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Title Publication Date
'Martyrs' of Dir' al-Watan (V Corps) Aymennjawad.org January 27, 2018
Interview with YPG Spokesman Nouri Mahmoud Aymennjawad.org January 24, 2018
Dispatch: The Syrian Democratic Forces' Border Guards Aymennjawad.org January 20, 2018
The National Ideological Resistance and the Local Defence Forces Aymennjawad.org January 17, 2018
Fawj al-Karbala'i: Republican Guard Affiliate Aymennjawad.org January 1, 2018
Saraya al-Ra'ad: Idlib Local Defence Forces Affiliate Aymennjawad.org December 26, 2017
Islamic State Advice on Attacks in 'Enemy Abode' Jihad Intel November 10, 2017
Katibat Ali Sultan: Syrian IRGC Group Aymennjawad.org October 5, 2017
Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zinki Splits from Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham Jihad Intel July 20, 2017
Fawj Ra'ad al-Mahdi: East Aleppo Militia Expansion Aymennjawad.org June 18, 2017
Katibat Dir' al-Watan Nasheed: Translation and Analysis Aymennjawad.org June 17, 2017
The U.S.-Iranian confrontation on the Syria-Iraq Borders: Interview with an Iraqi Militia Official Aymennjawad.org June 10, 2017
"Dawlati Baqiya": New Nasheed from the Islamic State's Ajnad Media Aymennjawad.org June 7, 2017
Licensing Exam for Islamic State Pharmacists Is No Cakewalk Aymennjawad.org May 7, 2017
"Heed the call"- New Nasheed from Islamic State's Ajnad Media Aymennjawad.org May 4, 2017
No to Bombing Syria National Review Online April 7, 2017
A Gazan Provincial Governor for the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org March 5, 2017
Black Syrians: The Case Of The Yarmouk Basin Aymennjawad.org January 19, 2017
Who's in a Photo? Identifying Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed Personnel Aymennjawad.org January 4, 2017
Jabhat Fatah al-Sham Shari'i Study Schedule in Jabal al-Summaq Aymennjawad.org December 16, 2016
"The Convoy of Light": New nasheed from the Islamic State's Ajnad Media Aymennjawad.org October 24, 2016
"The Convoy of Light" – New Nasheed from Islamic State Aymennjawad.org October 24, 2016
Jabhat al-Nusra Statement on Druze of Jabal al-Summaq Aymennjawad.org September 5, 2016
Islamic State Responds to the Killing of Adnani Aymennjawad.org August 30, 2016
What Does Jabhat al-Nusra's Break with Al-Qaeda Mean? Jihad Intel July 28, 2016
Observations on the New Islamic State Video 'Structure of the Caliphate' Aymennjawad.org July 6, 2016
The Orlando Attacks: Islamic State Responsible Jihad Intel June 12, 2016
Yarmouk Valley: The Formation of Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed? Aymennjawad.org May 24, 2016
UN Director Admits Most Syrians Not Fleeing over War Breitbart May 15, 2016
Defections from Harakat al-Muthanna in Deraa: Translation & Analysis Aymennjawad.org March 28, 2016
The First Connections Between Liwa Shuhada' al-Yarmouk and Islamic State Aymennjawad.org March 19, 2016
Recent Local Developments in Azaz Aymennjawad.org March 17, 2016
Liwa Shuhada' al-Yarmouk Appoints a New Leader Aymennjawad.org March 14, 2016
Islamic State Treatise on the Syrian Education System: Translation & Analysis Aymennjawad.org March 12, 2016
Challenges for the Islamic State: Manpower, Finance, and Information Aymennjawad.org February 27, 2016
New Mobilization Call from Azaz: Translation & Analysis Aymennjawad.org February 2, 2016
An Account of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi & Islamic State Succession Lines Aymennjawad.org January 24, 2016
The Islamic State, Turkey & Transportation Aymennjawad.org January 11, 2016
Unseen Islamic State Pamphlet on Slavery Aymennjawad.org December 29, 2015
A Complete History of Jamaat Ansar al-Islam – Translation Aymennjawad.org December 15, 2015
Naming the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org December 9, 2015
The Islamic State 'Master Plan' of Administration: Some Analytical Notes Aymennjawad.org December 7, 2015
ISIS' Imminent Demise National Review Online December 5, 2015
Hallili Samar al-Hirab: New Nasheed from the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org November 28, 2015
"Be with God"- New Nasheed from the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org October 29, 2015
Islam 101 According to the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org October 27, 2015
Unseen Islamic State Treatise on Calendars Aymennjawad.org October 17, 2015
Additional Notes on the Druze of Jabal al-Summaq Aymennjawad.org October 6, 2015
Repentance: Financial Income for the Islamic State Aymennjawad.org September 28, 2015
'Germany or Nothing,' Demands Syrian Migrant Threatening to Return Home Breitbart September 23, 2015
How the BBC Spins the Migrant Crisis Breitbart September 21, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Iran, Turkey, and Russia Plot US Eviction from Syria The Jerusalem Post September 15, 2019
Shia Militias in Israel's Spotlight The Jerusalem Post September 9, 2019
Turkey Threatens to Flood Europe with Refugees (Again) The Jerusalem Post September 5, 2019
Al Bukamal: The Hub of Iran's 'Land Bridge' The Jerusalem Post September 4, 2019
U.S. Tweets Defend Syrian Partners against Turkey's Latest Threats The Jerusalem Post September 1, 2019
Can Turkey Seal a Deal and Get Northern Syria? The Jerusalem Post August 30, 2019
The U.S. Presence in Syria Blocks Iranian, Russian, and Turkish Gains The Daily Beast August 23, 2019
US, Turkey Paper Over Looming Crises with 'Joint Security Mechanism' The Jerusalem Post August 13, 2019
America's Syria Free Zone Will Come at a Price The National Interest August 12, 2019
Turkey Wants Arab and Kurdish Rebels in Syria to Fight Each Other The Jerusalem Post August 12, 2019
Turkey's Syria Gambit Shows U.S. Responds to Threats and Strength The Jerusalem Post August 8, 2019
ISIS is Using a Syrian Detention Camp to Rebuild The Jerusalem Post August 7, 2019
Trump Has a Serious Syria Problem The Jerusalem Post August 5, 2019
Russia Slams U.S. for 'Training Militants' and 'Plundering Oil' in Syria The Jerusalem Post July 30, 2019
The Syrian Sideshow The Jerusalem Post July 18, 2019
Emboldened by S-400s, Turkey Threatens Offensive in Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post July 14, 2019
Getting Iran Out of Syria Is No Easy Task The Wall Street Journal July 9, 2019
Did Israel's Latest Strike Prove Russian-made S-300 Ineffective? The Jerusalem Post July 1, 2019
How Moscow Views the US Role in the Middle East The Jerusalem Post July 1, 2019
In Iraq and Syria, Turkey Faces New Challenges The Jerusalem Post June 29, 2019
Is Saudi Visit to Eastern Syria Prelude to Greater U.S., Saudi Role? The Jerusalem Post June 17, 2019
Are the Insurgencies Truly Over? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2019
How Jordan Can Cope Middle East Quarterly Summer 2019
The Many Implications Middle East Quarterly Summer 2019
Baghdadi Is Back, but Can He Salvage ISIS? The Jerusalem Post April 30, 2019
Syria Says Turkish Forces Illegally Occupy Syria, Bashes Golan Decision The Jerusalem Post April 28, 2019
Yazidi Survivors of ISIS Rape Have New Hope After Community Ruling The Jerusalem Post April 28, 2019
9,000 ISIS Fighters and 60,000 Family Members Held in Syria The Jerusalem Post April 18, 2019
Israel's Presence on the Golan Heights: A Strategic Necessity The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security April 10, 2019
Washington is Still Thinking About a New Border Force in Syria The Jerusalem Post April 7, 2019
Coalition Focuses on 'Enduring Defeat' of ISIS in Syria, Iraq The Jerusalem Post April 2, 2019
Syrians are Practicing with the S-300, Will They Ever Use It? The Jerusalem Post March 25, 2019
Syria's Civil War Is Now 3 Civil Wars Foreign Policy March 18, 2019
Iran's 'Road to the Sea' Exposed on Golan The Jerusalem Post March 13, 2019
The Medics Who Treated 4,000 People on the Last ISIS Stronghold The Jerusalem Post March 12, 2019
The Local Council in Azaz aymennjawad.org March 10, 2019
The Fall of the Caliphate The Jerusalem Post March 7, 2019
Liwa al-Ahrar: Local Defence Forces Unit aymennjawad.org March 5, 2019
Iran and Turkey Media Push Conspiracy Theories About U.S., ISIS The Jerusalem Post March 4, 2019
The Zilzal Groups: Interview aymennjawad.org March 2, 2019
Will Washington's Syria Policy Fail? The National Interest February 28, 2019
Hezbollah in the Homs Area: The Life of As'ad Muhammad Hussein aynennjawad.org February 28, 2019
Al-Qaeda Still Using CIA-Provided Missiles in Syria PJ Media February 26, 2019
Iran Hosts Syria's Assad in Tehran, Slams American "Plots" The Jerusalem Post February 25, 2019
Understanding the U.S. Flip-Flop on Syria The Jerusalem Post February 25, 2019
Survivors of ISIS Genocide Have Nothing, Four Years Later The Jerusalem Post February 20, 2019
Outrage in Syria, Iraq as ISIS Members Treated as Celebrities in West The Jerusalem Post February 19, 2019
Iraqi Refugees in North Aleppo Countryside aymennjawad.org February 17, 2019
Turkey, Russia, Iran Increasingly Challenge U.S. During Syria Discussions The Jerusalem Post February 16, 2019
Hayat Tahir al-Sham and al-Qaeda: Affiliates or Foes? Fanack February 14, 2019
What Happens After U.S. Withdrawal from Syria The Jerusalem Post February 7, 2019
The Arab Socialist Movement aymennjawad.org February 4, 2019
Israel's Uphill Battle with Iran in Syria National Interest February 3, 2019
The Political Map Drawn 100 Years Ago by the French Still Haunts Syria The Jerusalem Post February 1, 2019
How Tehran Plans to Control Syria The Jerusalem Post February 1, 2019
U.S. Syria Policy: Get Others to Pick up the Slack The Jerusalem Post January 31, 2019
How Many Iranians Have Been Killed in Airstrikes in Syria? The Jerusalem Post January 24, 2019
The 313 Force:Local Defence Forces Unit aymennjawad.org January 23, 2019
Turkey and U.S. Can't Agree on What 'Safe Zone' in Syria Means The Jerusalem Post January 22, 2019
Why Hasn't Syria Used the S-300? The Jerusalem Post January 21, 2019
Israeli Strikes in Syria Reveal New Battlefield for Post-Civil War Era The Jerusalem Post January 21, 2019
From Nairobi to Manbij: Terror Attacks Loom Large The Jerusalem Post January 17, 2019
Turkey Says It Will Create Syria Buffer Zone After Trump Call The Jerusalem Post January 15, 2019
Erdoğan Is Wrong on Syria. Turkey Cannot Get the Job Done. Gatestone Institute January 15, 2019
Will Turkey Invade Northeast Syria? The Jerusalem Post January 11, 2019
The Breakdown of U.S. Syria Policy The National Interest January 6, 2019
A Lesson from Syria: US Military, Political Goals Must Align The Hill January 4, 2019
Dissent in the Islamic State: 'Hashimi Advice' to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aymennjawad.org January 4, 2019
How Afrin Overshadows Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post January 3, 2019
Mystery Surrounds Trump's New 'Slow Withdrawal' The Jerusalem Post January 1, 2019
Why Eastern Syria Matters to Everyone in the Middle East The Jerusalem Post December 31, 2018
Syrian Regime, Turkey, Maneuver to Take Key Syrian City as U.S. Withdraws Jerusalem Post December 29, 2018
Trump's Rubicon moment in Iraq: Praising America's 'warriors,' ending wars The Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018
A Year of Tyranny and Murder The Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018
US Pullout from Syria: Who Will Fill the Vacuum? Gatestone Institute December 26, 2018
Analysis: Airstrike in Damascus an Embarrassment for Syrian Regime at Crucial Time The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2018
Syrian Air Defense Missiles: Everything you need to know The Jerusalem Post December 26, 2018
How Turkey, Iran and Russia Will Try to Agree on Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post December 25, 2018
With U.S. Policy on Syria in Turmoil, Will ISIS Win? The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2018
U.S. Syria Withdrawal 'betrays' legacy of volunteers who died fighting The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2018
Betrayal on the Euphrates jonathanspyer.com December 22, 2018
How Russia Defeated America in Syria The Jerusalem Post December 20, 2018
Rojava Peshmerga - The Group May be the US's Ticket Out of Syria Crisis The Jerusalem Post December 18, 2018
Hezbollah Recruitment in Eastern Deraa? Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting November 13, 2018
The Return of ISIS Jonathanspyer.com November 2, 2018
Turkey Shells Kobani and Tel Abyad in Eastern Syria. What Are Its Next Moves? Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting November 2, 2018
ISIS Counterattacks in Syria Threaten Iraq and US Partners Jerusalem Post October 30, 2018
Report: Iran Sent Advanced Technology to Improve Hezbollah Rockets Jerusalem Post October 20, 2018
Turkey's Syrian Quagmire BESA Center Perspectives Paper October 10, 2018
Iran's Imploding Strategy Jerusalem Post October 5, 2018
In the Name of Peace, It Is Time to Accept Israel's Possession of the Golan Heights The Telegraph October 2, 2018
Iran Strike's Message to Region: "Borders Don't Matter" Jerusalem Post October 1, 2018
Interview in Syria: Idlib after the Agreement Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting September 20, 2018
Russia-Turkey Agreement to Prevent Syrian Invasion of Idlib, for Now Jerusalem Post September 20, 2018
What Does Russia's Condemnation of the Syria Strike Mean for Israel? Jerusalem Post September 18, 2018
Syrian War: Uneasy Calm in US-protected Kurdish Enclave The Australian September 8, 2018
Israel's Secret War Against Iran Is Widening Foreign Policy September 7, 2018
Iran's Power Play Shows Depth of Missile Threat Jerusalem Post September 2, 2018
Moscow Faces Challenges Brokering Battle Talks with Turkey in Syria Jerusalem Post September 1, 2018
Erdoğan's Dilemma Jerusalem Post August 30, 2018
Lebanese Report: Syrian Officials Met with U.S. in June Jerusalem Post August 28, 2018
'False Flags': War of Words over 'Chemical Weapon Attack' in Idlib Jerusalem Post August 27, 2018
Syrian Regime Cracks down on Former Rebel Areas near Golan Jerusalem Post August 26, 2018
Abadi Tries to Strong-Arm the PMU, but Why the Sudden Janus-Face? Tzarim August 25, 2018
In Syria, It's Either Reconciliation or Annexation The American Spectator August 23, 2018
The Future of Eastern Syria and the Israeli Interest Jerusalem Post August 15, 2018
Assad Launches Idlib Offensive Against Rebels Jerusalem Post August 12, 2018
Operation Roundup: The Final Battle with ISIS Enters Last Phase in Syria Jerusalem Post August 4, 2018
Syrian Activists: 'Ahed Tamimi Lucky Not to Be Imprisoned by Assad Regime' Jerusalem Post July 31, 2018
David's Sling and the Regime's New Normal Jerusalem Post July 23, 2018
What, If Anything, Did Trump and Putin Agree on in Helsinki? Jerusalem Post July 17, 2018
Refugees and the Iranian Threat: Crisis in the Golan Creates Instability Jerusalem Post July 14, 2018
Is Southern Syria Heading For 'Lebanonization'? Jerusalem Post July 12, 2018
Syrian Peace Deal Won't Bring Peace for Israel Jerusalem Post July 7, 2018
Can Lindsey Graham Save U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East? Jerusalem Post July 4, 2018
Tens of Thousands of Refugees Fleeing Southern Syria Offensive Jerusalem Post June 29, 2018
Thoughts On Southern Syria Syria Comment June 24, 2018
As Iran and Assad move in southern Syria, US and Russia must discuss response The Hill May 31, 2018
Six Sides to the Southern Syria Crisis Jerusalem Post May 29, 2018
Putin's Endgame in Syria Has Arrived Foreign Policy May 24, 2018
Reconciliation in Syria: The case of Beit Jann Middle East Center for Analysis and Reporting May 22, 2018
A symphony of destruction on the Golan Jerusalem Post May 19, 2018
Iran in Syria: "Cognitive Empathy" and Interests Syria Comment May 13, 2018
The Waiting Period The Australian May 11, 2018
Russia In A Bind Amid Iran-Israeli Tensions Tsarizm May 7, 2018
Iran's Missile Threat To Israel Jerusalem Post May 7, 2018
The Unsung Heroes of the War Against ISIS in Syria Jerusalem Post May 2, 2018
Who Was Behind The Massive Explosion In Syria? Jerusalem Post April 30, 2018
Who are Iran's 80,000 'Shi'ite' Fighters in Syria? Jerusalem Post April 28, 2018
The Looming Cloud of Conflict with Iran The Hill April 18, 2018
Syria: The Largest (and Most Important) Conflict of the 21st Century The National Interest April 16, 2018
The Great Distraction of Punitive Airstrikes The New Republic April 15, 2018
Erdogan's Shadow Army Jerusalem Post April 13, 2018
The Case for Bombing Assad World Affairs Journal April 12, 2018
Danger Ahead if the U.S. Withdraws from Syria The Jerusalem Post April 2, 2018
The Sultan's Pleasure: Turkey Expands its Operations in Syria and Iraq The Jerusalem Post March 30, 2018
Turkey's Syrian Battleground BESA Center March 21, 2018
Reframing the Middle Eastern and Palestinian Refugee Crises The Algemeiner March 14, 2018
A Turning Point in the Kurdish-Western Alliance? JPost March 1, 2018
Russian Attack on US Troops in Syria Elicits Deafening Silence from Politicians and Press World Affairs February 22, 2018
No, the Syrian Kurds Are Not Terrorists World Affairs Journal January 31, 2018
Welcome to Syria 2.0 Foreign Policy January 25, 2018
How I Spawned an Alt-Left Conspiracy Theory The Daily Caller January 18, 2018
Beit Jann: Myths and Reality Syria Comment January 2, 2018
Russia's Entrenchment in Syria Middle East Quarterly Winter 2018
Russia's Goals Go beyond Damascus Middle East Quarterly Winter 2018
Success for al-Qaeda in Syria? Perspectives on Terrorism December 18, 2017
Should the U.S. Military Stay in Syria after ISIS? The Jerusalem Post November 26, 2017
Iran Completes Its Land Bridge to the Golan The Jerusalem Post November 18, 2017
Erdoğan's Kurdish Gambit BESA Center Perspectives November 15, 2017
Turkey Plans Move to Box in Kurds in Northern Syria The Jerusalem Post October 14, 2017
Israel Prepares for War in Syria against Iran Foreign Policy September 28, 2017
The Islamic State and the Kurds: The Documentary Evidence CTC Sentinel September 21, 2017
Illegal Migrant Problem? Greece Offers a Solution The Washington Times September 12, 2017
And the Winner in Syria Is ... Iran The Jerusalem Post August 26, 2017
Who's Up and Who's Down in the Middle East Israel Hayom August 24, 2017
Iran Doesn't Need a Land Route to the Mediterranean The American Spectator August 22, 2017
The Most Embarrassingly Wrong Book Ever on the Middle East? The Washington Times August 9, 2017
Syria: Assessing the CIA Program The American Spectator August 7, 2017
Is Washington Ceding Syria to Russian Influence? The Jerusalem Post July 28, 2017
The Myth of ISIS's Strategic Brilliance The Atlantic July 20, 2017
Will U.S. and Russian Forces Clash in Syria? Foreign Policy June 26, 2017
US Strategy and Israel's Stake in Eastern Syria The Jerusalem Post June 24, 2017
No, Assad's Survival Isn't a Good Thing Israel Hayom June 7, 2017
The Rise of Katibat Dir' al-Watan: A Journey to the Lebanon-Syria Border Areas The Atlantic Council June 6, 2017
Israel's Costs vs. Its Benefits Middle East Quarterly Summer 2017
This Time, the Loser Writes History Middle East Quarterly Summer 2017
Why Eastern Syria is Essential to Containing Iran The Jerusalem Post May 26, 2017
Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist Foreign Policy May 19, 2017
Can ISIS Survive the Caliphate's Collapse? BICOM May 16, 2017
Assad's Hollow Crown: A Journey through Regime-Held Syria The Jerusalem Report May 9, 2017
The Brainwashing of Turkey's Children by ISIS The Philos Project May 8, 2017
'Reconciliation' in Syria: The Case of Al-Sanamayn Syria Comment April 27, 2017
Katibat Dir' al-Watan: New Sub-Unit of the Fifth Legion Syria Comment April 13, 2017
Syria Strikes Fine for Limited Deterrence, but Avoid Mission Creep Middle East Eye April 7, 2017
Get Ready for the Trump Doctrine The Hill April 7, 2017
Myths, Militias, and the Future of Syria Aswaat April 2017
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq September-October 2016
The Syrian Civil War & Demographic Change Syria Deeply March 15, 2017
Who Will Dominate Iraq and Syria after ISIS? The Jerusalem Post March 10, 2017
Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi: Syrian IRGC Militia Syria Comment March 8, 2017
The Formation of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham and Wider Tensions in Syria's Insurgency Combating Terrorism Center (West Point) February 22, 2017
Vilifying Syria's Kurds II: A Second Response to Roy Gutman Syria Comment February 13, 2017
Vilifying Syria's Kurds: A Response to Roy Gutman Syria Comment February 11, 2017
Liwa Al-Jabal: A New Loyalist Militia Unity Initiative In Suwayda' Syria Comment January 19, 2017
The Real Obama Legacy The Daily Caller January 5, 2017
It's Time for Realism in Syria, President-elect Donald Trump The Hill December 23, 2016
New Leads on Looted Middle Eastern Antiquities The Hill December 17, 2016
After the Fall of Aleppo The Jerusalem Post December 16, 2016
Hezbollah vs. ISIS. vs. Israel The Jerusalem Post December 12, 2016
Saraya Al-Tawheed: A Pro-Assad Druze Militia in Lebanon and Syria Syria Comment December 5, 2016
Kata'ib Humat al-Diyar: A Prominent Loyalist Militia in Suwayda' Syria Comment November 26, 2016
Erdogan's Ambition to Expand Turkey's 1923 Borders The Gatestone Institute November 21, 2016
New Dar al-Qada Decree to 'Newly Muslim' Ex-Druze of Jabal al-Summaq Atlantic Council November 14, 2016
Syria's Interlocking Conflicts The Jerusalem Post November 11, 2016
Tackling the Middle East after the Election The American Spectator November 4, 2016
Dissent in the Islamic State: Abu al-Faruq al-Masri's 'Message on the Manhaj' Combating Terrorism Center (West Point) October 31, 2016
Stories of the Mujahideen: Women of the Islamic State Jihadology October 17, 2016
Labawat al-Jabal: A Female Syrian Druze Militia Syria Comment October 14, 2016
Liwa al-Imam Zain al-Abidain: Building a 'Resistance' in Eastern Syria Syria Comment September 18, 2016
Liwa Sayf al-Haq Assad Allah al-Ghalib: A Republican Guard Militia in Sayyida Zainab Syria Comment September 16, 2016
Quwat Dir' Al-Amn Al-Askari: A Latakia Military Intelligence Militia Syria Comment September 3, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq August 1–August 31, 2016
What's Ankara Doing in Syria? The Jerusalem Post September 1, 2016
Fawj Maghawir al-Badiya: A Syrian Military Intelligence Branch Militia Syria Comment August 30, 2016
'Stories of the Mujahideen': Unseen Islamic State Biographies Jihadology August 24, 2016
Al-Qa'ida Uncoupling: Jabhat al-Nusra's Rebranding as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham CTC Sentinel August 22, 2016
Who Should Rule Syria? The Spectator August 20, 2016
Syrian Hezbollah Militias of Nubl and Zahara' Syria Comment August 15, 2016
Israel's Virtual Security Zone in Syria The Jerusalem Post August 12, 2016
Liwa Sayf al-Mahdi: A Syrian Army Shi'i Militia Syria Comment August 6, 2016
Don't Destroy ISIS BESA Center Perspectives August 2, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq June 1–July 31, 2016
Liwa al-Imam al-Mahdi: A Syrian Hezbollah Formation Syria Comment July 23, 2016
Kata'ib al-Jabalawi: A Pro-Assad Militia from Homs Syria Comment July 19, 2016
Islamic State Shifts Strategy The Jerusalem Post July 8, 2016
Quwat al-Ghadab: A Pro-Assad Christian Militia in Suqaylabiyah Syria Comment July 3, 2016
Hezbollah Sinking in the Syrian Quagmire The Jerusalem Report June 16, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq April 1–May 31, 2016
Send Ground Forces to Destroy ISIS? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2016
The 'Martyrs' of Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya (The Ja'afari Force) Syria Comment May 29, 2016
The Local Defence Forces: Regime Auxiliary Forces in Aleppo Syria Comment May 23, 2016
The Leopards of Homs: A Pro-Assad Militia Syria Comment May 15, 2016
The Jihadi Threat on Israel's Northern Border Middle East Review of International Affairs May 15, 2016
Liwa al-Jalil: A New Pro-Assad Palestinian Militia Syria Comment May 6, 2016
Lebanizing Syria The Hill April 30, 2016
Islamic State Moves to Libya The Australian April 23, 2016
A Caliphate Under Strain: The Documentary Evidence CTC Sentinel April 22, 2016
ISIS is Collapsing The Miami Herald April 19, 2016
Ready for the Storm: Protecting Israel's Border with Syria The Jerusalem Post April 15, 2016
Unseen Islamic State Military Commanders Manual: Qualities and Manners of the Mujahid Commander Jihadology April 11, 2016
The Syrian Civil War: An Interim Balance Sheet BESA Center Perspectives April 6, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq March 1–March 31, 2016
Gulf Arab States Close Doors to Syrian Refugees Breitbart March 31, 2016
Loss of Palmyra Reveals Islamic State Weakness The Daily Beast March 28, 2016
War and Madness The Jerusalem Report March 28, 2016
The Fitna in Deraa and the Islamic State Angle Jihadology March 26, 2016
Turkey's Erdoğan Gambles and Loses The Australian March 19, 2016
Will the Syrian Ceasefire Last? The Jerusalem Post March 13, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq February 1–February 29, 2016
How Israel Navigated through the Hurricane of the Syrian Civil War The Tower March 8, 2016
Harakat al-Hawiya al-Arabiya al-Druziya: Defending Druze Identity in Suwayda' Syria Comment March 6, 2016
Why Putin Wants Syria Middle East Quarterly Spring 2016
The Dir' al-Watan Brand: Liwa Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi Syria Comment February 26, 2016
Liwa Dir' al-Watan: A New Pro-Assad Militia in Damascus Syria Comment February 24, 2016
Liwa Usud al-Hussein: A New Pro-Assad Militia in Latakia Syria Comment February 19, 2016
The Syrian Cauldron Boils Over The Jerusalem Post February 19, 2016
Republicans: Put Syria Back on the Table The Hill February 17, 2016
Saudi Arabia and Turkey Are Walking into a Trap The Gatestone Institute February 16, 2016
The Life of al-Khal: First Leader of Liwa Shuhada' al-Yarmouk Syria Comment February 14, 2016
Turkey's Haunted Border with Syria The Gatestone Institute February 11, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq January 1–January 31, 2016
Is Assad's Russian-backed Offensive a Game-changer in Syria? The Jerusalem Post February 5, 2016
Is ISIS Good at Governing? The Brookings Institution February 3, 2016
In Syria, Locals Take the Fight Back to Islamic State The Australian January 23, 2016
Obama's Syria Diplomacy is Doomed to Fail The Hill January 22, 2016
Eclipse of the Caliphate The Jerusalem Report January 21, 2016
ISIS Is Not the Main Problem in the Middle East PJ Media January 19, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq November 1–December 31, 2015
Blame Terror on Everyone but Terrorists! The Gatestone Institute January 11, 2016
The Syrian National Resistance: Liwa Khaybar Syria Comment January 3, 2016
Obama's Middle East Delusions Middle East Quarterly Winter 2016
Russian Imperialism Meets Delusions of Ottoman Grandeur The Gatestone Institute December 31, 2015
Quwat al-Jalil: A Pro-Assad Palestinian Syrian Militia Syria Comment December 23, 2015
'Until Our Hearts Submit To The Shari'a': Da'wa Pamphlet from Jabhat al-Nusra Jihadology December 21, 2015
EU Woos Turkey Amid Press Crackdown The Gatestone Institute December 13, 2015
Syrian Insurgent Factions of North Latakia Syria Comment December 10, 2015
Germany's Choice: Easy or Hard Asylum Integration The American Interest December 9, 2015
Principles in the Administration of the Islamic State: Full Text and Translation The Guardian December 7, 2015
Turkey's Human Wave Assault on the West The Hill December 7, 2015
Putin Strikes Back Against Turkey The Gatestone Institute December 5, 2015
Caliphate Accompli Jihad Watch November 29, 2015
Putin vs Erdogan The Australian November 28, 2015
Obama's Religious Test for Compassion The American Thinker November 23, 2015
The Kurds Can Defeat ISIS if We Provide Incentives The Jerusalem Post November 22, 2015
The Paris Attacks Reflect Intelligence Failure, Not Change in ISIS Strategy The Huffington Post November 20, 2015
Washington Won't Arm Christians Fighting ISIS FrontPage Magazine November 18, 2015
Is Assad's Russian-Backed Offensive in Syria Paying Off? Syria Deeply November 11, 2015
Is It Iran's Middle East Now? Fathom Autumn 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq October 1–October 31, 2015
New Mobilization Calls By the Islamic State in Aleppo Province Jihadology October 30, 2015
Russian Intervention in Syria Isn't a 'Game Changer' The Strategist October 30, 2015
Rijal al-Karama after Sheikh Abu Fahad Waheed al-Bal'ous' Assassination Syria Comment October 26, 2015
Talking to the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade Syria Deeply October 13, 2015
Unseen Documents from the Islamic State's Diwan al-Rikaz Jihadology October 12, 2015
Unseen Islamic State Financial Accounts for Deir az-Zor Province Jihadology October 5, 2015
Al Nusra Atrocities against Syrian Druze Belie Its Rebranding Foreign Affairs October 5, 2015
Russia in Syria: Putin Fills Strategic Vacuum in the Middle East The Australian October 3, 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq various publications September 1–September 30, 2015
Unseen Islamic State Fatwas on Jihad and Sabaya Jihadology September 25, 2015
Is Syria Becoming a 'Frozen Conflict'? The Jerusalem Post September 24, 2015
Canada Should Welcome Syrian Refugees, Carefully The Toronto Sun September 22, 2015
Liwa Shuhada' al-Yarmouk: History and Analysis Syria Comment September 18, 2015
Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa: History, Analysis & Interview Syria Comment September 14, 2015
Blame Iran and Turkey for the Mediterranean Refugee Crisis The Weekly Standard September 12, 2015
The Bear Steps In: Russia's Expanding Military Presence in Syria The Jerusalem Post September 12, 2015
Middle East Provocations and Predictions The Mackenzie Institute September 9, 2015
The Assassination of Sheikh Abu Fahad al-Bal'ous: Context and Analysis Syria Comment September 5, 2015
Who is to Blame for the Drowning of Alan Kurdi? The Toronto Sun September 3, 2015
Overview of Some Pro-Assad Militias Syria Comment September 1, 2015
Defeating ISIS, Rolling Back Iran Middle East Quarterly Fall 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq various publications August 1-August 31, 2015
Turkey: Payback Time? The Gatestone Institute August 30, 2015
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq various publications July 1-July 31, 2015
Critical Analysis of the Islamic State's Health Department Jihadology August 27, 2015
Turkey, US Aim to Broaden Campaign Against ISIS Defense News August 23, 2015
The Heroes Working to Rescue ISIS's Core Victims The New York Post August 20, 2015
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