MEF in the Media

Title Publication Date
Todd Bensman On the Muslim Migrant Mosque in Tijuana Salem News ChannelJuly 14, 2024
Sam Westrop on US money helping Hamas and other terror groups America First with Sebastian GorkaJuly 8, 2024
No ceasefire for Hamas & Jihadist threat in the U.S. FOX NewsJune 23, 2024
US Terror Threat Rises Due to Gaza War and Porous Border FOX NewsJune 5, 2024
Jim Hanson: Israel must push forward into Rafah FOX Business ChannelMay 7, 2024
Jim Hanson: Campus protests violate civil rights FOX NewsMay 2, 2024
Jim Hanson: Campus protests are a well-funded conspiracy FOX NewsApril 30, 2024
Jim Hanson: Israeli strikes send a message to Iran FOX NewsApril 19, 2024
Jim Hanson: Iran cannot join the community of nations FOX NewsApril 19, 2024
Daniel Pipes: "The Time Is Now" for Israel to Strike Iranian Nuclear Infrastructure TVP WorldApril 15, 2024
Jim Hanson: Iran-Israel War Could Trigger the "End of the Islamic Republic" Fox NewsApril 14, 2024
Daniel Pipes: My Critics Compare Me to Shakespeare Sociology of IslamApril 2024
Daniel Pipes | Interpreting an Israeli "Total Victory" in Gaza Atlantico QuotidianoApril 5, 2024
Jim Hanson: Anti-Israel UN Resolution Will Accomplish "Nothing" on the Ground NTD TVMarch 26, 2024
Karys Rhea | How UNRWA Perpetuates the Palestinian Refugee Myth Hearts of OakMarch 25, 2024
Daniel Pipes | Biden's Israel Policy Is "Impossible and Self-contradictory" TVP WorldMarch 22, 2024
Daniel Pipes: Enrichment Won't End Palestinian Rejectionism The Michael Medved ShowMarch 19, 2024
Michael Rubin | New Palestinian PM Criticized by Hamas LiveNOW from FOXMarch 17, 2024
Karys Rhea | The Rise of Jew Hatred on College Campuses Conversations with Peter BoghossianMarch 12, 2024
Daniel Pipes | "Perversity Wins Hamas Global Sympathy" Global ReviewMarch 11, 2024
Iran, Proxies 'Trying to Boost Influence in Jordan' JNSMarch 10, 2024
Michael Rubin on Combating "Turkey's Soft Underbelly of Support for Terrorism" The Foundation for Defense of DemocraciesMarch 8, 2024
MEF Analysts Address the "New Axis of Evil" JRA LoudspeakerMarch 5, 2024
Benjamin Weinthal: Biden "Doesn't Understand What's Happening on the round in Gaza." Real America's VoiceFebruary 24, 2024
Michael Rubin: To Deter Iran, 'Go after the IRGC,' Deploy Aircraft Carrier to Indian Ocean FDD Morning BriefFebruary 5, 2024
Michael Rubin on Why Targeting Iran's Iraqi and Syrian Proxies Is Counterproductive The Hill PodcastFebruary 2, 2024
Jim Hanson: U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq and Syria Are a "PR Exercise" Fox NewsFebruary 2, 2024
Michael Rubin: Biden Administration's Weak Reprisals Encourage Iranian Aggression The Michael Medved ShowFebruary 2, 2024
Daniel Pipes: The "Actual Battlefield" of Hamas-Israel War "Matters More Than Opinions About It" L'Informale (Italy)January 30, 2024
Jim Hanson: Biden say's don't. Iran does anyway. FOX NewsJanuary 29, 2024
Phyllis Chesler | With Israel and Hamas, Feminists Have Abandoned Moral Principles JNS TVJanuary 25, 2024
Efraim Karsh | The Abraham Accords and Their Relation to the Gaza War Jerusalem Center for Public AffairsJanuary 21, 2024
Jonathan Spyer on the "Cardinal Lesson" of October 7th Jonny Gould's Jewish State podcastJanuary 17, 2024
Jim Hanson | U.S. and U.K Stikes on Houthi Targets "A Vital and Necessary Step" Fox NewsJanuary 16, 2024
Jim Hanson | US Needs To Be 'ready' for Houthi Attacks, 'Escalation' from Iran Fox NewsJanuary 12, 2024
ISIS Attacks Iran: Is the Terror Group Exploiting Gaza War Chaos? The NationJanuary 9, 2024
Marriott No Longer Hosting Muslim Federation Event in South Florida JNSJanuary 8, 2024
Inside the Hamas Tunnels and Attacks on Merchant Shipping in the Red Sea Constable ConfidentialDecember 21, 2023
Daniel Pipes Cautiously Optimistic that Houthis Will Stand Down The DispatchDecember 19, 2023
To Tackle Anti-Semitism on Campus, Counter Anti-Israel Faculty Members, Expel Students Promoting Violence: Editor NTDDecember 4, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Assessing the Terrible Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal L'InformaleNovember 23, 2023
Ashley Perry | Iran's 'Axis of Resistance' Breaking Apart | TVP (Poland)November 22, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Gen Z TikTokers Idolize Osama Bin Laden One America News NetworkNovember 17, 2023
Ashley Perry | Israel's Raid on Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital Uncovers New Evidence TVP (Poland)November 16, 2023
Daniel Pipes | US Could Send Ground Troops if Iran Kills Large Number of American Troops, Analysts Warn Baltimore Post-ExaminerNovember 15, 2023
Daniel Pipes: Gaza Should Be Run by "Gazans Who Are Opposed to Hamas" Al Jazeera EnglishNovember 14, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | Why Iran's Proxies Seek to 'Drag Out' Low-Level Conflict with Israel Voice of AmericaNovember 14, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | Did Netanyahu Prop Up Hamas (and Other Matters)? Comedy CellarNovember 13, 2023
Daniel Pipes | The World Faces a Huge Challenge TVP (Poland)November 12, 2023
Clifford Smith | House Education Committee Advances Bipartisan Bill Cracking Down on Foreign Influence in Higher Ed National ReviewNovember 9, 2023
Mark Durie | One Month Since Hamas Terrorists' Attack on Israel Hatun Tash DCCI MinistriesNovember 9, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | US Responds to Iranian Proxy Strikes on US Troops, but These 4 Groups Still Have Israel Surrounded CBNNovember 9, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | Israel Faces a Daunting Fight in Gaza City The HillNovember 8, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | Netanyahu Rejects Gaza Ceasefire The Hill TVNovember 5, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Blinken Meets Middle Eastern Leaders Amid Israeli Conflict TVP (Poland)November 4, 2023
Winfield Myers | Who Are the Parents of These Hamas Supporters? NewsRadio 740 KTRH (Houston)November 3, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | Israel Denies Biden Pleas For 'Pause' The Hill TVNovember 3, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Civilian Casualties in Gaza Reach Record Levels TVP (Poland)November 2, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | Iran Smuggles Thousands of Weapons into West Bank, Threatening Israel on Another Front CBNNovember 1, 2023
Jim Hanson | Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes on the Rise Real America's VoiceOctober 31, 2023
Benjamin Weinthal | U.S. Refuses to Offer Passports to Non-American Hostages Held in Gaza Constable ConfidentialOctober 31, 2023
Rafael Bardaji | Israel at War - Prospects of a Multi-Sector war Jerusalem Studio 808October 31, 2023
Jim Hanson: "I Think We've Seen the Beginning of the End of Hamas" Fox NewsOctober 28, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Israel and the Civilized World at War David Horowitz Freedom CenterOctober 27, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Historical Background of the Israel-Hamas War TVP (Poland)October 25, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | There Is a 'Political and Diplomatic Front' to Israel-Hamas war Sky News AustraliaOctober 25, 2023
Israel Must Eliminate Hamas in Gaza war, 70% of Israelis Say The Jerusalem PostOctober 23, 2023
Israel-Hamas War: Isaac Herzog Documents under Scrutiny Sky NewsOctober 23, 2023
Documents Found on Fighters Reveal Hamas Capabilities, Bloody Plans The Washington PostOctober 21, 2023
Jim Hanson: Palestinians "Indoctrinate Their Children ... to Hate Jews" Fox NewsOctober 19, 2023
Daniel Pipes | What about Post-Hamas Gaza? The Michael Medved ShowOctober 19, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | America's Retreat and the Global Baby Gap Spectator TVOctober 19, 2023
Christians Lack Moral Authority to Instruct Israel on Its Response to Terror The Times of IsraelOctober 18, 2023
Daniel Pipes | The People of Gaza Are Tired of Being Forced to Play the Victim WIND (Chicago)October 18, 2023
Daniel Pipes | What Is Hamas? TVP (Poland)October 18, 2023
Dexter Van Zile | Israel, Antisemitism, and the Hamas Conflict Bostonian RapOctober 18, 2023
Dexter Van Zile: Israel Must Control Gaza until "New Entity" Governs The Georgene Rice ShowOctober 17, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Obliterating Hamas in Gaza Is Israel's Only Option Now National PostOctober 16, 2023
Jonathan Spyer | "It's coming up": Israel Hours Away from Ground Assault into Gaza Sky NewsOctober 16, 2023
Gregg Roman | Israel Under Attack: The Agents Involved and Where It's Headed International Reporters RoundtableOctober 14, 2023
Daniel Pipes | America Right Now with Tom Basile NewsmaxOctober 14, 2023
Benjamin Weinthal | Update from the Israel Front Lines Veronica LIVEOctober 14, 2023
Jim Hanson | Multiple Attacks across Globe on 'Day of Jihad' Fox NewsOctober 13, 2023
Jim Hanson | Israeli Tanks Gather near Gaza Border Fox NewsOctober 13, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Gazans' Unique Experience L'InformaleOctober 13, 2023
Jim Hanson: "Hamas Is a Wholly Own Subsidiary of the Iranian Regime" NewsmaxOctober 12, 2023
Gregg Roman and Dexter Van Zile | Israel At War With Hamas, Is Hezbollah Next? Bill Martinez LiveOctober 12, 2023
Daniel Pipes: Where Israel's Security Establishment Went Wrong Global Review (Germany)October 12, 2023
Dexter Van Zile | Update Israel: Why Israel Must Eliminate Hamas Israel and YouOctober 11, 2023
Dexter Van Zile: "Hamas Needs to Be Destroyed" The Stu Bryer ShowOctober 11, 2023
Daniel Pipes | The Hamas-Israel War: Looking Ahead John Solomon ReportsOctober 11, 2023
Gregg Roman | Insight On Israel Hamas Conflict Cornerstone Television NetworkOctober 10, 2023
Jim Hanson: Israel Must Be "Allowed to Eliminate Hamas from the Planet" Salem News ChannelOctober 10, 2023
Dexter Van Zile | The Danger Of Hamas The Dove TVOctober 10, 2023
Gregg Roman: "All U.S. Assistance to Gaza Should End Immediately" Cumulus News TalkOctober 9, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Background to the Hamas Jihad against Israel WFEA (Manchester, NH)October 9, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Can Israel Destroy Hamas? Australian Broadcast CorporationOctober 9, 2023
Iran Sends Deadly Message to Biden with Hamas Attack on Israel The HillOctober 9, 2023
In Wake of Hamas Attack, Israel May Have to Change Intel, Tech Strategy Breaking DefenseOctober 9, 2023
Gregg Roman | Largest Intel Failure in Israel Military's History: Middle East Forum Bloomberg TVOctober 8, 2023
Jim Hanson: "No Country Can Be Expected to Tolerate a Terrorist State on Its Border" Fox NewsOctober 8, 2023
Daniel Pipes | Assessing the Hamas Attack on Israel TVP (Poland)October 8, 2023
Daniel Pipes: The Same Old Middle East Global ReviewOctober 2, 2023
Daniel Pipes: Iranian Questions about Israel Press TV (not)August 4, 2023