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I Attended a Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra Concert National Review Online March 10, 2017
Dissent in the Islamic State's Yemen Affiliates: Documents, Translation & Analysis Aymennjawad.org February 29, 2016
Turkey To Build Military Base in Qatar Defense News December 16, 2015
The Islamic Prerequisite of Kuwaiti Citizenship Raymondibrahim.com May 13, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Why the UAE Is Hedging Its Bets with Iran The Jerusalem Post August 22, 2019
No Peace, No War in the Gulf The Australian August 10, 2019
Iran Thinks It Can Do Whatever It Wants in the Gulf The Jerusalem Post August 5, 2019
Iran Outmaneuvers UK in Gulf Tanker Conflict The Jerusalem Post July 21, 2019
What Was Iran Thinking Trying to Seize British Tanker? The Jerusalem Post July 11, 2019
Protesters Storm Bahrain Embassy in Baghdad after U.S.-Backed Summit The Jerusalem Post June 30, 2019
Turkey and the UAE Fight It Out by Proxy in Libya The Jerusalem Post June 29, 2019
The Iranian Tanker Attacks: Choose Your Own Narrative The Jerusalem Post June 14, 2019
Understanding the Saudi-Iran 'Arms Race' The Jerusalem Post June 10, 2019
Bahrain Incurs Rejectionist Wrath for Hosting Peace Conference The Hill June 10, 2019
It's Time to Send a Message to Qatar The Hill June 5, 2019
Handshakes, Jerusalem and Iran: The Politics of the Saudi Summits The Jerusalem Post June 1, 2019
Is There an Unprecedented Build-Up of US Naval Power in the Middle East? The Jerusalem Post April 25, 2019
Generals vs Islamists in Libya The Jerusalem Post April 24, 2019
UAE and Saudi Arabia Go Big on Investment in Post-Bashir Sudan The Jerusalem Post April 22, 2019
Oman: We Support Establishment of Palestinian State The Jerusalem Post April 7, 2019
A Cautious Alliance January 30, 2019
Examining Qatar's Influence danielpipes.org January 30, 2019
Oman Visit Only Latest Point of Support for Israel Jerusalem Post October 28, 2018
'Curse the Jews,' Yemen's Houthi Rebel Slogan Handed out at University Jerusalem Post October 10, 2018
What a Crown Prince Wants The New Republic March 20, 2018
The Saudi Arabia-Middle East Studies Love Affair Is Over New English Review March 19, 2018
"Un-Brotherly" Saudi-Emirati Ties Middle East Quarterly Spring 2018
The Dubai Miracle Has Become Real The Washington Times December 7, 2017
The U.S. Must Rethink Its Yemen Policy The American Spectator November 24, 2017
How a TV Station Put Qatar on the Map Stratfor Worldview October 1, 2017
Abu Dhabi Stumbles Between Its Foreign and Domestic Policies Stratfor Worldview August 20, 2017
Qatar's Comeuppance a Long Time Coming The Diplomatist July 2017
Turkey's Failed Grand Design for the Middle East BESA Center Perspectives June 16, 2017
A Pro-American Arab Alliance that Fights? The Jerusalem Post June 9, 2017
Oman: The Middle East's Most Surprising Country The Washington Times March 15, 2017
Hopes for a New Arab Spring The Toronto Sun December 6, 2016
Governance in Islamic State Provinces Beyond Iraq and Syria The Washington Institute for Near East Policy November 2016
Foreign Muslim Funding of Western Universities The Gatestone Institute August 19, 2016
Religious Intolerance in the Gulf States Middle East Quarterly Summer 2016
The UAE's Fragile Good Life The Washington Times April 11, 2016
Gulf Arab States Close Doors to Syrian Refugees Breitbart March 31, 2016
Research on the Islamic State, Syria, and Iraq February 1–February 29, 2016
Hating Americans Is Official Saudi and Qatari Policy The Daily Caller January 18, 2016
Will Dubai's Good Times Last? Asia Times December 31, 2015
Is It Iran's Middle East Now? Fathom Autumn 2015
Houthi Retreat in Yemen Shows the Limits of Iranian Power The Jerusalem Post October 11, 2015
Iranian Nukes, the Arab Gulf, and Obama's Seductive Summitry The Washington Times June 2, 2015
The Mideast Battle Lines Are Drawn The Jerusalem Report April 16, 2015
A New Chapter in the Sunni-Shiite War The Jerusalem Post April 4, 2015
Backgrounder: Iran Nuclear Negotiations April 3, 2015
Backgrounder: Arab Intervention in Yemen April 3, 2015
Saudi Arabia is Fooling the West in Yemen The Toronto Sun March 31, 2015
The Middle Eastern Metternichs of Riyadh Asia Times Online March 29, 2015
Why Yemen Matters The Washington Times March 28, 2015
Research on the Islamic State various publications February 16 - March 15, 2015
How Many Qatari Nationals Are There? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2015
China's Growing Middle East Footprint: Israel's Opportunity BESA Center Perspectives February 1, 2015
The Other Side of Autocracy: State Collapse in Yemen PJ Media January 22, 2015
Qatar Seeks Reconciliation with Saudi-Egypt Axis The Jerusalem Post January 11, 2015
An Arab Prince Denounces Islamism The Washington Times December 10, 2014
Will Even Oman Now Face Turmoil? PJ Media December 8, 2014
Death of an American 'Infidel' in Abu Dhabi Breitbart December 4, 2014
Iran-Backed Shia Rebels Push Forward in Yemen PJ Media November 5, 2014
War against ISIS Headed for Failure The Toronto Sun September 16, 2014
Confidence Game: Losing American Support, the Gulf States Scramble The Tower January 2014
Quietly, Israel and the Gulf States Draw Closer Together PJ Media October 24, 2013
Yemen's Forgotten Christians Gatestone Institute January 29, 2013
Riyadh Enters the Yemen-Huthi Fray Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
The Coming Collapse of Yemen The American Spectator December 27, 2011
Qatar's Sunni Side The American Spectator October 25, 2011
Explaining Iran's Approach Towards the Middle East The Jerusalem Post October 25, 2011
Assessing Bahrain The American Spectator October 19, 2011
Security threat from Yemen? The Jerusalem Post October 3, 2011
Iraq goes the way of its Gulf neighbors The Daily Star (Beirut) August 26, 2011
The Emptying of Yemen The Washington Times June 7, 2011
Can the GCC Weather the Economic Meltdown? Middle East Quarterly Summer 2010
The Gulf States in the Shadow of Iran Middle East Quarterly Winter 2010
Caught on Tape: The Middle East's Culture of Cruelty FrontPageMagazine.com May 15, 2009
Dubai's Dramatic Drop FrontPageMagazine.com February 25, 2009
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Investment Vehicles for the Persian Gulf Countries Middle East Quarterly Spring 2008
Democracy on the Wing Washington Post January 26, 2005
Tapping the hornets' nest Haaretz December 10, 2004
Policy Brief: Protecting American Soldiers in the Persian Gulf Middle East Quarterly June 1998
Will the Gulf Monarchies Work Together? Middle East Quarterly March 1997
The Gulf Monarchies: Kuwait's Real Elections Middle East Quarterly December 1996
Russian Ambitions in the Persian Gulf Middle East Quarterly March 1995
Can Gulf Monarchies Survive the Oil Bust? Middle East Quarterly December 1994
Kuwait: Oasis of Liberalism? Middle East Quarterly September 1994
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Gregg Roman on the Rift between Qatar and the Arab Gulf States I24News June 6, 2017
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The Saudi-Iranian Proxy War in Yemen MEF Wire April 30, 2015
The View from Kuwait MEF Wire March 18, 2000
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Tell the Senate to Oppose Arms Sales to Qatar Middle East Forum Action Alert June 11, 2019