Efraim Inbar, Time Favors Israel
At sixty-five, the state is a great success story

Yakov Faitelson, A Jewish Majority in the Land of Israel
Demographics show that Jews will continue to outnumber Arabs

Shaul Bartal, The Palestinian Refugee Problem Resolved
Jewish refugees of the Middle East paid the Arabs in full


Behsat Ekici and Ali Unlu, Increased Drug Trafficking from Iran
Burgeoning trade with Tehran boosts illegal drug traffic

Robert Hatem and Mark Dohrmann, Turkey's Fix for the "Kurdish Problem"
An economic project dispossesses the minority Kurds

Eyal Zisser, The Failure of U.S. Policy toward Damascus
Assad sees no threat from Washington's paper tiger

Dawn Perlmutter, Prelude to the Boston Bombings
Was a triple murder a dress rehearsal for the marathon attacks?


REVIEW ESSAY: A.J. Caschetta, The Taliban's Enablers
A number of observers burnish the group's image for the West

Brief Reviews
Afghan history ... Kurds in Iran ... Islamic law ... Israeli-Palestinian conflict