Gal Luft, The Logic of Israel's Targeted Killing
It's worked-most of the time

Eyal Zisser, Does Bashar al-Assad Rule Syria?
Or is he just a front for Dad's old cronies?

Adeed Dawisha, Requiem for Arab Nationalism
The balance sheet of an illusion

Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, Islamism, Moroccan-Style: The Ideas of Sheikh Yassine
A "moderate" who reviles the West, the king, and the Jews

Fred M. Gottheil, The Smoking Gun: Arab Immigration into Palestine, 1922-1931
An influx preceded the flight

Martin Kramer, Policy and the Academy: An Illicit Relationship?
A great scholar thought so, but he made an exception


U.S. Department of State, Marriage to Saudis
Tying the knot with a Saudi could tie you in knots

How Stable Are They? The CIA Speaks
If intelligence is right (big caveat), the region could wobble


Brief Reviews
Afghanistan ... Iraq ... bin Ladin ... Jihad ... CIA


Experts: Iraqi Election Too Close to Call
Margin of error: 100 percent