MEF in the Media

Title Publication Date
Daniel Pipes: Greece Is "Far More Valuable to NATO than Turkey" World Geostrategic Insights (Italy)September 4, 2022
Daniel Pipes: Israel Victory Can Solve the Palestinian Issue Neokohn (Budapest)August 9, 2022
Daniel Pipes: Establish NATO 2.0, Minus Turkey L'InformaleJuly 4, 2022
Jihadists at the Gate: U.S. Open Border Policy and the Security Crisis The Washington Outsider ReportJune 14, 2022
'Israel Has Forgotten How to Win': Knesset Caucus Wants Country to Again Aspire to Victory JNSMay 18, 2022
MKs Call for New Policies and Spirit to Defeat Israel's Enemies Israel National NewsMay 17, 2022
Daniel Pipes: Turkey's Stance on NATO Expansion Is "Blackmail" TVP (Polish Public Television)May 14, 2022
Daniel Pipes: "Almost All Western Governments Finance Lawful Islamism" CentinelaApril 29, 2022
Daniel Pipes on Ex-Muslims, the New Challenge Islam Has Never Faced Before FrontPageDecember 28, 2021
Daniel Pipes: Muslim Apostasy a Challenge "Such as Islam Has Never Faced" The Dinesh D'Souza PodcastDecember 22, 2021
Daniel Pipes on Migration, Islam, and Western Atonement Eesti Päevaleht (Estonia)December 13, 2021
Daniel Pipes on Turkey's Economic Collapse and Mounting Political Repression Israel TodayNovember 24, 2021
Daniel Pipes on the Future of Political Islam and Arab-Israeli Peace Israel TodayNovember 5, 2021