamic Studies and Arabic
Brigham Young University
Areas of Expertise: Medieval Islamic Philosophy, Arabic Language and Literature.

Art Pitz
Professor of History
Blackhawk College
Areas of Expertise: Modern Middle East.

David S. Powers
Professor of Islamic History and Law, Department Near Eastern Studies
Cornell University
Areas of Expertise: Islamic Civilization, Islamic History and Law, Classical Arabic Texts.

Robert Rabil
Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science
Florida Atlantic University
Areas of Expertise: Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, US-Arab Relations, Reform in the Arab World and Radical Islam and Terrorism.

Gabriel Said Reynolds
Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology
University of Notre Dame
Areas of Expertise: Emergence of Islam, the Qur'an, Muslim-Christian relations.

Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr
Dean and Professor of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University
Areas of Expertise: Pakistan, Islamism, Iran, American Foreign Policy.,Vali.htm

Bernard Reich
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
George Washington University
Areas of Expertise: Middle Eastern politics, terrorism, U.S.-Israel relations, Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel and, oil politics.

David Romano
Thomas G. Strong Professor of Middle East Politics
Missouri State University
Areas of Expertise: Middle East and Mediterranean politics, Turkey, Iraq, the Kurds, Middle Eastern minorities, Political Violence and Terrorism, Politicized Islam, Theories of peace and conflict.

Jalil Roshandel
Associate Professor, Director of Security Studies
Department of Political Science
East Carolina University
Areas of Expertise: International Relations, Security Studies, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Comparative Politics, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Persian Gulf.

James R. Russell
Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies
Harvard University
Areas of Expertise: Armenia, Iran, Zoroastrianism, comparative mythology, linguistics.

Franck Salameh
Associate Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Department of Slavic & Eastern Languages
Boston College
Area of Expertise: Literary Arabic, history of Middle East linguistics.

Philip Carl Salzman
Professor of Anthropology
McGill University
Areas of Expertise: Iran, India

Saliba Sarsar
Professor of Political Science and Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives
Monmouth University
Areas of Expertise: Arab-Israeli conflict, democratization.

Wolfgang G. Schwanitz
Visiting Professor
GLORIA Center, Herzliya, Israel
Area of Expertise: Comparative international relations between the U.S., the Middle East and Europe.

Haim Shaked
Director, Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies
University of Miami
Areas of Expertise: Arab-Israeli conflict, Sudan.

Kemal Silay
Ottoman and Modern Turkish Studies Professor
Indiana University, Bloomington
Area of Expertise: Turkey.

Steven L. Spiegel
Professor of Political Science and Director, Center for Middle East Development
Areas of Expertise: Arab-Israeli conflict, Middle Eastern political economics.

Kenneth Stein
William E. Schatten Professor of Contemporary Middle Eastern History, Political Science and Israeli Studies
Emory University
Areas of Expertise: Israel, Arab-Israeli conflict.

Norman Stillman
Professor and Schusterman/Josey Chair in Judaic History and Director of Judaic Studies
University of Oklahoma
Areas of Expertise: medieval and modern Jewish and Islamic History.

John W. Swails
Director of the Center for Israel and Middle East Studies
Oral Roberts University
Areas of Expertise: Iraq, Israel.

Ilan Troen
Karl, Harry and Helen Stoll Professor of Israel Studies
Brandeis University
Areas of Expertise: Modern Israel.

Mark S. Wagner
Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Louisiana State University
Areas of Expertise: Classical Arabic literature; Arabic vernacular literature; Islamic law; Muslim-Jewish relations.

Harold (Hal) Waller
Professor of Political Science
McGill University
Areas of Expertise: U.S. budgetary process as a focal point of the struggle over public policy, American politics, research methods, Jewish political studies, Israeli politics.

William E. Watson
Professor of History and Chairman of the Department of History
Immaculata College
Areas of Expertise: France and Algeria.

Birol Yesilada
Professor of Political Science and International Studies
Contemporary Turkish Studies Endowed Chair
Director of the Center for Turkish Studies
Portland State University
Areas of Expertise: Turkish politics, International political economy, European Union.

Professors Emeriti

Shaul Bakhash
Clarence J. Robinson Professor of History
George Mason University
Area of Expertise: Iran.

Bernard Lewis
Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus
Princeton University
Areas of Expertise: Islamic history and culture.

Guity Nashat
Research Fellow
Hoover Institution
Professor Emerita of Islamic and Middle Eastern History
University of Illinois at Chicago
Areas of Expertise: women in the Middle East, Iran.

Raymond Tanter
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Areas of Expertise: Arab-Israeli Conflict, Iran, terrorism, proliferation.

Abraham Udovitch
Khedouri A. Zilkha Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East, Emeritus, Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus
Princeton University
Areas of Expertise: Medieval Islam, Middle Eastern economic history.

Marvin Zonis
Professor Emeritus, Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago
Areas of Expertise: Middle Eastern political economics.


Deceased Professors from the Recommended List

The following deceased professors were on the Recommended Professors List. We remember them here in honor of their service to their colleagues, students, and field of study.


Fouad Ajami
Majid Khadduri Professor and Director of the Middle East Studies Program
School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University
Areas of Expertise: Arab intellectual life, Arab-Israeli conflict, U.S. foreign policy.

Andrew Rippin (1950-2016)
Professor of History and Dean of the Faculties of Humanities
University of Victoria
Areas of Expertise: Islamic studies, Qur'an and the history of its interpretation.