Steven J. Rosen, Why a Special Issue on UNRWA?
Because the agency has become part of the problem

Alex Joffe, UNRWA Resists Resettlement
It advocates solely for the "right of return" to Israel

Nitza Nachmias, UNRWA Betrays Its Mission
A temporary relief operation turned into a self-perpetuating agency

Emanuel Marx, Some UNRWA Refugees Have Resettled
Ironically, the real record is better than it appears

Uri Resnick, UNRWA's Self-serving Agenda
The agency has shown a talent at writing its own rules

Asaf Romirowsky, Washington's Failure to Rein in UNRWA
U.S. administrations turn a blind eye to the agency's mission betrayal

Baruch Spiegel, Jerusalem's Surprisingly Good Relations with UNRWA
Why the Israelis have aided and abetted a hostile and problematic agency

David Schenker, Palestinian Refugees Languish in Lebanon
UNRWA has failed to protect the Palestinians in its camps

Steven J. Rosen, Kuwait Expels Thousands of Palestinians
UNRWA ignored the expulsion of 400,000 Palestinian residents

James G. Lindsay, Reforming UNRWA
The agency's largest donor, Washington, should spearhead its reform

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