Owen Kirby, Want Democracy? Get a King
The seemingly least democratic system is the most conducive to democracy

Efraim Karsh, Why the Middle East Is So Volatile
The problem is Middle Eastern, not Western, imperialism

With replies from Graham Fuller, Martin Kramer, and David Wurmser
Pointing to Israel's role, the West's role, and Islam's role

Mordechai Nisan, Did Israel Betray Its Lebanese Allies?
It's not an open-and-shut case, but yes, Israel did

Yotam Feldner, "Honor" Murders - Why the Perps Get off Easy
Public justifications for lenient punishment

The United States and Egypt — How Allied? A Debate
Graeme Bannerman, Steven Cook, Amos Hochstein, Nicholas Veliotes
How much do the best of friends of 25 years ago still have in common?


Charles Schumer, "The Peace Process Has Been One-Sided"
Anguished hope from New York's soon-to-be-senior senator


Daniel Pipes on Enslaved Muslims in the Americas
"Difficult and sometimes astonishing steps" to maintain the faith

Brief Reviews on Islam in the West
Ecuador … Melungeons … France … Dar ash-Shahada … Islamization


Who Are the Active Terrorists?
They have one trait in common

Syria: Back to the Future?
How the 1950s' experience can help regenerate the country

A Qadhdhafi Sampler
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Richard Shulman, Steven Cook



Post-Palestinian Nationalism
What would happen if post-Zionism spread