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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
UK's First Female Sharia Judge: 'We Can't Ask Muslims Not to Have More Than One Wife' Breitbart July 2, 2015
Does Europe Have No-go Zones? The Blaze January 20, 2015
The Rising Sex Traffic in Forced Islamic Marriage Quadrant Online March 2014
Multiculturalism's Child Brides Quadrant Online February 26, 2014
Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy National Review April 16, 2012
Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West's Demise Pajamas Media April 4, 2011
"Sharia Is Hate" Front Page Magazine October 6, 2008
Take My Wives, Please: Polygamy Heads West Pajamas Media February 29, 2008
Britain's Encounter with Islamic Law The Jerusalem Post February 13, 2008
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
CAIR vs. Ex-Muslim Anni Cyrus FrontPage Magazine March 14, 2018
Sajid Javid: 770,000 people in England unable to speak English well Guardian March 13, 2018
Sweden to crack down on Islamic schools The Local March 11, 2018
Enough with the feminists who stay silent on Islam Toronto Sun March 8, 2018
Syrian Migrant Thanks 'Mama Merkel' for Being Able to Practice Polygamy on Benefits Breitbart February 23, 2018
Archbishop of Canterbury says Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain's laws which have Christian values Daily Mail February 23, 2018
Anti-Gay Imam Featured Yet Again at Florida Democrat Gala FrontPage Magazine February 5, 2018
Europe: Making Islam Great Again Gatestone Institute February 3, 2018
Democrats Stand Up to Moderate Muslim Extremism FrontPage Magazine January 30, 2018
How to Manipulate Migration Data? Take Belgium... Gatestone Institute January 24, 2018
Reason Celebrates "Little Mogadishu" FrontPage Magazine January 8, 2018
Muslim Caregiver Refuses to Buy Elderly Woman Christmas Ham Due to 'Religious Reasons' Breitbart December 31, 2017
How Many Muslims in Europe? Pew's Projections Fall Short Gatestone Institute December 14, 2017
Senate passes bill to remove mention of 'barbaric cultural practices' from Harper-era law National Post December 12, 2017
'Do you really think there are monogamous relationships in Australia?' Daily Mail December 10, 2017
New book shines light on Muslim gender problems Toronto Sun December 7, 2017
Fiery exchange erupts in Ottawa over reports citizenship guide for immigrants may be changed Globe and Mail December 7, 2017
The Case for Islamophobia FrontPage Magazine December 6, 2017
A Two State Solution for Europe? Gatestone Institute December 6, 2017
Mom: My ex is teaching our son extremist Muslim views New York Post November 27, 2017
An 'Islamic feminist' on why she's not an oxymoron Yahoo! News November 17, 2017
Quran Excerpts in a Bulgarian Schoolbook Raise Worries in Society EU Scoop November 2, 2017
The radical Islamists are very much a part of the problem Toronto Sun November 2, 2017
Website that helps Muslim men find a second wife in the UK has 100,000 users despite bigamy carrying a sentence of up to seven years in prison Daily Mail October 23, 2017
France: The New Collaborators Gatestone Institute October 20, 2017
What this liberal Muslim will be saying before the M-103 committee Toronto Sun October 15, 2017
Multiculturalism Is Splintering the West Gatestone Institute October 9, 2017
Grooming gangs 'are abusing girls across the country', victims and investigators warn Independent October 8, 2017
Sweden: Land of Double Standards Gatestone Institute October 7, 2017
CAIR's Congress? 3 Democratic candidates you need to know about Conservative Review October 6, 2017
Liberals left reeling by clear, rational criticisms of M-103 National Post October 4, 2017
Sweden: What You Won't See in This Book... Gatestone Institute September 23, 2017
Did a Swedish council buy apartments for a man and his three wives? The Local September 19, 2017
Former Muslim, Anti-FGM Campaigner Shazia Hobbs Suspended from Twitter Breitbart September 4, 2017
Western leftists need to stop supporting Islam's regressive elements Toronto Sun August 24, 2017
'Bisexuals will want polygamy' Daily Mail August 15, 2017
Muslim leader Keysar Trad wants Australian men to be allowed multiple wives Daily Mail August 10, 2017
Calling All Liberals: Will No One Look Out for the Rights of the Women and Children? Gatestone Institute August 7, 2017
Germany: Muslim Biker Gang Vows to "Protect" Fellow Muslims Gatestone Institute July 31, 2017
Roy Moore: Islam is a 'false religion' AL.com July 24, 2017
Left needs to start critiquing Islamism, not defending it Toronto Sun July 20, 2017
Europe's female imams challenge Muslim patriarchy – and fight Islamophobia Christian Science Monitor July 19, 2017
Sydney University adopts law courses pushing for recognition of sharia law, polygamy and young marriage in Australian legal system Daily Telegraph July 14, 2017
South Philadelphia mosque takes on matchmaking of black Muslim women Philadelphia Inquirer June 28, 2017
They Brushed Off Kamala Harris. Then She Brushed Us Off. New York Times June 22, 2017
Muslim women need to challenge the patriarchy in their own faith Toronto Sun June 22, 2017
Call for legal clarity on rights of polygamous families Irish Times June 16, 2017
First marriage of Lebanese man with two wives recognised under Irish law Irish Times June 15, 2017
'We are one people': Religious leaders denounce anti-Muslim billboard Indianapolis Star June 9, 2017
Italian Muslims disown London attacker, fear backlash AFP June 7, 2017
Indy Muslims call out creators of local billboard that insults Prophet Muhammad Indianapolis Star June 5, 2017
Cultural traditions continue to hold back South Asian women in Canada Toronto Sun June 1, 2017
Sarsour and the progressive zeitgeist Jerusalem Post May 30, 2017
Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings Gatestone Institute May 30, 2017
Spain: "Pacifist" Imam Arrested on Terror Charges Gatestone Institute May 11, 2017
Norwegian rejection of Afghan family reunification linked to sharia law: report The Local April 26, 2017
How an 'Islamic' bar became a French election scandal AFP April 19, 2017
Switzerland's controversial Islamic leaders Swiss Info April 16, 2017
Australian Federation of Islamic Councils President Keysar Trad admits he can say stupid things Daily Telegraph April 8, 2017
'We don't want burkas and mosques on every corner' Daily Mail April 7, 2017
'Pro-Islam' textbook stirs debate in Brevard — again Florida Today April 1, 2017
Canadian values matter, but so do the details Toronto Sun March 16, 2017
Canada's New Blasphemy Laws Gatestone Institute March 8, 2017
Inside Britain's sharia councils: hardline and anti-women – or a dignified way to divorce? Guardian March 1, 2017
Muslim leader Keysar Trad tells Andrew Bolt violence against women is 'last resort' Nine News February 23, 2017
I'm a liberal Muslim and I reject M-103 Toronto Sun February 16, 2017
Germany's Muslim Demographic Future Gatestone Institute February 8, 2017
Crying for 'New Americans' from the Lands of Jihad FrontPage Magazine February 1, 2017
When will women's march protest Shariah law? Toronto Sun January 26, 2017
Radicalization in Public Schools Gatestone Institute January 26, 2017
CAIR: Cruz's Muslim Brotherhood Bill Not About Terrorism Investigative Project January 26, 2017
Worksheet on 'Sharia law' irks school parents Louisville Courier-Journal January 17, 2017
Bigamist awarded costs over visa cancellation as form 'not clear' Australian January 12, 2017
Europe: The Case of the Vanishing Women Gatestone Institute January 4, 2017
'I'm keeping families together' insists man who runs polygamy website Metro December 31, 2016
Why the UK's Sharia Courts Should Be Banned Investigative Project December 20, 2016
Wife of terrorist Hamdi Alquds loses lawsuit against police over terrorism raid Daily Telegraph December 15, 2016
Pauline Hanson: Muslim wives 'abusing culture' Australian December 12, 2016
Scott Morrison slams Muslim polygamy for welfare Australian December 12, 2016
Europe: Illegal to Criticize Islam Gatestone Institute December 12, 2016
Centrelink 'legalises' multiple Muslim wives Daily Telegraph December 10, 2016
Germany Submits to Sharia Law Gatestone Institute December 1, 2016
Multiculturalism must be a two-way street Toronto Sun November 24, 2016
Germany Cracks Down on Salafists to Shield Refugees New York Times November 19, 2016
Shame on Sharia Daily Mail November 12, 2016
Muslim Toronto Police chaplain's views troubling Toronto Sun November 3, 2016
Viral YouTube video attacks Dearborn-Dearborn Heights Muslim community Arab American News October 27, 2016
Outrage as Syrian refugee with four wives and 23 kids 'claims £320,000 in benefits every year' The Sun October 25, 2016
Denmark's feminist mosque founder challenges norms AFP October 25, 2016
Muslim man tried to leave his wife just 10 per cent of their $1 million assets through bogus Islamic divorce that took place on his front porch and in front of a Sheikh Daily Mail October 24, 2016
British Peer: Polygamy 'Commonplace' Within Muslim Communities in Britain Breitbart October 18, 2016
Europe's no-go zones: Inside the lawless ghettos that breed and harbour terrorists National Post October 11, 2016
Germany Imports Child Marriage Gatestone Institute October 6, 2016
The Muslim Brotherhood Isn't The Only Gang In Town Daily Caller October 4, 2016
One in four French Muslims in 'revolt' against secular laws AFP September 18, 2016
Secondwife.com site gaining traction in Australia, says UK founder Sydney Morning Herald September 10, 2016
Denmark moves to make marriage 'for adults only' Copenhagen Post September 5, 2016
UK courts should be able to issue Islamic divorces, sharia expert says Guardian September 4, 2016
Kellie Leitch defends 'anti-Canadian values' survey question CBC News September 2, 2016
Should we screen immigrants for 'anti-Canadian values?' Kellie Leitch's campaign wants to know CBC News September 1, 2016
Women lead Friday prayers at Denmark's first female-run mosque Guardian August 26, 2016
Membership For Muslim Polygamy Website Skyrockets Daily Caller August 25, 2016
Right-wing politicians applaud France's burkini ban ANSAmed August 19, 2016
When Teddy Roosevelt Banned Muslims from America FrontPage Magazine August 18, 2016
Muslims Demand Polygamy In Response To Same Sex Unions Breitbart August 9, 2016
Margaret Thatcher concerned over 'second wives' BBC News July 21, 2016
Polygamy is not a cultural conceit. It is an affront to women Guardian July 9, 2016
Stonewalling Muslim Homophobia FrontPage Magazine June 30, 2016
One Week After Orlando, Democrats Feature Anti-Gay Imam at Banquet FrontPage Magazine June 28, 2016
Businessman launches website to find himself two more wives Birmingham Mail June 19, 2016
Justice minister wants to end toleration of polygamy The Local June 14, 2016
Polygamy: Europe's Hidden Statistic Gatestone Institute June 5, 2016
MPs demand Syrian migrant DNA tested to stop him bringing his 20 children to Europe Daily Express May 29, 2016
Love your wife? This man wants to help you to find another Toronto Star May 29, 2016
'Too sick to work migrant' now wants to bring 12 more children and 2 more wives to Europe Daily Express May 27, 2016
U.S. seeks to revoke citizenship of Somali-born Muslim cleric Columbus Dispatch May 8, 2016
Radical UK Preacher: British Muslims Want Their Own Islamic Nation Breitbart May 2, 2016
UK: What British Muslims Really Think Gatestone Institute April 17, 2016
The Failure of Muslim Integration in the UK FrontPage Magazine April 13, 2016
AP 'Corrects' Trump For Saying Islam Treats Women Badly Daily Caller March 12, 2016
What Is Canada Doing Celebrating Hijab Day? Gatestone Institute February 21, 2016
Men with more than one wife will get extra benefits under new rules Daily Mail January 24, 2016
How Donald Trump Made A Controversial Muslim Rights Group Mainstream Buzzfeed December 20, 2015
Sharia in the UK: The courts in the shadow of British law offering rough justice for Muslim women Independent December 4, 2015
Paradigms Lost: The EU FrontPage Magazine December 1, 2015
Muslim men having '20 children each' because of polygamy, peer claims Telegraph October 23, 2015
Michel Houellebecq, Casually Provocative New York Times October 12, 2015
Syrian Child Brides Coming To Europe FrontPage Magazine October 9, 2015
Conservatives pledge funds, tip line to combat 'barbaric cultural practices' CBC News October 2, 2015
Public Islam stirs unresolved Christian anger, reverend says Canberra Times September 12, 2015
Quebec's Bill 59 panders to Islamists Toronto Sun September 4, 2015
Germany's Muslim Demographic Revolution Gatestone Institute August 31, 2015
Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Girls New York Times August 17, 2015
Deport the Abdulazeez Family FrontPage Magazine July 22, 2015
German Isil fighter who returned from Syria denounces group as un-Islamic Telegraph July 17, 2015
Young British Muslims are fuelling a rise in Sharia weddings and secret polygamous marriages, claims Islamic family lawyer Daily Mail July 2, 2015
The niqab doesn't symbolize freedom Toronto Sun June 25, 2015
Forced marriage jail first as Cardiff man sentenced BBC News June 10, 2015
Gangster-turned-radical imam may have radicalized dozens behind bars Fox News June 4, 2015
The Prospects for Polygamy New York Times May 30, 2015
Rising Islamophobia concerns US Muslim organizations Anadolu Agency May 28, 2015
Mohammad Shafia intimidated prisoners into attending prayers CBC News May 5, 2015
UK: Sharia Courts Abusing Muslim Women Gatestone Institute April 8, 2015
British Muslim women abused under Sharia courts – report Christian Institute March 27, 2015
Harper should have gone further in niqab criticism National Post March 25, 2015
Queensland parliament to consider petition to ban mosques Sunshine Coast Daily March 20, 2015
Anti-Islam rally not racist, organiser says Fraser Coast Chronicle March 7, 2015
Rising star of Labour who claims to support women's rights is accused of having two wives and asking an imam to spin off a supposed Islamic divorce Daily Mail March 6, 2015
The E.U. Experiment Has Failed Defining Ideas March 5, 2015
Niqab appeal by Ottawa is questioned over motivation CBC News February 13, 2015
Nigel Farage: Ghettos in French cities have become no-go zones for non-Muslims Telegraph January 13, 2015
Laughing at Mohammed FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2015
'Islamophobic' novel hits the shelves in France The Local January 7, 2015
Inside Houellebecq's Muslim-ruled France The Local December 24, 2014
Mass polygamy in UK Muslim community – claim Telegraph December 10, 2014
Feds brace for backlash over new immigration rules banning polygamous, forced marriages CBC News November 5, 2014
Experts question use of bill banning immigrants in polygamous marriages Globe and Mail November 5, 2014
Living in a Sharia Enclave in America FrontPage Magazine September 11, 2014
Feminism fails to confront rise of Sharia law Irish Independent August 3, 2014
We must resist the fear to fight oppression Herald Sun July 13, 2014
The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada: the next steps Canadian Jewish News June 6, 2014
Vindicated FrontPage Magazine May 16, 2014
CAIR Defends U.S. Jamaat ul-Fuqra Terror Group Clarion Project April 29, 2014
A "Wadjda" for Kosovo Gatestone Institute April 21, 2014
Private school chief linked to Islam Trojan Horse plot says: Stone all adulterers to death Daily Mail April 19, 2014
Muslim group posits harmony with Western values Orange County Register April 19, 2014
Naomi Wolf Attacks Me as a Zionist Agent for Criticizing Brandeis Feminists Breitbart April 17, 2014
Rev. Graham: Muslims Who 'Want to Practice Sharia Law' Should 'Go Back Where You Came From' CNS News April 17, 2014
Brandeis Feminists Fail the Historic Moment Israel National News April 16, 2014
CAIR's Jihad against Honor Diaries National Review April 5, 2014
Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs Telegraph March 22, 2014
Media bias: Robert Spencer unedited interview with SBS Australia, & what actually ran on the news Jihad Watch March 17, 2014
Norway: Muslima wanted to protect daughter from becoming Norwegian, tortured her to death Jihad Watch March 16, 2014
Claims of bias fuel TN textbook battle Tennessean February 22, 2014
France's tough stance on female genital mutilation is working, say campaigners Guardian February 9, 2014
Muslims, Our Natural Allies? FrontPage Magazine February 6, 2014
Who represents Sweden's Muslim voters? The Local January 30, 2014
Polygamist politician with four wives thrashes out in divorce in UK court Daily Mirror January 22, 2014
Murderers Fazli Rahim and Saima Gul have jail terms cut BBC News January 7, 2014
The Hypocrisy of the Feminist Response to Islam's Oppression of Women PJ Media December 30, 2013
Honor killings in the West and the God of poetic justice Jerusalem Post December 24, 2013
Islam in Denmark: Muslima's secret wife discovers her husband has also married his cousin from the U.S., burns her alive Jihad Watch December 23, 2013
Patriarch Kirill concerned about Islamists' activities in Moscow Interfax December 23, 2013
American Muslim Women Not Immune to Islamist Abuse Clarion Project December 18, 2013
The Sister Wives' Polygamy case and the limit of the State Religion News Service December 15, 2013
French ban on Islamic face veil challenged in court Telegraph December 11, 2013
French veil ban on trial in new challenge AFP December 11, 2013
Conan O'Brien Discovers: Muslim Polygamy Is No Joke PJ Media November 11, 2013
Muslim candidate is in line with Labour policy, says Muscat Malta Today November 8, 2013
Islamic History Month Comes to Manitoba, Canada FrontPage Magazine October 29, 2013
Filiatrault apologizes for derogatory comments she made about Muslim women Montreal Gazette October 18, 2013
Britain's Underage Muslim Marriage Epidemic Gatestone Institute October 15, 2013
Child Marriage Comes to Australia PJ Media October 14, 2013
Quebec doctors warned to stop performing virginity tests Montreal Gazette October 11, 2013
Canadian Muslims Protest "Honor Killing" Label As Racist Investigative Project October 7, 2013
Canada (and the U.S.) Welcome Polygamy PJ Media October 7, 2013
18 UK mosques 'agree to perform underage marriages' ITV October 6, 2013
Polygamous immigrants can only bring first wife, officials warn Sun News Network October 1, 2013
Chris Christie Bent on Including Islamists in Security Forums Clarion Project September 2, 2013
Salim Ahmad: Islamism is Serious Political Threat to West Clarion Project August 1, 2013
Islam, Rape and Theology FrontPage Magazine June 28, 2013
NY Times 'Model Muslim' Endorses Sharia for America Clarion Project June 19, 2013
Gov. Christie Appoints Islamist-Friendly AG to Be New Senator Clarion Project June 9, 2013
Islamic Law's Foothold in German Legal System Gatestone Institute June 7, 2013
Britain: Islamic Temporary Marriages on the Rise Gatestone Institute June 4, 2013
Optimism in struggle with radical Islam Ottawa Citizen May 24, 2013
French activist lifts the veil on the burqa ban Chicago Maroon May 24, 2013
A Jihadist in the Pulpit FrontPage Magazine May 23, 2013
Tory MP backs Bill to curb growth of Sharia courts Christian Institute May 13, 2013
'Sharia councils must be penalised' Asian Image April 24, 2013
MEP speaks out against spread of Sharia courts Christian Institute April 18, 2013
Either Europe Will Become Christian Again or It Will Become Muslim Jihad Watch April 12, 2013
Honour killings, marriage fraud new topics in revamped immigration guide CTV News April 2, 2013
The Obama Administration's Disgraceful Muslim Brotherhood Policy FrontPage Magazine March 27, 2013
Wise As Serpents? FrontPage Magazine March 12, 2013
Mark Steyn's Antidote to Burqa-Mandating Texas Teachers American Thinker February 26, 2013
Defining Deviancy Down in Germany American Thinker February 22, 2013
Swedes Propose Open Borders & Polygamy FrontPage Magazine February 21, 2013
Muslims Claim Christian Group Defamed Them Courthouse News February 15, 2013
Ideas About Modernizing Islam Huffington Post January 30, 2013
Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West FrontPage Magazine January 21, 2013
Harris Zafar's Islamic Intellectual Incoherence American Thinker January 20, 2013
The Formidable Islamist Minority in America FrontPage Magazine January 9, 2013
Geert Wilders' Courageous Journey FrontPage Magazine December 31, 2012
Justin Trudeau's Islamist Revival Investigative Project December 20, 2012
Millionaire Houshang Jafari's wife granted divorce BBC News December 1, 2012
Alleged polygamy sparks Swiss mosque ruckus The Local November 16, 2012
French Islamic Group Likens Gay Marriage To Bestiality World Crunch November 15, 2012
Four Islamists on Gov. Christie's Muslim Outreach Committee Radical Islam November 15, 2012
Tale of 2 surveys: What U.S. Muslims believe WorldNetDaily November 13, 2012
Guess who U.S. Muslims are voting for WorldNetDaily October 30, 2012
Bill to curb Sharia courts debated in the House of Lords Christian Institute October 22, 2012
Muslim who married a second wife in secret Sharia ceremony stabbed her to death in row over their unborn baby Daily Mail October 16, 2012
Canada immigration confusion: Multiple wife visa requests by Saudi men Emirates 24/7 October 15, 2012
German Welfare System Supports Muslim Polygamy Islam versus Europe September 12, 2012
Unrecorded Muslim Marriages, Bigamy, and Polygamy Gatestone Institute September 12, 2012
Muslim tycoon in divorce fight over affair 'allowed under Sharia Law' Telegraph September 4, 2012
Shafilea Ahmed's father had 'embraced Western culture' BBC News August 3, 2012
Britain: Muslim Polygamists to Get More Welfare Benefits Gatestone Institute August 1, 2012
Married Migrants Benefits Scandal Daily Express July 31, 2012
Polygamous immigrant families to be paid more benefits after Government blunder Daily Mail July 30, 2012
Huma Abedin's Mother and an Islamist Agenda FrontPage Magazine July 20, 2012
Concerns over mosque leader's polygamy post The Age July 11, 2012
Palatka man guilty of torching wife who wanted to stay in U.S. St. Augustine Record June 27, 2012
If You Don't Stand Up for Western Civilization It Will Fall: A Case Study PJ Media June 9, 2012
Polygamy in Islam: The women victims of multiple marriage BBC News May 31, 2012
Islam Is a Religion, and Therefore Protected by the Constitution Atlantic May 30, 2012
Islamophobia 'Experts' to be Called in Breivik Case FrontPage Magazine May 22, 2012
Going Undercover in Sweden's Mosques FrontPage Magazine May 21, 2012
Mosques' advice: 'don't report abusive husbands' The Local May 16, 2012
See No Shariah Accuracy in Academia May 14, 2012
Activists Warn US Women of Sharia Law Threat CBN News May 11, 2012
Muslim marriages like George Galloway's should be registered Guardian May 4, 2012
Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller at the Freedom Center's Islamic Apartheid Conference FrontPage Magazine April 25, 2012
The Hague mosque suspends radical sheikh Radio Netherlands March 31, 2012
Book tells Muslim men how to beat and control their wives Toronto Sun March 23, 2012
Ministers agree new rules to reduce forced marriages Dutch News March 23, 2012
What Happened to Harvard's 'Veritas'? FrontPage Magazine March 20, 2012
Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels CBN News March 17, 2012
How I Became a Hate Group FrontPage Magazine March 15, 2012
High-flying Muslim career women willing to 'share husbands' because of a lack of suitable men Daily Mail March 11, 2012
Letter to UCI Administrators on Rejection of Wallenberg Statue FrontPage Magazine March 9, 2012
My mother wants me dead: Catholic convert speaks out after fleeing her Muslim family following 'honour killing' threat Daily Mail March 8, 2012
Danish Muslim ghettos: Nine times higher crime rate, hostility towards the surrounding community Jihad Watch March 1, 2012
The Problem of a Radical Imam at Wake Forest University FrontPage Magazine February 20, 2012
French court dismisses polygamy case France 24 February 17, 2012
Twisted concept of honour shames any civilised society Irish Independent February 5, 2012
Islam, honour, murder Toronto Sun February 3, 2012
NBC whitewashes Shafia honor killing: no mention of Islam in story of girls killed because they "betrayed Islam" Jihad Watch February 1, 2012
Normalizing the Kingston Honor Killings FrontPage Magazine February 1, 2012
Justice Served in Horrific Canadian Honor Murder FrontPage Magazine January 31, 2012
Family plans to appeal convictions in 'honor' murders CNN January 30, 2012
In interviews, American Muslims say they reject separate 'sharia' law system Yahoo! News January 30, 2012
Shafia murder trial casts shadow over Canada's Islamic community CTV News January 30, 2012
NBC, AP Avoid 'M-word' in Report About 'Honor Killings' Newsbusters January 30, 2012
Islam doesn't justify 'honor murders,' experts insist CNN January 30, 2012
Understanding the dynamics of a 'crime of honour' Globe and Mail January 30, 2012
Jury finds Afghan family guilty in 'honor' killings Fox News January 29, 2012
No honour in 'cold-blooded, shameless' murder of Shafia girls National Post January 29, 2012
Family convicted in Canada 'honor murders' CNN January 29, 2012
Startling revelations from relatives as Shafia trial jury deliberates National Post January 28, 2012
Ministers to bar polygamists from claiming extra benefits Christian Institute January 27, 2012
What the Shafia jurors didn't hear National Post January 27, 2012
Shafia accused saw deceased as 'diseased limb' CBC News January 26, 2012
Shafia trial wraps up after bomb scare clears court CTV News January 26, 2012
Newt Was Right National Review January 20, 2012
Mohammad Shafia's behaviour explained through simple Afghan wisdom National Post January 17, 2012
Shafia mom tells court 'we're not murderers' CBC News January 13, 2012
Adopting Pro-Sharia Textbooks Family Security Matters January 12, 2012
Report on Biased Textbooks Goes to 500 Superintendents FrontPage Magazine January 4, 2012
France makes it harder to become French France 24 December 29, 2011
France: Citizens forced to convert to Islam to get married Islam in Europe December 27, 2011
In family horror, some Canadians see culture clash CBS News December 25, 2011
B.C. still mulling sending polygamy ban to Supreme Court of Canada Vancouver Sun December 24, 2011
Why the West is Best FrontPage Magazine December 16, 2011
Feminists back women as possessions in Supreme Court case National Post December 9, 2011
Family honour often prized more highly than life, Shafia trial told Globe and Mail December 5, 2011
Victim of alleged 'honour killing' believed husband would kill her if she left: witness National Post November 29, 2011
Romney Versus Gingrich on Jihad and Sharia: A Clear Contrast Breitbart November 25, 2011
Canadian Court Rules That Polygamy Ban Is Constitutional New York Times November 23, 2011
Obedient Wives Club urges women: Be like prostitutes Evening Standard November 23, 2011
Denmark: 'You don't flirt with Sharia' Islam in Europe November 9, 2011
Polygamy: Tis The Season? Muslim Link October 27, 2011
'I would do it again'; court hears horror of alleged honour killing National Post October 20, 2011
Local Islamists draw on British success in bid for sharia law Australian October 7, 2011
Filming Beginning on New Documentary About Pro-Islam Bias in Education Christian Action Network October 6, 2011
State superintendent says Islamic assignment crossed line WSB-TV September 30, 2011
Muslim Polygamists Exploiting British Welfare System Hudson NY September 29, 2011
British Muslims reviving polygamy Australian September 27, 2011
The British Muslim men who love 'both their wives' BBC News September 26, 2011
The truth about polygamy: A special investigation into how Muslim men can exploit the benefits system Daily Mail September 23, 2011
Father upset over homework promoting polygamy, Islam WSB-TV September 23, 2011
School's curriculum on Mideast adjusted after parent protests Marietta Daily Journal September 22, 2011
Islamic Sharia Law Proliferates in Germany Hudson NY September 8, 2011
Shariah Abolished for Greek Muslims Greek Reporter August 21, 2011
Saba Ahmed's unusual race for an Oregon congressional seat Oregonian August 19, 2011
In Defense of David Yerushalmi FrontPage Magazine August 9, 2011
Sharia law in the West goes against fight for reforms Australian August 9, 2011
Norway Terror Attack: Lessons and Illusions Pajamas Media July 26, 2011
Sharia-style marriages could be officially recorded by the government Daily Mirror July 22, 2011
Sharia law at work in Australia Australian July 20, 2011
True Finns Youth: Polygamy ideas sign of Islamisation YLE July 20, 2011
Greens' youth organisation backs polygamy YLE July 19, 2011
Muslim polygamy – in Seattle WorldNetDaily June 29, 2011
Lady Cox's bill is not so controversial Guardian June 23, 2011
Radical Islam issues hit here, too Winnepeg Sun May 10, 2011
TV Networks Promote Evangelical Islamists Investigative Project May 9, 2011
Ex-Army chief's fears over plan for mosque next to Sandhurst Daily Mail April 9, 2011
Revealed: How TV Islamic extremist who hates Britain enjoys £1,250-a-month benefits and rent-free luxury flat Daily Mail April 7, 2011
Benefits Clampdown on 'Harem' Muslims Daily Express March 31, 2011
Islamic former guitarist now preaches against music National Post February 15, 2011
Muslims in France torn between tradition and modernity over relationships: poll National Post January 11, 2011
Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage. Yet the feminists stay silent Irish Independent January 6, 2011
Polygamy's many wives don't capture 'market value' Vancouver Sun December 8, 2010
The liberal love affair with Islam Daily Caller November 14, 2010
The Role of Islamic Law in German Courts Der Spiegel November 10, 2010
Sharia in the UK FrontPage Magazine October 25, 2010
Italy's MP Fiamma Nirenstein:"Islam Does Not Like Christians" Israel National News October 22, 2010
Sharia law being used in Germany in Muslims' domestic disputes The Local October 9, 2010
The Other Mosque Battle FrontPage Magazine October 7, 2010
Ramadan in Moscow: is Islamisation catching up with Russia? Musings of a Durotrigan September 22, 2010
How Muslims can help defeat terrorism Ottawa Citizen September 7, 2010
France to strip citizenship from attackers of police Reuters September 6, 2010
Italy: Islam denied income tax revenue Adnkronos International August 27, 2010
Sharia law threatens Moscow control in Muslim Chechnya Reuters August 26, 2010
Women without headscarves targeted in Muslim Chechnya Reuters August 21, 2010
The Battle for France FrontPage Magazine August 18, 2010
New Normal on the Issue of Migrants: Incoherence New York Times August 16, 2010
France's interior minister targets immigrants who practise polygamy Telegraph August 8, 2010
Russia's Muslim south triples sharia bride price Reuters July 7, 2010
Muslims and Catholics unite against 'negative' media and same-sex marriage Times of Malta June 24, 2010
Dispute over traffic ticket, veil marks extent of unease in France over Muslims Washington Post June 14, 2010
Western Taxpayers Bled by Polygamous Muslims NewsReal June 10, 2010
Suspected Muslim polygamist charged with welfare fraud France 24 June 9, 2010
Munich Imam Tries to Dull Lure of Radical Islam New York Times May 15, 2010
Canada: Lucrative for the Islamic Fringe NewsReal May 13, 2010
Many wives' tales Economist May 6, 2010
Polygamy banned but some immigrants in France use system to make money on their wives Fox News May 2, 2010
Muslim butcher's many wives 'no worse than French mistresses' Times Online April 27, 2010
Man accused of polygamy in France fights back Deutsche Welle April 26, 2010
Suspicion of polygamy stokes France's veil debate Fox News April 25, 2010
French Muslims feel stigmatised in veil row RTE News April 25, 2010
Growing number of Muslim men and multiple wives exploiting loophoole for taxpayer handouts Herald Sun March 5, 2010
Newcomers to France should sign 'no-burqa' clause, says Families Minister Times of India February 8, 2010
Wedding trouble as UK Muslim marriages not recognised BBC News February 3, 2010
Man charged with bigamy Asian News January 27, 2010
Islam and the West: 'Overlapping Consensus' or Capitulation? American Thinker January 12, 2010
Women should be wary of romanticising Islam Evening Standard January 8, 2010
Muslim revival brings polygamy, camels to Chechnya Reuters December 16, 2009
Foreign brides face tougher immigration rules Dutch News October 3, 2009
Eurabian Safari Hudson NY August 27, 2009
Family's plans to murder daughters, first wife hatched months before: police National Post July 24, 2009
Sisters Murdered For "Honor" FrontPage Magazine July 24, 2009
Parents, son charged with murder in case of 4 found in car near Kingston, Ont. Canadian Press July 23, 2009
Kingston Police Call It A "Muslim Honor Killing" Pajamas Media July 23, 2009
Help Muslims escape the tyranny of sharia law NRC Handelsblad July 10, 2009
Polygamy UK: This special Mail investigation reveals how thousands of men are milking the benefits system to support several wives Daily Mail February 24, 2009
Storm over Muslims with 'Up to Four Wives' Daily Express February 21, 2009
Aguanga man to serve seven life sentences Valley News February 20, 2009
Windsor man with two wives cleared of bigamy National Post February 10, 2009
How Sahar Daftary's death fall exposed polygamy in Britain Times Online December 27, 2008
Local Muslim clerics accused The Age November 21, 2008
Principal of Islamic school in Buffalo ousted over sex allegations Buffalo News August 27, 2008
Montco woman gets prison in bigamist spouse's murder Associated Press August 14, 2008
Netherlands Recognises Polygamous Marriages of Muslims NIS News August 12, 2008
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