Since its founding in 1994, the Middle East Quarterly has become America's most authoritative journal of Middle Eastern affairs. Policymakers, opinion-makers, academics, and journalists turn first to the Quarterly, for in-depth analysis of the rapidly-changing landscape of the world's most volatile region. The Quarterly publishes groundbreaking studies, exclusive interviews, insightful commentary, and hard-hitting reviews that tackle the entire range of contemporary concerns — from politics to economics to culture, across a region that stretches from Morocco to Afghanistan. The Quarterly, founded by Daniel Pipes and edited by Efraim Karsh, is available in full-text on this website.

The Quarterly, a peer-reviewed publication, welcomes submissions of original articles, and will consider pre-publication of chapters from forthcoming books. The Quarterly specializes in timely and expeditious publication of articles that impact on today's critical issues. For more information on submitting a manuscript, click here.

MEQ Editors
Daniel Pipes1994-2000
Martin Kramer2001-2004
Michael Rubin2004-2009
Denis MacEoin2009-2010
Efraim Karsh2010-