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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
If the US and Iran Go to War....Who Is on Our Side? [on Hamid Dabashi] Fousesquawk (blog of Gary Fouse) June 30, 2019
Public Library Event for 'P Is for Palestine' Author Sparks Outrage in Highland Park [on Golbarg Bashi; incl. Hamid Dabashi] Jewish Link of New Jersey May 9, 2019
Columbia U Professor Thinks Israel and Islamic State are Mirror Images [on Hamid Dabashi] The Jewish Voice April 10, 2019
Columbia University Professor Compares Israel to Islamic State in Hateful FB Rant [on Hamid Dabashi] The Tower April 9, 2019
Columbia Prof Compares Israel to ISIS [on Hamid Dabashi] The Washington Free Beacon April 5, 2019
Columbia U Professor Says Israel is Almost Identical to Islamic State [on Hamid Dabashi] JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) April 5, 2019
Columbia University Professor Compares Israel to ISIS [on Hamid Dabashi] Jewish Journal April 4, 2019
Student Group Decries Columbia Prof's 'Disturbing' Israel-ISIS Comparison [on Hamid Dabashi] Fox News April 4, 2019
Columbia Prof Says Zionists Are 'Beneficiaries of Anti-Semitism' [on Hamid Dabashi] Jewish Journal April 1, 2019
Columbia University Professor Hamid Dabashi Blames Bill Maher for Christchurch Mosque Massacres Jihad Watch April 1, 2019
Columbia Professor Hamid Dabashi Implicitly Justifies Muslims Murdering Jews in an Article Supposedly Against Antisemitism Elder of Ziyon March 19, 2019
Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Five) Jihad Watch February 8, 2019
Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Four) Jihad Watch February 7, 2019
Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Three) Jihad Watch February 6, 2019
Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Two) Jihad Watch February 5, 2019
Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part One) Jihad Watch February 4, 2019
Universities Took $600 Million Tied to Muslim Nations While Forming Grade School Curricula for US Students [incl. Hamid Dabashi] Daily Caller December 18, 2018
Jewish Students at Columbia University 'Outraged,' 'Distressed' by Antisemitic Graffiti on Campus [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Rashid Khalidi, Shlomo Sand] The Algemeiner November 30, 2018
AVRAHAM: Is the Iranian Regime Promoting Campus Anti-Semitism? [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Ebrahim Mohseni] Daily Wire November 21, 2018
Ivory Tower Bigots [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Jasbir Puar, George Saliba, Joseph Massad, Rashid Khalidi, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Gil Hochberg, Andrew Pessin] Tablet Magazine October 16, 2018
At Protest, Students Say Columbia University Fails to Protect Zionists From Harassment [incl. Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner October 5, 2018
Protest Planned at Columbia University as 'Pro-Israel Students Harassed, Systematically Silenced on Campus' [incl. Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner October 3, 2018
Thousands Sign Petition Calling for Columbia to Remove Anti-Zionist Professors [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Rashid Khalidi, Mahmood Mamdani, Joseph Massad] Jewish Journal July 27, 2018
To Pressure Colleges into Combating Anti-Semitism, Alumni Become Activists [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Melissa Landa] The Times of Israel July 11, 2018
Alumni Group Knocks Columbia University for 'Disappointing' Response to Professor Who Blamed Israel for 'Every Dirty Act in the World' [on Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner July 10, 2018
Petition Circulates Calling for Removal of Columbia Professor Who Referred to Zionists As 'Hyenas' [on Hamid Dabashi] Jewish Journal June 18, 2018
Call on Columbia University to Condemn and Remove Anti-Semitic Professor Hamid Dabashi Stop Antisemitism (On College Campuses and Beyond) June 15, 2018
Jewish Groups Target Columbia Professor Who Hates Prince Harry and Meghan Markle The College Fix June 6, 2018
Alumni Group Calls on Columbia to Discipline Anti-Semitic Prof [on Hamid Dabashi] Campus Reform June 1, 2018
Columbia Professor Under Fire for Referring to Zionists As 'Hyenas' [on Hamid Dabashi] The Jewish Journal May 31, 2018
Coalition of Columbia Professors, Alumni, Students Urge University to Discipline 'Antisemitic' Professor Who Blasted 'Fifth Column Zionists' [on Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner May 30, 2018
Action Demanded Against Columbia Professor [on Hamid Dabashi] San Diego Jewish World May 30, 2018
Demarcating the Limits of Leftist Extremism [incl. Hamid Dabashi] National Review May 25, 2018
Global Academic, Cultural Leaders Declare 'European Imperative' to Save Iran Deal [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Ervand Abrahamian] Bourse and Bazaar May 21, 2018
Columbia University Fosters Hate and Anti-Israel Incitement [incl. Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner May 18, 2018
What Iranians Think About the Iran Deal [incl. Hamid Dabashi] Atlanta Jewish Times May 16, 2018
Columbia Professor Under Fire for Blaming Israel for Every Problem 'in the World' [on Hamid Dabashi] Fox News May 11, 2018
A Columbia University Education in Three Minutes—For Free! [on Hamid Dabashi] Tablet Magazine May 10, 2018
Iranian Studies Prof blames Israel for All the World's Ills [on Hamid Dabashi] Campus Reform May 10, 2018
Columbia University Professor Blames Israel for 'Every Dirty, Treacherous Act Happening in the World,' Claims Iran Nuke Deal Opposed by 'Fifth Column Zionists' [on Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner May 9, 2018
Columbia Professor Calls Zionists 'Master Thieves' in Facebook Post [on Hamid Dabashi] Jewish Journal February 8, 2018
Professor: Zionist 'Master Thieves' Have 'Infiltrated' Women's March [on Hamid Dabashi] Campus Reform February 8, 2018
Store That Sells 'P is for Palestine' Children's Book Faces More Heat — From The Left [incl. Hamid Dabashi] The Times of Israel January 26, 2018
B Is for Boycott [incl. Goldbarg Bashi, Joseph Massad, Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner January 25, 2018
Columbia Faculty Boycott Bookstore After it Apologizes for Promoting Palestinian Violence [incl. Golbarg Bashi, Hamid Dabashi] Washington Free Beacon January 21, 2018
How the Hate Mob Tried to Silence Me [incl. Hamid Dabashi] Standpoint Magazine (U.K.) December 2017
Who Is Finding Their Way Into American Students' Minds? [incl. Hamid Dabashi] November 28, 2017
They'll Try Anything: Indoctrinating U.S. Children Against Israel [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Lila Abu-Lughod] Arutz Sheva November 21, 2017
'P Is for Palestine' Children's Book Sparks Outrage Among Some US Jewish Parents [on Golbarg Bashi, incl. Hamid Dabashi and Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz November 20, 2017
Seven Columbia Professors Who Support Israel Divestment Rated 'Top of the Worst' in New Student Guide [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner November 3, 2017
Today's Academic Fraud: Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University Elder of Ziyon Blog August 28, 2017
Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl as Scholar of the House (Part II) [incl. Hamid Dabashi] Jihad Watch March 15, 2017
Shock, Despair, and Outrage: Academics Condemn Trump's Immigration Crackdown [incl. Hamid Dabashi & Naghmeh Sohrabi] The Chronicle of Higher Education January 29, 2017
Middle East Studies and the Boogie Man Fousequawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) December 13, 2016
Disgusting Op-Ed in Al Jazeera by Columbia University Professor Hamid Dabashi Fousesquawk Blog September 19, 2016
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Columbia Professor Criticized for Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts [on Hamid Dabashi] Washington Free Beacon November 14, 2017
The Truth About Academic Jihad: The Professoriate Crusade of Truth Blog January 4, 2017
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Columbia University's Center for Palestine Studies: Ramallah on the Hudson The Tower November 19, 2018
Middle East Studies Meltdown on Jerusalem The Algemeiner December 18, 2017
Trump Terror within Middle East Studies American Thinker December 13, 2016
Academia Indicts America for Orlando Terrorist Attack American Thinker July 14, 2016
New Campus Watch Resource: Professors to Avoid Campus Watch, a Project of the Middle East Forum June 23, 2016
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
Marc Lamont Hill: I Had Tons of Support. When it Comes to Anti-Israel Faculty, He's Not Wrong Campus Reform January 25, 2019
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
New Jersey Library Postpones Event Featuring Rutgers Prof and 'P is for Palestine' Author Golbarg Bashi Campus Watch Blog May 9, 2019
Israel-Bashing Columbia Prof Hamid Dabashi Equates the Jewish State with ISIS Campus Watch Blog April 11, 2019
Columbia U. Prof Hamid Dabashi Wants to Fight Anti-Semitism by Promoting It Campus Watch Blog March 25, 2019
Alums for Campus Fairness Takes on Universities' Anti-Israel Bias Campus Watch Blog July 13, 2018
Columbia's Disappointing Reaction to Anti-Semitic Prof Hamid Dabashi Campus Watch Blog July 12, 2018
Academic Appeasers Appeal to European Commissioner to Keep Iran Deal Alive Campus Watch Blog June 22, 2018
Stop Antisemitism Calls for Columbia Prof Hamid Dabashi's Removal Campus Watch Blog June 20, 2018
Columbia's Hamid Dabashi: It's Always the Jews Campus Watch Blog June 7, 2018
Has Columbia Prof Hamid Dabashi Finally Gone Too Far? Campus Watch Blog May 31, 2018
Columbia's Hamid Dabashi Employing Anti-Semitic Tropes, Again Campus Watch Blog May 10, 2018
Unhinged Columbia Prof Hamid Dabashi Attacks John Bolton Campus Watch Blog April 9, 2018
Columbia Profs Sign Petition Supporting Intifada-Glorifying Children's Book Campus Watch Blog January 22, 2018
Hamid Dabashi's Facebook Meltdown Over Jerusalem Embassy Decision Campus Watch Blog December 6, 2017
Columbia's Hamid Dabashi Still Spouting Anti-Semitism Campus Watch Blog November 15, 2017