Daniel Pipes, Editor's Introduction
Passing the torch to Martin Kramer

Solomon Socrates, Israel's Academic Extremists
Probing the further reaches of Post-Zionism

Gibreel Gibreel, The Ulema: Middle Eastern Power Brokers
The men of religion wield huge influence, usually behind the scenes

Jerry Sorkin, The Tunisian Model
A quiet success story - one of the region's few

Jonathan Fox, Are Middle East Conflicts More Religious?
An empirical study finds some surprises

Stephen Kinzer, Turkey's Political Earthquake
A natural disaster with far-reaching consequences

Daniel Pipes, The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem
Muslim interest waxes and wanes depending on external circumstances


Khidhir Hamza, "I Can Foresee Saddam Controlling the Middle East"
The man who made Saddam Husayn's bombs speaks freely


Brief Reviews on Islam
Saudi Arabia … Qur'an … American policy … Cyber Islam … Hijab

Films: Après la Guerre
The fighting may be over in Iraq and Lebanon, but little else is

News Parodies
Afghanistan and Pearl Harbor