Writings by Topic: BDS

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
The Tlaib-Omar Show, Controversial Curriculum SPME BDS Monitor August 28, 2019
How Trump Put Netanyahu in an Untenable Position The Washington Post August 16, 2019
Israel's History of Blocking Entry to Anti-Israel Activists and Others The Jerusalem Post August 15, 2019
Campus BDS Resolution Yield Mixed Results as Political Split Over BDS Expands SPME April 25, 2019
BDS on Campus Scores Victories but University Presidents Refuse to Boycott Israel SPME March 28, 2019
Israeli Report Shows BDS-Terror Connections as Progressive Democratic Support for BDS Expands SPME February 27, 2019
Pushing Aside Jewish Concerns About BDS The Algemeiner January 31, 2019
The Clever Cognitive War Strategy Deployed Against Israel Arutz Sheva January 30, 2019
Academic BDS Should Be Directed Against Turkey and the Palestinians, Not Israel The Algemeiner January 15, 2019
The BDS Fight Boils Over on Campus and Elsewhere The Algemeiner January 7, 2019
'Free Speech' Crisis Expands as Politicians, Universities, Edge Closer to BDS Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) October 30, 2018
When a Nazi Comparison Makes Sense: The BDS Movement Against Israel The Hill August 22, 2018
BDS Advocates Try to Split Jewish Community from Israel The Algemeiner August 1, 2018