Steven A. Cook, Egypt-Still America's Partner?
Official professions to the contrary, this is one troubled relationship

Asli Aydintasbas, Murder on the Bosporus
What Hizbullah's murderous rampage revealed

Laura S. Zarembski, Israel's Religious Right-Not a Monolith
Its three viewpoints on land-for-peace create opportunities

Alexander H. Joffe, After Saddam Is Gone
Now is the time to plan for the recuperation of a very sick country

Continue U.S. Aid to Israel? A Debate
Patrick Clawson, Hillel Fradkin, Ester Kurz, and Gwendolyn Mikell
A great deal? Or time to phase out a program of dubious value?


Conor Cruise O'Brien, The State of the Zionist State
One of Europe's leading intellectuals assesses Israel at fifty-two

Muhammad Kabbani,"The Muslim Experience in America Is Unprecedented"
America's preeminent Sufi sheikh cheers his new country-with one caveat


Meyrav Wurmser, The Roots of Post-Zionism
Yoram Hazony shows its surprisingly long history in The Jewish State

Brief Reviews
Atatürk ... Judaism and Islam ... National Geographic ... Encyclopaedia of Islam


George J. Tenet, "Sunni Extremists"
The chief spy fingers new dangers

Gebran Tuéni, "We Are Not a Syrian Province"
Extra! Lebanese newspaper calls for country's independence

Edward W. Said and Milton Viorst, A Leftist Fur-Fight
Two progressive stalwarts deflate each other's pretensions


Steven Plaut, Land for Peace: The French Solution
What would happen if Paris were treated as Jerusalem is?