Writings by Topic: Hamas

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Israel Should Consider a Restricted Ground Operation in Gaza Israel Hayom August 19, 2019
Making Sense of Palestinian Logic National Review Online May 4, 2019
Only the Full Defeat of Hamas Can Ensure Israel's Security The Jerusalem Post February 24, 2019
Why The United States Should Officially Label This Muslim Brotherhood Leader a Terrorist The Federalist January 29, 2019
Hamas and Salafi Jihadi Groups Quilliam Perspective January 28, 2019
How Did Israel's Enemies Become Experts in Tunnel Warfare? December 18, 2018
Too Many Agendas in Gaza Preventing Quiet Jerusalem Post October 6, 2018
To the Brink of War: How Hamas and Israel Got Here Jerusalem Post August 9, 2018
Press Releases
Title Publication Date
Trump Administration Implements MEF Plan to Sideline UNRWA News from the Middle East Forum August 31, 2018