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Turkey's Islamist Government Enters Manhattan Real Estate Market American Thinker February 1, 2022
Miracle Winner of New Jersey State Senate Race Forced to Endure Lecture from Islamist Group New English Review December 29, 2021
Islamist Lobby Suffers Loss in Chicago with Defeat of Anti-India Resolution American Thinker May 10, 2021
Philadelphia Amir Confirms Scheme to Establish Muslim-Only Enclave New English Review April 1, 2021
Islamist Mosque Flourishes in Christianity's Evangelical Heartland One News Now February 25, 2021
Philadelphia's Elected Leaders Put Themselves and Islamist Agenda Ahead of Civic Duty New English Review February 1, 2021
Terror en EspaƱol FrontPage Mag January 15, 2021
Former Miami Heat and Dwayne Wade Foundation Employee Embraces Muslim Extremism FrontPage Mag December 29, 2020
Florida Democrats Continue to Tolerate Hate from Islamist Party Official FrontPage Mag December 23, 2020
Middle East Forum Crashes Palestine Advocacy Day Jerusalem Post November 23, 2020
Meet Iman Jodeh: Islamist Candidate for Colorado's House of Representatives American Spectator October 16, 2020
Pure hypocrisy: Anti-Semitic Islamist Group CAIR decries Anti-Jewish Nation of Islam Jewish News Syndicate September 4, 2020
Netflix Superhero Cartoon Features First Muslim Character, Typecasting Her in the Islamist Mold PJ Media August 30, 2020
Long Arm of Hamas Extends to Dallas-Fort Worth Black Extremist Groups Iconoclast (New English Review) July 24, 2020
Islamists Appropriate Black Lives Matter Movement, Despite History of Anti-Black Bigotry JNS July 2, 2020
Muslim Congress: America Is Israel's Puppet; Jewish State Will Be Annihilated after 20 Years The Iconoclast (New English Review) June 27, 2020
Sharia Finances Are Being Used to Bolster American Islamist Organizations JNS June 27, 2020
Palestinian-American Congressional Candidate Loses Big in Illinois' 'Little Palestine' District XPian News May 28, 2020
California Islamists Play Politics with Coronavirus Plague PJ Media May 20, 2020
Islamist Hate Preacher Warns Muslims to Arm Themselves Amid Coronavirus Threats JNS April 28, 2020
Netflix Caves to Islamists, Cancels Program American Thinker April 26, 2020
American Islamists Remain Silent on Armenian Genocide American Spectator April 24, 2020
Islamist 'Social Justice' Returns to Denver The Iconoclast (New English Review) April 22, 2020
Defying Islamist Protests: Middle East Scholar Speaks at U.S. Army War College American Thinker March 28, 2020
Tell Gov. Wolf to Dump Terror-Tied Islamist Group from Census Commission Lock Haven Express March 11, 2020
A Tale of Two Terror-Linked Families American Thinker March 4, 2020
The Tunnel Vision of Philadelphia's Commission on Human Relations American Thinker February 12, 2020
Islamist Groups Make Inroads in Local American Politics American Thinker February 7, 2020
Hijab Day Normalizes Muslim Women's Oppression American Thinker February 5, 2020
Leadership Troubles and Mysterious Data Deletions plague Dallas-Area Islamist Mosque The American Thinker January 30, 2020
Multi-Cultural Opposition Grows to Pernicious Turkish Influence The California Courier January 29, 2020
Islamist Groups Making Inroads into Local Politics in America The American Thinker January 28, 2020
Illinois' Islamist Turkish Connection American Thinker January 27, 2020
Golden Globe-Winner Ramy Youssef's Muslim Family Sitcom More Tragedy than Comedy PJ Media January 16, 2020
CIG Philadephia Associate Len Getz on Global Patriot Radio January 2, 2020
Islamic Extremism and Interfaith Dialogue in Texas The American Thinker January 1, 2020
Report: Kurds Protest CAIR's Alliance with Turkey December 31, 2019
CAIR Pennsylvania Poster Girl Resigns in Disgrace The American Thinker December 21, 2019
American Muslims for Palestine Convention Dominated by Conspiracy Theories and Antisemitism Behind Closed Doors Illinois Review December 20, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler on with Tom Trento of 1470 AM/95.3 FM Regarding Islamist Meeting with Pelosi December 19, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler Discusses Islamist Political Ambitions with Secure Freedom Radio December 18, 2019
Sarsour's Denunciation of Zionists Echoes White Supremacists December 17, 2019
New Jamaat-e-Islami Affiliate "Stand With Kashmir" Pitches Propaganda Foreign Policy News December 16, 2019
Islamist Groups Seek Overturn of "Muslim Ban", Social Media Censorship in Meeting with Pelosi The Federalist December 13, 2019
Terror-Tied Charity Promoter Promotes Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories at Radical Chicago Mosque Xpian News December 9, 2019
Islamists and the Border December 9, 2019
A Troubling Award For A Rising Leader Behind Southern California Islamism Daily Wire December 5, 2019
Authoritarian Turkey Utilizes American Islamist Groups For Domestic Political Meddling Daily Wire November 27, 2019
CAIR-Backed Chicago Islamist Activist-Turned-Politician on the Rise PJ Media November 25, 2019
Kurds vs. CAIR: Turkish Cash Prompts Protests at Islamist Group's LA Banquet PJ Media November 21, 2019
A Rising Female Islamist Leader's Self-Defeating Argument Against 'White Liberal Feminists' Daily Wire November 18, 2019
CAIR's Victimhood Rally in Harrisburg Falls Flat November 15, 2019
'King Kenny' and Corruption in South Philly The American Thinker November 4, 2019
The Islamic Association of North Texas's Radical Facebook Footprint The American Thinker October 31, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler cited as Senate Candidate attends CAIR Kentucky Fundraiser October 22, 2019
CU Denver's troubling relationship with Qatar The College Fix October 18, 2019
Islamist expert: Casten, Grasso Should Be Held Accountable for Validating Center That Hosts Promoters of Hate October 16, 2019
Chicago Islamist Mosque Attracts Extremist Speakers and Local Politicians The American Thinker October 7, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler quoted on CAIR's Hamas ties September 30, 2019
Congressmen Demand Answers About Horrifying Anti-Semitic Video In Philadelphia Daily Wire September 30, 2019
Hate Preachers Fundraised for Chicago Islamic Charity with Terror Ties September 27, 2019
MPAC Elevates Muslim Comedian Who Promotes Cousin Marriage Daily Wire September 16, 2019
The Founders of a New Chicago Islamist College have a Radical History September 16, 2019
CAIR Philadelphia's Confused Priorities The Times of Israel September 11, 2019
New York Islamist Leader's Podcast Appearance Highlights Ongoing Islamist Divisions The American Spectator September 10, 2019
Speaking Tour by Palestinian Youth 'Journalist' Exposes Chicago-Based Islamists The American Thinker September 4, 2019
Who Speaks for Muslims in Colorado? Areo Magazine September 3, 2019
Evangelical Charity World Vision's Terror-Funding Scandal Continues Daily Wire August 22, 2019
Weaponizing Compassion in Dallas The American Thinker August 20, 2019
Islamists blame Trump & Netanyahu for "Ethnonationalism" PJ Media August 19, 2019
Chicago-Area Congressional Candidate: Palestine Is Home, Jews "Stole Our Culture" The American Thinker August 12, 2019
Chicago Islamist: Israel is a Dagger Planted by the West Xpian News August 8, 2019
The Charter of Compassion's Interfaith Backdoor for Islamists The American Thinker August 7, 2019
Islamists Dominate Philadelphia Progressive Conference The American Thinker August 2, 2019
Virginia Lawmaker with Islamist ties Disrupts Trump Speech at Jamestown The Federalist July 31, 2019
Influential Los Angeles CAIR Leader Trashes America and Whitewashes Turkey's Assaults on Freedom and Human Rights The California Courier July 26, 2019
Controversial Mosque's Facebook Video on Women Belies Progressive Claims The American Spectator July 22, 2019
CAIR Continues Law Enforcement Obstruction Policy Over ICE Raids The American Thinker July 22, 2019
FAIL: 5 Groups Co-Sponsor MAS's Second Saudi Consulate Protest But Few Participate July 12, 2019
Resistance Grows to CAIR efforts to undermine Texas Textbooks The American Thinker July 12, 2019
CAIR LA's Hussam Ayloush Praises Journalist-Jailing Turkey, Criticizes U.S., during July 4th Holiday Daily Wire July 11, 2019
Chicago Islamist Leader Invokes Hamas, Islamic Jihad During Morsi Memorial Service American Spectator July 11, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler quoted in piece on Muslim Legal Group effort to reduce Terror sentence July 8, 2019
CIG Denver Associate Ahnaf Kalam on NRN Podcast July 5, 2019
Dallas Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Defiant in Wake of MB Leader's Death June 26, 2019
Chicago Imam Blames Israel, Promotes Martyrdom, after Death of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader The American Thinker June 25, 2019
PA Townhall promotes Islamophobia Falsehoods, whitewashes antisemitism The American Thinker June 23, 2019
South Florida Islamists Undermine National Security by Partnering with U.S. Government Officials PJ Media June 22, 2019
Los Angeles Islamists Take to The Streets In Support of Terror-linked Clerics Daily Wire June 19, 2019
Beverly Hills Warned of Dangerous Impact of Qatar's Pro-Islamist Influence PJ Media June 18, 2019
CIG Responds to Chicago Tribune pro-Hijab propaganda The American Thinker June 12, 2019
Turkish Ahval News Cites Dallas CIG June 10, 2019
Long Arm of Islamist Erdogan Impacts Dallas Area Youth Basketball The American Thinker June 10, 2019
Former CAIR-San Diego Lawyer Sues Former Employer Over Discrimination Daily Wire June 3, 2019
CIG Responds to MAS Philly's Disingenuous Explanation of "Beheading" Video May 31, 2019
Virginia Delegate Lashes Out at Those Who Notice His History of Antisemitism, Islamist Terror Ties American Greatness May 30, 2019
Turkey Indoctrinates American Muslim Children to Celebrate Islamist Leader Erdogan The California Courier May 28, 2019
CAIR Philadelphia Blames Israel after San Diego Synagogue attack, Whitewashes MAS Philly Antisemitism Video PJ Media May 25, 2019
Dallas-Area Islamist Imam Faces Pushback for Congressional Invocation The American Thinker May 15, 2019
The Danger of Anti-Zionist Jews Aligning with Islamists Who Publicly Support Terror Groups PJ Media May 13, 2019
Facebook and Disney Sponsor Islamist Group MPAC's Media Awards Honoring Dead Anti-Semitic Activist Jamal Khashoggi PJ Media May 11, 2019
Fired CNN contributor raising funds for anti-Israel Palestinian pastor in Chicago The American Thinker May 11, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler talks Muslim Brotherhood Designation with Liz Wheeler One America News May 2, 2019
Chicago-based Imam's Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Ignored by Media and Officials The American Thinker May 2, 2019
CAIR Philadelphia and Anti-Semitism The American Thinker April 29, 2019
Omar Suleiman: 'Jesus Was a Palestinian' The American Thinker April 27, 2019
'1915 Never Again!' Armenian-Americans and Supporters March at Turkish Consulate April 26, 2019
"Anti-Hate" Organization with Ties to Deported Terrorist Targets Chicago-Area Town leader The American Thinker April 26, 2019
Superficial Sarsour: NYC's Anti-Israel It Girl Misses the Mark The Tower April 24, 2019
Turkish Government Spreads Anti-Armenian Propaganda to American Muslims The American Thinker April 22, 2019
CIG Counters Anti-Israel Propaganda Pushed by Islamist Mosque The Fairfax Times April 12, 2019
Turkish Leadership in International Islamist Movement Means Armenian Genocide Denialist Propaganda for American Muslims The California Courier April 10, 2019
27 Photos from CAIR Los Angeles/Ilhan Omar protest April 8, 2019
Over 700 Turn Out to Protest Rep. Omar's Fundraising for CAIR-Los Angeles April 8, 2019
CAIR Florida Fights Against Antisemitism Legislation The American Thinker April 8, 2019
CIG Associate Len Getz Speaks Out Against Philadelphia City Council Islamophobia Resolution April 4, 2019
CIG Associates David Swindle and Karys Rhea on MEF Sentry Radio April 3, 2019
Muslim anti-Semitism: Apologies are not enough The American Thinker March 30, 2019
Counter-Islamists Gather to Protest Ilhan Omar Speech at Hamas-linked CAIR-LA Fundraiser The Washington Examiner March 22, 2019
Academics at Columbia U. Can't Hide Behind Antisemitic Jargon The Tower March 8, 2019
Marc Lamont Hill to Speak at Fundraiser for Group Whose Leaders Aided Hamas February 25, 2019
Will Media Cover The Background of this Prospective Texas City Council Candidate? February 20, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler on the Larry O'Connor Show WMAL February 19, 2019
Virginia Democratic Candidate Apologizes to Jewish Community for Past Statements February 19, 2019
Rep. Max Rose Condemns Rep. Omar, but Attended Fundraiser for UAE-designated Terror Group The American Thinker February 14, 2019
How a Muslim Brotherhood Cleric's International Network Benefits Qatar Influence The Federalist January 29, 2019
Photo Essay: MAS Greater Los Angeles Protests in Support of Terror Clerics January 24, 2019
Valley Ranch Islamic Center's Lesser-Known Side The American Thinker January 22, 2019
CAIR Leader Hussam Ayloush and Others arrested at Southern Border PJ Media January 17, 2019
Orland Park Imam Spreading Antisemitism in Online Lecture January 17, 2019
The Shortsightedness of World Vision The American Thinker January 9, 2019
CIG Director Kyle Shideler on MEF Sentry Radio December 20, 2018
Islamist Hot Spots in Southern California, Part One December 20, 2018
Houston Mayor Praises CAIR The American Thinker December 18, 2018
Linda Sarsour, unfazed by new anti-Semitism charges, will keynote radical Islamist gathering December 12, 2018
Progressive-Islamist Cooperation Is "alliance with enemies" says Virginia Islamist Activist December 12, 2018
Campus BDS Group Turns to Community Organizing in New York City The Algemeiner December 5, 2018
CAIR Philadelphia Head Quick to Condemn White Supremacists, but Not Islamic Supremacists The Jewish Exponent December 2, 2018
Aurora hosts Extremist Imam Yasir Qahdi in "Stand Against Hunger' Event November 19, 2018
Michigan's Rashida Tlaib Joins Radical Cast at Muslim Conference November 13, 2018
"Free Aafia Siddiqui", the terrorist? Jewish News Service (JNS) November 8, 2018
Radical Denver Imam Warns Followers on Voting in America November 7, 2018
CIG Director Kyle Shideler Discusses BNP Candidate for Virginia State Senate with Sandy Rios October 25, 2018
BNP leader runs for office in Northern Virginia Asian Age (Bangladesh) October 11, 2018
Former Denver Broncos Star Legitimates CAIR September 20, 2018
Rift Between Police, Feds Allowed New Mexico Terror Compound To Fester The Federalist September 14, 2018
Middle East Forum launches new project to combat local-based impact of radical Islam August 30, 2018
U.S. Socialists Back Islamist-Linked Muslim Candidates In Michigan Primaries The Federalist August 13, 2018
Islamist attorney-previously on Terror Watch List- runs for office in Florida The American Thinker June 10, 2010