Ali Alfoneh, The Revolutionary Guards' Role in Iranian Politics
Is the IRGC staging a slow-motion military coup?

Patrick Clawson, The Islamic Republic's Economic Failure
Corruption, incompetence, and centralization cripple Iran's markets

Mohebat Ahdiyyih, Ahmadinejad and the Mahdi
The Iranian president's belief in the redemptive power of conflict

Michael Rubin, Iran's Revolutionary Guards - A Rogue Outfit?
Is the Iranian regime responsible for Iranian terrorism?

Arash Sigarchi, Jail for Iranian Journalists
An escaped reporter's story of intimidation and censorship

INTERVIEW: Jeffrey Gedmin, "Our Iranian Colleagues Believe in Radio Farda's Mission"
The president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on broadcasting to Iran


Philippe Karsenty, "We Need to Expose the Muhammad al-Dura Hoax"
How one man debunked a Palestinian blood libel


Judea Pearl, Early Zionists and Arabs
Israel's founders envisioned partnerships with Arabs


Alhurra debates its critics
Can Muslim moderates break the radical stranglehold?


Toby E. Huff, Islamic Science and the Renaissance
Tall tales on Islamic astronomy

Brief Reviews
Arab soccer in Israel ... Hamas and Libya ... Siege of Mecca ... Islamic charities

Index to Volume 15


Andrew M. Hollin, Mehdi Kazemi
A gay Iranian fights for his life