David Bukay, Peace or Jihad? Abrogation in Islam
Islam was a religion of peace, but only in the Meccan period

Uriya Shavit, Should Muslims Integrate into the West?
Islamist leaders say yes, in order to Islamize Western societies


Andrew Garfield, The U.S. Counter-propaganda Failure in Iraq
Why terrorists and insurgents are winning the information war

David Raab, Terror in Black September: An Eyewitness Account
A hostage tells the story of an infamous 1970s Arab terrorist hijacking

Robert G. Rabil, Has Hezbollah's Rise Come at Syria's Expense?
Both Tehran and Damascus seek a stronger Hezbollah

Frederic L. Pryor, Are Muslim Countries Less Democratic?
Muslim countries permit fewer rights than their economically equivalent counterparts


Naser Khader and Flemming Rose: Reflections on the Danish Cartoon Controversy
A Danish Muslim leader and the cartoons' publisher consider the aftermath


Phyllis Chesler, Western Feminists: At the Service of Radical Islam
Apologetics are rife when looking at abuse of women in Muslim societies

Brief Reviews
Arab Righteous Gentiles ... Sunni Mahdis ... Londonistan ... National oil companies


Adam Pechter, Kamal al-Labwani
As Washington eases off, Damascus cracks down on a democracy activist

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