Guenter Lewy, Revisiting the Armenian Genocide
There was mass murder but little evidence of genocide

Suzanne Gershowitz and Emanuele Ottolenghi, Europe's Problem with Ariel Sharon
Hatred of Israel's prime minister has catalyzed anti-Zionism


Lee Kass, The Growing Syrian Missile Threat
Bashar al-Assad works to rebuild his arsenal

Gary C. Gambill, Hooked on Lebanon
The Syrian army is gone, but Damascus's grip remains

Olivier Guitta, The Chirac Doctrine
The French president mixes the personal with the political

Daniel Mandel and Asaf Romirowsky, The Council on Foreign Relations Does the Middle East
Politics trumps scholarship at the Council on Foreign Relations


Alexander Downer, "Extremist Islam Holds Little Appeal"
Australia's foreign minister discusses both Islamism and the Middle East

William Eagleton, "The Foreign Service Has Changed Much"
A leading State Department Arabist recalls an earlier Middle East


Green money … Post-Zionism … Beheadings
Ülker Annex A, Ülker Annex B, Ülker Annex C


Brief Reviews
Olde England ... Palestinian state ... Lebanese violence ... Apostasy from Islam

INDEX to Volume XII


Rachel Hoff, Dissident Watch: Arash Sigarchi
How one journalist's blog threatens the Islamic Republic