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Islamic State Advice on Attacks in 'Enemy Abode' Jihad Intel November 10, 2017
The U.S.-Iranian confrontation on the Syria-Iraq Borders: Interview with an Iraqi Militia Official Aymennjawad.org June 10, 2017
Licensing Exam for Islamic State Pharmacists Is No Cakewalk Aymennjawad.org May 7, 2017
"The Convoy of Light": New nasheed from the Islamic State's Ajnad Media Aymennjawad.org October 24, 2016
"The Convoy of Light" – New Nasheed from Islamic State Aymennjawad.org October 24, 2016
What Does Jabhat al-Nusra's Break with Al-Qaeda Mean? Jihad Intel July 28, 2016
The Orlando Attacks: Islamic State Responsible Jihad Intel June 12, 2016
Yazidi Girl Exposes ISIS Rape Hellhole The Gatestone Institute May 12, 2016
Challenges for the Islamic State: Manpower, Finance, and Information Aymennjawad.org February 27, 2016
An Account of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi & Islamic State Succession Lines Aymennjawad.org January 24, 2016
Unseen Islamic State Pamphlet on Slavery Aymennjawad.org December 29, 2015
A Complete History of Jamaat Ansar al-Islam – Translation Aymennjawad.org December 15, 2015
Naming the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org December 9, 2015
The Islamic State 'Master Plan' of Administration: Some Analytical Notes Aymennjawad.org December 7, 2015
ISIS' Imminent Demise National Review Online December 5, 2015
Hallili Samar al-Hirab: New Nasheed from the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org November 28, 2015
Ignoring Muslim Persecution of Christians The Gatestone Institute November 5, 2015
"Be with God"- New Nasheed from the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org October 29, 2015
Islam 101 According to the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org October 27, 2015
Unseen Islamic State Treatise on Calendars Aymennjawad.org October 17, 2015
Repentance: Financial Income for the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org September 28, 2015
U.S. State Dept. Blocks Christians from Testifying about Islamist Persecution The Gatestone Institute July 27, 2015
Both ISIS and Iraqi Authorities Abuse Christians Raymondibrahim.com June 25, 2015
Islamic State Transforms Cathedral into 'Mosque of Jihadis' Raymondibrahim.com June 25, 2015
Jamaat Ansar al-Islam: Eulogy to Abu Ahmad of Mosul: Translation and Analysis Aymennjawad.org April 15, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
How Will Iraq Interpret Third Explosion at Base of Iran-backed Militias? The Jerusalem Post August 15, 2019
Threat to US from Iranian-backed Forces in Iraq Increases, US Report Says The Jerusalem Post August 7, 2019
Iraq Still Struggling with Helping Yazidis Five Years after Genocide The Jerusalem Post August 3, 2019
Israeli Jets Appear to Have Struck Iraq for the First Time Since 1981 The Wall Street Journal August 1, 2019
Will Meeting between Trump and Murad Help Yazidis Who Survived ISIS? The Jerusalem Post July 20, 2019
New Iraqi Kurdish Prime Minister Declares 'New Era' The Jerusalem Post July 10, 2019
Iraq Launches Another Offensive against ISIS. Why? The Jerusalem Post July 8, 2019
Iraq's De-militiafication Is a Sham The Jerusalem Post July 4, 2019
Jewish Experience of Genocide Helps Heal Victims of ISIS The Jerusalem Post July 1, 2019
Iranian-backed Militias in Iraq May Have Used Drones against Saudi The Jerusalem Post June 30, 2019
Protesters Storm Bahrain Embassy in Baghdad after U.S.-Backed Summit The Jerusalem Post June 30, 2019
In Iraq and Syria, Turkey Faces New Challenges The Jerusalem Post June 29, 2019
Iran Envisions Joint Military Exercises, Missile Defense with Iraq The Jerusalem Post June 24, 2019
Memories of Yazidis and Lalish on World Refugee Day The Jerusalem Post June 21, 2019
Who Is Targeting U.S. Forces and Foreign Oil Companies in Iraq? The Jerusalem Post June 19, 2019
Iraqis Remember ISIS Massacres Five Years Later The Jerusalem Post June 12, 2019
Are the Insurgencies Truly Over? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2019
Whodunit? The Rocket Fired Near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad The Jerusalem Post May 20, 2019
Evidence Grows that Iran is Stationing Missiles Directed at Israel The Jerusalem Post May 17, 2019
Kurdistan Region Worried as U.S. and Iran Tensions Grow The Jerusalem Post May 16, 2019
Baghdadi Is Back, but Can He Salvage ISIS? The Jerusalem Post April 30, 2019
Yazidi Survivors of ISIS Rape Have New Hope After Community Ruling The Jerusalem Post April 28, 2019
Coalition Focuses on 'Enduring Defeat' of ISIS in Syria, Iraq The Jerusalem Post April 2, 2019
Iran Wants America Out of Iraq - Will it Succeed? The Hill March 29, 2019
Iran Is Making a Play to Outmaneuver the United States in Iraq The National Interest March 27, 2019
Is Iran's Foreign Minister Taking Over the 'Iraq File'? The Jerusalem Post March 27, 2019
Ferry Tragedy and Corruption in Mosul Affect All Iraq The Jerusalem Post March 25, 2019
Iran-Backed Militias Step Up the Battle in Iraq Wall Street Journal March 18, 2019
Iranian President in Baghdad for His Own 'Deal of the Century' The Jerusalem Post March 11, 2019
Iraq's Difficult Road Ahead on Display at Suli Forum in Kurdish Region The Jerusalem Post March 9, 2019
Yazidi and Shi'ite Children Celebrate Freedom from ISIS The Jerusalem Post March 7, 2019
Yazidis Rescued From ISIS Face Bleak Future Upon Return to Iraq The Jerusalem Post March 4, 2019
Survivors of ISIS Genocide Have Nothing, Four Years Later The Jerusalem Post February 20, 2019
Iraqi Refugees in North Aleppo Countryside aymennjawad.org February 17, 2019
Kurds in Northern Iraq Want U.S. to Stay in Region The Jerusalem Post February 14, 2019
Arab Armies Under the Microscope The Jerusalem Post February 13, 2019
Chronicler of Iraq's Jewish History Murdered in Karbala The Jerusalem Post February 4, 2019
Iranian-Backed Militias Threaten U.S. Forces in Iraq The Jerusalem Post February 3, 2019
Kurdistan Region of Iraq Caught Between Turkey-PKK Conflict The Jerusalem Post January 28, 2019
Hashd Formations of Iraq: Interview with Harakat Ahrar al-Iraq aymennjawad.org January 18, 2019
Is Iran's Influence in Iraq Growing, or Has It Reached a Plateau? The Jerusalem Post January 2, 2019
A Year of Tyranny and Murder The Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018
With U.S. Policy on Syria in Turmoil, Will ISIS Win? The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2018
Rojava Peshmerga - The Group May be the US's Ticket Out of Syria Crisis The Jerusalem Post December 18, 2018
Israel and the Yazidis The Jerusalem Post November 26, 2018
The Return of ISIS Jonathanspyer.com November 2, 2018
The Annihilation of Iraq's Christian Minority Gatestone Institute October 28, 2018
Iran's Imploding Strategy Jerusalem Post October 5, 2018
Iraq Has A New Government. Now What? Jerusalem Post October 4, 2018
Kurdistan Region in Iraq Goes to Polls a Year after Independence Vote Jerusalem Post October 2, 2018
Iran Strike's Message to Region: "Borders Don't Matter" Jerusalem Post October 1, 2018
Iraqi Women That Defy Islamic Conservatives Keep Getting Murdered Jerusalem Post September 30, 2018
A Year after Referendum, Kurds in Iraq Face Iran and Us Powerbrokers Jerusalem Post September 21, 2018
Iraqis Protest Growing Iranian Influence in the Country Jerusalem Post September 15, 2018
How the U.S. Could Lose Iraq to Creeping Iranian Influence Jerusalem Post September 14, 2018
Iran's Attack on Kurds Is a Message to Washington, Riyadh and Jerusalem Jerusalem Post September 9, 2018
Iranian Artillery Targets Kurdish Groups in Iraq Jerusalem Post September 8, 2018
Ungovernable Iraq: Baghdad Can't Form a Government Months after Election Jerusalem Post September 5, 2018
Iran's Power Play Shows Depth of Missile Threat Jerusalem Post September 2, 2018
Is Washington Scrambling To Prevent Iran-Backed Parties From Forming Iraq's New Government? Tzarizm September 1, 2018
Yazidi Genocide Survivors Say ISIS Supporters Returning to Northern Iraq Jerusalem Post August 30, 2018
Abadi Tries to Strong-Arm the PMU, but Why the Sudden Janus-Face? Tzarim August 25, 2018
After ISIS, Secrets of Jewish Mosul Emerge from the Rubble The Forward July 9, 2018
Can Lindsey Graham Save U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East? Jerusalem Post July 4, 2018
Iraq After The Chaos Of ISIS Jerusalem Post June 2, 2018
The Populist Revolt Reaches Iraq World Affairs Journal May 22, 2018
The Sultan's Pleasure: Turkey Expands its Operations in Syria and Iraq The Jerusalem Post March 30, 2018
Islam's 'Slow Motion' Genocide of Christians FrontPage Magazine March 12, 2018
Iraqi Kurdistan's Post-Referendum Isolation Boosts Iran The Jerusalem Post January 20, 2018
Who Is Qais al-Khazali, and Why Should You Care? The Jerusalem Post December 15, 2017
Erdoğan's Kurdish Gambit BESA Center Perspectives November 15, 2017
The Disastrous Results of the Iraqi Kurds' Referendum The Jerusalem Post October 27, 2017
Iraqi Kurdistan's Crisis: A Failure of Strategy The American Spectator October 22, 2017
The Fall of Kirkuk: Made in Iran The American Interest October 18, 2017
The Islamic State and the Kurds: The Documentary Evidence CTC Sentinel September 21, 2017
The Kurds Are About to Blow up Iraq World Affairs Journal August 17, 2017
The Myth of ISIS's Strategic Brilliance The Atlantic July 20, 2017
Hands Off the Antiquities The American Interest July 15, 2017
After Liberation, Will Mosul Fall to Iran? The Tower July 12, 2017
Journeys to Mosul Middle East Review of International Affairs June 15, 2017
Can ISIS Survive the Caliphate's Collapse? BICOM May 16, 2017
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq September-October 2016
Who Will Dominate Iraq and Syria after ISIS? The Jerusalem Post March 10, 2017
Dispatch from Mosul The Jerusalem Report March 7, 2017
The Battle for Mosul: A Frontline Report The Australian February 11, 2017
The Real Obama Legacy The Daily Caller January 5, 2017
New Leads on Looted Middle Eastern Antiquities The Hill December 17, 2016
Iran and Turkey Jostling for Power in Iraq The Jerusalem Post November 5, 2016
Tackling the Middle East after the Election The American Spectator November 4, 2016
Dissent in the Islamic State: Abu al-Faruq al-Masri's 'Message on the Manhaj' Combating Terrorism Center (West Point) October 31, 2016
Turkey's Land-Grab Wish List The Gatestone Institute October 20, 2016
Stories of the Mujahideen: Women of the Islamic State Jihadology October 17, 2016
Turkey's Dangerous Moves in Iraq The Gatestone Institute October 11, 2016
Disunity as Kurds, Turks, Shia, and Sunnis Fight over Mosul The Australian October 8, 2016
What Follows the Defeat of ISIS in Mosul? The Jerusalem Report September 27, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq August 1–August 31, 2016
Don't Destroy ISIS BESA Center Perspectives August 2, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq June 1–July 31, 2016
Islamic State Shifts Strategy The Jerusalem Post July 8, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq April 1–May 31, 2016
Send Ground Forces to Destroy ISIS? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2016
Humor, Counter-terrorism, and ISIS The Sun-Sentinel May 20, 2016
A Caliphate Under Strain: The Documentary Evidence CTC Sentinel April 22, 2016
ISIS is Collapsing The Miami Herald April 19, 2016
Unseen Islamic State Military Commanders Manual: Qualities and Manners of the Mujahid Commander Jihadology April 11, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq March 1–March 31, 2016
Iraq's Coming Apocalypse The Washington Times March 13, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq February 1–February 29, 2016
Trump's Saddam Nostalgia The Daily Caller February 29, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq January 1–January 31, 2016
Is ISIS Good at Governing? The Brookings Institution February 3, 2016
Eclipse of the Caliphate The Jerusalem Report January 21, 2016
ISIS Is Not the Main Problem in the Middle East PJ Media January 19, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq November 1–December 31, 2015
Norway Ready to Rid Itself of Radical Mullah Krekar The Weekly Standard January 11, 2016
The Fall of Iraq's Anbar Province Middle East Quarterly Winter 2016
Obama's Middle East Delusions Middle East Quarterly Winter 2016
Turkey's Dangerous Ambitions The Gatestone Institute December 24, 2015
Principles in the Administration of the Islamic State: Full Text and Translation The Guardian December 7, 2015
Caliphate Accompli Jihad Watch November 29, 2015
The Kurds Can Defeat ISIS if We Provide Incentives The Jerusalem Post November 22, 2015
The Paris Attacks Reflect Intelligence Failure, Not Change in ISIS Strategy The Huffington Post November 20, 2015
Washington Won't Arm Christians Fighting ISIS FrontPage Magazine November 18, 2015
Islamistphobes Unite! The Toronto Sun November 14, 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq October 1–October 31, 2015
Where's the Feminist Outrage over ISIS's Savage Treatment of Women? Fox News October 8, 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq various publications September 1–September 30, 2015
Unseen Islamic State Fatwas on Jihad and Sabaya Jihadology September 25, 2015
Middle East Provocations and Predictions The Mackenzie Institute September 9, 2015
Defeating ISIS, Rolling Back Iran Middle East Quarterly Fall 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq various publications August 1-August 31, 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq various publications July 1-July 31, 2015
Critical Analysis of the Islamic State's Health Department Jihadology August 27, 2015
Turkey, US Aim to Broaden Campaign Against ISIS Defense News August 23, 2015
The Heroes Working to Rescue ISIS's Core Victims The New York Post August 20, 2015
America Should Aim to Contain, not Destroy, ISIS The Huffington Post August 12, 2015
Why Canada's Left Has Lost My Vote The Toronto Sun August 11, 2015
The Evolution in Islamic State Administration: The Documentary Evidence Perspectives on Terrorism August 5, 2015
Dispatch from Iraq: the Stealth Iranian Takeover Becomes Clear PJ Media July 31, 2015
Dispatch from Iraq: The Ghosts of Old Baghdad The Jerusalem Report July 8, 2015
Dispatch from Iraq: Iran-Backed Militias Keep ISIS at Bay, for a Price The Australian July 4, 2015
The Islamic State Caliphate Turns One The Huffington Post July 1, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications June 1-June 30, 2015
Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan The Weekly Standard June 17, 2015
Islamic State: The Myth of a Baathist 'Hidden Hand' IHS Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Monitor June 2015
Never Again? The ISIS Genocide of Yazidis The Huffington Post June 10, 2015
Turkey's Double Game with ISIS Middle East Quarterly Summer 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications April 1-May 15, 2015
How Obama Lost Ramadi PJ Media May 18, 2015
Why Don't Americans Trust Republicans on Foreign Policy? PJ Media April 11, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications March 16-31, 2015
Losing Ground in Iraq, ISIS Pushes Farther into Syria PJ Media April 9, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications February 16 - March 15, 2015
The Kobani Precedent The Jerusalem Report March 25, 2015
The Return of Iraqi Shi'i Militias to Syria The Middle East Institute March 16, 2015
The Islamic State's Shocking Assault on History The National Interest March 11, 2015
The U.S. Anti-ISIS Strategy's True Cost The Daily Beast March 2, 2015
Syria's Civil War Could Stabilize Its Region The Washington Times February 26, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications February 1-15, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications January 15-31, 2015
Obama's 'Secret Iran Strategy' Began in 2006 with Robert Gates PJ Media February 8, 2015
Islamic State Defeat in Kobani Will Be Hard to Replicate The Jerusalem Post January 29, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications January 1-15, 2015
Who's to Blame in Iraq? Part II: The Sunni Side Foreign Policy January 8, 2015
Who's to Blame in Iraq? Part I: The Shi'a Side Foreign Policy January 7, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications December 16-31, 2014
Research on the Islamic State various publications November 16 - December 15, 2014
Iran and the Shia Militias Advance in Iraq The Tower December 2014
Can Islamic State Survive without Baghdadi? BBC November 10, 2014
The Jihadi Connection between Sinai, Gaza and Islamic State The Jerusalem Post November 1, 2014
ISIS Justifies Its Yazidi Slaves National Review Online October 16, 2014
ISIS: Can the West Win Without a Ground Game? The Tower October 2014
Is the "Islamic State" a Good Thing? FrontPage Magazine October 2, 2014
The Guns of August The Jerusalem Report September 17, 2014
John Esposito Takes 'Islam' Out of ISIS American Thinker September 14, 2014
There's No Difference between ISIS and ISIL National Review Online September 12, 2014
At the Kurdistan Front The Weekly Standard September 12, 2014
Hello, Kurdistan The Washington Times September 10, 2014
14 Million Refugees Make the Levant Unmanageable PJ Media September 8, 2014
Despite Setbacks, Islamic State Faces no Danger to its Existence The Jerusalem Post September 4, 2014
The IS-Kurdish War The National Post August 30, 2014
From the Ashes of Iraq: Mesopotamia Rises Again The National Interest August 20, 2014
World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World The Gatestone Institute August 6, 2014
Caliph Ibrahim's Brutal Moment The Washington Times August 5, 2014
Fractured States The Jerusalem Post July 4, 2014
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Message as Caliph Gatestone Institute July 2, 2014
Iraq Needs Unity, Not Partition The Daily Beast June 27, 2014
Sadly, There's Nothing the U.S. Can Do to Save Iraq The National Post June 27, 2014
Turmoil in Iraq Spells Trouble for Oil Markets The Wall Street Journal June 23, 2014
Kurdish Advances The Jerusalem Post June 21, 2014
Turkey's Support for ISIS Islamist Terrorists The Washington Times June 17, 2014
Second Front Opens in the Sunni-Shia War PJ Media June 15, 2014
An 'Islamic State' Is Born The Jerusalem Post June 12, 2014
ISIS Rampages, the Middle East Shakes National Review Online June 12, 2014
War Across the Borders PJ Media March 28, 2014
With Iraq on the Brink, a New Sunni Insurgency Emerges PJ Media March 20, 2014
Anatomy of militant groups reveals Iraq's different challenges The National (UAE) February 12, 2014
The Dawn of the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham Current Trends in Islamist Ideology January 27, 2014
Comprehensive Reference Guide to Sunni Militant Groups in Iraq Jihadology January 23, 2014
Iraq: Has Brotherhood Hijacked Protests? Islamist Gate January 18, 2014
The Iraqi Shiite Challenge to Tehran's Mullahs Middle East Quarterly Winter 2014
Iraq's Lessons on Political Will Middle East Quarterly Winter 2014
Why the U.S. Failed in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Winter 2014
Bay'ah to Baghdadi: Foreign [Ideological] Support for Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham Jihadology August 22, 2013
Pessimism clouds any survey of Islamist protests in Iraq The National (UAE) August 19, 2013
Iraq offers little historical precedent in the Syrian crisis The National (UAE) August 13, 2013
Behind the Iraq Protests The American Spectator April 18, 2013
Turkey, Iraq, and Oil The American Spectator April 5, 2013
Politics undermine Iraq's judiciary The Daily Star (Beirut) February 26, 2013
'Was the Iraq war worth it?' is a question unworthy of debate The Independent February 11, 2013
Iraq: Playing the Sectarian Crisis Card The American Spectator January 2, 2013
Iraq: One Year After Withdrawal The American Spectator December 18, 2012
Syria: Spillover into Iraq? The Jerusalem Post November 18, 2012
Violence in Iraq GLORIA Fall 2012
Looking at violence in Iraq The Jerusalem Post August 21, 2012
Baghdad on the Nile Ha'aretz August 17, 2012
Assessing Iraq's Oil Industry GLORIA July 1, 2012
No Confidence in Maliki? The American Spectator June 19, 2012
Are Iraq and Turkey Models for Democratization? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2012
Iraq: A satellite state of Iran? The Jerusalem Post May 30, 2012
Iraqi Kurdistan Without Blinders The American Spectator March 22, 2012
Look at the big picture on Iraqi deaths The Daily Star (Beirut) February 27, 2012
Assessing the Surge in Iraq MERIA December 22, 2011
Iraq's Christians Near Extinction FrontPageMagazine.com December 21, 2011
Tehran holds Obama re-election wild card [in Iraq] The Washington Times December 20, 2011
Iraq's violence is for Iraqis to tackle The Daily Star (Beirut) December 16, 2011
Iraqi petroleum and the damage done The Daily Star (Beirut) November 21, 2011
With U.S. Troops Leaving, Is Iraq a Democratic Country Now? PJ Media November 2, 2011
Setting the Record Straight on the U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq Pajamas Media October 27, 2011
Preserving Iraq's Assyrians: Federalism Assyrian International News Agency October 24, 2011
Will Nouri al-Maliki Survive His Second Term In Office? The Kurdish Globe October 22, 2011
No, Syria won't plunge Iraq into war The Daily Star (Beirut) October 7, 2011
Kurdish-Christian rivalries The Kurdistan Tribune September 25, 2011
Iraq's politicians hover above the law The Daily Star (Beirut) September 20, 2011
Panetta vs. U.S. Military on Iraq The American Spectator September 13, 2011
A Sectarian Issue The American Spectator September 7, 2011
Iraq goes the way of its Gulf neighbors The Daily Star (Beirut) August 26, 2011
Spring comes, but not for Iraq's Kurds The Daily Star (Beirut) August 12, 2011
Iraq Weathers the Political Storm Middle East Quarterly Summer 2011
Iraq - A Province of Iran? The Washington Times May 12, 2011
The Silent Extermination of Iraq's 'Christian Dogs' FrontPageMagazine.com April 19, 2011
Damascus on Trial Middle East Quarterly Spring 2011
Iraq's Oil Industry Hudson New York October 11, 2010
Nation-Building: A Success in Iraq? Foreign Policy Journal September 15, 2010
Ali Allawi, "Iraq Got the Worst of All Worlds" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2010
How the "Sons of Iraq" Stabilized Iraq Middle East Quarterly Fall 2010
Iraq and the Middle Eastern Cold War American Thinker August 21, 2010
White Elephant in Baghdad National Review Online March 30, 2010
A Watershed Election National Review Online February 1, 2010
T. E. Lawrence, American Strategist History News Network January 18, 2010
Limping away from a Shattered Iraq National Post July 8, 2009
Kurdish leaders are drunk with power Daily Star (Beirut) July 1, 2009
The Troop Drawdown Could Be Costly for Iraq Wall Street Journal June 30, 2009
Leaders' mortality may sway Iraq's health Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst April 17, 2009
Dissident Watch: Mithal al-Alusi Middle East Quarterly Spring 2009
Is U.S. Detention Policy in Iraq Working? Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
Obama's Mansion, Saddam's Money Philadelphia Bulletin October 29, 2008
Getting Religion Wrong Blind Spot: When Journalists Don't Get Religion October 2008
Return of the Purple Fingers Washington Post June 9, 2008
The Proposed U.S. Security Commitment to Iraq House Foreign Affairs Committee January 23, 2008
Is Iraqi Kurdistan a Good Ally? AEI Middle Eastern Outlook January 2008
The Extension of the United Nations Mandate for Iraq House Foreign Affairs Committee December 19, 2007
Saddam's Damn Dam [i.e., The Mosul Dam] Jerusalem Post November 7, 2007
[Mosul and] Iraq's Next War Jerusalem Post October 31, 2007
The U.S. Counter-propaganda Failure in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Salvaging the Iraq War New York Sun July 24, 2007
U.S. Policy Options in the Iraq Crisis U.S. House of Representatives July 17, 2007
Culture in Post-Saddam Iraq Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Iraqi Kurdistan's Downward Spiral Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Is Iraq in a Civil War? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Enabling Kurdish Illusions Weekly Standard March 19, 2007
The Barzani Chameleon Middle East Quarterly Spring 2007
Iraq in Books Middle East Quarterly Spring 2007
Who Owns Kirkuk? The Kurdish Case Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
Who Owns Kirkuk? The Turkoman Case Middle East Quarterly Winter 2007
James Baker's Terrible Iraq Report New York Sun December 12, 2006
What went wrong: A sober look at Iraq National Review Online December 4, 2006
Right war, botched occupation USA Today November 27, 2006
Nurture Iraqi democracy, from the ground up Los Angeles Times November 16, 2006
Tempering Ambitions [in Iraq] National Interest November/December 2006
Why withdrawal from Iraq is the worst option Financial Times October 26, 2006
In Iraq, Stay the Course - but Change It New York Sun October 24, 2006
Conclusion First, Debate Afterwards Weekly Standard October 20, 2006
Misguided reconciliation with Baathists Philadelphia Inquirer October 19, 2006
Last Chance for Iraq? National Review September 11, 2006
How Iraqi Oil Smuggling Greases Violence Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Hugging Iraq's Leaders New York Sun May 2, 2006
About Those Iraqi WMD New York Sun April 25, 2006
Dissident Watch: Kamal Sayid Qadir Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Civil War in Iraq? New York Sun February 28, 2006
Are We Playing for Keeps? Wall Street Journal February 27, 2006
Iraqi Beacon Wall Street Journal December 14, 2005
How to Deal with Kidnappings in Iraq Rivista di Intelligence December 2005
Iraq's Comeback Kid National Review November 29, 2005
All the Wrong Reasons Private Papers November 13, 2005
Iraq, Unplugged National Review Online November 1, 2005
With Freedom Comes Politics Wall Street Journal October 18, 2005
Iraq and the Democratization of the Middle East La Rivoluzione Democratica Contro Il Terrorismo October 14, 2005
Only threat of force will tame Tehran The Observer October 9, 2005
"The Arafat Model" National Review September 12, 2005
What If the United States Had Not Invaded Iraq Philadelphia Inquirer September 11, 2005
The Future of Iraq: Democracy, Civil War, or Chaos? Middle East Review of International Affairs September 2005
Less Is More in Iraq Washington Post August 9, 2005
The Price of Compromise New York Sun August 8, 2005
Reconstructing Iraq: Bringing Iraq's Economy Back Online Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Reconstructing Iraq: Winning the Propaganda War in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
The Iraq Museum, Reloaded Tech Central Station May 10, 2005
Let Iraq handle Sunnis Baltimore Sun May 10, 2005
That Occupation Feeling National Review Online April 18, 2005
Kanan Makiya: "All Levels of the Iraqi Government Were Complicit." Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
King Abdullah II: "Iraq is the Battleground - the West against Iran" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
Iraq has voted Wall Street Journal January 31, 2005
A Fresh Start National Review Online January 28, 2005
Bush Marches Into a Second Term, His Agenda Set by Mideast Foes Forward January 28, 2005
Democracy on the Wing Washington Post January 26, 2005
Listen to the Iraqis National Review Online January 7, 2005
Vacancy National Review Online December 10, 2004
U.S. Needs To Learn Patience [in Iraq] New York Sun November 30, 2004
What's Going Right in Iraq Los Angeles Times October 24, 2004
Al-Kut, Iraq: After-Battle Report Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Salem Chalabi: Judging Saddam Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Understanding Muqtada al-Sadr Middle East Quarterly Fall 2004
Iraq's Electoral System: A Misguided Strategy Arab Reform Bulletin September 2004
Christians Disappearing From Iraq New York Sun August 24, 2004
Losing the Shia National Review Online August 19, 2004
Out of Iraq, Out of Mind New Observer August 10, 2004
Saddam the Novelist FrontPageMagazine.com July 9, 2004
CPA, R.I.P. National Review Online June 28, 2004
'Walking Back the Cat' On Chalabi New York Sun June 22, 2004
The Wrong Elections For Iraq Washington Post June 19, 2004
U.S. Culture Corps Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Ahmad Chalabi: "The Biggest Error Was Occupation" Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
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[Samuel Huntington and] American Purposes In Iraq New York Sun April 27, 2004
The Roots of Iraq's Rebellion New York Sun April 13, 2004
Iraq won't be perfect, but victory is still in reach Australian Financial Review March 12, 2004
Saddam's Press Lackey and "Peace" Activist in America FrontPageMagazine.com March 4, 2004
Islamic Law Rules In Iraq New York Sun March 2, 2004
Museum Madness in Baghdad Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Iraq for the Iraqis: How and When Middle East Quarterly Spring 2004
Saddam's "Engaging Smile" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
Ansar al-Islam: Back in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
A tale of two crypts Jerusalem Post December 17, 2003
The case for 'Iraqification' Jerusalem Post November 19, 2003
Let Iraqis run Iraq Jerusalem Post October 15, 2003
[Saddam's] WMD Lies New York Post October 7, 2003
"Thank you for everything. But do not stay." Middle East Quarterly Fall 2003
Resistance in Iraq Middle East Quarterly Fall 2003
Iraq's Weapons & The Road to War New York Post June 3, 2003
Iraqi Assyrians: Barometer of Pluralism Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Iraqi Kurds: Hour of Power? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
NY Times Mobile Headline Lab Found in Iraqi Desert Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
Confessions of an Anti-Sanctions Activist Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
War as Social Work? New York Post May 6, 2003
A Strongman for Iraq? New York Post April 28, 2003
[Looting:] An Iraqi Tragedy New York Post April 22, 2003
100 Bin Ladens on the Way? New York Post April 8, 2003
The Saddam Soliloquy Middle East Quarterly Spring 2003
After Saddam? Remaking the Mideast New York Post February 11, 2003
[The Need to Name and] Know Thy Terrorists New York Post November 19, 2002
Bush@U.N. National Review Online September 13, 2002
Saddam's Rap Sheet New York Post August 20, 2002
Brent Scowcroft is Wrong: We Must Attack Saddam FrontPageMagazine.com August 20, 2002
Iraq and Syria: The Dilemma of Dynasty Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
[The United States Makes] A Majority of One New York Post March 18, 2002
Jalal Talabani: "No Grounds for a Relationship with Baghdad" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002
How to Free Iraq Middle East Quarterly Winter 2002
On to Baghdad?: Yes - The Risks Are Overrated New York Post December 3, 2001
Khidhir Hamza: "I Can Forsee Saddam Controlling the Middle East" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2001
Iraq's Culture of Violence Middle East Quarterly Summer 2001
Growing Arab Anger Won't Be Easy to Contain Wall Street Journal March 30, 2001
Syria and Iraq – Repression Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
After 'Desert Storm,' Barely a Footprint Was Left in the Sand Los Angeles Times August 4, 2000
Richard Butler: Why Saddam Husayn Loves the Bomb Middle East Quarterly March 2000
Why Go It Alone [versus Iraq]? Washington Post December 3, 1997
Target Iraq's Republican Guard Middle East Quarterly December 1996
If Baghdad Accepts U.N. Terms Middle East Quarterly June 1996
Rolf Ekéus: Dismantling Saddam's Arsenal Middle East Quarterly March 1996
Heroes and Knaves of the Kuwait Crisis Restless Mind: Essays in Honor of Amos Perlmutter 1996
Saad al-Bazzaz: An Insider's View of Iraq Middle East Quarterly December 1995
Turmoil in Iraq: Saddam's Dysfunctional Family Middle East Quarterly December 1995
Turmoil in Iraq: The Regime's #2 Defects Middle East Quarterly December 1995
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