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The Winter 2018 Issue of Middle East Quarterly is Out December 1, 2017
Turkey Taps Both Russian, European Air Defense Options Defense News November 13, 2017
Turkey Weighs Russian S-400 Deal against Pleasing the West Defense News November 6, 2017
MEF Spotlight: Erdoğan and the United States September 22, 2017
Turkey Mulls Purchase of Russian S-400 Air Defense System Defense News February 22, 2017
East Germany's Undeclared Wars with Israel The Times of Israel May 1, 2016
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
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Iran, Turkey, and Russia Plot US Eviction from Syria The Jerusalem Post September 15, 2019
Can Turkey Seal a Deal and Get Northern Syria? The Jerusalem Post August 30, 2019
The U.S. Presence in Syria Blocks Iranian, Russian, and Turkish Gains The Daily Beast August 23, 2019
Turkey Adopts Eurasianism The Gatestone Institute July 30, 2019
Russia Slams U.S. for 'Training Militants' and 'Plundering Oil' in Syria The Jerusalem Post July 30, 2019
Russia and Turkey are Becoming Allies, Overshadowing Israel The Jerusalem Post July 29, 2019
Emboldened by S-400s, Turkey Threatens Offensive in Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post July 14, 2019
Getting Iran Out of Syria Is No Easy Task The Wall Street Journal July 9, 2019
How Moscow Views the US Role in the Middle East The Jerusalem Post July 1, 2019
Two Central Asia Summits Challenge the United States The Jerusalem Post June 15, 2019
The Russians Are Coming to Turkey The Jerusalem Post May 30, 2019
Who is Stoking War Tensions Between Russia and Turkey in Idlib? The Jerusalem Post May 24, 2019
Turkey Keeps Talking About Building an S-500 System with Russia The Jerusalem Post May 20, 2019
Russia Offers Su-57 Fighter to Turkey if U.S. Blocks F-35 Deal Defense News May 6, 2019
How Turkey's Industry Could Suffer From the S-400 Deal with Russia Defense News April 11, 2019
Russia and Turkey Are Now Deeply Entwined on Trade and Defense The Jerusalem Post April 11, 2019
Syrians are Practicing with the S-300, Will They Ever Use It? The Jerusalem Post March 25, 2019
Turkey: Putin's Ally in NATO? Gatestone Institute March 19, 2019
Iran Fights to Get Around US Sanctions in Iraq, Turkey, Russia and Syria The Jerusalem Post February 24, 2019
A Year of Tyranny and Murder The Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018
Analysis: Airstrike in Damascus an Embarrassment for Syrian Regime at Crucial Time The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2018
Syrian Air Defense Missiles: Everything you need to know The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2018
How Turkey, Iran and Russia Will Try to Agree on Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post December 25, 2018
Betrayal on the Euphrates jonathanspyer.com December 22, 2018
How Russia Defeated America in Syria The Jerusalem Post December 20, 2018
Iran, Turkey, Russia Threaten Israel in Eastern Mediterranean The Jerusalem Post December 17, 2018
Turkey's Syrian Quagmire BESA Center Perspectives Paper October 10, 2018
Erdoğan Visit Highlights Germany's Turkey/Russia Problem Gatestone Institute October 3, 2018
Turkey-Russia Idlib Agreement: A Lesson for the US The Hill September 26, 2018
Russia-Turkey Agreement to Prevent Syrian Invasion of Idlib, for Now Jerusalem Post September 20, 2018
What Does Russia's Condemnation of the Syria Strike Mean for Israel? Jerusalem Post September 18, 2018
Moscow Faces Challenges Brokering Battle Talks with Turkey in Syria Jerusalem Post September 1, 2018
Erdoğan's Dilemma Jerusalem Post August 30, 2018
What, If Anything, Did Trump and Putin Agree on in Helsinki? Jerusalem Post July 17, 2018
Thoughts On Southern Syria Syria Comment June 24, 2018
Turkey's Tactical Bear Hug with Russia BESA Center Perspectives June 3, 2018
Six Sides to the Southern Syria Crisis Jerusalem Post May 29, 2018
Putin's Endgame in Syria Has Arrived Foreign Policy May 24, 2018
Russia In A Bind Amid Iran-Israeli Tensions Tsarizm May 7, 2018
Syria: The Largest (and Most Important) Conflict of the 21st Century The National Interest April 16, 2018
Can Israel Thread The Diplomatic Needle On Syria? Jerusalem Post April 10, 2018
Russian Attack on US Troops in Syria Elicits Deafening Silence from Politicians and Press World Affairs February 22, 2018
Russia's Entrenchment in Syria Middle East Quarterly Winter 2018
Russia's Goals Go beyond Damascus Middle East Quarterly Winter 2018
Israel Prepares for War in Syria against Iran Foreign Policy September 28, 2017
'Second Turkish Republic' Looks East for New Alliances The Jerusalem Post September 15, 2017
Who's Up and Who's Down in the Middle East Israel Hayom August 24, 2017
Is Washington Ceding Syria to Russian Influence? The Jerusalem Post July 28, 2017
Will U.S. and Russian Forces Clash in Syria? Foreign Policy June 26, 2017
How Putin Unmasked Erdogan's Tough Guy Show The Gatestone Institute January 10, 2017
Turkey's Slide into Authoritarianism Middle East Quarterly Winter 2017
Two Bullies, Putin and Erdoğan, Try Friendship The Australian December 23, 2016
Can Trump Construct a New World Order? BESA Center Perspectives December 18, 2016
Turkey's Difficult Détente With Russia Defense News November 8, 2016
Turkey's Exhausting Zigzagging between East and West The Gatestone Institute August 23, 2016
Turkey: Headless Military, Confused Foreign Policy The Gatestone Institute August 8, 2016
U.S. Mideast Retreat a Boon for Moscow and Tehran Middle East Quarterly Summer 2016
The Syrian Civil War: An Interim Balance Sheet BESA Center Perspectives April 6, 2016
Loss of Palmyra Reveals Islamic State Weakness The Daily Beast March 28, 2016
Will the Syrian Ceasefire Last? The Jerusalem Post March 13, 2016
How Israel Navigated through the Hurricane of the Syrian Civil War The Tower March 8, 2016
Why Putin Wants Syria Middle East Quarterly Spring 2016
The Consequences of American Retreat from the Middle East BESA Center Perspectives February 24, 2016
The Syrian Cauldron Boils Over The Jerusalem Post February 19, 2016
Saudi Arabia and Turkey Are Walking into a Trap The Gatestone Institute February 16, 2016
Is Assad's Russian-backed Offensive a Game-changer in Syria? The Jerusalem Post February 5, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq November 1–December 31, 2015
Russian Imperialism Meets Delusions of Ottoman Grandeur The Gatestone Institute December 31, 2015
Putin Strikes Back Against Turkey The Gatestone Institute December 5, 2015
Putin vs Erdogan The Australian November 28, 2015
Why NATO Should Dump Turkey Breitbart November 24, 2015
Is Assad's Russian-Backed Offensive in Syria Paying Off? Syria Deeply November 11, 2015
Russian Intervention in Syria Isn't a 'Game Changer' The Strategist October 30, 2015
Russia in Syria: Putin Fills Strategic Vacuum in the Middle East The Australian October 3, 2015
Is Syria Becoming a 'Frozen Conflict'? The Jerusalem Post September 24, 2015
The Bear Steps In: Russia's Expanding Military Presence in Syria The Jerusalem Post September 12, 2015
More sitcom than CENTCOM Asia Times March 10, 2014
Obama vs. Putin -- is the Cold War about to return to the Middle East? Fox News October 28, 2013
Muslim Russia? The Washington Times October 21, 2013
US plays Monopoly, Russia plays chess Asia Times September 16, 2013
Russia's new Middle Eastern role Asia Times June 10, 2013
Russian and Chinese Support for Tehran Middle East Quarterly Spring 2010
Obama Shouldn't Sacrifice Allies To Please Russia Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty March 4, 2009
The Rise of the Chechen Emirate? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2008
Russian Roulette on Iran Wall Street Journal October 3, 2007
The Soviets' Six-Day War New York Sun May 29, 2007
The Barzani Chameleon Middle East Quarterly Spring 2007
Russia and the Middle East Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
How Chechnya Became a Breeding Ground for Terror Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Putin's Pro-Israel Policy Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005
Palestinian Diplomacy - Gorbachev's Legacy Middle East Quarterly March 2000
Russia's Middle East Ambitions Middle East Quarterly September 1998
Russia's Back in Central Asia Middle East Quarterly June 1995
Russian Ambitions in the Persian Gulf Middle East Quarterly March 1995
On the Road: Russia and the Arabs Middle East Quarterly March 1995
Zhirinovsky vs. the Turks Middle East Quarterly June 1994
MEF in the Media
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The Intrepid Duo: Pipes, Father and Son The Gatestone Institute May 20, 2019
Daniel Pipes on the ISIS Threat to Central Asia Eurasia Expert July 24, 2017
Daniel Pipes: Erdoğan 'Capable and Willing' to Destabilize Balkans Factor.bg June 29, 2017
Gregg Roman on U.S. Strategy in Syria i24 News June 19, 2017
Russian Military Claims It Killed Senior ISIS Strategist The Washington Post August 31, 2016
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
The Trump Administration's Foreign Policy MEF Wire January 12, 2017
Russia's Growing Middle Eastern Prowess MEF Wire November 17, 2016
Putin's Middle Eastern Moves MEF Wire October 26, 2015
The Soviets' Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day War MEF Wire June 6, 2007