Amitai Etzioni, Mission Creep and Its Discontents
Washington must abandon unrealistic nation-building and democratization goals

David Katz, Reforming the Village War
Separating the Pashtun tribes from the Taliban is key to victory

Harsh V. Pant, India's Changing Role
Washington should pay closer attention to India's concerns

John Eibner, Turkey's Christians under Siege
A bishop's murder is emblematic of Turkey's endemic Christophobia

Steven J. Rosen, Abbas vs. Obama
A U.N. declaration of Palestinian statehood could put Washington on the spot

David Schenker, Damascus on Trial
A U.S. court judgment imposes a high price on Assad's recklessness

Ben-Dror Yemini, NGOs vs. Israel
The Knesset probes foreign funding of the delegitimization campaign


Alexander H. Joffe, Egypt's Antiquities Caught in the Revolution
The country's relics have always been a tool to shape Egyptian identity

Ali Alfoneh, All Ahmadinejad's Men
Can the Iranian president's patronage system thwart the supreme leader?

Hilal Khashan, Lebanon's Islamist Stronghold
The city’s hopelessly fragmented Salafi movement is primarily non-combative


Brief Reviews
Israel's Arab media ... The Goldstone report ... India's Israel policy ... Lebanese identity