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Title Publication Date
Why Some Imams Oppose the LGBTQ-Islamist Partnership The Daily Wire September 18, 2017
How Sex Slavery Apologists Subverted America's Wealthiest Community Foundation The Daily Caller June 7, 2017
Three Tricks Islamists Use to Conceal the Truth about Orlando The Daily Wire June 24, 2016

Blog Posts

Title Publication Date
Silicon Valley-Subsidized Hate Speakers: Hussain Kamani Middle East Forum Blog March 27, 2017
Reformist Muslim Organizations in North America Middle East Forum Blog March 27, 2017
Silicon Valley-Subsidized Hate Speakers: Siraj Wahhaj Middle East Forum Blog March 9, 2017
Why Some Islamist Leaders Are Secretly Happy with Trump's Victory Middle East Forum Blog November 21, 2016

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