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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
Is CAIR a Terror Group? National Review Online November 28, 2014
Canada vs. Radical Islam: Harper's Mixed Record Pajamas Media October 31, 2010
Canada vs. Radical Islam Pajamas Media December 1, 2008
Islamist Watch Response to the Federal Election Commission November 15, 2008
Welcome to 'Lawfare' - A New Type of Jihad Family Security Matters April 14, 2008
Ramadan's Stone Love FrontPage Magazine February 13, 2008
Mark Steyn Is Not Alone American Spectator January 15, 2008
Islamists in the Courtroom The New York Sun June 5, 2007
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
'Clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed's lawsuit against Irving ISD, city dismissed Dallas Morning News March 14, 2018
Getting to the heart of what M-103 was always all about National Post March 14, 2018
France's Marine Le Pen charged over Islamic State tweets AFP March 1, 2018
Europe: The Rapid Spread of Dhimmitude Gatestone Institute February 22, 2018
Islamic Anti-Semitism in France: Toward Ethnic Cleansing Gatestone Institute February 16, 2018
Public prosecutor dismisses Wilders' Dutch discrimination claim Dutch News February 15, 2018
Germany: Return of the Stasi Police State? Gatestone Institute January 25, 2018
Dutch far-right protest against govt, Islam AFP January 20, 2018
The hijab hoax was a damaging incident Toronto Sun January 18, 2018
Controversial critic of 'militant Islam' to address Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs Baltimore Sun January 17, 2018
Operation Shelter: Probe into offensive comments left on Northumbria Police Facebook page Newcastle Chronicle January 12, 2018
German AfD hardens radical, anti-Muslim course AFP January 10, 2018
Sharia for New Year's Gatestone Institute January 7, 2018
German hate speech law tested as Twitter blocks satire account Reuters January 3, 2018
German far-right MP faces police complaint over 'incitement' AFP January 2, 2018
"Court Jihad": How the French Justice System Assists Islamists Gatestone Institute December 22, 2017
Italian newspaper editor cleared over 'Islamic b***ards' headline after terror attack The Local December 19, 2017
Geert Wilders calls for Trump-style Muslim travel ban in Europe Guardian December 17, 2017
Twitter changes reason for not removing anti-Muslim videos retweeted by Trump The Hill December 1, 2017
Wilders files police complaint against Rutte for 'discriminating against the Dutch' Dutch News November 30, 2017
France to 'prevent' Muslim street prayers in Paris suburb AFP November 19, 2017
France: Escalating Muslim Anti-Semitism Gatestone Institute November 16, 2017
Sayeeda Warsi accuses UK press of hate speech and Islamophobia Guardian November 14, 2017
Tensions over Muslim street prayers north of Paris AFP November 10, 2017
Court orders investigation into decision to prosecute Wilders Dutch News November 10, 2017
Le Pen stripped of French immunity over gruesome IS pictures AFP November 8, 2017
Geert Wilders' inciting discrimination appeal set to be heard next May Dutch News October 24, 2017
Geert Wilders' appeal against inciting discrimination starts at high security court Dutch News October 24, 2017
Germany: Full Censorship Now Official Gatestone Institute October 21, 2017
What this liberal Muslim will be saying before the M-103 committee Toronto Sun October 15, 2017
France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in Packs Gatestone Institute October 13, 2017
Toronto school board recalls, revises controversial Islamic guidebook Toronto Sun October 2, 2017
A Muslim Preacher's Texting Scandal Is Making Some Women Speak Out About Sexism Buzzfeed September 29, 2017
M-103 talk turns to prosecution, censorship Toronto Sun September 20, 2017
Muslim group honors Jews for empowering Muslims JTA September 14, 2017
Trudeau: Opposition To 'Islamophobia' Law An Example Of Sexism Daily Caller September 12, 2017
Concerns arise over new ADL official's meetings with extremist US Muslim group JNS August 30, 2017
Revealed: Extremist Islamic preacher hosted foster care workshop Telegraph August 29, 2017
Pensioner Fined £1,100 for Muslims 'Monkeys' Online Hate Speech Breitbart August 29, 2017
NH mosque defended after extremism claim New Hampshire Union Leader August 27, 2017
Swiss politician found guilty of racial discrimination Swiss Info August 17, 2017
Trump administration lists Pauline Hanson's One Nation a threat to religious freedom Sydney Morning Herald August 16, 2017
Iran-born AfD politician investigated over Islamophobia accusations The Local August 9, 2017
Canada's Free-Speech Phobia FrontPage Magazine July 28, 2017
New book warns of Islamist dangers Toronto Sun July 27, 2017
The Complete Infidel's Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies) FrontPage Magazine July 25, 2017
Man tied to $1K reward for videos of Muslim students praying charged with hate crime CBC News July 24, 2017
Sorry Linda Sarsour - It's Time To Get Real On Jihad Independent Journal Review July 24, 2017
Sweden: A Failed State? Gatestone Institute July 21, 2017
An Unhinged Linda Sarsour Lashes Out at the "Zionist Media" FrontPage Magazine July 14, 2017
French Archbishop on 'the Great Replacement': 'Muslims Calmly Tell You France Will Be Theirs One Day' Breitbart July 11, 2017
France: "Jihad by Court" Gatestone Institute July 10, 2017
In France, do not dare to criticize Islam Israel National News July 6, 2017
DPP: Pastor McConnell's remarks were sufficiently offensive to prosecute Belfast News Letter July 4, 2017
Updated Suit Against San Diego Schools Highlights CAIR's Radical Ties Investigative Project June 28, 2017
Terror-Related CAIR Lawyers Represent Terror-Related Boston Bomber Associate FrontPage Magazine June 27, 2017
CAIR'S Toasted Double Bacon Burger FrontPage Magazine June 26, 2017
A Masterly Look at Europe FrontPage Magazine June 12, 2017
France: Islamic Antisemitism, French Silence Gatestone Institute June 11, 2017
Finnish coalition at risk after nationalists pick hardline leader Reuters June 10, 2017
Wilders will not be prosecuted for 2015 Vienna speech Dutch News June 7, 2017
Denmark Revokes 334-year-old Blasphemy Law AFP June 2, 2017
Wilders under investigation after Austrian complains about comments on Islam Dutch News June 2, 2017
Repeal of Danish blasphemy law may have security consequences, expert says Copenhagen Post June 2, 2017
Denmark to abolish blasphemy law after government party changes stance The Local June 1, 2017
France: No-Go Zones Now in Heart of Big Cities Gatestone Institute May 23, 2017
'Clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed will file new lawsuit after judge dismisses claims against Irving ISD, city Dallas Morning News May 19, 2017
Lawsuit over Islam comments tests boundaries between controversial language and free speech Kathimerini May 18, 2017
Islam group plaintiff agst Belpietro ANSA May 15, 2017
Gillian Triggs tells of alarm over 'demonising' of Muslims in Australia Guardian May 10, 2017
AfD and anti-Islam Pegida group hold side-by-side rallies for first time The Local May 9, 2017
'Young Muslims must be made to feel part of our society' Irish Independent May 8, 2017
Author Triantafyllou to go on trial over racism claims Kathimerini May 6, 2017
German military, Islamic organization DITIB 'winners' of 2017 Big Brother Awards Deutsche Welle May 5, 2017
Right-wing French mayor fined for anti-Muslim tweet Radio France April 25, 2017
It's time to end Denmark's blasphemy ban Washington Post April 24, 2017
France: A Guide to the Presidential Elections Gatestone Institute April 22, 2017
How academics portray Islam as a 'victim' of oppression — even as they defend violent Islamists National Post April 18, 2017
Children taken to meet Islamic preacher who had 'promoted and encouraged religious violence' Telegraph April 15, 2017
France's Le Pen turns far-right party into contender for power Reuters April 14, 2017
Swiss high court rules anti-immigration SVP ad broke racism laws Reuters April 13, 2017
Geert Wilders' hate speech appeal set for October NL Times April 12, 2017
Wilders plans sequels to anti-Islam film Fitna NL Times April 10, 2017
Anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali protesters met with radical sheikh Sydney Morning Herald April 8, 2017
Anti-halal leader Kirralie Smith joins Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives Sydney Morning Herald April 8, 2017
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Australia needs programs to 'assimilate' Muslim migrants Sydney Morning Herald April 5, 2017
Move for blasphemy law could 'turn us into Saudi Arabia' Australian March 29, 2017
Stephen Harper's ex-spokesman admits he wrongly suggested Muslim group had terrorist ties CBC News March 20, 2017
Dutch anti-Islam party of Geert Wilders finishes 2nd to ruling party in exit polls JTA March 15, 2017
European Parliament Censors Its Own Free Speech Gatestone Institute March 11, 2017
Dutch debate role of Islam as key polls loom AFP March 10, 2017
Preacher McConnell attends multi-faith summit Belfast Telegraph March 10, 2017
Party of right-wing provocateur Geert Wilders third-most popular among Dutch Jews JTA March 10, 2017
France: The Taboo of Muslim Racism and Anti-Semitism - Part I Gatestone Institute March 9, 2017
Canada's New Blasphemy Laws Gatestone Institute March 8, 2017
French Jewish historian cleared of hate speech charges against Muslims JTA March 8, 2017
Germany's Jihad on Freedom of Speech Gatestone Institute March 6, 2017
Ousted Islamic leaders wrest back control after AFIC 'coup' Sydney Morning Herald March 3, 2017
The West Submits to Blasphemy Laws Gatestone Institute March 3, 2017
France's Marine Le Pen loses EU immunity over IS tweets AFP March 2, 2017
Le Pen set to lose EU parliament immunity over IS tweets AFP February 28, 2017
Pastor who was prosecuted over Islam remarks set to address Muslim leaders at conference Belfast Telegraph February 28, 2017
Halal certification defamation case against Kirralie Smith settled out of court Sydney Morning Herald February 27, 2017
Finns Party sacks Tampere chapter chair convicted of ethnic incitement YLE February 26, 2017
Why secular Denmark is using a sledgehammer to protect the sacred Economist February 26, 2017
Muslim leader Keysar Trad tells Andrew Bolt violence against women is 'last resort' Nine News February 23, 2017
BBC pays libel damages after suggesting prominent Muslim advocated lynching of Salman Rushdie Press Gazette February 23, 2017
Sweden: Hate Speech Just for Imams Gatestone Institute February 22, 2017
Danish man who burned Quran charged with blasphemy The Local February 22, 2017
Actually, one needn't be a hysterical bigot to have concerns with M-103 National Post February 21, 2017
AFIC's new 'committee' previously part of organisation mismanagement Sydney Morning Herald February 21, 2017
Would-be Dutch PM: Islam threatens our way of life USA Today February 21, 2017
Muslim groups criticize Wilders' 'Moroccan scum' comments Associated Press February 19, 2017
Why no one's protesting about anti-Islam campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali coming to Australia Sydney Morning Herald February 18, 2017
Wilders launches PVV election campaign surrounded by police and press Dutch News February 18, 2017
French Jewish scholar's hate speech trial leaves anti-racism activists bitter, divided JTA February 16, 2017
I'm a liberal Muslim and I reject M-103 Toronto Sun February 16, 2017
Conservatives wrestle over Liberal MP's anti-Islamophobia motion CBC News February 14, 2017
Cory Bernardi and George Christensen's Q Society event stirs anger at Victoria University Sydney Morning Herald February 13, 2017
Inside the far-right Q Society's explosive dinner, where Muslims are fair game Sydney Morning Herald February 10, 2017
How long until my honest criticism of Islamism constitutes a speech crime in Canada? National Post February 7, 2017
CAIR's California Classic FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2017
Implosion: 'Clock Boy' Lawsuit Against Shapiro Dismissed, Shapiro Awarded Attorneys' Fees Daily Wire February 2, 2017
Citing Arab bans on Israelis, Dutch anti-Islam pol calls Trump critics 'hypocrites' JTA January 31, 2017
Islam-critical Kirralie Smith seen as potential libertarian leader Sydney Morning Herald January 29, 2017
Grand Mufti seeks Racial Discrimination Act cover for Muslims Australian January 19, 2017
General election: Latest poll of polls shows slight drop in PVV support Dutch News January 18, 2017
Texas Judge Dismisses 'Clock Boy's' Defamation Lawsuit Against Conservatives Daily Caller January 10, 2017
Two years ago we were all Charlie Hebdo. Now our willingness to defend freedom of expression has been crushed again Telegraph January 6, 2017
Three Finns Party politicians in court over online hate speech YLE January 4, 2017
Empty Heads of State FrontPage Magazine January 3, 2017
Cory Bernardi and George Christensen to speak at $150-a-head dinner for anti-Islam group Guardian January 2, 2017
US anti-Islam campaigner donated €150,000 to the PVV in three years Dutch News December 28, 2016
Incitement to Hypocrisy City Journal December 28, 2016
Prosecutors to appeal Dutch populist Wilders' sentence AFP December 23, 2016
Targeting Farage FrontPage Magazine December 22, 2016
French mayor to be tried for Muslim 'problem' comments AFP December 21, 2016
French-Jewish scholar to appear in Paris court for alleged hate speech against Muslims JTA December 19, 2016
MPs reject populist calls to scrap ban on inciting hatred and discrimination Dutch News December 15, 2016
Descendant of Holocaust survivors leads assault on Holland's far right JTA December 13, 2016
Wilders denies he would 'clear out' the judiciary if he ever became prime minister Dutch News December 13, 2016
Quebec feminist author found not guilty of slandering Muslim school in Montreal Toronto Star December 13, 2016
Europe: Illegal to Criticize Islam Gatestone Institute December 12, 2016
Dutch populist leader Wilders rises in polls after conviction AFP December 11, 2016
The Guilty Verdict Dutch Politicians Wanted So Much Gatestone Institute December 10, 2016
Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders convicted of inciting against Moroccans JTA December 9, 2016
Strong reactions to Wilders guilty verdict on inciting racial discrimination Dutch News December 9, 2016
Wilders found guilty of inciting discrimination against Dutch Moroccans Dutch News December 9, 2016
No fine for Pegida leader who defied blanket ban on swastikas Dutch News December 8, 2016
Firebrand Dutch MP Wilders faces verdict in hate speech trial AFP December 6, 2016
Fury as watchdog says it's OK to send gay people death threats – but only if you're Muslim Daily Express December 3, 2016
Finns Party politician convicted of incitement, will appeal verdict YLE December 1, 2016
Identitarian group veils Maria Theresa statue The Local November 30, 2016
Islamists Won: Charlie Hebdo Disappears Gatestone Institute November 30, 2016
German court upholds fine against Pegida founder after refugee slurs Europe Online November 30, 2016
Geert Wilders' PVV back on top in latest poll of polls Dutch News November 30, 2016
When reaching out to the Muslim community, choose your ambassadors carefully National Post November 29, 2016
Dutch MPs approve partial ban on burqa wearing in public AFP November 29, 2016
Wilders's Trial: "Unnecessarily Offensive" Gatestone Institute November 24, 2016
'I will never be silenced', Wilders tells court on final day of 'fewer Moroccans' trial Dutch News November 23, 2016
Wilders to address 'fewer Moroccans' trial later this week Dutch News November 21, 2016
Wilders should be fined for anti-Moroccan chant, says public prosecutor Dutch News November 17, 2016
Dutch MP Wilders questioned Moroccans' 'right to exist' AFP November 16, 2016
Canada: Parliament Condemns Free Speech Gatestone Institute November 10, 2016
Anti-Islam Pegida leader banned from running demos The Local November 8, 2016
Europe's New Blasphemy Courts Gatestone Institute November 4, 2016
Wilders racial hate trial judge accused of 'partiality' Dutch News November 4, 2016
Wilders hate trial stalls after alleged judge 'bias' Dutch News November 4, 2016
European Media Jihad Against Geert Wilders FrontPage Magazine November 4, 2016
Dutch MP hate speech trial 'far-reaching', court hears AFP November 3, 2016
Dutch politician Wilders calls for new judge in hate speech trial Reuters November 3, 2016
Finns Party MP charged for disseminating hate speech YLE November 1, 2016
Wilders' hate speech trial begins at high security court Dutch News October 31, 2016
Finns Party politician who penned racist posts re-elected to chair local chapter YLE October 30, 2016
Call for FPÖ chief's Facebook page to be shut The Local October 28, 2016
Wilders won't attend 'fewer Moroccans' trial; says it is a political process Dutch News October 28, 2016
Public prosecutor rejects damages claims against Wilders ahead of trial Dutch News October 26, 2016
Freedom Party leader may face hate speech charges The Local October 19, 2016
Big Brotherhood is Watching You FrontPage Magazine October 19, 2016
Thousands mark two years of German anti-migrant Pegida AFP October 16, 2016
Wilders' trial for inciting hatred to go ahead, court rules Dutch News October 14, 2016
Londoner loses £10 million legal battle with Donald Trump over radicalisation claims Evening Standard October 6, 2016
Danish woman fined for inflammatory Facebook comment Copenhagen Post September 28, 2016
Police: Preliminary investigation into MP's anti-Muslim comments complete YLE September 27, 2016
Father of 'clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed sues Glenn Beck, FOX, TheBlaze Dallas Morning News September 26, 2016
France: What Is Hidden Behind the "Burkini Ban" Gatestone Institute September 24, 2016
The War Against Stealth Jihad FrontPage Magazine September 23, 2016
Wilders' fewer Moroccan comments should be judged on election day: lawyer Dutch News September 23, 2016
Geert Wilders' lawyer to urge judges to drop discrimination case Dutch News September 23, 2016
Leader of anti-refugee Pegida becomes 'refugee' in Africa The Local September 21, 2016
Teach the truth about Islamophobia National Post September 14, 2016
Quebec author faces slander trial for 'greatly tarnishing' Muslim school Toronto Star August 22, 2016
Dutch Pegida leader will appear in court over swastika Dutch News August 18, 2016
Fighting Hate Speech -- British Style Gatestone Institute August 7, 2016
Online troll caught out after posting 'grossly offensive' anti-Muslim comments on police Facebook page Manchester Evening News August 5, 2016
Islam, Sexual Violence, and the West Investigative Project July 28, 2016
German anti-Islamic movement Pegida to found party AFP July 18, 2016
Hillary's Imam FrontPage Magazine July 18, 2016
Merkel Must Face Trial for War Crimes FrontPage Magazine July 15, 2016
Married Couple Sentenced For Migrant Critical Facebook Group Breitbart July 8, 2016
Ex-ISNA President Drops Lawsuit Against Canadian Terrorism Expert David Harris Investigative Project July 8, 2016
Swedish politician: Migrant rape isn't as bad Israel National News July 4, 2016
Anger, Honor and Freedom: What European Muslims' Attack On Speech Is Really About Investigative Project June 30, 2016
London imam sues BBC for libel after being called an 'extremist' Independent June 27, 2016
New Islamophobia Report: Authors Linked to Hamas Clarion Project June 21, 2016
MP: 'Only thing worse than a devout Muslim is a convert' The Local June 13, 2016
Pegida founder told to 'stay away' from Limerick Limerick Leader June 2, 2016
German founder of anti-Islamist Pegida to speak in Limerick Irish Times May 27, 2016
'Wilders knew anti-Moroccan chant would cause an outcry' Dutch News May 26, 2016
Teacher To Be Prosecuted For Calling Mohammed Child Molester Breitbart May 11, 2016
David Cameron sorry over 'IS' cleric comment BBC News May 11, 2016
Founder of Germany's far-right Pegida fined for inciting hatred AFP May 3, 2016
Obama hails Turkey-bound Merkel's "courage" on migrants AFP April 22, 2016
Grand mufti sues News Corp's Daily Telegraph for defamation Guardian April 22, 2016
German refugees use advertising to target anti-immigration YouTube videos BBC News April 20, 2016
Head of German anti-Islam group on trial for hate speech AFP April 19, 2016
Tv football analyst won't apologise for anti-Moroccan comments Dutch News April 13, 2016
PVV plan flops: Labour leaders won't face trial for anti-Moroccan comments Dutch News April 12, 2016
Speech leak will not delay Wilders' trial for incitement, judges rule Dutch News April 7, 2016
Wilders' trial leak: the Volkskrant was also offered the speech Dutch News March 19, 2016
Five arrested at Wilders' trial were Dutch Self Defense Army members Dutch News March 19, 2016
Wilders trial is about discrimination versus freedom of speech: prosecutor Dutch News March 18, 2016
Wilders goes on trial, charged with inciting hatred and discrimination Dutch News March 18, 2016
Hate Speech Charges To Be Filed Against Útvarp Saga Reykjavik Grapevine March 16, 2016
German anti-Islam PEGIDA leader summoned on hate speech charges AFP March 14, 2016
Rising fortunes of right-wing populists in Europe AFP March 10, 2016
Geert Wilders hate speech criminal charges revealed NL Times March 9, 2016
PVV supporter not guilty of insulting Muslims on appeal Dutch News March 9, 2016
Dozens of hate speech victims seek compensation from Wilders NL Times March 4, 2016
Austria nears decision to also prosecute Wilders for hate speech NL Times February 29, 2016
Geert Wilders hate speech trial delayed to October NL Times February 29, 2016
France: Criticize Islam and Live under Police Protection Gatestone Institute February 28, 2016
Denmark Criminalizes Free Speech - Selectively Gatestone Institute February 19, 2016
Germany's Pegida founder to go on trial for incitement on April 19 Europe Online February 18, 2016
Fico will not be prosecuted for anti-Muslim statements Slovak Spectator February 9, 2016
Danish high court upholds ex-MP's racism conviction The Local February 1, 2016
Veiling Statues to Please the Mullahs FrontPage Magazine January 29, 2016
Cars blaze in Dresden as PEGIDA demonstrates nearby Deutsche Welle January 25, 2016
Pegida meets with European allies in the Czech Republic Deutsche Welle January 23, 2016
Anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker gains support amid migrant crisis Associated Press January 23, 2016
Relations cooling further between Det Islamiske Trossamfund and Copenhagen Municipality Copenhagen Post January 15, 2016
Fico: Complaint over Muslim statements is nonsense Slovak Spectator January 14, 2016
Prosecutor's office deals with Fico's statements Slovak Spectator January 13, 2016
Fico could be prosecuted for anti-Muslim statements Slovak Spectator January 12, 2016
Czech Anti-Islam Facebook page blocked Prague Monitor January 12, 2016
Defiant 'Satanic Islam' case pastor feted like modern pop star and vows to keep on preaching Gospel Belfast Telegraph January 6, 2016
'Satanic Islam' case prosecutors in dock after pastor Pastor James McConnell found not guilty Belfast Telegraph January 6, 2016
Pastor McConnell's acquittal is welcomed by Muslim academic Muhammad Al-Hussaini Belfast Telegraph January 6, 2016
Germany springs to action over hate speech against migrants Washington Post January 6, 2016
Pastor cleared over sermon as judge backs right to 'offend, shock or disturb' Belfast Telegraph January 5, 2016
Defending Against Dhimmitude In France FrontPage Magazine January 4, 2016
Navy's Islamic Twitter account shut down after anti-Islam group complains Guardian January 4, 2016
Q&A: A look at how the federal law regards hate speech Associated Press December 31, 2015
Progressive "Thought-Blockers": Islamophobia FrontPage Magazine December 30, 2015
Far-right French mayor slams Muslims protecting churches at Christmas Radio France December 27, 2015
Geert Wilders trial for inciting hatred to start on March 18 Dutch News December 18, 2015
French far-right leader Le Pen acquitted of inciting hatred AFP December 15, 2015
Pastor McConnell's declaration that he doesn't trust Muslims was 'grossly offensive', court hears Belfast Telegraph December 14, 2015
Pastor's 'satanic Islam' sermon trial starts with hour of service on DVD Belfast Telegraph December 14, 2015
Wilders can call witnesses in forthcoming discrimination trial Dutch News December 11, 2015
Calling Out Islam Terrorism Truthers FrontPage Magazine December 8, 2015
Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Are Not the Threat Loretta Lynch Is Making Them Out to Be National Review December 8, 2015
Catholic priest will back 'Satanic Islam' sermon cleric McConnell in court Belfast Telegraph December 7, 2015
Lynch recalibrates message on hateful speech Politico December 7, 2015
Muslim Reform Movement decries radical Islam, calls for equality Washington Times December 6, 2015
Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use 'Anti-Muslim' Speech That 'Edges Toward Violence' Daily Wire December 4, 2015
Wilders demands fair trial in race baiting court hearing NL Times November 26, 2015
Anti-Islam group head accused of inciting hatred of Muslims Prague Post November 24, 2015
France's Le Pen urges 'immediate halt' to migrant intake AFP November 16, 2015
Copenhagen cuts ties with Muslim group The Local November 13, 2015
Dutch populist Wilders seeks halt to 'Islamic invasion' AFP November 9, 2015
Copenhagen may cut ties with Muslim group The Local November 3, 2015
Insults and Nazi comparisons fly in Germany's PEGIDA row Deutsche Welle November 3, 2015
French Mayor Who Once Defended Journalists Now Denounces Immigrants New York Times November 2, 2015
Wilders: No chance at fair trial in race baiting case NL Times October 29, 2015
Charity Commission fights claim it unlawfully choked off lobby group's funds Guardian October 21, 2015
French far-right leader on trial for inciting hatred AFP October 20, 2015
Germany warns of growing right-wing radicalism amid refugee crisis Reuters October 20, 2015
A year on, Germany's PEGIDA radicalised by refugee influx AFP October 17, 2015
Fighting Jihad in a Politically Correct Comic Book World FrontPage Magazine October 16, 2015
Michel Houellebecq, Casually Provocative New York Times October 12, 2015
German populist far-right gains amid refugee wave AFP October 10, 2015
France's far-right party targets Muslim vote in Paris region Reuters October 8, 2015
German anti-Islam group vents fury at Merkel over refugee welcome AFP October 5, 2015
Thousands form 'living border' against refugees The Local October 5, 2015
Pegida founder faces hate speech charges The Local October 2, 2015
Pastor James McConnell: Date set for trial over 'satanic Islam' broadcast BBC News October 1, 2015
'Draw Muhammad' Winner Releases 'The Infidel 3' FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2015
French far-right leader to face trial for inciting racial hatred AFP September 22, 2015
French court dismisses race hate case against right-wing broadcaster Radio France September 22, 2015
Few feminists dare criticise Islam. To see why, look at the ones who do Spectator September 16, 2015
Canada: The Spanish Inquisition Makes a Comeback Gatestone Institute September 15, 2015
Quebec's Bill 59 panders to Islamists Toronto Sun September 4, 2015
Geert Wilders hate speech trial moved to 2016 NL Times September 2, 2015
Quebec wants to uncover faces while it covers mouths National Post September 1, 2015
Bill 59 betrays Muslims who chose to live in Quebec because they valued a free society National Post September 1, 2015
UN committee calls for changes to Zwarte Piet negative stereotypes Dutch News August 28, 2015
Canadian "Hate Speech" Proposal Threatens Free Speech Investigative Project August 27, 2015
Ex-MP fined for equating Muslims with Hitler The Local August 18, 2015
Belfast Pastor on Trial for Offending Islam Gatestone Institute August 18, 2015
Quebec hate-speech bill prompts strong opinions at public hearings Montreal Gazette August 17, 2015
New parties profit from Islamophobia Prague Post August 17, 2015
Quebec hate speech bill would re-establish bureaucratic despotism National Post August 15, 2015
Islam and Northern Ireland: The right to rancour Economist August 7, 2015
Pastor James McConnell solicitor argues preacher 'did not incite hatred or encourage violence against Muslims' Belfast Telegraph August 6, 2015
'Satanic Islam' sermon Belfast cleric McConnell to make first court appearance Belfast Telegraph August 6, 2015
'Satanic Islam' sermon preacher James McConnell: prosecution is a waste of money Belfast Telegraph August 5, 2015
Austria investigates Wilders for hate speech The Local July 28, 2015
Austria 'investigates' Geert Wilders for incitement during speech Dutch News July 28, 2015
MPs call for 'anti-Muslim paramilitary manual' website to be investigated Guardian July 27, 2015
Rotterdam mayor speaks out on 'hurt' caused by Wilders' anti-Moroccan stand Dutch News July 27, 2015
Criminalize vilification of religious symbols, says Saudi official Saudi Gazette July 25, 2015
Brave woman who dares to shatter a toxic taboo: British Pakistanis are thirteen times more likely to have disabled children because of intermarriage Daily Mail July 15, 2015
Drop case against 'Satanic Islam' sermon pastor James McConnell, urges National Secular Society Belfast Telegraph July 11, 2015
Muslim who praised IS drove case against 'Satanic Islam' sermon Belfast pastor McConnell Belfast Telegraph July 10, 2015
Social cohesion at risk from counter-terrorism rhetoric, race commissioner says Guardian July 7, 2015
Pirates get blasphemy decriminalised Iceland Monitor July 2, 2015
Mohamed cartoon exhibition coming to London in September, anti-Sharia group announces Independent July 1, 2015
UK: Belfast Pastor Faces Prison for "Grossly Offending" Islam Gatestone Institute June 28, 2015
Dutch populist airs Mohammed cartoons on national TV AFP June 24, 2015
Dutch anti-Islam MP to air Mohammed cartoons on Saturday AFP June 19, 2015
'Satanic Islam' sermon Belfast pastor James McConnell says he faces six months in jail Belfast Telegraph June 19, 2015
Belfast preacher to face court over Islam slurs Guardian June 18, 2015
Europe's Intolerable "Tolerance" Gatestone Institute June 18, 2015
France's Le Pen announces far-right bloc of anti-EU MEPs BBC News June 16, 2015
DF'er acknowledges that some in the party are racists Copenhagen Post June 15, 2015
Proposed legislation would ban niqabs, burkas in Quebec's public sector Montreal Gazette June 10, 2015
Quebec tables new religious neutrality bill banning face coverings CBC News June 10, 2015
Tony Blair takes on anti-extremism and anti-Semitism role BBC News June 4, 2015
No date yet set for Geert Wilders' discrimination trial Dutch News May 28, 2015
Free speech on the run, even in the home of the brave CBC News May 25, 2015
CAIR Boss Loses in California Race FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2015
Defending Freedom of Speech Gatestone Institute May 21, 2015
Swedish anti-Islam rally only attracts handful The Local May 16, 2015
French mayor claims Islam will be banned from France by 2027 Al-Jazeera May 15, 2015
France: Mayor of small town seeks to ban Islam Anadolu Agency May 15, 2015
New Charlie Hebdo doc secures worldwide deal at Cannes AFP May 13, 2015
Britain First leader 'could face police probe over Dudley mosque comments' Birmingham Mail May 9, 2015
Norway ends blasphemy law after Hebdo attack The Local May 7, 2015
Do I Have to Draw You a Picture? The Cartoon Wars Come to America Catholic World Report May 6, 2015
Dutch lawmaker plans Mohammed expo after US shootings AFP May 6, 2015
Geert Wilders: I Won't Stop Warning the West About Islam FrontPage Magazine May 5, 2015
Is this 'jihad family' advertising poster spreading hatred? Dutch News May 4, 2015
The Erosion of Free Speech Gatestone Institute May 3, 2015
Boehner asked to denounce invites to far-right Dutch legislator Politico April 28, 2015
Muslim Congressmen Want To Block 'Islamophobic' Dutch Lawmaker Geert Wilders From Entering US Daily Caller April 28, 2015
Geert Wilders still has something to prove Deutsche Welle April 13, 2015
Dutch populist Wilders to appear at Dresden PEGIDA rally Deutsche Welle April 13, 2015
PVV leader Geert Wilders under fire in Austria Dutch News April 10, 2015
Pegida marchers in Graz clash with left-wingers The Local March 30, 2015
Hamza Chaoui sends Denis Coderre legal notice over radicalization comments CBC News March 30, 2015
Protests for visit of Dutch right-winger The Local March 27, 2015
Wilders faces 136 compensation claims for anti-Moroccan remarks Dutch News March 19, 2015
Strache defends inviting Wilders to Hofburg The Local March 11, 2015
Tri-Faith Initiative Rabbi Tries To Sabotage Omaha Pro-Israel Event Daily Caller March 9, 2015
Islamist Sympathiser Launches 'Muslim Manifesto' in British Parliament Breitbart March 6, 2015
Just four protestors at Sweden anti-Islam rally The Local March 3, 2015
Bill to decriminalise blasphemy in Iceland Iceland Monitor February 26, 2015
France's Jewish and Muslim leaders fall out The Local February 24, 2015
Obama's Summit of Jihad Denial FrontPage Magazine February 19, 2015
US firm buys rights to Charlie Hebdo documentary AFP February 10, 2015
Sale of Charlie Hebdo in Ireland will test blasphemy law for first time Guardian February 5, 2015
Imam Hamza Chaoui denies accusations of Mayors Ménard, Coderre CBC News February 3, 2015
Dutch prosecutor acts on anti-Muslim Facebook comments Dutch News January 30, 2015
French Free Speech Victory FrontPage Magazine January 26, 2015
Anti-Islam politician Wilders aims to "paralyse" Dutch govt Reuters January 23, 2015
France's Free Speech Farce FrontPage Magazine January 23, 2015
Tensions high ahead of Danish Pegida events The Local January 19, 2015
OIC weighs legal action against French magazine Arab News January 18, 2015
Radical Islam in Europe: No One to Blame But Us Gatestone Institute January 17, 2015
Free Speech vs. Fear FrontPage Magazine January 14, 2015
Paris attacks boost support for Dutch anti-Islam populist Wilders Reuters January 11, 2015
Muslims Fear Backlash After Paris Shooting Voice of America January 9, 2015
Slain Charlie Hebdo editor: 'I prefer to die standing' New York Post January 8, 2015
We Are Charlie: Free Speech v. Self-Censorship Gatestone Institute January 8, 2015
CNN cut off controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons Washington Post January 7, 2015
Muslim community weighs charges against Okamura over anti-Muslim statements Radio Prague January 6, 2015
Broadcaster Alan Jones ordered to pay $10,000 for racial vilification Sydney Morning Herald December 29, 2014
Wilders tried to claim legal fees from parliament: Volkskrant Dutch News December 28, 2014
French radio station backs polemicist after Muslim row AFP December 23, 2014
Court of Appeal Overturns Conviction of Woman Prosecuted for Insulting Islam Breitbart December 22, 2014
Talking About 'the Moroccan Issue' Is Not a Crime Wall Street Journal December 21, 2014
Controversial French journalist sparks outcry with 'insular Muslim' comments Expatica December 20, 2014
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French right-wing media pundit in 'Muslim deportation' row Radio France December 19, 2014
For Australia's Muslims, Relief Is Shadowed by Fear New York Times December 18, 2014
Dutch MP calls for ban on Muslims working in Schiphol security zone Dutch News December 18, 2014
Geert Wilders faces charges over 'anti-Moroccan' speech BBC News December 18, 2014
PVV leader Geert Wilders will be prosecuted for inciting hatred Dutch News December 18, 2014
Muslims rule France in provocative new novel The Local December 15, 2014
Geert Wilders defends 'fewer Moroccans' chant, quotes Martin Luther King Dutch News December 8, 2014
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French right-wing weekly sparks storm over new Morocco-born minister Expatica September 3, 2014
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Tony Abbott warned against dealing with certain Islamic groups Sydney Morning Herald August 26, 2014
Complaint filed against politician for Islamophobic tweet Swiss Info August 25, 2014
Cory Bernardi to defy PM by co-sponsoring bill aimed at altering 'Bolt laws' Sydney Morning Herald August 15, 2014
Proposal to remove words 'offend' and 'insult' from Discrimination Act could divide government Sydney Morning Herald August 14, 2014
IPA supporters pour in cash to fund anti-Abbott ad as race discrimination act fury boils over Sydney Morning Herald August 7, 2014
Muslim groups slam Abbott government's new counter-terror plans Sydney Morning Herald August 7, 2014
Prime Minister Tony Abbott dumps changes to Racial Discrimination Act Herald Sun August 5, 2014
Politician's Hitler tweet leads to police charge The Local July 26, 2014
Muslims should be treated the same as Hitler, DFer says Copenhagen Post July 25, 2014
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Muslim group proceeds with libel suit against Stephen Harper and spokesman over 'terrorist' comment Toronto Star May 26, 2014
Muslim group sues PM, spokesman for defamation Toronto Sun May 26, 2014
Scandinavian anti-immigrant parties face mixed fortunes The Local May 23, 2014
EU's sceptics shun each other for fear of being tainted Reuters May 20, 2014
Danish-Iranian Artist Shreds the Koran FrontPage Magazine May 20, 2014
Dutch populist targets 'Brussels monster' from within AFP May 12, 2014
France Submits to Islam Gatestone Institute May 12, 2014
Complaint lodged over broadcaster's 'xenophobic raving' against Chechens, Roma, Africans Radio France May 9, 2014
Dutch Jewish lobby criticises Wilders for far-right anti-semitic links Dutch News May 7, 2014
Radio host cleared over 'scumbag' tweet jibe to Musilm campaigner Birmingham Mail May 4, 2014
'Muslims of the Americas' Depositions Reveal New Enclaves Clarion Project May 4, 2014
PVV under fire for Front National links in first European debate Dutch News May 2, 2014
Major Islamic conference in Paris accused of hosting hate speaker Jewish Chronicle May 1, 2014
New York Muslim group's libel lawsuit is dismissed Associated Press April 25, 2014
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PVV leader Wilders loses key aide over anti-Moroccan chanting Dutch News April 23, 2014
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De Hond defends poll as 43% say they want fewer Moroccans in NL Dutch News April 22, 2014
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Unrepentant Wilders refuses to apologise for anti-Moroccan chant Dutch News March 22, 2014
Dutch media round on Wilders' 'deeply menacing' message Dutch News March 21, 2014
Dutch politician Wilders accused of discrimination BBC News March 20, 2014
Wilders under fire over Moroccan chanting, 40,000 like Facebook page Dutch News March 20, 2014
Public prosecutor challenged to act on Wilders' Moroccan comments Dutch News March 15, 2014
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Head of Free Press Society steps down Copenhagen Post February 28, 2014
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Muslims sue satirical paper for blasphemy, MP for hate speech Radio France February 17, 2014
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Let court decide Muslim complaint Toronto Sun January 29, 2014
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Lawyer wants Wilders' inciting hatred case reconsidered Dutch News October 22, 2013
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French journalist is prosecuted under 19th century press law for questioning Islam during a radio debate Daily Mail October 9, 2013
Ezra Levant in court Oct. 15 to answer for calling Canadian Islamic Rights activist a liar Globe and Mail October 7, 2013
Danish-Iranian artist convicted of racism Copenhagen Post September 18, 2013
Denmark: Iranian Artist Convicted of Racism for Criticising Islam Islam versus Europe September 17, 2013
Lawsuit over controversial DF advert moves forward Copenhagen Post September 13, 2013
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UKIP councillor Eric Kitson faces no 'racist cartoon' charges BBC News July 5, 2013
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Anti-Muslim acts rising in France, rights group says Reuters July 3, 2013
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Muslim hate monitor to lose backing Telegraph June 9, 2013
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European parliament committee backs lifting Le Pen's immunity Expatica June 1, 2013
French far-right leader loses immunity, faces charges BBC News June 1, 2013
German Government Ramps Up Monitoring of Conservatives FrontPage Magazine May 23, 2013
Homeland Security guidelines advise deference to pro-Shariah Muslim supremacists Daily Caller May 17, 2013
UN Pressures Germany to Bow to 'Hate Speech' Hysteria FrontPage Magazine May 16, 2013
CAIR Books Radicals for Fundraising Banquets Clarion Project May 12, 2013
CAIR Lashes Out at non-Islamist Muslim Group Clarion Project May 9, 2013
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74-Year-Old German Woman Convicted of 'Hate Speech' Against Muslims FrontPage Magazine February 14, 2013
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Soini: No action on Halla-aho court ruling YLE June 8, 2012
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Supreme Court orders Halla-aho to pay for hate speech YLE June 8, 2012
A Lawsuit Only Jihadists Could Love FrontPage Magazine June 8, 2012
Re-Education Camp National Review June 7, 2012
Muslims sue over New York police surveillance CNN June 6, 2012
Suit against NYPD asks that surveillance of Muslims based on faith be declared unconstitutional Star-Ledger June 6, 2012
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N.J. Muslim group sues NYPD to stop routine spying CBS News June 6, 2012
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Kan. gov. signs measure blocking Islamic law Fox News May 25, 2012
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French weekly firebombed after it portrays Mohammad Reuters November 2, 2011
Prophet Mohammed to 'guest edit' French satirical weekly Expatica October 31, 2011
Controversial author urges Muslim Canadians to defend their rights Calgary Herald October 27, 2011
Court confirms acquittal of Frenchman who burned Koran Expatica October 25, 2011
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Belgium Muslim organization sues sociologist for making link between Islam and antisemitism Ahlul Bayt May 31, 2011
Islamophobic shooter game triggers trial Austrian Independent May 26, 2011
Find Wilders not guilty of inciting hatred, says prosecution Dutch News May 25, 2011
Expert witness in Wilders trial: "The Dutch will, from now on, have to live with unpredictable limitations of the freedom of speech" Jihad Watch May 23, 2011
Dutch court rejects anti-Islam MP's bias claim AFP May 23, 2011
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Radical Islam issues hit here, too Winnepeg Sun May 10, 2011
French far-right MP stripped of EU parliamentary immunity Expatica May 10, 2011
Chancellor Angela Merkel Charged FrontPage Magazine May 10, 2011
France acquits man who urinated on Qur'an News 24 May 9, 2011
State Department Ignores Christian Slaughter FrontPage Magazine May 9, 2011
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Denmark: Free Speech is for Muslim Hate Groups, Not Their Critics NewsReal May 6, 2011
Judge Files Complaint against Merkel over Bin Laden Comments Der Spiegel May 6, 2011
Statement by Lars Hedegaard on his conviction for "hate speech" International Free Press Society May 5, 2011
Protecting Muslim Girls From Rape is Now a Crime in Europe NewsReal May 4, 2011
Free speech advocate guilty of racism Copenhagen Post May 3, 2011
Fund the Truth About Islam or Lose the War of Ideas NewsReal April 28, 2011
Jordan begins trial of Danish Mohammed cartoonist France 24 April 25, 2011
Wilders' trial 'extremely complicated,' says expert Hurriyet April 24, 2011
Anti-Islam lawmaker's trial on hate speech charges to continue; move to dismiss judges fails Associated Press April 18, 2011
Jordan to try Danish artist over Mohammed cartoon AFP April 15, 2011
Finnish pastor defrocked for speaking out against terrorists Russia Today April 14, 2011
Dutch anti-Islam hate speech trial resumes Fox News April 13, 2011
More on the Finnish Pastor Supposedly Charged with Hate Crime for Calling a Terrorist a Terrorist Tundra Tabloids April 9, 2011
The Fire This Time Pajamas Media April 6, 2011
Finnish priest persecuted for speaking out against terrorists Russia Today April 6, 2011
Muslim row over minister's speech Connexion April 5, 2011
French interior minister facing legal action over Muslim comments Telegraph April 5, 2011
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Congressman Conyers' Speech at Anti-Ist Amendment Conference CounterContempt March 28, 2011
The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide FrontPage Magazine March 26, 2011
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Swedish court: naked Muhammad pics legal The Local March 16, 2011
MoJ unveils proposals for libel reforms: comment and reaction Legal Week March 15, 2011
UK gov't prepares to offer changes to libel law Fox News March 15, 2011
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Politician on trial for nude Muhammad poster The Local March 3, 2011
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The Law as Weapon Human Events November 16, 2010
Centre refuses to host Steyn lecture on free speech National Post October 22, 2010
Dutch court orders retrial in anti-Islam hate speech case Deutsche Welle October 22, 2010
Judges told to step down in Wilders trial BBC News October 22, 2010
If Islam were truly equal, wouldn't Muhammad be fair game, too? National Post October 20, 2010
Wilders has already been found guilty, says his lawyer in 14 hour speech Dutch News October 19, 2010
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Blogger who backs runaway Christian convert cites First Amendment in defamation suit response Fox 59 October 12, 2010
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Hate speech laws violate constitution: Rights tribunal Calgary Herald September 2, 2009
Islamist Groups Threaten Free Speech Ruling FrontPage Magazine August 27, 2009
Raids on local Somalis over khat smuggling result in fallout Seattle Times August 17, 2009
Judge slams Hilali spokesman Keysar Trad Australian August 1, 2009
Charter school countersues over ACLU religion claims Star Tribune July 29, 2009
Online journalist wins victory over 'legal jihad' WorldNetDaily July 18, 2009
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Muslim student teacher refused position at Christian college Wyndham Leader March 24, 2009
Muslim policeman suing Scotland Yard 'sacked after boasting he beat up vagrant' says white officers framed him Daily Mail March 4, 2009
Feds reject imams' complaint against US Airways Tucson Citizen February 19, 2009
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‘Libel Tourism': When Freedom of Speech Takes a Holiday New York Times September 14, 2008
Criminalizing Criticism of Islam Wall Street Journal September 10, 2008
Appeasing Canada's Islamists Frontpage Magazine September 5, 2008
French lawyers offer support for lawsuit against Danish cartoonist Jordan Times September 5, 2008
Magazine publisher Levant wins Danish cartoon dispute National Post August 6, 2008
Paving the way for 'soft jihad' National Post July 22, 2008
Imams ask magistrate for 10 years of bias complaints against US Airways Pioneer Press July 14, 2008
A short note started chain that ended in imams kicked off flight Pioneer Press July 12, 2008
Rights organization dismisses complaint against Maclean's National Post June 27, 2008
The jihad of the word Spectator June 24, 2008
Muslims Take Prophet Cartoons to EU Court Islam Online June 20, 2008
Danish appeals court rejects lawsuit against newspaper that published prophet cartoons International Herald Tribune June 19, 2008
Muslim man threatens to sue driving school for sending transsexual instructor to teach his wife The Daily Mail May 21, 2008
Muslim soldier, wife raise issue over son's death The News & Observer May 14, 2008
Free speech under attack The Calgary Herald May 13, 2008
Judge dismisses case of woman who says veil cost her claim The Detroit News May 13, 2008
Judge dismisses case of woman who says veil cost her claim The Los Angeles Times May 13, 2008
Islamist Lawfare FrontPage Magazine May 12, 2008
A victory for free speech The Washington Times May 11, 2008
Islamic group accuses newspaper of hate crime over cartoon The Vancouver Sun May 9, 2008
Newspaper cartoon a hate crime, Islamic group claims CBC News May 8, 2008
German Muslim girl can't skip swim lessons: court The Local May 7, 2008
New York Approves Libel Tourism Bill Publishers Weekly May 1, 2008
Muslim group offers to pull Maclean's complaint for rebuttal The National Post April 30, 2008
Foreign Law and the First Amendment The Wall Street Journal April 30, 2008
Robert O. Collins, 75; UC scholar's Bin Laden book was withdrawn by publisher The Los Angeles Times April 25, 2008
Hookah bars in Paris fight smoking ban The International Herald Tribune April 24, 2008
CAIR vs. the NYPD The Weekly Standard April 11, 2008
WHEN FREE SPEECH OFFENDS MUSLIMS The Christian Science Monitor April 10, 2008
Terrorizing Publishing The New York Sun April 10, 2008
Ontario Human Rights Commission Acknowledges "Islamophobic", "Xenophobic", and "Destructive" Content in Relation to Maclean's Articles CNW Group April 10, 2008
Commission Statement Concerning Issues Raised by Complaints Against Maclean's Magazine Ontario Human Rights Commission April 10, 2008
Ban of anti-Islam film rejected by Dutch court CBC News April 7, 2008
Libel protection law Newsday April 4, 2008
Wyo. Lawsuit Alleges Prison Mealtime Violates Muslim Inmates' Freedom of Religion FOX News April 3, 2008
'Headscarf doesn't fit our funky image' says salon owner who turned down Muslim stylist The Daily Mail April 1, 2008
CAIR trains FBI agents as new report cites links to terror Insight March 18-24, 2008
Officer Adds Charges to Lawsuit Against City The New York Times March 21, 2008
Saudi wields British law against U.S. author The Chicago Tribune March 17, 2008
Muslims Nations: Defame Islam, Get Sued? Google News March 15, 2008
'Islamophobia' a threat to world security, say Muslim states Yahoo! News March 12, 2008
French court backs magazine over Prophet cartoons Reuters March 12, 2008
New York passes law against 'libel tourists' The London Times February 29, 2008
Imam drops rights dispute The Calgary Herald February 13, 2008
Sapping freedom inside job? The Toronto Sun January 26, 2008
Appeals court sides with inmate's wish for Muslim-diet meals The Arizona Daily Star January 25, 2008
Moderate Dutch Muslims appeal for calm before release of anti-Quran film The International Herald Tribune January 24, 2008
Controversial teacher wins damages La Tribune de Genève January 17, 2008
Assemblyman Lancman and Senator Skelos Introduce Bill to Protect American Authors Who Expose Terrorist Activities from Foreign Lawsuits January 14, 2008
Conservative commentator republishes controversial cartoons before hearing The Ottawa Citizen January 12, 2008
Albany Bill Could Protect Authors The New York Sun January 10, 2008
Islam in American Courts: 2007 Year in Review Family Security Matters January 8, 2008
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Lawyer: Prior arrest not the issue The San Bernardino County Sun December 10, 2007
Muslim woman sues San Bernardino County The Los Angeles Times December 6, 2007
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