Abdul Hadi Palazzi, The Islamists Have It Wrong
An Islamic scholar challenges the Wahhabis and their spiritual offspring

Aspects of American Islam

Alexander Rose, How Did Muslims Vote in 2000?
Lots of polls but not much hard information

Uriel Heilman, Murder on the Brooklyn Bridge
Convicting the perp was the easy part; assessing his motives much harder

Shafeeq N. Ghabra, Iraq's Culture of Violence
The country's historic problem needs to be addressed

Gal Luft, The Mirage of a Demilitarized Palestine
Although not militarily strong, the PA presents Israel with real security problems

Afghanistan: Two Visits to the North

Julie Sirrs, The Taliban's International Ambitions
Interviews with Taliban POWs reveal their agenda

Reuel Marc Gerecht, The Terrorists' Encyclopedia
Discoveries at Ahmad Shah Mas'ud's headquarters


Brief Reviews
Berbers ... Asad's legacy ... Baksheesh diplomacy ... "Turkish model" ... Yemen


Algeria: "Christianity Is Life"
In Kabylie, people are changing religions for surprising reasons


Learning Arabic
It's easier to study rocket science