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Title Publication Author Date
Daniel Pipes on Syria, Security, Migration, and Eurabia Alpha Institute December 7, 2017
Saudi-Exported Koran Fuels Islamic Extremism Quadrant Mark Durie November 2, 2017
Don't Use Divisive Term 'Islamophobia,' Expert Tells MPs The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah October 31, 2017
Burkas, Niqabs Pose Public Safety Risk The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah October 24, 2017
How Canadian MPs Got Duped into Anti-'Islamophobia' Motion The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah September 19, 2017
Islamic Charity Linked to Extremism and Terror Still Gets USG Funding The Daily Caller Gregg Roman September 8, 2017
Are Returning Jihadists a Major Threat? Middle East Quarterly Thomas R. McCabe Fall 2017
Falsehoods and Facts about the Middle East Forum: A Top Ten List August 9, 2017
Clifford Smith on Trump's Travel Ban WAVA 105.1 FM (Washington, DC) July 25, 2017
Muslim Leaders Must Denounce 'Armed Jihad' The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah July 18, 2017
Why Islam's Reformers Are Vitally Important The Challenge of Modernizing Islam (New York, 2017) Daniel Pipes July 17, 2017
Realism, Islamism, and Counterterrorism The National Interest Jeffrey Herf June 7, 2017
Why Don't 'Anti-Fascists' Fight Islamofascism? The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah May 2, 2017
A Journalist's Manual: Field Guide to Useful Infidels Islamist Watch December 27, 2016
Shame and Refugees Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil September 9, 2016
Beware the 'Islamophobia' Racket The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah September 6, 2016
A Famous Feminist Weighs in on the Burkini Affair Arutz Sheva September 1, 2016
Can Western Muslims Be De-radicalized? Middle East Quarterly Uriya Shavit and Sören Andresen Fall 2016
Coddling Would-be Jihadists Doesn't Work The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah August 23, 2016
Flaws in the 'Lone Wolf' Analysis New English Review A.J. Caschetta August 2016
Interview with Daniel Pipes: 'The Battle against Islamism Has Not Yet Started' Global Review (Germany) July 25, 2016
Gingrich Outrageous, but Shariah is Worse The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah July 19, 2016
French Lesson: Guns not Critical To Jihadi Violence The Daily Caller A.J. Caschetta July 15, 2016
Daniel Pipes: Jihad Awakens Europe The Gatestone Institute /The Rebel Media July 14, 2016
It's not Personal, It's Islam The Spectator Mark Durie July 2, 2016
Bring Christian and Yazidi Refugees from the Muslim World First New York Post Phyllis Chesler June 30, 2016
Whitewashing Islamist Terror The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah June 20, 2016
Canada Home to Islamic Radicals The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah May 24, 2016
Gulf Arab States Close Doors to Syrian Refugees Breitbart Raheem Kassam March 31, 2016
Enough with Teddy Bears and Tears: It's Time to Take Our Civilization Back Breitbart Raheem Kassam March 23, 2016
Young Muslims in the West: A Ticking Time Bomb? Breitbart Raheem Kassam March 22, 2016
The 'Radicalization' Fraud The Sun-Sentinel A.J. Caschetta January 21, 2016
Cultural Relativism Undermines Human Rights The Daily Caller Philip Carl Salzman January 20, 2016
An Australian Minister's Misconceptions about Islam and Christianity The Australian Mark Durie January 1, 2016
Muslims Must Denounce Armed Jihad The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah November 17, 2015
The Paris Attacks Were Not 'Nihilism' but Sacred Strategy Lapido Media Mark Durie November 16, 2015
Yes, There is a Muslim Fifth Column in the West Breitbart Raheem Kassam November 16, 2015
Why Prisons Are Cauldrons of Islamic Supremacy FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim November 8, 2015
Muslim Migration into Europe: Eurabia Come True? David Horowitz Freedom Center November 6, 2015
Christians Persecuted by Muslims Even in the West The Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim October 20, 2015
Here's the Real War within Islam The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah October 6, 2015
Why Do Muslims Flock to the 'Evil West'? The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil September 17, 2015
Reaping the Whirlwind of EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Breitbart Phyllis Chesler June 2, 2015
Muslims Won't Listen to Hirsi Ali The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah May 26, 2015
YouTube Kowtows to Islamist Lawfare in Australia The American Thinker Johanna Markind May 21, 2015
Are Muslims the New Jews? Jihad Watch A.J. Caschetta May 8, 2015
The Jihad Against Free Speech Comes to Garland, Texas Breitbart Phyllis Chesler May 4, 2015
Palestinian Journalist Chronicles Brutal Life of Muslim 'Sister Wives' Breitbart Phyllis Chesler March 23, 2015
IW News Brief: Cartoonophobia, Outspoken Mayor, and More Islamist Watch David J. Rusin February 13, 2015
When Moderate Muslims Speak, They're Ignored The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah February 3, 2015
Muslims Shouldn't Pray to Defeat Non-Muslims The Toronto Sun Tarek Fatah January 13, 2015
One Hundred Years of Jihad in Australia Markdurie.com Mark Durie January 1, 2015
Female Genital Mutilation in the West: A Creeping Crime Against Humanity Breitbart Phyllis Chesler November 19, 2014
How Islamic are Muslims? National Review Online Daniel Pipes July 28, 2014
Lessons Learned from the 'Brave German Woman' CBN News Raymond Ibrahim May 7, 2014
How Modernity 'Radicalizes' Western Muslims FrontPage Magazine Raymond Ibrahim April 16, 2014
Hundreds of child brides in New South Wales Australian Christian Lobby April 1, 2014
The Rising Sex Traffic in Forced Islamic Marriage Quadrant Online Mark Durie March 2014
Multiculturalism's Child Brides Quadrant Online Mark Durie February 26, 2014
Jihadist Gang Graffiti FrontPageMagazine.com Dawn Perlmutter February 25, 2014
Homegrown Terrorists, Rebels in Search of a Cause Middle East Quarterly Peter A. Olsson Summer 2013
Education by Murder in Boston The Washington Times Daniel Pipes April 24, 2013
Islamist Assassinations in the West Gatestone Institute Daniel Pipes February 25, 2013
Western Courts Bend to Islamic Practices PJ Media David J. Rusin September 28, 2012
Mexican Jihad Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim May 11, 2012
Islam's Cartoon Missionaries National Review Online Daniel Pipes April 17, 2012
Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy National Review David J. Rusin April 16, 2012
It's Not Road Rage, It's Terrorism National Review Online Daniel Pipes April 3, 2012
Western Survival Depends on Western Pride FrontPageMagazine.com David J. Rusin March 28, 2012
Why Muslim Demands for Headscarves Are Exaggerated Hudson New York Raymond Ibrahim June 30, 2011
Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West's Demise Pajamas Media Kathy Shaidle April 4, 2011
Can American Values Radicalize Muslims? Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim February 10, 2011
Two Decades of the Rushdie Rules Commentary Daniel Pipes October 2010
The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America Pajamas Media Raymond Ibrahim September 13, 2010
Ban the Burqa? France Votes Yes Middle East Quarterly Benjamin Ismail Fall 2010
Ban the Burqa? The Argument in Favor Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Fall 2010
An Islamist in Professor's Garb: Tariq Ramadan Returns to America American Thinker Brendan Goldman April 15, 2010
Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Spring 2010
Why Shariah Must Be Opposed National Post Daniel Pipes August 5, 2009
'Lawfare' gains ground Washington Times Brooke M. Goldstein and Aaron Eitan Meyer May 19, 2009
How Islamist Lawfare tactics target free speech Center for Security Policy Brooke M. Goldstein and Aaron Eitan Meyer April 29, 2009
Muslim Strategies to Convert Western Christians Middle East Quarterly Uriya Shavit and Frederic Wiesenbach Spring 2009
Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence? Middle East Quarterly Phyllis Chesler Spring 2009
Westerners Welcome Harems Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes November 26, 2008
Lawful Islamism's Greatest Attack Yet Muslim World Today Supna Zaidi October 10, 2008
Sharia Law: Coming to a Western Nation Near You? FrontPageMagazine.com Cinnamon Stillwell September 25, 2008
The West's Islamist Infiltrators Philadelphia Bulletin Daniel Pipes August 12, 2008
Fear Stalks Muslim Apostates in the West American Thinker David J. Rusin August 3, 2008
Private Accommodations for Islam FrontPageMagazine.com R. John Matthies April 18, 2008
Welcome to 'Lawfare' - A New Type of Jihad Family Security Matters Brooke M. Goldstein April 14, 2008
Take My Wives, Please: Polygamy Heads West Pajamas Media David J. Rusin February 29, 2008
Resisting Islamic Law Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes February 21, 2008
Honor killings: When the ancient and the modern collide SFGate.com Cinnamon Stillwell January 23, 2008
Mark Steyn Is Not Alone American Spectator Brooke M. Goldstein January 15, 2008
Portrait of the Artist as a Dhimmified Man Pajamas Media David J. Rusin January 10, 2008
Delivering Obstetrics from Radical Islam Family Security Matters R. John Matthies January 7, 2008
Cabbies, Dogs, and Ritual Purity American Thinker R. John Matthies September 8, 2007
Should Muslims Integrate into the West? Middle East Quarterly Uriya Shavit Fall 2007
Ban Islam? New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 29, 2007
Ban the Burqa - and the Niqab Too Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes August 1, 2007
200 Million Minority National Review Online Raymond Ibrahim April 27, 2007
Intimidating the West, from Rushdie to Benedict New York Sun Daniel Pipes September 26, 2006
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "I Will Continue to Ask Uncomfortable Questions" Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
Time to Profile Airline Passengers? New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 22, 2006
The Islamist Challenge to the U.S. Constitution Middle East Quarterly David Kennedy Houck Spring 2006
Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 7, 2006
Lynne Stewart, Jihadi Lawyer Middle East Quarterly Sharon Chadha Winter 2006
More Converts to Terrorism FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Pipes December 7, 2005
Converts to Terrorism New York Sun Daniel Pipes December 6, 2005
Anti-Muslim Racism? New York Sun Daniel Pipes November 22, 2005
Islamophobia? New York Sun Daniel Pipes October 25, 2005
Stupid Terrorists New York Sun Daniel Pipes October 4, 2005
Islamists, Get Out New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 30, 2005
The End of Treason New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 16, 2005
Which Privileges for Islam? New York Sun Daniel Pipes March 15, 2005
Denying [Islamist] Terrorism New York Sun Daniel Pipes February 8, 2005
The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest of Europe Middle East Quarterly Lorenzo Vidino Winter 2005
Identifying Moderate Muslims New York Sun Daniel Pipes November 23, 2004
Why Revoke Tariq Ramadan's U.S. Visa? New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 27, 2004
Why the Left Loves Osama [and Saddam, Explains Lee Harris] New York Post Daniel Pipes March 19, 2003
Catching Some Sleepers Militant Islam Reaches America Daniel Pipes 2002
Protecting Muslims while Rooting out Islamists Daily Telegraph (London) Daniel Pipes September 14, 2001
[Australia's] Crisis of illegal immigration Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes September 5, 2001
Muhammad Hisham Kabbani: "The Muslim Experience in America Is Unprecedented" Middle East Quarterly June 2000
"We Will Dominate You" Middle East Quarterly December 1999
Correspondence: "The Reputation of Your Journal Has Been Damaged" Middle East Quarterly December 1997
Prince Charles of Arabia Middle East Quarterly Ronni L. Gordon and David M. Stillman September 1997
Islam in France: The French Have Themselves to Blame Middle East Quarterly Rachid Tlemçani March 1997
Islam in France: The French Way of Life Is in Danger Middle East Quarterly Michel Gurfinkiel March 1997

Blog Posts

Title Publication Author Date
The SPLC Finds Niqabs and Kippahs Equally Threatening Middle East Forum Blog Daniel Pipes November 4, 2016
Khan of Londonistan Speaks at Clinton Global Initiative Meeting Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam and Chris Tomlinson September 19, 2016
ISIS Imposes a Partial Ban on Burqas Middle East Forum Blog Daniel Pipes September 13, 2016
What to Tell Would-be Jihadis Middle East Forum Blog Mark Durie August 12, 2016
Love and Truth in the War against ISIS Middle East Forum Blog Mark Durie November 20, 2015
"Reclaim Australia" Demonstrations and Counter-Demonstrations Middle East Forum Blog Johanna Markind July 20, 2015


Book Title Publication Author Date
Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning over Democracy in the West
by Abigail R. Esman
Middle East Quarterly David Meir-Levi Spring 2011
The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power
by Melanie Phillips
Middle East Quarterly Mark Silinsky Fall 2010
Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan
by Caroline Fourest
Middle East Quarterly Mark Silinsky Winter 2010
Radical Islam Rising: Muslim Extremism in the West
by Quintan Wiktorowicz
Middle East Quarterly Daveed Gartenstein-Ross Winter 2009
De Dodelijk Planning van Al-Qaeda [Al-Qaeda's Deadly Planning]
by Emerson Vermaat
Middle East Quarterly Beila Rabinowitz Fall 2006
De Hofstadgroep - Portret van een radical Islamitisch netwerk: De Hofstadgroep - Portrait of a Radical Islamist Network
by Emerson Vermaat
Middle East Quarterly Beila Rabinowitz Summer 2006
British Muslims: Loyalty and Belonging Middle East Quarterly Caroline Cox Winter 2006
Tariq Ramadan dévoilé
by Lionel Favrot
Middle East Quarterly Isabelle Tahar Miller Summer 2005
Von Gott zu Allah?: Christentum und Islam in der liberalen Fortschrittsgesellschaft
by Hans-Peter Raddatz
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Fall 2001
The Sun is Rising in the West: New Muslims Tell about Their Journey to Islam
by Muzaffar Haleem and Betty Bowman
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Winter 2000
Muslims and Islamization in North America: Problems and Prospects Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Winter 2000
Muslim Women: Crafting a North American Identity
by Shahnaz Khan
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Winter 2000
The Lebanese in Ecuador: A History of Emerging Leadership
by Lois J. Roberts
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Winter 2000
Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas
by Sylviane A. Diouf
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes December 2000
Islamic Britain: Religion, Politics and Identity among British Muslims
by Philip Lewis
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes December 1995


Title Publication Author Date
Middle East Forum Launches Project to Tackle Islamist Financing Announcement November 8, 2017
Keith Ellison Reneges on Islamist Event; MEF Had a Role Announcement December 22, 2016

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