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Educational Outreach

The Middle East Forum supplements its writings with in-depth briefings, conference calls, and on-campus activities. Non-partisan specialists take on the Middle East's most controversial and difficult issues with an eye toward American interests – questioning assumptions, provoking thought, and offering new solutions.

Direct public outreach imparts a deeper understanding of current events, from an emerging Kurdistan to Israeli politics, from the Saudi-Iranian proxy war to terror attacks in the West.

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The Forum sponsors briefings by former government officials, scholars, journalists, and others with insights into the Middle East and Islamism.

Dr. Moshe Zviran of Tel Aviv University discussed Israel as a global business partner in the most recent event. Previously, Zainab al-Suwaij of the American Islamic Congress explained how Muslims can defeat Islamism and author Walid Phares examined U.S. policy in the Lost Arab Spring.

Summaries and audio recordings of select events are available on our Wires webpage.

Conference Calls

The Forum hosts monthly conference calls with specialists and select donors.

Recent participants include Daniel Pipes (president of the Forum); Steven J. Rosen (director of the Forum's Washington Project); Jonathan Spyer (Forum fellow and director of the Rubin Center in Israel); and Max Boot (fellow at Council on Foreign Relations).

Summaries and audio recordings of select calls are available on our Wires webpage.

On-Campus Activities

The leaders of tomorrow are routinely exposed to a steady diet of biased, anti-Western, and virulently anti-Israel materials and lectures at prominent universities.

In response, the Forum established a Campus Speakers Bureau, its lectures and seminars helping students to understand developments in the Middle East with American interests in mind.

Forum staff and fellows have spoken on campuses across North America – from UC-Berkeley to NYU – and internationally, including England, Greece, Israel and Singapore.

Additionally, the Forum has worked with students at universities – including Brandeis, Yale, the University of Toronto, and Penn – to create campus clubs, creating a context where independent and rational thinking about the Middle East takes place.

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