Writings by Topic: African-American Muslims

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Hijacking Black History to Bash Israel The American Spectator August 8, 2019
Black Lives Matter: Promoting Anti-Semitism Ynet March 5, 2018
Forty-seven Years of Domestic Terror against Jews and Israelis The Weekly Standard December 10, 2016
Stanford's 'Terror, Freedom, Blasphemy' Panel: Blithering Academic Incoherence Jihad Watch February 25, 2015
Re-remembering Malcom X National Review Online February 21, 2015
A Century of African-American Islam The Washington Times December 27, 2013
Farrakhan Demands Reparations from Jews National Review Online July 13, 2010
Keith Ellison's Stealth Jihad Middle East Quarterly Summer 2010
Black Nationalism Provides Foundation for African-American Islamist Movement American Thinker October 11, 2009
Islamists Sabotage Assimilation of Somali-Americans Pajamas Media July 8, 2009
Legendary Songwriter Now Marches to an Islamist Tune American Thinker November 29, 2008
Obama Office Operates in Philly's Islamist Corridor Pajamas Media October 22, 2008
If the King of Pop[, Michael Jackson,] Converts to Islam New York Sun March 7, 2006
Muhammad Ali's "Beautiful Soul" FrontPageMagazine.com December 1, 2005
Muhammad Ali v. George W. Bush New York Sun November 29, 2005
L.A.'s Thwarted Terror Spree New York Sun September 6, 2005
[Hasan Akbar and] Murder in the 101st Airborne New York Post March 25, 2003
The Snipers: Crazy or Jihadis? New York Post October 29, 2002
[Beltway Snipers]: Converts to Violence? New York Post October 25, 2002
[Jamil Al-Amin:] A Muslim O.J. New York Post January 7, 2002
The Curious Case of Jamil Al-Amin American Spectator November-December 2001
How Elijah Muhammad Won Commentary June 2000
In Muslim America: A Presence and a Challenge[ – The Anti-Americanism of U.S. Converts to Islam] National Review February 21, 2000
The New Anti-Semitism Jewish Exponent October 16, 1997
MEF in the Media
Title Publication Date
Tarek Fatah on Linda Sarsour's 'Jihad' against Trump Fox Business July 7, 2017