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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Letters to the Editor: U.S. Hostility Doesn't Explain Oppression and Hatred for Jews in Iran [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Los Angeles Times January 11, 2020
Exposé: Antisemitism at Columbia/Barnard [incl. Nadia Abu El-Haj, Gil Andijar, Partha Chatterjee, Hamid Dabashi, Rashid Khalidi, Mahmood Mamdani, Joseph Massad, George Saliba, Katherine Franke] Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) October 25, 2019
"Returning to Haifa" Adaptation Presents Tale of Family Drama, Mutual Understanding at Lenfest Reading [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Columbia Spectator (Columbia University) October 7, 2019
Palestinian 'Canaanites' [incl. Rashid Khalidi] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) August 23, 2019
Another Anti-Israel Academic Coming to Campus Near You [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Algemeiner June 17, 2019
Why Liberal Jews Are Really Not Informed [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker June 16, 2019
The Power of Ignorance [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Washington Examiner May 20, 2019
'Safe Haven'? What Israeli, Palestinian Scholars Think About Rashida Tlaib's Holocaust Comments [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Khaled Elgindy] Haaretz May 15, 2019
Another Fishy Claim: 'Holocaust Refugees Were Sheltered in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria' [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Elder of Ziyon May 14, 2019
An Academic Umbrella for Bigots [on the Middle East Studies Association] American Thinker May 6, 2019
NY Times Errs on Oslo and Two-State Solution [incl. Rashid Khalidi] CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) April 10, 2019
UC Irvine Screens Anti-Israel Film [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Mark LeVine] Jewish Journal February 27, 2019
The True History of the Land of Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Philip Hitti] The Algemeiner February 14, 2019
Should the FBI Run the Country? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Greatness January 20, 2019
How the IRS Can Rein in Radical Islam and Anti-Israel Propaganda Courses at Universities [incl. Thomas Abowd, Moustafa Bayoumi, John Esposito, Rashid Khalidi], Hooshang Amirahmadi] PJ Media January 18, 2019
Anti-Knowledge is Power [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The New Criterion January 2017
Jewish Students at Columbia University 'Outraged,' 'Distressed' by Antisemitic Graffiti on Campus [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Rashid Khalidi, Shlomo Sand] The Algemeiner November 30, 2018
The Anti-Semites in Obama's Neighborhood [incl. Rashid Khalidi] World Net Daily October 31, 2018
Ivory Tower Bigots [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Jasbir Puar, George Saliba, Joseph Massad, Rashid Khalidi, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Gil Hochberg, Andrew Pessin] Tablet Magazine October 16, 2018
Thousands Sign Petition Calling for Columbia to Remove Anti-Zionist Professors [incl. Hamid Dabashi, Rashid Khalidi, Mahmood Mamdani, Joseph Massad] Jewish Journal July 27, 2018
Film is Anti-Semitic Propaganda [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Wednesday Journal (Oak Park, IL) April 24, 2018
Would Obama Have Won If Media Did Their Job? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] World Net Daily January 31, 2018
Sorry, Can't Blame This One On 'The Jews' [incl. Rashid Khalidi] One News Now January 29, 2018
Fordham Students File Lawsuit Against University After Being Denied Pro-Palestine Club [incl. Rashid Khalidi] University News January 9, 2018
Worst Groups on Israel's Anti-BDS List [incl. Hatem Bazian] Jewish Press January 8, 2018
Legal Battle Heats Up Over Fordham University Decision to Ban 'Students for Justice in Palestine' [incl. Hatem Bazian, Rashid Khalidi] The Algemeiner January 5, 2018
The Palestinian Center at Columbia [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Accuracy in Academia January 2, 2018
Anti-Israel Bias Reigns at Columbia [incl. Rashid Khalidi] New York Daily News December 28, 2017
The Mainstream Media's Misdirection on Jerusalem [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Commentary Magazine December 13, 2017
'P Is for Palestine' Children's Book Sparks Outrage Among Some US Jewish Parents [on Golbarg Bashi, incl. Hamid Dabashi and Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz November 20, 2017
"I is for Intifada": New Children's Book Celebrates Killing Jews [incl. Rashid Khalidi] FrontPage Magazine November 20, 2017
When Was the "Palestinian People" Created? Google Has the Answer. [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Gatestone Institute November 20, 2017
Don't Ignore Divestment's History [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Michigan Daily (student newspaper of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor) November 16, 2017
J Street U to Show 'Propaganda' Film on Israeli Strategy to Win American 'Minds and Tax Dollars' [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Norman Finkelstein] The Algemeiner November 16, 2017
Seven Columbia Professors Who Support Israel Divestment Rated 'Top of the Worst' in New Student Guide [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Hamid Dabashi] The Algemeiner November 3, 2017
Mainstream Media Propaganda, from Khalidi Tape to 'Nut Job' Breitbart May 19, 2017
Scholars: Middle Eastern Studies Association's Vote to Remove Self-Description as 'Non-Political' Indicates It's Preparing to Pass Anti-Israel Boycott Resolution [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Algemeiner March 29, 2017
Analyzing Palestinian Propaganda on CNN: Rashid Khalidi on "Fareed Zakaria GPS" Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) February 20, 2017
Palestinian Misinformation and Hate Rhetoric on American Public Radio [on Rashid Khalidi] Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America February 8, 2017
Eleven Former MESA Presidents Support Current Bylaw Amendment Proposal [incl. John Esposito, Rashid Khalidi, Joel Beinin, Juan Cole] Jadaliyya February 2, 2017
Rashid Khalidi Worries that Jews Will 'Infest' the Trump Administration National Review Online February 1, 2017
Columbia University's Rashid Khalidi Is Secure in His Anti-Semitism Observer January 24, 2017
Culturally Coded Antisemitism Across the Political Spectrum [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Jerusalem Post January 23, 2017
Columbia University Professor Compares Israel Advocates to Vermin [on Rashid Khalidi] January 20, 2017
Former Obama Associate Rashid Khalidi: Trump's White House Will be 'Infested' With Pro-Israel Figures Breitbart News January 19, 2017
Columbia's Rashid Khalidi Hits Back at Charges of Anti-Semitism Forward January 19, 2017
Scholars On Israel And The United Nations [on Rashid Khalidi] WBEZ 91.5 Radio (Chicago) January 19, 2017
Columbia Professor Accuses Right-Wing Jews of 'Infesting' American Politics [on Rashid Khalidi] Forward January 18, 2017
Palestinian-American Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi: Pro-Israel Figures Will 'Infest' US Government After Trump Takes Office The Algemeiner January 18, 2017
Columbia Professor: Pro-Israel People "Are Going to Infest Our Government" [on Rashid Khalidi; incl. As'ad Abu Khalil] January 18, 2017
Expert Says Palestinian Leadership Has 'No Strategy for Diplomacy Nor for Resistance' [on Rashid Khalidi] The Arab Weekly January 8, 2017
Just How Much Should We Boycott Israel? [incl. Richard Falk and Rashid Khalidi] The Weekly Standard November 12, 2016
A Scholar's Example [incl. MESA, Rashid Khalidi] Scholars for Peace in the Middle East October 18, 2016
Perverting College Coursework to Conform to Ideology [incl. Hatem Bazian, Rashid Khalidi, Joshua Schreier] Times of Israel October 11, 2016
LA Times Suddenly Cares About Video; Won't Release Khalidi Tape Breitbart News October 11, 2016
Baker Peace Conference Aims to Examine the Middle East's Complex History [incl. Ziad Abu-Rish, Rashid Khalidi] The Post (student newspaper of Ohio University in Athens) March 22, 2016
Look Left for Hatred [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Jasbir Puar] Hamodia March 13, 2016
40 Columbia University Professors Sign Petition to Boycott Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj] Breitbart News March 3, 2016
Columbia University Apartheid Divest: Faculty Petition Columbia University Apartheid Divest March 1, 2016
40 Faculty Sign Petition in Solidarity with Columbia University Apartheid Divest The Columbia Spectator March 1, 2016
40 Columbia Professors Sign BDS Petition [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Nadia Abu El-Haj] Jewish Telegraphic Agency March 1, 2016
Hamas Terror Cell Nabbed at Soros-Backed Bard College Partner Over Bombing Plans [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Breitbart News December 23, 2015
Rashid Khalidi on the Complexities of Middle Eastern Politics North by Northwestern November 2, 2015
Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Huffington Post October 22, 2015
Middle East "Scholars" Sign Letter Supporting Iran Deal [incl. Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi, Reza Aslan, John Esposito] Fousesquawk August 31, 2015
Iranians, Israel-Haters Dominate Pro-Nuke Deal 'Experts' Letter [incl. Hamid Dabashi, John Esposito, Rashid Khalidi, Reza Aslan] Breitbart News August 27, 2015
Too Many Women Among Those Who Despise America and Hate Israel [incl. Hatem Bazian, Lila Abu-Lughod, Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad] Arutz Sheva August 9, 2015
Academic Freedom vs. Academic Malpractice [incl. Tariq Ramadan, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Steven Salaita] The Jerusalem Post June 10, 2015
UC Riverside Course Raises Anti-Semitism Concerns, Independent Group Says [incl. Ilan Pappé, Rashid Khalidi, Steven Salaita] May 12, 2015
UC Riverside Lets Undergrad SJP Leader Teach Israel-Bashing Course [incl. Ilan Pappé, Rashid Khalidi, Steven Salaita] CAMERA May 12, 2015
Phony Obama-Netanyahu Conflict Diverts Attention From Real Issues [on Rashid Khalidi] March 25, 2015
Anti-Semitism Alive And Well On New York's College Campuses [incl. Steven Salaita, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad] The Jewish Press March 12, 2015
New York's Columbia University Deemed Most Anti-Semitic University in the U.S. [incl. Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad] ShalomLife February 24, 2015
Columbia Leads List of America's Top 10 Colleges 'With Worst Antisemitic Activity' [incl. Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad] The Algemeiner February 23, 2015
Rashid Khalidi, Rakel Dink Speak at Hrant Dink Memorial The Armenian Weekly January 9, 2015
Shilling for Islamic Terrorists [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Steven Salaita] FrontPage Magazine December 4, 2014
Armenian, Palestinian and Kurdish 'Unhealed Wounds' Addressed at First Annual Dink Lecture [on Rashid Khalidi] Mirror-Spectator December 1, 2014
How Middle East Studies Professors Handle Bias in the Classroom [incl. Dov Waxman, Rashid Khalidi] The Atlantic August 28, 2014
Columbia Boycotts Israel? [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Hamid Dabashi, Gil Anidjar, Mahmood Mamdani, Lila Abu-Lughod] Commentary Magazine August 27, 2014
Gaza = Auschwitz [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Hamid Dabashi, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj] Mosaic August 26, 2014
Campuses Hone Tactics As BDS Wars Loom [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Jewish Week August 20, 2014
An Honest Voice in Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The New Yorker August 2, 2014
Rashid Khalidi: 'Israel Provoked This Bloodshed' Outlook India July 28, 2014
NPR's Ashbrook Excludes Pro-Israel Voice Again [incl. Rashid Khalidi] CAMERA July 11, 2014
Rebel Jewish Student Movement to Hold First National Conference [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz May 16, 2014
Tampa Terror Radio [incl. Rashid Khalidi] FrontPage Magazine April 23, 2014
Rashid Khalidi: Washington and the Peace Process: Assessing America's Role, Past and Present The Jerusalem Fund April 17, 2014
Academic Awards Committee Recognizes Columbia Professors [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Bwog (student blog of Columbia University) April 16, 2014
Khalidi at Ramaz: The Fundamental Issue at Stake Arutz Sheva March 20, 2014
Boycotting Israel's Universities Is Wrong [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Huffington Post March 13, 2014
Ha'aretz No Longer a Newspaper [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA) March 9, 2014
'New Directions' Conference Discusses Future of Palestinian Studies [incl. Beshara Doumani, Rashid Khalidi, Joel Beinin, Lelia Farsakh, et al.] The Electronic Intifada March 8, 2014
Rashid Khalidi and Judith Butler Object to Boycotting the Boycotters Jewish Telegraphic Agency March 7, 2014
Scholars Rap Intimidation of Israel's Critics [on Rashid Khalidi and Judith Butler] Press TV March 6, 2014
Statement Raises Concerns on Intimidation of Israel's Critics [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Inside Higher Ed March 6, 2014
Jewish Institutions Grapple with Hosting Jewish Critics of Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Jewish Community Voice March 5, 2014
Anti-Israel Speakers and Jewish Self-Hatred [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. March 5, 2014
Scholars Launch Petition Against Censorship of Israel Critics [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz March 5, 2014
The Insanity of Providing Platforms for our Enemies [incl. Rashid Khalidi] J-Wire News March 5, 2014
Our Dinners With Rashid Khalidi The Jewish Week March 4, 2014
When Media Cover for Palestinian Terror Groups [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA) March 2, 2014
Rashid Khalidi, Ramaz and Peter Beinart's Double Standard FrontPage Magazine February 28, 2014
Ramaz and Rashid Khalidi The Algemeiner February 28, 2014
New York Times: Soft Spot for Khalidi? Commentary Magazine February 27, 2014
Feud Over Israel Erupts at Jewish Institutions Forward February 26, 2014
Peter Beinart, Hypocrite [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Elder of Ziyon Blog February 26, 2014
Rift at Jewish School in Manhattan Over Canceled Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Talk [on Rashid Khalidi] The New York Times February 26, 2014
Jewish Orthodoxy Can't Be Truly Open if It Is Closed to the Palestinians Haaretz February 26, 2014
Ramaz Israel Row Points To Larger Trends [on Rashid Khalidi] The Jewish Week February 25, 2014
Ramaz Explains Why They Banned Rashid Khalidi Forward February 23, 2014
Ramaz Administration Handled Rashid Khalidi Debacle Expertly The Jewish Press February 23, 2014
Ramaz Pro-Khalidi Petition Gains Support from Ahmadinejad, Arafat and Hitler FrontPage Magazine February 23, 2014
Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi Prohibited from Speaking at Ramaz School The Bwog (student blog of Columbia University) February 22, 2014
Orthodox Manhattan High School Kills Khalidi Appearance The Jewish Press February 22, 2014
Testing Limits: Orthodox High School Uninvites Palestinian-American Scholar [on Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz February 22, 2014
Ramaz, Orthodox Manhattan High School, Nixes Rashid Khalidi Talk Jewish Telegraphic Agency February 21, 2014
Ramaz Petition on Rashid Khalidi Ban Grows to 150 Signatures Forward February 20, 2014
Ian Lustick's Iron Dice Commentary Magazine September 24, 2013
#ThrowbackThursday Winner: Young Barack Obama Dines with Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Twitchy July 25, 2013
Deceit and Rashid Khalidi The Jerusalem Post May 30, 2013
Interview with Rashid Khalidi: "Brokers of Deceit" Chicago Tonight - WTTW News April 25, 2013
Leading Palestinian Intellectual: U.S. Was Never a Fair Broker of Israeli-Palestinian Peace [on Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz April 3, 2013
Why Israeli-Palestinian Peace is So Difficult to Reach [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Jerusalem Post March 17, 2013
My Fellow Journalists Are Vehicles for Anti-Semitism [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Arutz Sheva ( February 6, 2013
Look to Egypt for Clues about Obama [incl. Rashid Khalidi] One News Now January 10, 2013
Obama the Anti-Semite? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The American Spectator January 7, 2013
International Community's 'Attacks on Israel Puzzling, Especially when Atrocities are Taking Place Every Day in Syria,' says author [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Daily Caller December 25, 2012
Chuck Hagel and the Value of Antithesis [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Power Line Blog December 17, 2012
A Fall Snapshot of Arab Spring [incl. Shahab Ahmed, Roger Owen, Rashid Khalidi] Harvard Gazette November 30, 2012
Anti-Israel Circles of Influence on Campus [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Times of Israel November 7, 2012
Obama's Real Record On Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Powerline Blog October 23, 2012
The Persuasive Force of an Avalanche [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker September 25, 2012
Reward: $100,000 for Khalidi Tape Red Alert Politics September 21, 2012
The Truth Behind the 'Khalidi Video' and Why It's Not For Sale Los Angeles Times September 21, 2012
LA Times Reaffirms It Will Not Publish Mysterious Obama, Khalidi Recording The Blaze September 20, 2012
Obama's Chicago Arab-American Network Comes Into Focus [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker September 20, 2012
Reward: $100,000 for Khalidi Tape Breitbart September 20, 2012
Glenn Beck's Website Asks LA Times: What About the Obama Secret Videotape? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Fishbowl L.A. September 20, 2012
A Tale of Two Secret Videos [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker September 20, 2012
The Arab-American Network Behind Obama [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Washington Examiner September 19, 2012
Obama Pals Protest U.S. Aid to Israel [on Rashid Khalidi] WorldNetDaily September 11, 2012
The US and Israel are in a Relationship [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Israel Hayom September 9, 2012
Will the Romney Campaign Demand Release of the Obama-Khalidi Video? American Thinker August 23, 2012
Paul Ryan and the Muslim Brotherhood — My Week Comes Full Circle! [incl. Rashid Khalidi] National Review August 11, 2012 Offers $50,000 Reward for Obama-Khalidi Jew-Bashing Tape The Gateway Pundit July 30, 2012
Reward: $50,000 for 'Khalidi Tape' of Obama at Anti-Israel Party Big Peace (Blog of July 29, 2012
Site Offers $50K for Clip of Obama Honoring Radical [on Rashid Khalidi] The Jerusalem Post July 28, 2012
Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Big Government (blog of July 18, 2012
Obama 'Hates This Country,' says Rush Limbaugh [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Politico July 16, 2012
So When Will We See Obama's College Transcripts? Or The Rashid Khalidi Tape? The American Spectator May 10, 2012
The Cottage Industry of Israel Critics [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Washington Post May 1, 2012
Response to Rashid Khalidi The Daily Beast April 27, 2012
A Second Response to Rashid Khalidi The Daily Beast April 23, 2012
Expert on Middle East Discusses Aftermath of Arab Spring [on Rashid Khalidi] The Chicago Maroon (student newspaper of The University of Chicago) April 20, 2012
So That You're Not Tempted to Respect the L.A. Times [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Corner (Blog of National Review Online) April 19, 2012
Think Again: Peter's Navel-Gazing [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Jerusalem Post April 11, 2012
The L.A. Times Should Release the Khalidi Tape for Passover Pajamas Media April 4, 2012
Birds of a Feather [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker March 15, 2012
If Obama's Past Isn't A Concern, Why Cover It Up? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Investor's Business Daily March 14, 2012
Israel to be Barackstabbed Again? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker March 13, 2012
Obama's Political Expediency Is Hurting Our Nation [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker March 9, 2012
Young Obama On Display [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Salon March 8, 2012
The Obama Video I'd Like to See [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The American Spectator March 7, 2012
The 'Jewish' President [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Wall Street Journal March 6, 2012
Spotlighting Obama's Record on Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Right Side News March 5, 2012
The Case Against the Israel Lobby [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Dartmouth February 7, 2012
BDS Conference Opens With Criticism of UN, Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Daily Pennsylvanian (student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania) February 4, 2012
A GOP Candidate's Bitter Ex-Wife Receives More Coverage Than a Video of Obama Dining with Terrorist-Supporters [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker January 20, 2012
White House Calls GOP Extreme; Record Says Otherwise [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Investor's Business Daily January 5, 2012
Interview with Palestinian Professor Rashid Khalidi Haaretz December 5, 2011
Leading Palestinian Intellectual: We Already Have A One-State Solution [on Rashid Khalidi] Haaretz December 5, 2011
Team Obama's Methodical Demolition Of American Interests Abroad [incl. Rashid Khalidi] November 28, 2011
The Attacks on Walid Phares [incl. Juan Cole and Rashid Khalidi] National Review Online October 31, 2011
Pillar of the Intelligence Community [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Weekly Standard October 31, 2011
Middle East Institute's Peter Sluglett Named President of Middle East Studies Association [incl. Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi] News of National University of Singapore October 27, 2011
Obama and the OWS Protesters [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker October 19, 2011
Khalidi Lobs Another Canard into the Echo Chamber Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA) October 17, 2011
Reporting Live from the First-Ever SJP National Conference [incl. Rashid Khalidi] New Voices Magazine October 17, 2011
Occupy Wall Street Protests: Anti-Jewish/Anti-Israel -- or Not? [incl. Noam Chomsky, Rashid Khalidi, Norman Finkelstein] Snapshots (Blog of CAMERA) October 16, 2011
The Difference Between a Real Historian and Rashid Khalidi Elder of Ziyon Blog October 11, 2011
Exodus, Myth and Malpractice Sandbox (Blog) October 11, 2011
Wanted: Pragmatic Israeli Policies Instead of Ideology Haaretz September 19, 2011
In Chicago Tribune, Rashid Khalidi Opposes the Jewish State, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Martin Luther King. CAMERA: Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America September 1, 2011
Rashid Khalidi's Lies in the Chicago Tribune Elder of Ziyon Blog August 31, 2011
Revolutions Raise a Collective Cry for Arab Dignity [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The National (UAE) August 27, 2011
What Happened to Obama? Absolutely Nothing. [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Wall Street Journal August 13, 2011
The Children of Edward Said [incl. Rashid Khalidi] FrontPage Magazine August 9, 2011
Palin is Right: If Tea Partiers Were Terrorists, Obama Would Pal Around With Them [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Spectator August 4, 2011
Obama's Animus Toward Israel and Jews [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker July 8, 2011
Obama's Radical Pal Rashid Khalidi Releases Pro-Hamas Video Urging Obama's Support of Gaza Flotilla II The Gateway Pundit July 3, 2011
The Obama Administration Opens Formal Contacts With the Muslim Brotherhood [incl. Rashid Khalidi & Ingrid Mattson] National Review Online June 30, 2011
Scholarship, Advocacy, and Antisemitism at Yale [incl. John Esposito, Khaled Abou El Fadl, Rashid Khalidi, Hillary Mann Leverett] The Algemeiner June 26, 2011
Far Left Author Alice Walker: US and Israel Are "Terrorist States" [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Human Events June 24, 2011
Terror Probe Targets Group Funded by Obama [incl. Rashid Khalidi] WorldNetDaily June 24, 2011
The Color Purple Author Calls America and Israel Terrorists [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker June 20, 2011
Deranged About Sarah Palin [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Winnipeg Sun June 15, 2011
Release the Redacted Transcript [including Rashid Khalidi]! National Review Online June 13, 2011
LA Times Won't Release Obama-Khalidi Tape But Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin Emails Human Events June 10, 2011
Obama Inspired Ship 'Audacity of Hope' to Join Gaza Flotilla II [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Human Events June 4, 2011
Arabs Are Demanding Dignity, Says Scholar [on Rashid Khalidi] Gulf Times May 24, 2011
Why Undercut Jews? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Investor's Business Daily May 23, 2011
Obama Adviser: American 'Fairness,' 'Equality' Just Wrong [incl. Rashid Khalidi] WorldNetDaily May 22, 2011
Media Shielded Voters from Obama's Israel Intentions [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker May 21, 2011
Washington Post Slams Obama for Undermining Peace [incl. Rashid Khalidi] American Thinker May 21, 2011
Israel and Obama's Radical Past [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Corner (National Review Online) May 20, 2011
President Obama Prepares Another Deceitful Campaign Speech To AIPAC [incl. Rashid Khalidi] News Real Blog May 18, 2011
Challenging the Slander at Columbia's Israel-Bashing Event [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Norman Finkelstein] FrontPage Magazine May 10, 2011
Obama Needs His Own White House 'Viziers With Moral Imaginations' [incl. Rashid Khalidi] January 16, 2011
Obama's Arizona Memorial Speech Fails to Mention His Past [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Law Enforcement Examiner January 14, 2011
Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The South End (student newspaper of Wayne State University) December 17, 2010
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Higher Indoctrination (Education?), and the Angry Jew News Service [incl. As'ad AbuKhalil, Norman Finkelstein] Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) August 8, 2019
The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies The Jewish Voice August 19, 2015
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Encouraging Palestinians to Swim Uphill JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) August 5, 2019
Columbia University Hosts Journalist Who Can 'Understand' Anti-Semitism The Algemeiner May 21, 2019
Columbia University's Center for Palestine Studies: Ramallah on the Hudson The Tower November 19, 2018
Scholars at UPenn Condemn U.S.-Israel Friendship American Spectator October 31, 2018
Middle East Studies Meltdown on Jerusalem The Algemeiner December 18, 2017
Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi Moans about Balfour The Algemeiner October 27, 2017
New Campus Watch Resource: Professors to Avoid Campus Watch, a Project of the Middle East Forum June 23, 2016
In New Low, Scholars Defend Medieval Blood Libel Charges Against Israel The Daily Caller March 7, 2016
From BDS to Ferguson: Columbia U. Panel Takes Aim at Israel FrontPage Magazine January 13, 2016
Boston U.'s Irene Gendzier: U.S.-Israel Alliance Built on Oil FrontPage Magazine December 16, 2015
Rashid Khalidi Heads Pro-PLO Panel in Bashing Israel FrontPage Magazine October 30, 2015
The Politicization of Middle East Studies The American Interest September 18, 2015
The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies National Review Online August 10, 2015
The Middle East Studies Mess Australia/Israel Review July 2015
What Does the Current Morass Say about Middle East Studies? [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Commentary March 30, 2015
Dreaming of 'Palestine's South Africa Moment' at Columbia U. FrontPage Magazine December 23, 2014
'Palestinian Rights Activism' Panel Turns Perpetrators into Victims Jihad Watch December 18, 2014
Defending Salaita: Anti-Israel Profs Unite! American Thinker September 21, 2014
Hamas's Academic Apologists American Thinker August 31, 2014
Rashid Khalidi's False Narrative of Israeli History FrontPage Magazine May 1, 2014
Obama's Anti-Zionism [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Washington Times January 22, 2013
What the 2012 Election Means for Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi] National Review Online September 4, 2012
Beware the September Surprise [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Contentions (Blog of Commentary Magazine) August 19, 2011
Whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood FrontPage Magazine May 20, 2011
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
BDS: Jew-Hating Propagandists on the March [on Jasbir Puar; incl. Rashid Khalidi, Steven Salaita] Minding the Campus March 16, 2016
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
Middle East Studies Profs Figure Prominently in ACF Report on Anti-Semitism at Columbia/Barnard Campus Watch Blog October 28, 2019
Encouraging Palestinians to Swim Uphill Campus Watch Blog August 5, 2019
Columbia University Hosts Journalist Who Can 'Understand' Anti-Semitism Campus Watch Blog May 21, 2019
Middle East Studies at Columbia University Rife with Anti-Israel Activism Campus Watch Blog December 28, 2017
Columbia's Rashid Khalidi Values UN Opinion on Jerusalem Over American Opinion Campus Watch Blog December 26, 2017
Rashid Khalidi's Likeminded Daughter Attacks Kenneth Marcus Campus Watch Blog October 30, 2017
Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi Moans about Balfour Campus Watch Blog October 27, 2017
Rashid Khalidi Doubles Down on Anti-Semitic 'Infestation' Remarks Campus Watch Blog February 1, 2017
Columbia's Rashid Khalidi Denies Pro-Israel 'Infestation' Comments Were Anti-Semitic Campus Watch Blog January 20, 2017
Columbia's Rashid Khalidi: Pro-Israel People 'Are Going to Infest Our Government' Campus Watch Blog January 18, 2017
Columbia U's Rashid Khalidi Uses UN Resolution to Push BDS Campus Watch Blog December 30, 2016
Rashid Khalidi Heads Pro-PLO Panel in Bashing Israel Campus Watch Blog October 30, 2015
The Politicization of Middle East Studies Campus Watch Blog September 21, 2015
Middle East Studies Profs Team with Iran Lobby to Push Deal Campus Watch Blog August 28, 2015
The Political Nature of Today's Middle East Studies Campus Watch Blog August 10, 2015
The Middle East Studies Mess Campus Watch Blog July 2, 2015
Middle East Studies: From the Faculty Lounge to the Foreign Policy Arena Campus Watch Blog March 30, 2015
Columbia Tops List of Colleges With 'Worst anti-Semitic Activity' Campus Watch Blog February 26, 2015
Dreaming of 'Palestine's South Africa Moment' at Columbia U. Campus Watch Blog December 24, 2014
Rashid Khalidi's False Narrative of Israeli History Campus Watch Blog May 1, 2014
The Radicalism Behind the BDS Movement Campus Watch Blog February 2, 2012