Writings by Topic: Islamic Relief

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Beware Islamists Bearing Gifts The American Spectator August 7, 2019
Islamic Relief Strikes Back (But Misses) Islamist Watch February 14, 2019
Islamic Relief and Qatar Implicated in Tunisian Terror Finance Investigation Rabwah Times February 9, 2019
Terror Charities Reap the Benefits of Corporate Donations The American Spectator July 30, 2018
Obama, Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, and American Aid Money Jerusalem Post July 29, 2018
Press Releases
Title Publication Date
MEF Reveals Islamic Relief under Investigation; Congress Demands Answers News from the Middle East Forum October 18, 2018
Islamic Relief Fails to Disprove Terror Links News from the Middle East Forum July 30, 2018