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2015's Hits at DanielPipes.org Danielpipes.org January 15, 2016
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Iraqis Remember ISIS Massacres Five Years Later The Jerusalem Post June 12, 2019
Arab Spring: The Second Coming? The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security May 1, 2019
UAE and Saudi Arabia Go Big on Investment in Post-Bashir Sudan The Jerusalem Post April 22, 2019
Riding the Tides: Jordan Sits at a Crossroads of Middle Eastern Dilemmas The Jerusalem Post April 20, 2019
Israel's Election Results Show Broad Consensus on Diplomacy and Defense The Jerusalem Post April 16, 2019
Sudan Crisis Impacts Whole Middle East The Jerusalem Post April 11, 2019
Egypt's Key Role in a Year of Gaza Ceasefires The Jerusalem Post March 28, 2019
Gulf Countries Issue Tepid Criticism of U.S. Over Golan Recognition The Jerusalem Post March 26, 2019
Ferry Tragedy and Corruption in Mosul Affect All Iraq The Jerusalem Post March 25, 2019
Iran-Backed Militias Step Up the Battle in Iraq Wall Street Journal March 18, 2019
Why Didn't Algeria Light a New Fuse By Now? The Jerusalem Post March 15, 2019
Iran's 'Road to the Sea' Exposed on Golan The Jerusalem Post March 13, 2019
Iran and Turkey Media Push Conspiracy Theories About U.S., ISIS The Jerusalem Post March 4, 2019
Arab Armies Under the Microscope The Jerusalem Post February 13, 2019
The Middle East's Tectonic Shifts The Jerusalem Post February 8, 2019
The Political Map Drawn 100 Years Ago by the French Still Haunts Syria The Jerusalem Post February 1, 2019
The Middle East Forum at 25: Failure and Success The Jerusalem Post January 24, 2019
Hashd Formations of Iraq: Interview with Harakat Ahrar al-Iraq aymennjawad.org January 18, 2019
Erdoğan Is Wrong on Syria. Turkey Cannot Get the Job Done. Gatestone Institute January 15, 2019
Where is Turkish Industry 5.0? Sigma Turkey January 7, 2019
A Lesson from Syria: US Military, Political Goals Must Align The Hill January 4, 2019
What's Behind Sudanese Presidential Al-Bashar Going to Meet Syria's Assad The Jerusalem Post December 17, 2018
In the Middle East, You Win with Fear Israel Hayom November 13, 2018
The Return of ISIS Jonathanspyer.com November 2, 2018
Iran's Dangerous Game in Gaza Jerusalem Post October 27, 2018
"Genocide Against Christians" Gatestone Institute October 14, 2018
Turkey's Revolution Looks like Iran's - but in Slow Motion Gatestone Institute October 10, 2018
Pakistan: Death or Life for Christian "Blasphemer"? Gatestone Institute October 10, 2018
Islamic State Shifts from Provinces and Governance to Global Insurgency International Peace Institute: Global Observatory September 26, 2018
"Al Shabaab Are Now Hunting down the Children in Mogadishu" Gatestone Institute September 23, 2018
Whitewashing Far-Right Parties in the Middle East Jerusalem Post July 30, 2018
Why There's Muslim Violence, but not Christian Violence, in the Middle East FrontPage Magazine December 27, 2017
Why There Is No Peace in the Middle East The Gatestone Institute October 14, 2017
Who's Up and Who's Down in the Middle East Israel Hayom August 24, 2017
Violence against Women: Some Inconvenient Data for the Corrupt UN The Gatestone Institute June 28, 2017
Only Washington Can Forge a Moderate Mideast Axis The Jerusalem Post February 4, 2017
Trump's Choices in the Middle East The Boston Globe December 8, 2016
The Middle East Can't Be Fixed BESA Center Perspectives September 1, 2016
The Foul Legacy of Sykes-Picot The Washington Times May 9, 2016
Tribalism Drives Middle East Violence Independent Journal Review March 25, 2016
Does the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Still Matter? The National Post January 11, 2016
Middle East Provocations and Predictions The Mackenzie Institute September 9, 2015
The Middle East Runs out of Water The Washington Times May 8, 2015
Cartoons, Muslim Anguish, and Modernity Asia Times Online May 6, 2015
The Mideast Battle Lines Are Drawn The Jerusalem Report April 16, 2015
The Middle East Turmoil and Israel's Security International Relations and Security Network (ISN) April 13, 2015
The Middle East: In the Shadow of the Gunmen PJ Media April 4, 2015
A New Chapter in the Sunni-Shiite War The Jerusalem Post April 4, 2015
Why Yemen Matters The Washington Times March 28, 2015
Security Challenges of the New Israeli Government BESA Center Perspectives March 19, 2015
The World Bows to Iranian Regional Hegemony Asia Times Online March 4, 2015
Syria's Civil War Could Stabilize Its Region The Washington Times February 26, 2015
Turkey's Davutoglu Still Wants a "New Middle East" The Gatestone Institute February 10, 2015
Qatar Seeks Reconciliation with Saudi-Egypt Axis The Jerusalem Post January 11, 2015
Turkey: No Longer a "Rock Star" on Arab Street The Gatestone Institute October 27, 2014
As the World Turns: Will the West Prevail? World Affairs September/October 2014
Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS? PJ Media October 20, 2014
Iran Remains the Threat in the Middle East BESA Center Perspectives October 19, 2014
Is the "Islamic State" a Good Thing? FrontPage Magazine October 2, 2014
14 Million Refugees Make the Levant Unmanageable PJ Media September 8, 2014
Arab Uprisings May Doom Middle East Christians Middle East Quarterly Fall 2014
Connecting the Dots The Jerusalem Post August 31, 2014
Sherman's 300,000 and the Caliphate's Three Million Asia Times August 12, 2014
New Islamic Caliphate Declares Jihad on … Muslims FrontPage Magazine July 18, 2014
The One-State Solution Is on Our Doorstep Tablet Magazine July 14, 2014
Sadly, There's Nothing the U.S. Can Do to Save Iraq The National Post June 27, 2014
War Across the Borders PJ Media March 28, 2014
With Iraq on the Brink, a New Sunni Insurgency Emerges PJ Media March 20, 2014
Shifting Mideast Sands Reveal New Alliances PJ Media March 14, 2014
Islam's Inadvertent Patterns The Washington Times March 10, 2014
Do 'Syria,' 'Iraq' and 'Lebanon' Still Exist? The Tower February 2014
The Sick Middle East The Washington Times January 24, 2014
Muslim Civil Wars Stem from a Crisis of Civilization PJ Media June 5, 2013
The U.S. versus the 'Shi'ite Crescent'? The Jerusalem Post February 5, 2013
The Islamic Schoolyard-Bully and Obama's America FrontPageMagazine.com October 18, 2012
Parallel Betrayals: Iranian Revolution and Arab Spring FrontPageMagazine.com June 18, 2012
The Arabs as Seen Fifty Years Ago The Washington Times March 6, 2012
The Middle East's real apartheid The Jerusalem Post March 5, 2012
Chaos: The new 'status quo' Ha'aretz February 17, 2012
The Arab Uprisings' Impact Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
Sunni Realignments The American Spectator December 9, 2011
Overviewing Shi'a-Sunni Conflicts Israel National News December 2, 2011
Friendless in the Middle East National Review Online November 8, 2011
The Arab Spring and the Jews Israel National News October 6, 2011
Does Anyone Speak Arabic? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2011
Middle Eastern Christians and anti-Semitism The Jerusalem Post August 2, 2011
Casual Hate: The Subtle Side of Christian Persecution FrontPageMagazine.com July 20, 2011
Mixed Response in Iran Middle East Quarterly Summer 2011
Four Middle Eastern Upheavals FoxNews.com March 29, 2011
My Optimism about the New Arab Revolt National Review Online March 1, 2011
Pouring Cold Water on WikiLeaks National Review Online December 14, 2010
The Palestinians, Alone The New York Times August 2, 2010
In Mideast, Bet on a Strong Horse National Review Online February 16, 2010
The Middle Eastern Cold War Jerusalem Post June 17, 2009
Caught on Tape: The Middle East's Culture of Cruelty FrontPageMagazine.com May 15, 2009
The Middle East's Tribal Affliction Jerusalem Post January 24, 2008
The Middle East's Tribal DNA Middle East Quarterly Winter 2008
Waning Support for Suicide-Attacks in the Muslim World? FrontPageMagazine.com August 13, 2007
Countries Threatened with Extinction New York Sun August 7, 2007
Red Mosque in Rebellion New York Sun July 17, 2007
Why Do Muslims Execute Innocent People? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2006
"Is the West Racist Toward Muslims and Arabs?" Bitterlemons International August 31, 2006
About Those Iraqi WMD New York Sun April 25, 2006
How the Cartoon Protests Harm Muslims [by Leading to a Separation of Civilizations] New York Sun February 14, 2006
Winning the Propaganda War [versus Radical Islam] New York Sun December 27, 2005
The Middle East's real bane: corruption Daily Star (Beirut) November 18, 2005
From Nationalism to Fascism to Terror Private Papers September 4, 2005
A Neo-Conservative's Caution New York Sun March 8, 2005
Christians Disappearing From Iraq New York Sun August 24, 2004
Nation and Assassination in the Middle East Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
The Arab Mind Revisited Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Freedom of Speech - in Any Language Middle East Quarterly Summer 2004
Hating Valentine's Day New York Sun February 17, 2004
20/20 Vision? The Middle East to 2020 Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
The Decline of the Arabs Middle East Quarterly Fall 2003
Iraqi Assyrians: Barometer of Pluralism Middle East Quarterly Summer 2003
After Saddam? Remaking the Mideast New York Post February 11, 2003
Requiem for Arab Nationalism Middle East Quarterly Winter 2003
How the Arabs Compare Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
Those Young Arab Muslims and Us Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
The Ulema: Middle Eastern Power Brokers Middle East Quarterly Fall 2001
Nothing succeeds like failure Jerusalem Post February 28, 2001
Editors' Introduction: Why a Special Issue? Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
Arab Christians as Symbol Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
Where Does Religious Freedom Exist? Jewish Exponent September 23, 1999
[Antonius, Arafat, Said Become Palestinian:] A Good Career Move Jerusalem Post September 7, 1999
How Kosovo Plays in the Middle East National Post May 19, 1999
The Real "New Middle East" Commentary November 1998
Why Syria and Turkey Gird for War Wall Street Journal Europe October 9, 1998
Marriage Diplomacy Middle East Quarterly March 1998
The Arab World's Travails: The Desert's Burden Middle East Quarterly March 1998
The Arab World's Travails: History's Burden Middle East Quarterly March 1998
The Rights of Muslim Women Middle East Quarterly December 1997
Why Radical Muslims Aren't Taking over Governments Middle East Quarterly December 1997
"Religious Freedom Is a Growing Priority" Middle East Quarterly September 1997
The Establishment's Power Middle East Forum Wire January 1, 1997
The Minority Plight Middle East Quarterly September 1996
The Middle East, with Water to Waste Middle East Quarterly June 1996
Why Does the Muslim World Lag in Science? Middle East Quarterly June 1996
The Middle East, Westernized Despite Itself Middle East Quarterly March 1996
Editors' Note: Doing Business in the Middle East Middle East Quarterly March 1996
The Middle East [in 1995, the Year in Review]: Between Peace and Jihad Freedom Review January-February 1996
Arabs Criticize Illogic and Tyranny Middle East Forum Wire December 1, 1995
Does the Arabic Language Encourage Radical Islam? Middle East Quarterly December 1995
The Paranoid Style in Mideast Politics Washington Post November 6, 1994
Identifying Friend and Enemy In the Complex Islamic World The Northern Centinel September 1994
Blaming America First Middle East Quarterly September 1994
Palestinians vs. the Arabs Middle East Forum Wire August 1, 1994
The End of the Reign of Optimism in the Middle East Washington Times March 16, 1994
Middle East Had Bright Spots But Dark Clouds Forming Philadelphia Inquirer January 9, 1994
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Forecast for Freedom in the Middle East Speakers Action Group April 18, 2016
Review: Nothing Abides: Perspectives on the Middle East and Islam The Algemeiner February 14, 2016
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Islamic Civilization is Dying MEF Wire November 15, 2011
The Changing Middle East: An Insider's Perspective MEF Wire November 14, 2011
Culture and Conflict in the Middle East MEF Wire January 29, 2008
The Hidden World of Muslim Women MEF Wire February 26, 1996
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The 10 Most Widely Read Middle East Quarterly Articles of All Time News from the Middle East Forum February 24, 2016