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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Cornell, Harvard, NYU and Georgetown have Received Billions in Funding from Arab Countries Over Past 30 Years Daily Mail October 19, 2023
'A Step Toward Eradicating Antisemitism on Campus': George Washington University Ends Partnership with Middle East Studies Association The Algemeiner July 25, 2023
Is There a Cost to Free Speech on College Campuses? Deseret News March 5, 2023
Academic Anti-Semites Who Don't Like Being Called Out for What They Are [incl. Ian Lustick, Joel Benin] The Jewish Voice November 18, 2022
New Study Shows Faculty-Driven BDS Is Fueling Campus Antisemitism Jewish Press March 17, 2022
Department of Education Implicates Georgetown for Failure to Report Foreign Gifts [incl. John Esposito] The Hoya November 6, 2020
Stanford Under the Influence of Iran's Lobby? Iran News Update October 6, 2020
Tech Giants Shut Down Panel Featuring Leila Khaled, Mahoney Announces Support for Academic Freedom [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] Golden Gate Xpress September 25, 2020
Academia's Antisemitism and Foreign Funding in the Corona Era [incl. Ilana Feldman] The Jerusalem Post July 2, 2020
Social Media Campaign Targeting Jew-Hating Professors Reaches 121,000 Across Four Universities [incl. Jasbir Puar, Joel Beinin, Yến Lê Espiritu] The Jewish Voice June 17, 2020
Social Media Campaign Condemning 'Jew-hating' Professors Gains Traction [incl. Jasbir Puar, Joel Beinin, Yến Lê Espiritu] The Jerusalem Post June 17, 2020
Who's Educating the Protesters? [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi] Clarion Project June 15, 2020
American Historical Association Rejects Anti-Israel Resolution for the 4th Time [incl. Middle East Studies Association, Abdel Razzaq Takriti, Joel Beinin, Joshua Schreier, Ussama Makdisi] Legal Insurrection January 9, 2020
Despite Iranian Demonstrators Chanting 'Death to America,' Qassem Soleimani Was a Polarizing Figure in Iran [incl. Arang Keshavarzian, Abbas Milani] Market Watch January 5, 2020
Middle East Studies Program Comes Under Federal Scrutiny [incl. Middle East Studies Association, Joel Beinin] Inside Higher Ed September 25, 2019
Israel-Advocacy Groups Urge Cancellation of 'Anti-Semitic,' Pro-Palestinian Conference at University of Minnesota [incl. Rabab Abdulhadi, David Palumbo-Liu, Ahlam Muhtaseb] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) September 24, 2019
Saudi Arabia and the UAE Fund Academia With Strings Attached Lobe Log August 28, 2019
Muslim Scholar Catches Flak for Serving on New State Department Rights Panel [on Hamza Yusuf] Religion News Network July 10, 2019
UC Davis Professor Faces Trial in Turkey as Prosecution of Vocal Scholars Reaches U.S. [on Baki Tezcan; incl. Howard Eissesnstat, Halil Yenigun, Asli Igsiz] The Sacramento Bee July 2, 2019
Despite Promises and Publicity, UC Perpetuates Lackluster Response to Harassment [incl. Gabriel Piterberg] The Daily Bruin (student newspaper for the University of California, Los Angeles) June 8, 2019
One of World's Wealthiest Educational Institutions May Close its Renowned Press The Nation May 6, 2019
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Weighs in on Intersection of Sports, Race, Religion, Politics The Stanford Daily (student newspaper for Stanford University) May 2, 2019
Reprieve at Stanford [incl. Middle Eastern Studies] Inside Higher Ed May 1, 2019
Unique to Stanford: Global Studies and Human Rights Minors The Stanford Daily (student newspaper for Stanford University) January 24, 2019
Postdoc Becomes NJ's First Female South Asian Mayor [on Sadaf Jaffer; incl. Daniel Sheffield] The Daily Princetonian January 13, 2019
Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Stirs Heated Debate in Academia [incl. Juan Cole, David Palumbo-Liu, Amer Zahr] Arab American News October 19, 2018
Middle East Scholars Demand Peace [incl. Richard Falk, Joel Beinin, James Gelvin] Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) July 14, 2018
One Question: Gaza [incl. Richard Falk, Sara Roy, Norman Finkelstein, Helga Tawil-Souri, Joel Beinin] State of Nature Blog June 28, 2018
Newspaper Pledges to Return ISIS Documents to Iraq [incl. MESA, Judith Tucker, Laurie Brand] Al-Fanar Media June 11, 2018
No, Judith Butler Did Not Ask Someone To Leave A Meeting For Being Pro Israel [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Forward January 31, 2018
These Professors Tried To Kick Me Out Of A Meeting - For Supporting Israel [incl. Judith Butler and David Palumbo-Liu] Forward January 31, 2018
The Middle East Studies Association Imagines Its Future [incl. Noura Erakat, Judith Butler, Samera Esmeir, Joel Beinin, Shira Robinson, Joshua Schreier] Telos Press December 20, 2017
Fresno State Administration Rejects Accusation That Jewish Faculty Influenced Decision to Terminate Search for New Middle East Studies Professor [incl. Hatem Bazian, Steven Salaita, David Palumbo-Liu] The Algemeiner June 8, 2017
Tables Turned: Modern Language Association in Midst of Voting on Anti-BDS Resolution [incl. Jasbir Puar, David Palumbo-Liu] Legal Insurrection May 18, 2017
New Batch of 'Terror-Sympathizing' Professors Added to Campus Watchdog's Dossier of Radical College Faculty [incl. John Esposito, Rabab Abdulhadi, Joel Beinin, Mark LeVine, Miriam Cooke] The Algemeiner September 30, 2016
Anti-Israel Blacklisters Complain They Are Unfairly Being Blacklisted [incl. Steven Salaita, David Palumbo-Liu, Robin D.G. Kelley] Legal Insurrection August 8, 2016
Jewish Academics Turn Against Hillel [incl. Joel Beinin, Daniel Boyarin, Joshua Schreier, Shaul Magid] The Weekly Standard January 19, 2016
Why Hasn't Unedited Video of UT-Austin Israel Studies Disruption Been Released? [on Ami Pedahzur] Legal Insurrection November 29, 2015
Boycott Israel? Faculty Caught Up in BDS Dispute [incl. Mark LeVine, Joel Beinin, Nathan Brown, Rabab Abdulhadi] J. (Jewish News Weekly of Northern California) October 15, 2015
The Politicization of Learning Arabic The Stanford Daily September 30, 2015
The Common Core of BDS and Campus Anti-Semitism [incl. Hatem Bazian] The Hill May 28, 2015
Letter to the Editor from Joel Beinin, "The divestment campaign is aimed at ending Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands" The Stanford Daily January 28, 2015
Professor Joel Beinin: "Palestinians are the Victims of the Victims of the Holocaust." Richard Millett's Blog November 8, 2014
Statement by Jewish Studies Professors in North America Regarding the Amcha Initiative The Jewish Daily Forward October 1, 2014
Eight Locals Among Mideast Scholars Calling for Israel Academic Boycott J. (The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California) August 7, 2014
Stanford University Agitprop Press [incl. Joel Beinin] The Times of Israel August 1, 2014
Hoover Senior Fellow Fouad Ajami Passes Away at Age 68 The Stanford Daily June 25, 2014
Fouad Ajami, Lebanese-Born Scholar, Author and Commentator, Dies at 68 [incl. Charles Hill] The Los Angeles Times June 23, 2014
Fouad Ajami, Influential Scholar of the Middle East, Dies at 68 Washington Post June 23, 2014
Stanford's Fouad Ajami Has Died Breitbart June 22, 2014
The Extremist Allegiances of Joel Beinin The Algemeiner May 12, 2014
'New Directions' Conference Discusses Future of Palestinian Studies [incl. Beshara Doumani, Rashid Khalidi, Joel Beinin, Lelia Farsakh, et al.] The Electronic Intifada March 8, 2014
Stanford to Boost Middle East Studies Faculty The Stanford Daily July 31, 2013
Q+A: Professor Joel Beinin on Egypt's Recent Unrest The Stanford Daily July 18, 2013
Martinez Resident Makes Bid to be President of Iran [incl. Hooshang Amirahmadi, Abbas Milani, Stephen Zunes] (Martinez Patch) May 15, 2013
Filling an 'Appetite for Jewish Learning' [incl. Fred Astren] J. Weekly (Jewish News Weekly of Northern California) April 11, 2013
The American Voices of the Islamist Regime in Iran [on Flyntt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett] The New Republic March 14, 2013
How The Academic Left Came To Hate Israel [incl. Juan Cole, Joseph Massad, Joel Beinin, Norman Finkelstein, Jennifer Loewenstein] The Jewish Press April 18, 2012
Stanford Scholars Deconstruct Middle East Uprisings by Looking at Europe's Past [incl. Joel Beinin] News of Stanford University March 13, 2012
Alumnus Fadi Quran Arrested in West Bank to Face Trial [incl. Joel Beinin, Khalil Barhoum] The Stanford Daily February 27, 2012
Israel-Hatred on Campus Seen as Threat to Existence [incl. Joel Beinin, Jennifer Loewenstein, Sara Roy, Marc Ellis] The Canadian Jewish News February 24, 2012
Ghonim Analyzes Uprisings in Egypt [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Daily February 8, 2012
Panel Analyzes Muslims in Entertainment The Stanford Daily November 4, 2011
Achcar Discusses MENA Revolutions [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Daily October 20, 2011
A Second Language for Every High School Student, Stanford's Russell Berman Says Stanford Report May 6, 2011
Egypt Conference Highlights Democratic Transition [incl. Joel Beinin, Jason Brownlee] The Stanford Daily May 2, 2011
The Suddenly New Study of Egypt [incl. Joel Beinin, Zachary Lockman, Joshua Stacher, Asef Bayat, et al.] The Chronicle of Higher Education March 13, 2011
University Students, Faculty Respond to Egypt Protests [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Daily February 15, 2011
Student sees Egypt revolt firsthand The Stanford Daily February 14, 2011
Bing Overseas Study Program Eyes Middle East The Stanford Daily February 11, 2011
Stanford in Government Announces New Fellowship in Qatar The Stanford Daily January 25, 2011
Stanford Slow to Build Offerings in Middle East Studies The Stanford Daily January 25, 2011
Antisemitism Thrives in Academia [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Review January 18, 2011
Arabic Sparks New Passions [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Daily October 14, 2010
Academic Question [incl. Joel Beinin] Tablet Magazine May 6, 2010
Faculty Senate Discusses Cheating The Stanford Daily February 5, 2010
Joel Beinin Whines about Israeli Airport's "Harassment" FrontPage Magazine December 1, 2009
Ebrahim Moosa to Lead Pricey Egyptian Adventure for Alums The Stanford Review October 23, 2009
Collaborators in the Campus War against Israel and the Jews: Joel Beinin FrontPage Magazine October 16, 2009
Prof. Chomsky Speaks Out [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Daily October 5, 2009
Classical Islamic Law Students for an Open Society (Stanford University) September 25, 2009
University Gifted Program on Arab Studies The Stanford Daily September 22, 2009
Protest Ends with 'Whoops' [incl. Joel Beinin] Inside Higher Ed September 14, 2009
Professors Urge TIAA-CREF to Divest From Company Involved in West Bank Settlements [incl. Joel Beinin] The Chronicle of Higher Education September 11, 2009
Cuts to Hiring Will Affect Growth, Composition of Faculty The Stanford Daily June 4, 2009
Leftist Jews Who Worship at Altar of Anti-Semitism [incl. Joel Beinin] WorldNetDaily March 4, 2009
Symposium Goes Beyond the Pyramids [incl. Will Hanley, Khaled Fahmy, et al.] The Tallahessee Democrat March 2, 2009
Court of Appeal Revives Writer's Defamation Suit Against Bloggers [incl. Joel Beinin] Metropolitan News Company February 11, 2009
Demonstrators, Counter-Demonstrators bring Gaza Conflict to Stanford [incl. Joel Beinin and Khalil Barhoum] The Stanford Review January 23, 2009
Professors, Fellows Share Views On Middle East [incl. Joel Beinin] The Stanford Daily January 20, 2009
Stanford Gaza Protest [incl. Khalil Barhoum] Students for an Open Society Blog January 17, 2009
Censorship and Security Agents Pervade Egypt's Universities [incl. Joel Beinin] The Chronicle of Higher Education May 30, 2008
Alternatives to Middle East Major Offered [on Stanford University; incl. Khalil Barhoum] Stanford Daily May 14, 2008
The Fate of Jewish Anti-Zionists [incl. Joel Beinin, MESA] March 31, 2008
Muslim Student Group Launches "Jihad" of Mixed Messages [incl. John Esposito, Khaled Abou el-Fadl, Daniel Pipes] The Stanford Review February 28, 2008
Esposito Seeks to Redefine "Jihad" [on Georgetown's John Esposito] The Stanford Daily February 8, 2008
The Feminist and the Pope [incl. Stanford's Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies] The Stanford Review January 18, 2008
S.F. Entrepreneur Creates Software for Arabic Language Students [incls. Stanford's Ramzi Salti] San Francisco Chronicle November 19, 2007
For Tel Aviv Law Professor Neta Ziv, It's All "Academic" (even if it kills Jews and destroys Israel) October 19, 2007
Portrait Photo Sparks Fair Use, Copyright Misuse Battle (Beinin v. Center for the Study of Popular Culture) [on Joel Beinin's lawsuit against David Horowitz] Fairly Used - the Fair Use Blog July 10, 2007
A Balancing Act [on Joel Beinin] AUC [American University of Cairo] Today Spring 2007
Stanford Delays Screening of Anti-Semitic Turkish Film The Jerusalem Post February 22, 2007
Prominent Israel Critic Leaves Stanford for Egypt [on Joel Beinin] The Jewish Weekly of Northern California December 8, 2006
Oxford Professor Denied Visa Due to Alleged Hamas Links The New York Sun September 26, 2006
U.S. Rejects Visa for Muslim Scholar Associated Press September 25, 2006
A Closed Door September 25, 2006
In Support of Joel Beinin (Letter to the Editor) Stanford Daily June 8, 2006
Liberal Professor Takes On Conservative Firebrand in Federal Lawsuit Forward May 31, 2006
Joel Beinin: Apologist for Terrorists FrontPage Magazine May 19, 2006
Photo May Shift Old Spat From Academia to Court New York Times May 15, 2006
Joel Beinin's Stenographer Burning Squirrel Report May 11, 2006
Editorial questions Beinin's political stance The Stanford Daily October 17, 2005
The lethal consequences of the trahison des clercs [on Joel Beinin] Melanie Phillips's Diary October 13, 2005
The Outing of the Noisy Professor Beinin Arutz 7 October 9, 2005
Joel Beinin Doesn't Deserve Tenure Stanford Review October 7, 2005
Hoover fellows call for Islam expertise Stanford Daily April 26, 2005
Donation boosts Islamic studies Stanford Daily April 22, 2004
Textbooks for Jihad FrontPage Magazine March 19, 2004
Demonstrators protest U.S. policy domestically and abroad Stanford Daily March 5, 2004
A hard look at the future of Islam: Overflow crowd attends inaugural lecture Stanford Report November 19, 2003
Memorial held for Palestinian-American prof. Edward Said Stanford Daily November 19, 2003
University affirms int'l commitment Stanford Daily November 18, 2003
New Islamic Studies program inaugurated Stanford Daily November 18, 2003
New Islamic Studies program launched Stanford Daily September 30, 2003
University receives $9 million for new Islamic studies program, professorship Stanford Report September 24, 2003
Promoting Study of Islam Mercury News September 20, 2003
Abbasi family endows new Program in Islamic Studies at Stanford Stanford University News Service September 18, 2003
Diverse viewpoints need to be heard at Stanford Stanford Daily August 28, 2003
Panel considers Islamic reaction Stanford Daily May 21, 2003
Nakba Day remembers Palestine Stanford Daily May 15, 2003
Lecture dissects US policy Indiana Daily Student April 29, 2003
Panel offers views on Islamic movement Stanford Daily April 21, 2003
Has the War on Iraq Decreased Antisemitism? Stanford Review April 17, 2003
Panel, teach-in warn of implications of Iraq war's aftermath Stanford Report April 16, 2003
Appreciation for Beinin Watch Stanford Review March 6, 2003
We Must Always Remain Critical Stanford Review February 26, 2003
Beinin Watch Stanford Review February 26, 2003
Moral commitments, emotions can't be kept from the classroom, professor Stanford Report February 4, 2003
Math Quiz at Stanford January 24, 2003
New course to teach 'authoritative' -- not authoritarian -- interpretation of Islam Stanford Report January 8, 2003
Middle East Studies After September 11 Middle East Studies Association November 23, 2002
Addled academics: University 'experts' on the Middle East have lost credibility Ottawa Citizen August 6, 2002
The See-No-Evil Middle East Experts Weekly Standard July 29, 2002
The More Things Stay the Same National Review Online July 22, 2002
Treason of the Academics FrontPage Magazine July 22, 2002
Crisis Studies? Weekly Standard July 19, 2002
MESA Madness National Review November 19, 2001
Israel Studies Has an Israel Problem [incl. Dov Waxman] Sapir Journal Summer 2022
Title Publication Date
Expert speaks on Mideast conflict Chronicle Online September 19, 2002
Message from Joel Beinin, MESA President July 16, 2002
Suspend Military Aid To Israel! March 28, 2002
MESA Presidents' Letter Wall Street Journal November 19, 2001
The reasons for hate Jordan Times October 23, 2001
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Anti-Israel Academia Mute on Decades-Long Child Abuse by Terrorists American Family News September 17, 2021
Middle East Studies Profs Back Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign [incl. MESA] The Jerusalem Post November 3, 2016
"Pass the Bong": At Stanford, "Academics" Discuss the "Connection" Between the Middle East and Ferguson Fousesquawk Blog March 1, 2015
Joel Beinin Draws the Ire of FrontPageMag (Again) History News Network November 18, 2010
Joel Beinin's Love Letter to the 'New Protest Generation' November 18, 2010
Joel Beinin's Old Time Religion of Israel Bashing History News Network June 23, 2010
Cinnamon Stillwell: Target Israel Solomonia Blog June 15, 2010
Interview with Professor Joshua Schreier – Unedited Transcript Fringes Blog (publication at Vassar College) May 7, 2010
Nazis in the Ivory Tower [incl. Joel Beinin, Joseph Massad, Juan Cole] FrontPage Magazine October 26, 2009
Talkin' Sarah, &c. [incl. Joel Beinin, the Middle East Studies Association] National Review Online July 2, 2009
Islam on Campus: Stanford University [on Joel Beinin] Hudson Institute (New York) June 25, 2009
Winfield Myers: Everybody's Always Picking on Joel Beinin Solomonia Blog November 20, 2008
Tug Of War [on Joel Beinin] Willamette Week November 19, 2008
The Return of Joel Beinin Israel Hasbara Committee November 12, 2008
Blame-America Beinin Back in Class Phi Beta Cons (NRO) September 11, 2008
Joel Beinin: Campus Watch Assails his Views (Again) But Praises his Candor History News Network September 10, 2008
Cinnamon Stillwell: The Return of Joel Beinin Solomonia Blog September 10, 2008
The Week on National Review [on John Esposito] National Review March 10, 2008
John Esposito: Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipes "Among the Darth Vaders of the World" Jihad Watch February 15, 2008
A Familiar Face [interview with Joel Beinin] Egypt Today: The Magazine of Egypt November, 2006
Saving Darfur: Zionist Conspiracy? Infoshop News October 5, 2006
Stanford Ideological War Leads to Suit The San Francisco Chronicle August 4, 2006
Using Lens of September 11, Scholars Share Views of Academic Freedom The Boston Globe August 2, 2006
Beinin chosen as face of terrorism for book cover, sues publishing company Stanford Daily May 15, 2006
Professor fights portrayal as supporter of terrorism Mercury News May 10, 2006
Attack on America's Middle East Studies Media Monitors Network February 16, 2006
Washington et le Proche-Orient : Surveiller et informer Al-Oufok June 24, 2004
Thought Control for Middle East Studies Media Monitors Network (MMN) March 30, 2004
Patriot games Ha'aretz March 13, 2004
Speak out Kansas City Jewish Chronicle March 12, 2004
Pipes Declares War on Militant Islam Stanford Review October 30, 2003
Tel Aviv's Influence on American Institutions Le Monde diplomatique July 7, 2003
The Arabist Predicament Azure Summer 2003
U.S. Mideast Academics Fight Charges of Bias Reuters February 12, 2003
President Beinin's Farewell Address December 30, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Professors should ‘inspire us to think' Stanford Daily October 14, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Editorial ‘misrepresents' Campus Watch Stanford Daily October 10, 2002
Campus Watch stifles freedom of expression Stanford Daily October 9, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Campus Watch ‘prevents spread of canards' Stanford Daily October 7, 2002
Letter to the Editor: Campus Watch seeks ‘to scare people away from independent thought' Stanford Daily October 4, 2002
Stanford targeted for ‘anti-Israel bias' Stanford Daily October 3, 2002
Who's Watching the Watchers? History News Network September 30, 2002
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update October 22, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 7, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 12, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update November 20, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 14, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 20, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update September 21, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 23, 2021
Confusion, Blame-Shifting, and Inaccuracy: Academia Reacts to the Fall of Afghanistan National Review August 20, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update June 28, 2021
When It Comes to Israel, Academia Agrees The American Spectator June 25, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update February 22, 2021
Time to End Hostile Powers' Influence Operations at American Universities The American Spectator February 16, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update November 17, 2020
Campus Watch Action Alert: Tell University Leaders Terrorist Leila Khaled Has no Place on Campus October 28, 2020
Campus Watch Weekly Update October 12, 2020
Campus Watch Weekly Update October 5, 2020
Campus Watch Weekly Update July 13, 2020
Campus Watch Weekly Update June 22, 2020
American Academics Defend Iranian Regime Despite Dismal COVID-19 Response The American Spectator May 7, 2020
Middle East Studies Association Panel Reserves Outrage Only for Israel The Algemeiner December 21, 2017
The Anti-Israel Brigade Rallies Around San Francisco State U. Independent Journal Review November 17, 2016
Erdogan's Academics: Middle East Studies Scholars Shill for a Tyrant The Daily Caller October 28, 2016
New Campus Watch Resource: Professors to Avoid Campus Watch, a Project of the Middle East Forum June 23, 2016
In New Low, Scholars Defend Medieval Blood Libel Charges Against Israel The Daily Caller March 7, 2016
The Politicization of Middle East Studies The American Interest September 18, 2015
Who's Afraid of Campus Watch? Stanford Prof Joel Beinin American Thinker March 30, 2015
Steven Salaita Brings His War on Civility (and His Pity Party) to Stanford Jihad Watch March 27, 2015
Stanford 'Charlie Hebdo' Panel: Je Suis Ferguson? Jihad Watch February 25, 2015
Hamas's Academic Apologists American Thinker August 31, 2014
Psychoanalysis, Islam, and Joseph Massad FrontPage Magazine March 17, 2014
Profs on Boston Bombing: Blame Right-Wingers, 'Islamophobia,' and Blowback FrontPage Magazine May 7, 2013
Richard Falk's Imagination Trumps Truth in Lecture on Israel FrontPage Magazine February 27, 2012
Tariq Ramadan Discovers His Inner Flower Child American Thinker May 15, 2011
Joel Beinin's Love Letter to the 'New Protest Generation' FrontPage Magazine November 18, 2010
Beshara Doumani and the 'Ironies of Palestinian History' FrontPage Magazine October 18, 2010
Joel Beinin's Old Time Religion of Israel Bashing FrontPage Magazine June 23, 2010
California's Middle East Studies Profs Target Israel FrontPage Magazine June 15, 2010
Berkeley Conference Whitewashes History in Positing a 'Judeo-Muslim Civilization' FrontPage Magazine May 14, 2010
Israel-bashing at UCLA FrontPage Magazine November 10, 2009
The Professor's Obsession [on Joel Beinin, Leila Farsakh] FrontPage Magazine June 4, 2009
Middle East Studies on the Mend? The American Thinker January 4, 2009
The Return of Joel Beinin FrontPage Magazine September 10, 2008
The Problem with Middle East Studies: A Microscopic Investigation [incl. Joel Beinin, Yakub Halabi, Yahya Sadowski] History News Network July 14, 2008
PARC's Anti-Israel Polemics [incl. Joel Beinin, Rashid Khalidi, Ian Lustick, MESA, et al.] National Review Online July 11, 2008
Middle East Studies Profs. Still Peddling Peaceful Jihad April 28, 2008
Esposito at Stanford Frontpage Magazine February 15, 2008
The Muddled Mess of Middle East Studies [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Arzoo Osanloo, Minoo Moallem, et al.] The American Thinker May 30, 2007
Redeeming the Wayward University System New York Sun November 28, 2006
Joel Beinin Lies about Me Daniel Pipes' Weblog November 6, 2006
Feminist Middle East Studies FrontPage Magazine February 17, 2006
Stanford's Islamist Threat FrontPage Magazine December 21, 2004
Dual Loyalty? June 17, 2003
The War is Over and We Have Lost National Review Online May 14, 2003
Middle Eastern Studies: What Went Wrong? Academic Questions Winter 1995-96
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
Israel Denial: Doing Something Positive to Fight Academic Lies [incl. David Palumbo-Liu, Judith Butler, Steven Salaita, Saree Makdisi, Jasbir Puar] Israel Diaries June 27, 2019
A Professor Withheld a Recommendation Letter for a Student Heading to Israel. Here's Why I'm Fine With It. The Washington Post October 13, 2018
Scholars Defend Stanford Professor Receiving Threats [on David Palumbo-Liu] Inside Higher Ed January 31, 2018
Conservative Students Want Stanford Professor Who Co­founded Antifa Club to Resign [on David Palumbo-Liu] The Blaze January 25, 2018
In Defense of Our Principles and Professors: A Dissent from the Review Editorial Board [on David Palumbo-Liu] The Stanford Review January 23, 2018
Double Standard Stanford Style? [on David Palumbo-Liu] Accuracy in Academia January 23, 2018
Stanford Student Groups Call For Resignation of Professor With Antifa Ties [on David Palumbo-Liu] The College Fix January 23, 2018
Speech, Civility and The Stanford Review [on David Palumbo-Liu] The Stanford Daily January 22, 2018
Stanford: Fascist Professor David Palumbo-Liu Calls for Suppression of Views that Dissent from the Hard-Left Line Jihad Watch January 21, 2018
If It Quacks Like a Duck...The Stanford Review Responds to David Palumbo-Liu The Stanford Review January 18, 2018
Antifa Thugs Find a Champion and Leader in Stanford Professor [on David Palumbo-Liu] The Stanford Review January 16, 2018
Judith Butler Plans a Stealth MLA Presidency [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Jewish Journal January 9, 2018
Academics Tried to Force Professor Out of Meeting Over Opposition to BDS [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Washington Free Beacon January 8, 2018
Members Flee Modern Language Association After Refusal to Boycott Israel [incl. Judith Butler, David Palumbo-Liu] Washington Free Beacon January 7, 2018
Leftist Professors Defend, Celebrate Antifa Violence [incl, David Palumbo-Liu] LifeZette August 22, 2017
Professors Solicit Support for 'Campus Antifascist Network' [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Campus Reform August 21, 2017
Anti-Israel Academics Launch Campus Antifa Group for Faculty [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Washington Free Beacon August 19, 2017
Pro-BDS Faculty Organizing Antifa Network on Campuses Nationwide [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Truth Revolt August 18, 2017
Campus Antifascist Network [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Inside Higher Ed August 17, 2017
Anti-Israel Pro-BDS Professors Organizing Antifa Campus Network [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] Legal Insurrection August 17, 2017
Campus Watchdog Rejects Stanford Prof's 'Defamatory' Accusation That It Denies Free Speech of Anti-Israel Activists [incl. David Palumbo-Liu, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin] The Algemeiner September 27, 2016
Antisemitic Endorsements on Current-Affairs Website Elicit Outcry From Major Jewish Groups [incl. David Palumbo-Liu] The Algemeiner April 13, 2016
Stanford's Most Radical Professor Strikes Again [on David Palumbo-Liu] Stanford Review April 12, 2016
Stanford Professor Recommends Anti-Semitic Website to Readers, Then Kind of Takes It Back [on David Palumbo-Liu] Tablet Magazine April 12, 2016
Stanford Professor Palumbo-Liu Makes the Case Against BDS Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) February 17, 2016
Banned in the USA (Almost) [incl. Joel Beinin] The Washington Post June 8, 2008
Stanford University Officials Bar Public from Panel Featuring 'Ex-Terrorists' [references Finkelstein] San Francisco Chronicle April 13, 2007
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
American Academics Defend Iranian Regime Despite Dismal COVID-19 Response Campus Watch Blog May 7, 2020
MESA Objects to DoE Insisting Taxpayer-Funded Duke/UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies Maintain Balance Campus Watch Blog September 25, 2019
Pro-BDS Profs Attempt to Oust Cary Nelson from MLA Session Campus Watch Blog January 9, 2018
Middle East Studies Association Panel Reserves Outrage Only for Israel Campus Watch Blog December 21, 2017
L.A. Schools Using Middle East Studies Material to Indoctrinate K-12 Students Campus Watch Blog October 19, 2017
Stanford BDS Prof. David Palumbo-Liu Starts Campus Antifa Network Campus Watch Blog August 22, 2017
Erdogan's Academics: Middle East Studies Scholars Shill for a Tyrant Campus Watch Blog October 28, 2016
The Latest on MEF's Campaign to End San Francisco State's MOU with An-Najah U. Campus Watch Blog October 3, 2016
Stanford Course Conflates Palestinian and Syrian 'Refugees,' Omits Jews Campus Watch Blog March 9, 2016
American Historical Association Fails to Pass Anti-Israel Resolution Campus Watch Blog January 11, 2016
The Politicization of Middle East Studies Campus Watch Blog September 21, 2015
Steven Salaita Brings His War on Civility (and His Pity Party) to Stanford Campus Watch Blog March 27, 2015
Stanford 'Charlie Hebdo' Panel: Je Suis Ferguson? Campus Watch Blog February 25, 2015
BDS at Stanford: Beinin vs. Zipperstein Campus Watch Blog January 30, 2015
Stanford Profs Beinin, Barhoum, and Crews Sign Divestment Petition Campus Watch Blog January 28, 2015
Stanford University Press Gaza Series Uniformly Anti-Israel Campus Watch Blog August 1, 2014
Psychoanalysis, Islam, and Joseph Massad Campus Watch Blog March 17, 2014
Tariq Ramadan Discovers His Inner Flower Child Campus Watch Blog May 17, 2011
Joel Beinin's Love Letter to the 'New Protest Generation' Campus Watch Blog November 18, 2010
Beshara Doumani and the 'Ironies of Palestinian History' Campus Watch Blog October 19, 2010
Joel Beinin's Old Time Religion of Israel Bashing Campus Watch Blog June 23, 2010
California's Middle East Studies Profs Target Israel Campus Watch Blog June 15, 2010
Israel-bashing at UCLA Campus Watch Blog November 10, 2009