Islamist Watch in the Media

Title Publication Date
Terrorism in the 21st century: Causes, Drivers and Solutions Fair Observer March 24, 2021
IAMC: A Breaking India Organization Sham Sharma Show March 24, 2021
Anti-India Resolution Backed by Islamists and the Left in Chicago City Council Defeated Samvada World March 24, 2021
Biden Economic Policy Advisor Linked to Kashmiri Extremists One News Now March 10, 2021
Over anti-Semitism, US State Department ends ties with Islamic charity JNS January 19, 2021
US State Department cuts ties with IRW due to antisemitism allegations Jerusalem Post January 19, 2021
State Department Cuts Ties With Islamic Charity Over Anti-Semitism Washington Free Beacon January 18, 2021
Barack Obama administration knowingly gave US aid money to Al-Qaeda affiliate, says Senate Committee report OpIndia January 6, 2021
Obama administration knowingly funded al-Qaida affiliate Times of India January 5, 2021
Senate Investigation reveals Obama Administration knowingly funnelled aid funds to terrorist affiliate Business Recorder January 2, 2021
Congressional Report: Obama Administration Funded Al-Qaeda Affiliates NTDTV December 31, 2020
Senate Probe Concludes That Obama Admin Funded Al Qaeda Affiliate Lifezette December 30, 2020
Il pasticcio dell'amministrazione Obama e i soldi ad Al Qaeda InsideOver December 30, 2020
Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded al-Qaeda Affiliate National Review December 29, 2020
Senate committee report: World Vision failed to vet group that funded terrorists Christian Post December 29, 2020
Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded al-Qaeda Affiliate Yahoo News December 29, 2020
'No deal until Qatar stops terror' Gulf Digital News December 11, 2020
Arab countries have little to lose from maintaining boycott of Qatar as it keeps funding terrorism The National December 10, 2020
Church gives integration prize to group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood Samnytt December 7, 2020
Can Biden move Qatar away from Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood? Jerusalem Post December 3, 2020
"Fake News" about Israel: Ground Zero for Today's Journalism Crisis ASNEA Conference November 18, 2020
US government should stop playing footsie with Islamic group with anti-Semitic record Washington Examiner November 12, 2020
كيف تلاقت مصالح الإخوان والديمقراطيين حول إلهان عمر؟ Hafryat November 5, 2020
Interview with Islamist Watch Director: Efforts in Congress to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood Al Dostor October 5, 2020
UPSC Coaching Centre for Muslims received donations from terrorism linked trusts and organizations Bar & Bench September 17, 2020
The growth of radical organisations in the West and their anti-India rhetoric Economic Times September 12, 2020
Islamist charities in Western countries engaged in anti-India activities Zee News September 11, 2020
How India And Israel's Enemies Are Working Together Sham Sharma Show September 2, 2020
Common Threads WGVU, NPR August 31, 2020
Zakat Foundation has links to Islamist Zakir Naik OpIndia August 29, 2020
Democratic National Convention hosts imam from Islamic extremist institution JNS August 17, 2020
US government funds "sister" organisations of terror groups it fights Observer Research Foundation July 28, 2020
Why is US-government funding extremist Islamic groups fighting against India? Goa Chronicle July 21, 2020
Europe Frets, America Yawns: The Trans-Atlantic Gap on Domestic Islamism Hudson Institute July 15, 2020
Sam Westrop and Clifford Smith in conversation with Samir Kalra Hindu American Foundation June 11, 2020
How Radical Groups Are Targeting India In America Sham Sharma Show May 21, 2020
Expert: Prisons a 'hotbed' of extremism that can't be cooled down One News Now May 20, 2020
Hamas-linked "Bridge Initiative" wants to re-litigate Holy Land Foundation trial Center for Security Policy February 7, 2020
America not learning from Europe's mistakes One News Now February 6, 2020
Evangelical Charity Knowingly Funded Group Sanctioned For Funding Terrorism Daily Caller January 31, 2020
US Funding of Islamist 'Charity' Groups Triples Under Trump Judicial Watch January 28, 2020
US Gov't Hands Out Tens of Millions to Islamist Organizations Clarion Project January 23, 2020
Government Continues Turning a Blind Eye to Radical Islamist Grant Recipients Investigative Project on Terrorism January 22, 2020
How did American taxpayers fund a Bin Laden affiliate? Investigative Journal January 22, 2020
Academia And Think Tanks Must Boycott Qatar Daily Wire December 26, 2019
A dangerous missile arsenal World News Group December 9, 2019
Jonathan Turley's visit to the lion's den and other commentary [From the Right: Warren Hugs Islamists] New York Post December 6, 2019
Human Relations Commission Investigates Mosque Video Jewish Exponent November 18, 2019
CAIR's Victimhood Rally in Harrisburg Falls Flat PJ Media November 15, 2019
Much of Kashmir violence by outfits linked to Jamaat-e-Islami, says Republican lawmaker Jim Banks at a seminar in US Capitol Firstpost November 15, 2019
Jamaat-e-Islami responsible for violence in Kahsmir: US Congressman Yahoo News November 15, 2019
CAIR's Victimhood Rally in Harrisburg Falls Flat PJ Media November 15, 2019
Much of Kashmir violence by outfits linked to Jamaat-e-Islami US Congressman The Week November 14, 2019
Jamat-e-Islami responsible for violence in Kahsmir: US Congressman Business Standard November 14, 2019
Much of Kashmir violence by outfits linked to Jamaat-e-Islami, says Republican lawmaker Jim Banks at a seminar in US Capitol ANI News November 14, 2019
Qatar invests millions in US lobbying, but PR problems remain Arab Weekly October 31, 2019
Group Demands Docs Related to Qatar's Suspected Infiltration of U.S. Public Schools Washington Free Beacon October 29, 2019
How does Qatar fund extremist groups in France? Al-Dostor October 22, 2019
Qatar-Funded Group Engages In 'Propagandistic Activities' While Divvying Out Millions To US Schools, Experts Say Alpha News September 17, 2019
Tlaib balks when asked if Israel has right to exist One News Now July 31, 2019
Muslim Evangelism Goes Public in Minnesota Frontpage Mag July 26, 2019
Rashida Tlaib: National Security Risk? Townhall July 21, 2019
Imam of entity tied to Holy Land case to speak at US State Department summit Israel Hayom July 17, 2019
Mr. President: Before Your Meeting With Qatari Emir, Read This Clarion Project July 8, 2019
أموال تميم الملعونة Rose Al Youssef July 6, 2019
Is Qatar Foundation using university grants to fund radical individuals, groups on campus? JNS May 13, 2019
What's the Goal of New York's Muslim Community Patrol? The Tennessee Star May 8, 2019
«الإخوان» في بلاد الأميركان! Asharq Al-Awsat April 22, 2019
هؤلاء رأس حربة "لوبي الإخوان" بأميركا الداعم للمتطرفين Al Arabiya April 21, 2019
صحوة ألمانية فى مواجهة أنشطة الإخوان السرية.. Youm7 April 19, 2019
Islamists Infiltrate the Democratic Party The Trumpet April 10, 2019
In Minnesota, they're letting Islamists define down anti-Semitism Washington Examiner March 25, 2019
Counter-Terrorism and Humanitarian Action: The Perils of Zero Tolerance War On The Rocks March 20, 2019
World Vision's short-sightedness regarding alleged terrorist ties The Intelligencer March 19, 2019
Defending Bangladesh's Election Real Clear Politics February 23, 2019
Experts Claim Al Jazeera Is The 'Mother's Milk' Of Islamist Movements Daily Caller February 18, 2019
Experts Say Qatar's 'Influence War' Underscores Need For Greater Transparency Daily Caller February 17, 2019
تقرير تونسي يكشف تورط قطر و"الإغاثة الإسلامية" في تمويل الإرهاب El Fagr News February 15, 2019
Rep. Omar to keynote event alongside antisemite Jerusalem Post February 12, 2019
Octopus Tunisie Telegraph February 12, 2019
Ilhan Omar To Speak Alongside Man Who Praised Killing Jews, Report Says Daily Wire February 11, 2019
"ربوة تايمز": تورُّط مؤسسة الإغاثة وقطر في تمويل الإرهاب في تونس لضرب ليبيا Arab Mubaher February 10, 2019
The shortsightedness of World Vision American Thinker January 9, 2019
German Authorities Worry About Muslim Brotherhood Influence Algemeiner January 8, 2019
Humanitarian Assistance Has A Terrorism Problem. Can it Be Resolved? War on the Rocks January 3, 2019
Bangladeshi Islamists Develop Networks in US Epoch Times December 17, 2018
Jamaat is a threat to Bangladesh's democracy, progress: US Congressman Banks BDNews24 December 15, 2018
Checking it Twice World Magazine December 13, 2018
ISI's zeal of Jamaat controlled govt The Asian Age December 6, 2018
العالم بدأ يدرك مخاطر "الإغاثة الإسلامية".. أخيراً Karama Press October 25, 2018
Report: Congress Investigates $200,000 Given to Terrorist-Designated Group by US The Algemeiner October 17, 2018
MEF uncovers Obama-era scandal; Congress investigates Arutz Sheva 7 Israel National News October 17, 2018
BRIEF Report: Congress investigates $200,000 given to terrorist-designated group by US Jewish News Service October 16, 2018
الحرة تتحرى.. اتهام 'هيئة الإغاثة الإسلامية' بتمويل التطرف Al Hurra August 24, 2018
Did the Obama Administration Approve the Transfer of Money to a Listed Terrorism Funder? Snopes August 1, 2018
Investigation Finds Obama Administration Funded Al Qaeda Affiliate Morocco World News August 1, 2018
New shocking expose: Obama administration funded al-Qaeda affiliate Al Arabiya July 31, 2018
ساندتهم لتوسيع النفوذ الإيراني في المنطقة وعصام حداد "مفتاح اللغز".. لماذا دعمت إدارة أوباما الإخوان المسلمين في عهد "مرسي"؟ Ahlmas News July 30, 2018
Report Says Tax Dollars Under Obama Went to al-Qaida Affiliate Lifezette July 30, 2018
It's time to debunk the myth the Obama administration was tough on terror iHeart Radio July 30, 2018
Gobierno de Obama entregó $ 200 000 a Al-Qaeda en Sudán Hispan TV July 30, 2018
Obama's Payout to Terror Financiers Front Page July 30, 2018
Robin Simcox: Lots of Troubling Questions From Obama Admin Funding of Al-Qaeda-Linked Charity Fox News Monday July 30, 2018
Obama Admin awarded $200,000 grant to Al Qaeda-linked group American Military News July 30, 2018
Obama Knowingly Funded an Al-Qaeda Affiliate - World Vision was the Pass-Through Agency American Family Radio July 30, 2018
تفاصيل جديدة حول الدعم الامريكي لفرع القاعدة في السودان Altaghyeer July 30, 2018
Obama administration approved $200G grant to group with Al Qaeda ties Yahoo July 29, 2018
Middle East Forum uncovers Obama-era scandal Weekly Blitz July 29, 2018
بالدلائل.. إدارة أوباما أنفقت ملايين على "القاعدة" في السودان Masrawy  July 29, 2018
La Administración Obama asistió económicamente a un afiliado de Al Qaeda Cuba Si July 29, 2018
أوباما منح 200 ألف دولار لجماعة منتمية لتنظيم القاعدة، ليس هذا وحسب، بل واستمر بالدفع «حتى بعد أن علم أنها منظمة إرهابية»! Arabic Post July 29, 2018
إدارة أوباما منحت مساعدات مالية لجهة تابعة للقاعدة فى السودان Alrakoba Sudan News July 29, 2018
Informe: Gobierno de Obama financió a grupo terrorista afiliado de al-Qaeda en Sudán Al Mayadeen July 29, 2018
Former President Obama Knowingly Funded an Al-Qaeda Affiliate The Political Insider July 28, 2018
Obama Administration Approved $200,000 Grant to Terrorist-Financing Group With Al Qaeda Ties The Epoch Times July 28, 2018
Obama alliance with terror-supporting groups REVEALED The Duran July 28, 2018
BREAKING: Obama Knowingly Funded Designated Al-Qaeda Affiliate The Daily Wire July 28, 2018
BOMBSHELL: Under guise of foreign aid, USAID funding terror groups with taxpayer money The Blaze July 28, 2018
Administrația Obama, finanțatoare Al Qaeda Q Magazine July 28, 2018
REVEALED: Obama administration gave $200,000 to Al Qaeda group and continued with payment 'even AFTER learning it was a designated terror organization' Mail Online July 28, 2018
L'Amministrazione Obama avrebbe finanziato una cellula terroristica Il Giornale July 28, 2018
World Vision Responds to Claim That Obama Administration Gave It Money to Help Fund al-Qaeda Affiliate Black Christian News July 28, 2018
Chính quyền Obama cấp tiền cho tổ chức có quan hệ với Al Qaeda? Báo Giao Thông July 28, 2018
ANSA/ EEUU: Obama salpicado por un extraño aporte a Al Qaeda; Durante su gobierno se envió dinero a red afiliada a terroristas Ansa Latina July 28, 2018
الكشف عن تقديم إدارة أوباما منحة مالية لمنظمة مرتبطة بـتنظيم القاعدة Al Majd July 28, 2018
Obama administration approved $200G grant to group with Al Qaeda ties Fox News July 27, 2018
World Vision Responds to Report That Obama Knowingly Funded Money to An Al-Qaeda Affiliate Through Their Charity Faithwire July 27, 2018
Obama Admin Knowingly Gave U.S. Taxpayer Money to Al-Qaeda Affiliate PJ Media July 26, 2018
REPORT: the Obama Administration Funded a Known Al-Qaeda Affiliate in 2014 MRCTV July 26, 2018
Report: Obama administration knowingly funded Al-Qaeda affiliate Israeli National News July 26, 2018
EXCLUSIVE: Obama administration gave US aid money to Al Qaeda affiliate in Sudan i24 July 26, 2018
إدارة أوباما منحت مساعدات مالية لجهة تابعة للقاعدة فى السودان El Fagr July 26, 2018
World Vision Responds to Claim It Helped Obama Admin Fund al-Qaeda Affiliate Christian Post July 26, 2018
Facebook'un Müslümanlara dair gizli planı deşifre oldu Risale News July 25, 2018
The Obama White House Gave $200K To A Known Al-Qaeda Group But Why? Red State July 25, 2018
Report: Obama Admin Gave Taxpayer Money to Sudanese Al-Qaeda Affiliate Breitbart July 25, 2018
باحث: الإمارات نبهت العالم إلى خطر الإغاثة الإسلامية Al Alem June 27, 2018
كيف ساهمت الإمارات في تنبيه العالم إلى خطر الإغاثة الإسلامية؟ 24 News (UAE) June 25, 2018
تقرير أمريكي يُوصي الغرب باتباع سياسات مصر تجاه مؤسسات «الإخوان» The Reference June 24, 2018
Social-Media Censors Target Moderate Islam New York Post June 18, 2018
Chính quyền Obama tài trợ nhầm cho khủng bố? Báo Cần Thơ Online June 8, 2018
Pakistani terror funding flourishes in Trump's America India Today January 26, 2018
«الإغاثة» الإخوانية تلقت 370 مليار دولار لتنفيذ عمليات إرهابية Al Wafd September 20, 2017
Muslims in America Congressional Quaterly July 28, 2017
Lib Dems forced to suspend election candidate who compared Israeli prime minister to Hitler on Facebook and claimed Tory and Labour run by 'Zionist paymasters' Daily Mail April 25, 2017
Security researcher: How US Charities Fund Terrorism New York Post January 12, 2017