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  • July 26, 2015|Cinnamon StillwellThe Algemeiner

    The testimonials of more than 100 students from almost 50 colleges and universities in twenty states tell of "being intimidated, harassed or bullied as a Jewish and/or a pro-Israel student," according to Student Voices (SV). A project of the AMCHA

  • May 07, 2013|Cinnamon StillwellFrontPage Magazine

    How did scholars of the Middle East and those engaged in moonlighting (non-specialists who write about the region) react to the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013? Before the smoke cleared, some were predicting that the perpetrators would be

  • November 17, 2012|Stephen SchwartzAmerican Thinker

    What need be said of a professor at a large American university who declares that to be called an anti-Semite is "a sign of distinction" for an academic or an activist? That he is crudely and arrogantly heedless in his biased declamations? That the

  • October 14, 2012|Stephen SchwartzAmerican Thinker

    Northeastern University in Boston has big ambitions.  As a private and popular institution, with more than 20,000 students, it rose from a night school to a commuter college to a leading research facility in health, homeland security, and other...