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Announcing Focus on Western Islamism (FWI) News from the Middle East ForumFebruary 1, 2022
MEF's Legal Project Funds a Major Victory in Canada News from the Middle East ForumJanuary 5, 2017
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
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Islamist Groups in Canada Receive Public Funds — Thanks to a Culture of Complacency Focus on Western IslamismMarch 28, 2024
Police Stand by as Hamas Allies Disrupt Canadian Cities Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 30, 2024
Terror TV Station Established in Canada, Supported by U.S. and European Radicals Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 11, 2024
Islamists Taking New Approach to Qur'an Burnings Focus on Western IslamismAugust 15, 2023
Canada's 'Islamophobia' Witch Hunt Will Soon Come to an End Focus on Western IslamismJuly 12, 2023
Islamist Charity Uses Lawfare to Silence Critics in Canada Focus on Western IslamismJune 15, 2023
McGill University's Deep Ties with Iran's Murderous Regime The National PostMarch 9, 2023
EU Appoints New 'Islamophobia' Czar, Imperiling Free Speech Focus on Western IslamismFebruary 10, 2023
Canadian Islamists Celebrate Prospect of Tax-Deductible Funds Going to Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan Focus on Western IslamismFebruary 9, 2023
Trudeau's Puzzling Choice to Combat 'Islamophobia The Toronto SunFebruary 1, 2023
Turkey Running Covert Ops in U.S., Canada, and Europe Nordic MonitorFebruary 1, 2023
Canada's Islamists Impede the Counterjihad While Seeking Taxpayer Monies Focus on Western IslamismJanuary 13, 2023
Hate-Filled Islamist Clerics Gather in Toronto, Bridging Theological Divides Focus on Western IslamismDecember 20, 2022
Tehran Threatens Iranian Dissidents in the West Focus on Western IslamismDecember 13, 2022
For Western Islamists, Not Wearing Hijab Worse than Killing Protesters in Iran Focus on Western IslamismNovember 7, 2022
Reflections on the Rushdie Stabbing The Toronto SunAugust 24, 2022
More Muslims Need to Stand Up to Islamists The Toronto SunJune 8, 2022
Quebec Teacher's Removal Reignites Hijab Debate The Toronto SunDecember 15, 2021
Seeking a Caliphate Instead of the Commons The Toronto SunJuly 28, 2021
Who Will Listen to the Cries of Ordinary Muslims? The Toronto SunJuly 14, 2021
There is no Islamophobia in Canada The Toronto SunJune 16, 2021
Muslims Not Safe in Canada? Nonsense The Toronto SunJune 9, 2021
Canada's Muslim Leaders Should Fight Extremism, Not Play Victim The Toronto SunApril 7, 2021
Anti-Semitism Rears Its Head in Canada at Palestinian Rally The Toronto SunJuly 8, 2020
Islamic Call to Prayer Turns Ugly The Toronto SunMay 20, 2020
Mosque Loudspeaker Saga Continues The Toronto SunMay 6, 2020
During COVID-19, the Islamic Call to Prayer Suddenly Blares The Toronto SunApril 29, 2020
Western Governments Play a Key Role in Successful Honor Killing Escapes The Investigative Project on TerrorismFebruary 11, 2020
Hatred towards Jews on Full Display at York University The Toronto SunNovember 27, 2019
Canadian Liberals Fall for Another Islamist Makeover The Toronto SunSeptember 18, 2019
Canada's 'Islamophobia' Police Strike Again (Twice) The Toronto SunAugust 21, 2019
Why Some Canadian Muslims Celebrated the Quebec Hijab Ban The Toronto SunJune 18, 2019
Shariah Law Makes a Comeback in Ontario The Toronto SunJune 11, 2019
Quebec Moves to Ban the Burka and Hijab for Government Employees New Delhi TimesApril 8, 2019
Rahaf Case Exposes Some Inconvenient Truths About the Islamic World The Toronto SunJanuary 16, 2019
Coming Soon, Believe It or Not -- Islamic Party of Ontario Toronto SunJanuary 1, 2019
Islamist Groups to Receive Canadian 'Multiculturalism' Funds Toronto SunJuly 3, 2018
The Rise of Islamic Antisemitism in Canada Gatestone InstituteMay 26, 2018
Anti-Muslim Bigotry Enables Islamists Toronto SunMarch 28, 2018
Women's March Betrayed Women of Iran and Kurdistan The Toronto SunJanuary 24, 2018
A Hijabi Hoax that Fooled Canada The Toronto SunJanuary 15, 2018
Iran Reminds Us of the Dangers of Islamism The Toronto SunJanuary 2, 2018
Mass Migration: Uninvited Guests The Gatestone InstituteDecember 31, 2017
How to Integrate Refugees into Canada The Toronto SunDecember 19, 2017
Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization The Gatestone InstituteDecember 16, 2017
Anti-Islamophobia' Motion Taking More Fire Toronto SunNovember 14, 2017
The Rise of Anti-Semitism in the 21st Century Frontier Centre For Public PolicyNovember 14, 2017
Don't Use Divisive Term 'Islamophobia,' Expert Tells MPs The Toronto SunOctober 31, 2017
Burkas, Niqabs Pose Public Safety Risk The Toronto SunOctober 24, 2017
In Canada, Liberal MPs Ambush a Moderate Muslim The Toronto SunSeptember 27, 2017
How Canadian MPs Got Duped into Anti-'Islamophobia' Motion The Toronto SunSeptember 19, 2017
Jagmeet Singh Should Denounce the Niqab The Toronto SunAugust 29, 2017
Islamic Cemetery Issue a Complex One The Toronto SunJuly 25, 2017
Excuses Fail an Islamist "Charity" The Gatestone InstituteJuly 3, 2017
America and India Tackle Terror, While Canada Plays Identity Politics The Toronto SunJune 27, 2017
Many Muslims Need to Do Some Soul-Searching The Toronto SunJune 13, 2017
Calling for The Daily Show's Trevor Noah to Pull out of Toronto Event Supporting Islamist Intolerance The National PostMay 9, 2017
Malala in Lalaland The Toronto SunApril 18, 2017
Islamofascism's 'Useful Idiots' Strike Again The Toronto SunMarch 7, 2017
Canada's Islamophobia Motion Targets Moderate Muslims The Toronto SunFebruary 14, 2017
A Moderate Muslim Goes to Ottawa The Toronto SunJanuary 17, 2017
Death Threats Are Nothing New for Muslim Reformers The Toronto SunJanuary 10, 2017
Denouncing Islamophobia While Ignoring Terror The Toronto SunDecember 13, 2016
Yet Another Muslim Witch-hunt in Canada The Toronto SunDecember 9, 2016
Radical Islam, Music, and Canadian Values The Toronto SunSeptember 7, 2016
Beware the 'Islamophobia' Racket The Toronto SunSeptember 6, 2016
Coddling Would-be Jihadists Doesn't Work The Toronto SunAugust 23, 2016
Canada Home to Islamic Radicals The Toronto SunMay 24, 2016
Islamapologists Shouldn't Point Fingers The Toronto SunMay 3, 2016
Kennedy Would Have Taken On Islamists, Mr. Trudeau The Toronto SunApril 26, 2016
Bowing to Islamism Brought Down Canadian NDP Leader The Toronto SunApril 12, 2016
Canada Must Address the Threat of Jihad The Toronto SunMarch 15, 2016
Why is Ottawa Honouring the Hijab? The Toronto SunFebruary 23, 2016
Canada's Left-Wing Orientalists The Toronto SunFebruary 16, 2016
Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights The Daily CallerJanuary 20, 2016
Canada Watching ISIS Fight from the Rear The Toronto SunJanuary 19, 2016
Did Nabil Huruy Kill in the Name of Allah? The Toronto SunDecember 29, 2015
Islamoterror is the Problem, not 'Islamophobia' The Toronto SunDecember 22, 2015
Tashfeen Malik: From Madrassa to Jihad The Toronto SunDecember 8, 2015
Islamistphobes Unite! The Toronto SunNovember 14, 2015
Terrible Advice for Muslim Women Panicking about ISIS The Toronto SunOctober 27, 2015
A Kingdom for a Niqab The Toronto SunOctober 20, 2015
Why This Canadian Socialist Will Vote Conservative The Toronto SunOctober 13, 2015
Here's the Real War within Islam The Toronto SunOctober 6, 2015
Canada Should Welcome Syrian Refugees, Carefully The Toronto SunSeptember 22, 2015
Quebec Law Would Stifle Criticism of Radical Islam The Toronto SunAugust 25, 2015
What's Behind Trudeau's Secret Mosque Visit? The Toronto SunAugust 18, 2015
Why Canada's Left Has Lost My Vote The Toronto SunAugust 11, 2015
All Islamic Extremism is Unacceptable The Toronto SunJune 2, 2015
Does Islam Prohibit Drawing Mohammed? The Toronto SunMay 5, 2015
The Niqab is the Flag of Islamism​ The Toronto SunMarch 17, 2015
Muslims Shouldn't Pray to Defeat Non-Muslims The Toronto SunJanuary 13, 2015
Time for Canada to Take on the Jihadist Agenda The Toronto SunOctober 28, 2014
Islamic State Recruits Loose in Toronto The Toronto SunOctober 22, 2014
Kurds Abandoned by Liberals, NDP The Toronto SunOctober 8, 2014
Toronto Mural a Jihadi Battle Cry The Toronto SunSeptember 23, 2014
Mosque Controversy Follows Trudeau The Toronto SunAugust 13, 2014
Canada's Muslims, Not of One Mind Macdonald-Laurier InstituteNovember 2011
Academic Pay to Play American ThinkerOctober 16, 2011
The 'Mosqueteria' and Canada's Fuzzy Church-State Line Pajamas MediaOctober 2, 2011
Canada vs. Radical Islam: Harper's Mixed Record Pajamas MediaOctober 31, 2010
Toronto's Love of Diversity Is Tested by Islamists Pajamas MediaJune 9, 2010
Quebec Says 'Non' to the Niqab Pajamas MediaMay 13, 2010
Canada vs. Radical Islam Pajamas MediaDecember 1, 2008
The Islamist Role in the 2008 Canadian Elections American ThinkerNovember 8, 2008
Mark Steyn Is Not Alone American SpectatorJanuary 15, 2008
Will Quebec Decide to 'Reasonably Accommodate' Islam? American ThinkerSeptember 16, 2007
Cabbies, Dogs, and Ritual Purity American ThinkerSeptember 8, 2007
Enforce Islamic Law in Canada? New York SunSeptember 27, 2005
Why Corporations Fund Radical Islam FrontPageMagazine.comSeptember 2, 2005
[The Canadian Islamic Congress:] An Islamist Apology New York SunJuly 19, 2005
Al-Jazeera in Al-Canada? FrontPageMagazine.comAugust 13, 2004
[The Khadrs:] Canada's First Family of Terrorism New York SunMarch 16, 2004
The Rot in Our [Canadian] Universities National PostJanuary 30, 2003
Middle East Forum Radio
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Tarek Fatah: The Hijab Is a Political Symbol, Not Religious Middle East Forum Sentry RadioJuly 3, 2019
Title Publication Date
Collin May: How the 'Islamophobia' Accusation Damaged Me Middle East Forum WebinarMay 5, 2023
Leaving Islam, Becoming Canadian: Yasmine Mohammed's Struggle for Freedom Middle East Forum WebinarAugust 15, 2022
Christine Douglass-Williams: Islamism "Advances Tremendously" in Canada under Trudeau Middle East Forum WebinarAugust 1, 2020