MEF on the Israel-Gaza War
Reports and Analysis

Iran's Controlled Escalation Against Israel, U.S.

by Jonathan Spyer • November 25, 2023

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a research group associated with the Syrian opposition, this week reported that 700 pro-Iranian fighters have been deployed in the area adjoining the Golan Heights. The fighters, according to the SOHR report, are of "Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, and other nationalities."

Turkey's Diyanet Religious Directorate Stands Firm with Hamas, Issues Anti-Israel Fatwa

by Abdullah Bozkurt • November 22, 2023

The Turkish government's Religious Affairs Directorate, or Diyanet, a multi-billion dollar organization with nearly 150,000 personnel overseeing approximately 90,000 mosques in Turkey and abroad, has aligned itself with Hamas. It appears to have adopted a policy that reflects an anti-Israel religious fatwa issued by top MB clerics and their Palestinian affiliates.

Only an Israel Victory Can Free the Hostages

by Alex Nachumson • November 21, 2023

Defeating Hamas was pronounced as Israel's primary goal of the war it now wages in the Gaza Strip because of its importance to the security and safety of millions of Israelis, for regional stability and to impress on Israel's enemies that the Jewish State can win again, and no site or target is off the table.

Hamas Supporters Offer Show of Force, Express Support for Destruction of Israel in London on Armistice Day

by Hannah Baldock • November 20, 2023

Three hundred thousand protesters, many of them wearing face-hiding masks and Hamas-style headbands marched through London on Armistice Day on Saturday, November 11. It was the city's biggest demonstration since protests against the Allied invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Appeasement, not Victory: Israel Has Quickly Reverted to Its Bad Old Policies

by Daniel Pipes • November 17, 2023

"Everything changed" in Israel on Oct. 7. Except it did not. Despite much talk of victory by the prime minister and survey research showing the public endorses a tough new approach, Israeli officialdom and its security establishment show signs of reverting to their old failed policies, even before the bodies have been buried. Those failed policies mean...

The Dangers Behind the UN's Silence Toward Israel

by Gregg Roman • November 17, 2023

Many of the numerous people, organizations, and governments who regularly rely on the OCHA-OPT are unaware of how much misinformation they report. By cooperating with Hamas, the OCHA-OPT helps perpetuate the rule of a terrorist state, the oppression of Palestinians, and the murder of Israelis.

Israel's Gaza Offensive Progresses, but Obstacles, Competing Timetables Remain

by Jonathan Spyer • November 15, 2023

The military situation is only one of a number of ticking clocks that Israeli policymakers must consider – and these clocks are not ticking in sync with one another. The IDF is set to soon find itself in a race against time to effectively collapse and obliterate the authority that perpetrated the 7 October massacre.

The U.S. Charitable Network That Subsidizes Hamas, and the Donors Behind It

by Sam Westrop • November 14, 2023

An FWI investigation has uncovered over 260 million dollars sent through the 501(c) system to Hamas-aligned charities in the United States, provided by corporate foundations, employee-giving schemes, partisan community groups and a powerful array of Islamist grant-making foundations that make use of a largely-unregulated nonprofit sector.

There Should Be Only One Goal to This War

by Nave Dromi • November 13, 2023

Rather than placing the blame on the Arabs for the 1920 massacre, the world sought to make excuses and appease them when the British Mandatory powers made al-Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, despite his being clearly and legally implicated in the bloodshed.

J Street Stands with Hamas – Naturally

by Gregg Roman • November 11, 2023

The shocking and horrific Hamas attack on Israelis on October 7 – the mass murder, rape, abductions, torture, and mutilation – was a paradigm-shifting event. Israel's war in response is a starkly black-and-white conflict. Yet J Street, the lobbying group that advertises itself as "pro-Israel" and "pro-peace," has not seen it that way.

Israel Strikes Iran-Backed Terrorists in Ongoing Effort to Stop New War Front in West Bank

by Benjamin Weinthal • November 10, 2023

The IDF operation in the West Bank raises questions about the opening of a third front in Israel's response to Hamas' multipronged attack against the Jewish state on Oct. 7, resulting in the massacre of 1,400 people in southern Israel.

To Defeat Hamas, Emulate the Destruction of the Tamil Tigers

by A.J. Caschetta • November 10, 2023

There are many parallels between Sri Lanka's decades-long fight against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelan (LTTE), more commonly known as the "Tamil Tigers," and Israel's decades-long fight against the Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya, more commonly known as Hamas. And while Hamas may be now stronger than ever, the Tamil Tigers are only a memory.

U.S. Still Welcomes Hamas Lobby on Capitol Hill

by Benjamin Baird • November 9, 2023

Just two weeks after Hamas terrorists stormed Israeli neighborhoods, massacring families in their homes and parading bloodied hostages through the streets of Gaza, an anti-Semitic hate group with multiple documented links to Hamas visited U.S. Congress members during its annual "Palestine Advocacy Days."

Hamas vs. Gazans

by Daniel Pipes • November 8, 2023

Hamas, the jihadi organization that has ruled Gaza since 2007, became the focus of global attention after massacring about 1,400 Israelis on Oct. 7. For 15 years, it has implemented an opposite and historically unique purpose in tormenting its subject population. Rather than sacrifice soldiers for battlefield gains, it sacrifices civilians for public relations purposes.

The IDF's War on Hamas Is Going Better than It Expected... for Now

by Lazar Berman • November 8, 2023

After a period of doubt as IDF troops idled on the Gaza border for weeks, Israel's government has shown a serious commitment to the ground invasion of the Hamas-run enclave. Three divisions are inside the northern half of the Gaza Strip, cutting the territory in half and making steady progress toward the heart of Gaza City.

CAIR Leaders Shill for Hamas in American Media, Reporters Cooperate

by Joe Kaufman • November 7, 2023

As Israel continues to respond with force to the heinous October 7th attack perpetrated by Hamas terrorists who raped young women, kidnapped children, and burned families alive, TV journalists try to demonstrate their objectivity by soliciting responses from leaders of CAIR, an organization with deep and enduring ties to Hamas.

Employees at US-Funded United Nations Agency Celebrated Hamas Terror Massacre: Report

by Benjamin Weinthal • November 7, 2023

The U.K.-based Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) wrote in its 123-page report released Monday, that "at least 14 teachers and staff at UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) schools have publicly celebrated the October 7 massacre and other Hamas attacks on their social media accounts."

Hamas Leaders Worth Staggering $11B Revel in Luxury — while Gaza's People Suffer

by Benjamin Weinthal and Isabel Vincent • November 7, 2023

While their people languish in poverty and are treated as human shields, the leaders of Hamas live billionaire lifestyles. The terror group's three top leaders alone are worth a staggering total of $11 billion and enjoy a life of luxury in the sanctuary of the emirate of Qatar.

Israel Will Win. The West is Over.

by Giulio Meotti • November 7, 2023

What is this strange evil that afflicts the West and for which the war in Gaza is both a pretext and a revelation? Hamas is an Islamo-Nazi sect that intended to destroy Israel and its people before attacking the West when the time comes. Support for Hamas originates in the heart of darkness of Western consciousness. There are more fans of Hamas in the West than in Gaza.

Only Victory in War Can Provide Security

by Alex Selsky • November 7, 2023

We must wake up and complete the construction of the Iron Wall—a victory over Israel's enemies, such a victory that will make them lay down their weapons and stop hoping to throw us to the sea. To understand the simple truth that only with strength can we guarantee ourselves security.

Israel Wants Peace — Arab Obstructionism Is the Problem

by Gregg Roman • November 6, 2023

The usual angry critics and opponents of Israel are demanding a ceasefire as Israel responds to Hamas' Oct. 7 pogrom. A ceasefire would give Hamas and its patron Iran a huge victory. It would be a strategic defeat for Israel, as it would reveal it to be a paper tiger unworthy of respect or even concern.

Clock Ticks for Israel on Hostages, Hamas, and Diplomatic Grace

by Jonathan Spyer • November 4, 2023

An all-out armoured and infantry assault on Gaza, with the intention of rapidly destroying Hamas rule, would almost certainly have the effect of ending these contacts and consigning the Israeli hos­tages to death, or a fate worse than death. The war initiated by Hamas on October 7 is far from over and may well not yet have reached its height.

'Attachment A' Is a Roadmap to Hamas Enablers in the US — Is the FBI Paying Attention?

by Todd Bensman • November 3, 2023

Is the US-designated terrorist group Hamas active in the United States? Of course it is, as it has been since the early 1990s, albeit limiting its activities mainly to influencing the media and therefore government policy toward Israel, and potentially still illegally fundraising in ways the FBI has not yet uncovered.

After October 7, Israel Must Finally Build Jabotinsky's 'Iron Wall'

by Nave Dromi • November 2, 2023

Exactly 100 years ago, in his seminal essay, "The Iron Wall," revisionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky wrote these words: "As long as the Arabs feel that there is the least hope of getting rid of us, they will refuse to give up this hope in return for either kind words or for bread and butter." Only an Iron Wall can achieve peace and security for Israel. It is time to build it.

A Devil's Bargain on Campus: What Compels College Students to 'Stand in Solidarity' with Hamas?

by A.J. Caschetta • November 1, 2023

Many Americans were surprised by the protests on college campuses in support of "Palestine" after the Hamas assault on Israel. How could anyone but condemn the Hamas pogrom, in which babies, children, and the elderly were massacred, raped, and burned alive? The answer lies in the toxic mix of politics, ignorance, and antisemitism emanating from the failure of American academia, especially the field of Middle East studies.

The Muslim 'Vatican' Declares Open Season on All Israelis, of Any Age

by Raymond Ibrahim • November 1, 2023

The more than 1,400 Israelis who were brutally slaughtered by Hamas on Oct. 7, 2023, got what they deserve— according to the most prestigious university of the Muslim world, Al Azhar, located in Cairo. It has all but just decreed that no Israeli — by Muslim definition an "occupier" — is a civilian, that all are enemy combatants, to be treated just as they were on Oct. 7.

Hamas Is Iran's Instrument for Obstructing Peace between Arabs and Israel

by Reza Parchizadeh • October 31, 2023

The Hamas terrorist attack was launched at the behest of the Iranian regime to obstruct the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia and consequently the entire Arab and Islamic worlds. Tehran has taken the Arabs and the wider Islamic world hostage, not allowing them to lead a peaceful life. It has other plans.

Stop Calling Them 'Pro-Palestine' Rallies

by A.J. Caschetta • October 31, 2023

Ever since the Hamas assault against Israel on October 7, cities and universities throughout the nation (and beyond) have erupted in what most of the media insists on calling "pro-Palestine rallies." But they really are at best "anti-Israel rallies." Many of them are outright "pro-Hamas" rallies.

Uncertain Future: Implications Of Israel's All-Out Assault On Gaza

by Jonathan Spyer • October 31, 2023

The Hamas assault on Israeli communities in south west Israel changed the Middle East strategic picture with a single stroke. What will happen next cannot be precisely predicted. What may be stated with confidence is that the war which commenced with the Hamas attacks of October 7 is far from over and there is much suffering yet to come.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 8: Some Concluding Thoughts, Including about the Future

by Mark Durie • October 29, 2023

Palestinian leaders have repeatedly made crystal clear that they will never accept a two-state solution. The Arabs opposed partition in the 1930's, and they oppose it still. The truth is that Israel must defeat its enemies or be defeated. It must, yet again, discredit the old Qur'anic lie about Jews loving life too much to fight.

End the Media Bombardment of Israel!

by Phyllis Chesler • October 29, 2023

I too oppose the bombardment, but I'm talking about the non-stop bombardment of readers with false information in the media about Israel's war against Hamas, especially in The New York Times. Theirs is an obsessive attempt to influence America's foreign policy and mob opinion on the ground.

Make Pro-Hamas Countries That Fund American Universities Fess Up

by Clifford Smith • October 29, 2023

American universities receive massive sums of money from countries that openly support Hamas and terrorism more broadly, and we know very little about what these countries are getting for their money. We need transparency about these transactions. Fortunately, the House Education and Workforce Committee has rolled out legislation, months in formation, to help address this problem.

U.N. Accused of 'Blood Libel' against Israel, Latest in Long History of Alleged Bias against Jewish State

by Benjamin Weinthal • October 29, 2023

Allegations of recurring United Nations anti-Israel activity, including accusations that United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres seemed to rationalize Hamas' murder of 1,400 people — illustrate the world body's obsession with the Jewish state. On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly failed to condemn Hamas in a non-binding resolution.

If Ground Invasion Comes, Combat in Gaza's Cities Will Be a Bloody Grind

by Lazar Berman • October 28, 2023

Urban warfare offers endless advantages to the defender, and comes at a massive cost to both soldiers and civilians, but the IDF might have no choice. Hamas has prepared for this fight for years, but so has Israel. It will be a test of skill, technology, tactics and leadership, but like all wars, it will be primarily a test of willpower.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 7: What Are the Rules of War?

by Mark Durie • October 27, 2023

The rules of war President Biden referenced are something known as "International Humanitarian Law" (IHL). The core of IHL is the Geneva Conventions. In contrast to IHL rules, Islamic law allows any men – combatants or not – who are taken prisoner to be killed, and it considers enemy prisoners, whether men, women or children, to be slaves who can be bought and sold.

Arsonist and Firefighter: Understanding Qatar's Role in the Region

by Jonathan Spyer • October 27, 2023

The war between Israel and Hamas launched by the Hamas massacre of October 7 appears currently to be in a kind of holding pattern, as the current focus appears to be on the hostages taken by Hamas on October 7, and efforts to secure their release. The tiny, gas-rich emirate of Qatar is, according to a number of reports, playing a key role in these efforts.

There Can Be No More Business as Usual with Qatar

by Gregg Roman • October 27, 2023

U.S. firms must divest from Qatar (and all states that support Hamas) and stop doing business with Qatar. U.S. authorities should freeze all Qatari assets in American financial markets. Anything less signals a willingness to do indirect business with the murderers of Hamas.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 6: Is Antisemitism Part of the Problem

by Mark Durie • October 26, 2023

There are many verses in the Qur'an which speak disparagingly of Jews and incite contempt for them. To look at the Jews through the frame of the Qur'an is to see them as contemptible, weak, cowardly-yet-warmongering, treacherous losers. This stereotype offers a very poor basis indeed for Muslims to engage in a lasting quest for peace with the Jewish state.

European Islamists Ignore — or Celebrate — Hamas's October 7 Massacre

by Soeren Kern • October 26, 2023

Islamists in Europe have overwhelmingly come out in support of Hamas's October 7 brutal massacre of more than 1,400 Israelis. That support has been expressed in different ways: explicitly approving of Hamas's murder, rape and abduction of Israeli civilians; justifying the crimes by blaming Israel; and by remaining silent and refusing to condemn Hamas publicly.

Multiculturalism Begets Tribalism: Hamas in Our Universities

by Philip Carl Salzman • October 26, 2023

Jew hatred in our universities rests on two updated academic theories: Marxist-Leninist "postcolonial theory" and critical race theory. Postcolonial theory rightly states that imperial conquest and colonial occupation has a major deleterious effect on the indigenous population. But then, quite oddly, asserts that all worldly problems are due to European imperialism and only European imperialism.

Nineteen Days since the Massacre, Israel Has Achieved Nothing. It's Time to Go In

by Lazar Berman • October 26, 2023

Almost three weeks after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Hamas is still alive and kicking. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his vaunted war cabinet still have no significant military achievements in the same time it took for Israel to defeat Syria and Egypt in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Tehran Makes Its Moves on the Border of Israel Amid Gaza Standoff

by Jonathan Spyer • October 26, 2023

From Lebanon to Yemen, via Syria and Iraq, the Iran-led regional axis of which Hamas is only a minor element is moving into position. It is the fruit of the methodology and the investments of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps during the past four decades in the Middle East.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 5: What Is the Occupation?

by Mark Durie • October 25, 2023

"Occupation" is a term meant to delegitimize Israel. It implies that Israel is an alien military force occupying the region. From an Islamist perspective, it is in reality the non-Islamic character of Israel that makes this illegitimate. It is not military occupation in itself that is today's sticking point, but the fact that Israel is a non-Muslim, Jewish-majority state.

Has Israel Really Changed?

by Daniel Pipes • October 25, 2023

The idea of Israel attaining victory over the Palestinians went from the margins to the mainstream, from peripheral to consensual. Politicians and polls both support this idea. Israelis seem to be a transformed people. But are they?

A Primer on Hamas; Part 4: Who Are the Palestinians?

by Mark Durie • October 24, 2023

The word "Palestine" comes originally from the name of the Philistines of the Old Testament and ancient inscriptions. The Philistines were a people, probably related to the Greeks, who are sometimes referred to as "Sea Peoples." Like so many other ancient peoples, the Philistines eventually lost their distinct ethic identity, and disappeared from the pages of history around 2,500 years ago.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 3: Who Supports Hamas?

by Mark Durie • October 23, 2023

It can be offensive, and even deeply hurtful to Muslims, to draw attention to the victimhood of others. Why is that so? Why this widespread, competitive victimhood? Those who are not familiar with the foundational texts of Islam may not be aware of how deeply a sense of Muslim victimhood runs through these texts, and how Muslim victimhood trumps all other victimhood.

Beverly Hills Politician and Rabbi Launch Campaign to Boycott Qatar's Hotels and Expel Its Consulate

by Benjamin Weinthal • October 23, 2023

Hamas's massacre of 1,400 people in Israel on October 7 has catapulted the alleged state-sponsor of terrorism Qatar and its ownership of the Maybourne hotel in Beverly Hills into the spotlight for the oil-rich nation's role in financing the jihadi terror movement that rules over the Gaza Strip.

Israel Has Shunned Ground Operations for Decades. Is It Still Looking for a Way Out?

by Lazar Berman • October 23, 2023

Israeli leaders have said in no uncertain terms that this war will only end when Hamas no longer runs the Gaza Strip. IDF commanders are reportedly champing at the bit, leaking to journalists that a ground invasion has to begin soon.

Turkish al-Qaeda Group Threatens Jews, Demands Jailing of Hamas Critics and Besieging of NATO Bases

by Abdullah Bozkurt • October 22, 2023

In the wake of Hamas's terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7, the Islamic Great East Raiders Front (İslami Büyük Doğu Akıncıları Cephesi, IBDA-C), a militant Turkish jihadist organization that openly endorses al-Qaeda ideology, has targeted the Jewish community in Turkey and called for NATO bases in Turkey to be closed.

White House Hosts Hamas Fans

by Dexter Van Zile • October 22, 2023

Nine days before Hamas murdered and raped its way through kibbutzim in southern Israel and brought almost 200 hostages back into Gaza, officials from the Department of Homeland Security hosted a White House roundtable with five prominent Islamist organizations in the United States, three of which have promoted pro-Hamas propaganda after the October 7 attack.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 2: Why Does Hamas Think It Will Win?

by Mark Durie • October 21, 2023

The Hamas Charter asserts that once land has been conquered and occupied by Islam, it belongs eternally as a waqf ('perpetual trust') for Muslims. For this reason, the Charter states that Palestine is "consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement Day." As a Hamas spokesman recently declared, "It's all ours."

Hamas's Friends in America

by Susannah Johnston • October 21, 2023

Islamist organizations in the U.S. expressed their support for Hamas's slaughter of Israelis within hours of the attacks. Nihad Awad, co-founder and executive director of CAIR, tweeted in Arabic, "All Arab peoples must go out on Sunday, October 8, and every day, in demonstrations in support of the Palestinians and in rejection of normalization with the occupier and the apartheid regime."

Islamists Show Their True Colors Down Under

by Joshua Feldman • October 21, 2023

Footage of participants at an October 9 anti-Israel rally outside the Sydney Opera House chanting "Gas the Jews," "F**k the Jews," and "Allahu Akbar" sent shockwaves around the globe, revealing a troubling side of Australia, a nation not previously known for having widespread and public issues stemming from Islamist antisemitism.

Political Islam Now Commands the Middle East

by Jonathan Spyer • October 21, 2023

Recent events should serve as a belated alarm call to Israel and its allies about the new multipolar world – and about the nature, dimensions and existential seriousness of the Iranian and Islamist project that forms this new geopolitical landscape in the Middle East and beyond.

A Primer on Hamas; Part 1: What Is Hamas?

by Mark Durie • October 20, 2023

Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, was founded in 1988. It is one of two parties in power among Palestinians, the other being Fatah. Hamas rules in Gaza, while Fatah rules in the West Bank. They are both radical Islamist movements. Hamas's goal, laid out in its Charter, is to implement Islam fully and strictly.

Amid Israel's War with Hamas, the North May Be the Most Important Front

by Jonathan Spyer • October 20, 2023

Iran now possesses a contiguous area of control stretching from Syria's Quneitra Province adjoining the Golan Heights, across southern Syria and into Iraq. Should one of the infiltrating groups in the North get through, or shell a major target and cause considerable loss of life, Israel might find itself impelled to carry out a major response, with all that this would imply.

Behind Israel's Momentous Failure

by Amatzia Baram • October 20, 2023

Hamas was encouraged by shifting Israeli national priorities that led its security planners to rely heavily on electronic surveillance and remote-controlled weapons at the expense of boots on the ground and the human eye. Hamas's threats to destroy Israel have never been a secret; they have been written openly at the heart of its covenant.

Israel Slated to Shut 'Pro-Hamas' Network Al Jazeera Run by Qatar

by Benjamin Weinthal • October 20, 2023

The Qatar state-owned network Al Jazeera is facing intense criticism that it is assisting the Hamas terrorist movement in its war against the Jewish state, prompting the government to declare that Al Jazeera's operation will be outlawed in Israel for transmitting "sensitive information to our enemies." When asked about a ban on Al Jazeera and two...

The Problem of America's 'Frenemies' and Hamas

by Clifford Smith • October 20, 2023

The sad truth of the matter is that two formal U.S. allies, Turkey and Qatar, are, apart from Iran, the most important state sponsors of Hamas in the world. U.S. diplomats, military officials, Congress, and the White House should reorient our policies accordingly and use U.S. leverage to cause our "frenemies" to change course.

The Israel-Hamas Conflict: A Contrarian Syrian Druze Perspective

by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi • October 19, 2023

In the following interview, an individual called Mazen (his first name, though I have omitted his full name for his own security), who resides in the primarily Druze province of al-Suwayda' in southern Syria and is a member of a local faction there opposed to the Syrian government, expresses an opinion going against popular Arab consensus.

U.S. Keeps Turkey at Arm's Length, Sidelining the Erdoğan Government at Major Events

by Abdullah Bozkurt • October 19, 2023

Amid a growing divergence with the Islamist government of President Erdoğan, the US has been intent on sidelining Turkey from significant global and regional events. During diplomatic efforts by the US to broker a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken did not visit Ankara while touring capitals in the Middle East.

Israeli Victory Is the Only 'Proportional' Response

by Nave Dromi • October 18, 2023

Israel is the only country in the world that is never allowed to win a war. Whenever Israel begins to win, it is told to stop. That is because the proportionality obsessives know Israel can't be defeated by Hamas, so they try to ensure that Israel doesn't defeat Hamas.

U.S. Denial of $6 Billion to Iran Is Its Latest Display of Pro-Israel Resolve

by Gregg Roman • October 18, 2023

The Biden administration must step up pressure on Iran with financial sanctions, diplomatic isolation, an expanded U.S. military footprint in the region, increased defense support for allies, and cyber operations against Tehran's terror network.

A Decent Outcome Is Possible in Gaza

by Daniel Pipes • October 17, 2023

It's possible for a decent Gaza-led administration to emerge, which could make autonomy and even statehood possible. On seizing control of Gaza, Israel can reasonably expect to find plenty of residents ready to work with the new authority to create an administration that could return them to normal life.

Islam or Israel: Which Normalized the Killing of Women and Children?

by Raymond Ibrahim • October 17, 2023

Accepting the inadvertent killing of civilians is more logical when one is defending their home—which is what Israel is doing—as opposed to when one is trying to conquer the homes of others—which is what the prophet of Islam and over a millennium of jihadist leaders (or terrorists) did.

As Israel Prepares Massive Ground Campaign, the End Game Remains Opaque

by Lazar Berman • October 16, 2023

The question Israel will have to face if it does indeed dismantle Hamas as an organization is who runs the Strip now? That difficult question will have to be answered by Prime Minister Netanyahu's war cabinet. Until then, the IDF must show that it knows how to design a campaign that brings about its ambitious war aims.

Erdoğan Ally Turkish Hizbullah Called a Global Jihad Against Jews, Pledging Arms, Funds

by Abdullah Bozkurt • October 16, 2023

The supreme religious leader of Turkey's Iran-backed Hizbullah, Edip Gümüş, an ally of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamist government, has recently made a public call for a global jihad against Israel, leading to concerns about the safety of Jewish communities both within and without Turkey.

After the Hamas Deluge

by Mark Durie • October 14, 2023

This is not a war which can be resolved through a negotiated settlement. Hamas has shown the world, in its own bloody way, that this is a war to destroy Israel together with its people. Israel does have the right to defend itself. It now has no choice but to make this a war to completely uproot and destroy Hamas.

Obstacles Ahead: What Will the IDF Encounter as It Moves into Gaza?

by Jonathan Spyer • October 14, 2023

As Israel readies for an invasion of Gaza, the IDF will be met with drones, anti-tank weapons, and a barrage of rockets. Hamas will continue to use civilians as human shields, and Israel will continue to conduct its operations against a diplomatic stopwatch.

October 7 and the War for the Middle East

by Jonathan Spyer • October 14, 2023

The events of October 7 and the larger fight now brewing in its wake will be an episode in a broader contest between Iran and its proxies and efforts by Israel, the UAE, the Saudi crown prince, and others to promote a diametrically opposed vision of the region that places commerce and peaceful economic and societal development, alongside respect for tradition, at the heart of its project.

Erdoğan: 'Final Solution' Is Independent Palestinian State, Israel with Pre-1967 Borders

by Burak Bekdil • October 13, 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ramped up his anti-Israel rhetoric over the past several days, lamenting that "our brothers in the Gaza strip" are being bombed and claiming Israel is "acting like [a terrorist organization]" rather than a state.

'Squad' Members Were Boosting Hamas Long Before It Beheaded Babies

by Benjamin Baird • October 13, 2023

In the wake of a brutal terrorist attack on Israel, members of the ultra left-wing "Squad" in the U.S. House released public statements calling for a "ceasefire" in Israel. Despite strong condemnatory evidence, Omar and Tlaib continue to champion CAIR. Their patronage provides the Hamas lobby with an alarming foothold in U.S. Congress.

Turkey's Behavior in Light of Hamas Attacks Is Appalling

by Gregg Roman • October 13, 2023

Turkey, an ally of the United States and a member of NATO, has conducted itself appallingly in the aftermath of Hamas's terroristic, genocidal invasion of Israel this past weekend. The United States should leverage all of its political, military and economic capability to bring Turkey in line.

War in Israel: The First 72 Hours

by Jonathan Spyer • October 13, 2023

The Hamas offensive against the Israeli communities surrounding Gaza is a pivotal moment in a war that has been going on for some years. It's a mistake to see this as another chapter in the long and interminable 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel, both state and society, is facing one of its greatest challenges since its establishment.

Western Islamists Respond to Hamas Attack on Israel

by Susannah Johnston • October 13, 2023

Following the bloodiest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust, Islamists across the United States are refusing to condemn the Hamas perpetrators. Instead, they are announcing unequivocal support for Palestine, regardless of Hamas's control over its leadership.

Antisemitism Fueled in Erdoğan's Turkey Amid Hamas Attacks and Israeli Response

by Abdullah Bozkurt • October 12, 2023

A surge in antisemitism in Turkey, set against the backdrop of Hamas's terrorist attacks in Israel and the Israeli military's retaliation against targets in Gaza, has been exacerbated by officials in the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and its allies.

Hamas Must Be Brought to Its Knees

by Gregg Roman • October 11, 2023

This is a paradigm-shifting moment. After previous Hamas attacks, Israel has responded with aerial bombardment of targets in Gaza or, at most, limited ground incursions. Israel has followed this framework since Hamas took power in Gaza in 2007. But after these new atrocities, this framework can no longer stand.

Israel War: Qatar Is Vital Supporter of Hamas Terrorism

by Gregg Roman • October 11, 2023

Hamas's rule is underwritten to a large extent by Qatar, the tiny, oil-rich sheikhdom in the Persian Gulf, among others. Congress should persuade the administration to designate Qatar as a state sponsor of terrorism, as well as pressure the Qatari government to extradite Hamas commanders to face justice.

President Biden Is Right: The US Must 'Stand Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Israel'

by Gregg Roman • October 11, 2023

President Joe Biden declared, "In this moment, we must be crystal clear. We stand with Israel" and referred to Hamas's terrorist assault as "pure, unadulterated evil." Congress should go even further than this and pass a resolution calling for the dismantlement of Hamas.

Shattered Illusions on the Gaza Border

by Jonathan Spyer • October 11, 2023

'This is our generation's Yom Kippur,' one of the tank crewmen told us, standing on the hull of his vehicle. 'We haven't even begun to understand the implications of this.' Yom Kippur is Israeli shorthand for the massive intelligence and conceptual failure which led to Israel being taken by surprise by the armies of Egypt and Syria on that day 50 years ago, in 1973.

The Women-Hating Women Who Support Hamas

by Phyllis Chesler • October 11, 2023

Left-wing feminists demonstrate in favor of Hamas, ignoring the real issues facing women in Gaza, including child marriage, forced veiling, and honor crimes. Little wonder: most women do not automatically embrace freedom and truth any more than most men do.

Will Israel and the U.S. Attack Iran?

by Benjamin Weinthal • October 11, 2023

Intense expert debates over whether Israel will launch full-scale war against Iran's main strategic ally, Hezbollah, is underway amid the Lebanese terrorist entity's aerial incursions into Israel. The US military sent additional naval groups to the Eastern Mediterranean, including the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

American Profs Cheer on Hamas Terrorists' Slaughter of Innocents

by Andrew E. Harrod • October 10, 2023

Amidst rape outrages, at least dozens taken hostage, hundreds dead and thousands wounded in Israel, numerous anti-Israel academics in Middle East studies have opened a second Twitter/X front in the terrorist war against the Jewish state. A battle for public opinion often heavily stacked against Israel seeks to constrain the environment in which it can maneuver.

Columbia University Professor Cheers Hamas Barbarity

by A.J. Caschetta • October 10, 2023

Joseph Massad is excited about what he calls "the Palestinian war of liberation." He is ecstatic over the "shocking success" of "the Palestinian resistance." He is a ghoulish anti-Semite who is absolutely elated at the "astounding," "striking," "awesome," and "innovative" "victories of the resistance."

Hamas's Messianic Violence

by Hussein Aboubakr Mansour • October 10, 2023

In revolutionary logic, the ends often justify the means, and violence against a perceived oppressor is not only permissible but heroic. For 75 years, the Israel-Palestinian conflict has been interpreted in just such ways—by Arab nationalists, by Islamic fundamentalists, and by Western revolutionaries.

Turkish Media's Anti-Israel Screeds Reveal Erdoğan's True Beliefs

by Burak Bekdil • October 10, 2023

Pro-Erdoğan daily newspaper Yeni Şafak wrote that the "terror state Israel is targeting civilians." Another pro-Erdoğan daily, Star, tagged the entire spiral of violence "Israeli oppression." This evidence and much more shows the fanatical anti-Israeli legacy of Erdoğan has "successfully" poisoned an already xenophobic society; it will probably take generations to clean up.

Western Backed Terror Charities Defend Killings

by Sam Westrop • October 10, 2023

Officials of Gazan charities funded by British and American Islamist groups, and even the U.S. government, have expressed support for the Hamas operation killing and kidnapping Israelis. Operating with impunity for far too long, these incestuous radical networks of Islamist charities serve as the fundraising arms of Hamas terror.

Why Did Israel Think a Border Fence Would Protect It from an Army of Terrorists?

by Lazar Berman • October 10, 2023

Israeli leaders believed that the border fence with Gaza, an NIS 3.5 billion ($1.1 billion) project that took over three years to complete, would provide a defensive shield around its citizens on the border. As videos of the calamity on Saturday made painfully clear, the fence did next to nothing to stop the invasion.

Israel Never Stopped Being at War

by Rafael Bardaji • October 9, 2023

The Middle East is not a place for do-gooders and much less for that virus installed in the West under the false name of Wokeism. The unpreparedness for this attack is rooted in the accelerated "westernization" of the Israeli people. By "westernization," I mean its latest cultural manifestation, the woke mentality.

The Savage Nihilism of 'Free Palestine'

by Hussein Aboubakr Mansour • October 9, 2023

"Free Palestine"—the slogan, the fantasy, and the policy—has always consciously implied the mass murder of Jews in their towns, streets, shops, and living rooms. To the Arabs of my own generation, I say it's time to confront the darker corners of our ideological heritage, and question the ideas and beliefs we may have uncritically absorbed.

Western Islamists Who Have Embraced Hamas Leaders

by Sam Westrop • October 9, 2023

Across the Western world, Islamist activists do not only support the designated terrorist group Hamas from afar, but have embraced Hamas leaders in person. This live document, updated with new examples as we gather them, will serve to document such instances.

In Sharp Turn after Hamas Attack, French Rightist Party Leader Marine Le Pen Voices Strong Support for Israel

by Michel Gurfinkiel • October 8, 2023

The leaders of the French National Rally party, Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, in a sharp turn that could change the pattern of politics in France, have issued separate statements of support for Israel in the wake of the Hamas terrorist onslaught. The entire political class is doing it, including the socialists and the ecologists.

Iran-Funded Terror Proxies Launch War against Israel amid Surprise Invasion against Jewish State

by Benjamin Weinthal • October 8, 2023

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the driving force in the war launched Saturday against the Jewish state. The $6 billion in unfrozen sanctioned money that was sent to Iran via Qatar's financial system is fungible money and can be used to fund Hamas, PIJ and Hezbollah.

Time for A Firm Stand: U.S. Policy Options in Light of Hamas's Invasion of Israel

by Gregg Roman and Clifford Smith • October 8, 2023

In the tumultuous wake of an unprecedented attack on Israel by Hamas forces from Gaza, a defining moment has arisen for United States foreign policy. The escalation of violence prompts the consideration of stringent policy measures aimed at curbing the Islamist organization's aggression and restoring stability in the region.

Israel's Opportunity to Destroy Hamas

by Daniel Pipes • October 7, 2023

Hamas's surprise attack is a strategic opportunity for Israel, the U.S. and democracies everywhere. The Hamas charter of 1988 calls for Islam to "obliterate" Israel. After this vicious assault, the time has come for Israel to obliterate Hamas.

Pro-Hamas Islamists Celebrate, and Gather in London, in the Wake of Israel Slaughter

by Sam Westrop • October 7, 2023

Just a day after Iran-backed Hamas terrorists slaughtered and kidnapped Israeli civilians, Iranian Islamists in the United Kingdom are organizing an event, at a venue in London controlled by a British Hamas network, featuring pro-Hamas voices, including a prominent American Islamist leader.

Silent Cries Amidst Invasion: Israel Must Eliminate Hamas

by Gregg Roman • October 7, 2023

The current situation is not just an act of terrorism: it is an invasion, an orchestrated massacre gleaming with the sinister glare of genocidal intent. The re-occupation of the Gaza Strip emerges not as a choice but an imperative. Hamas and Islamic Jihad, entities nurtured by an unquenchable thirst for Israeli destruction, must be eradicated.