Peter A. Olsson, Homegrown Terrorists, Rebels in Search of a Cause
Understanding the psychological roots of domestic terrorism

David Bukay, Islam's Hatred of the Non-Muslim
Islamist beliefs are a true reflection of the faith's inherent nature

David J. Rusin, Islam, Muslims, and the 2012 Election
Muslims are a natural Democratic constituency and likely to remain so

F.M. Loewenberg, Did Jews Abandon the Temple Mount?
Contrary to false claims, the Jews never forsook their holiest site

Gerald M. Steinberg, Human Rights Watch Protects the Arab Tyrants
The influential NGO is financially flush but morally bankrupt

Paul J. Carnegie, Can an Indonesian Model Work in the Middle East?
Moderate Islam and democratic development are not incompatible

DATELINE: Hilal Khashan, The Political Isolation of Lebanese Sunnis
They fear a Shiite-Christian-Druze alliance


REVIEW ESSAY: A.J. Caschetta, Writing the bin Laden Story
Bios by family and a former CIA officer offer insights

Brief Reviews
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