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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Inside the Pro-Palestinian Group Protesting Across College Campuses [incl. Hatem Bazian] The New York Times November 17, 2023
'Zero Educational Value': Princeton Courses Promote Prostitution, 'Hate' of Israel [incl. Jasbir Puar] The College Fix August 4, 2023
Examples of Anti-Semitism on Campuses Abound — Enough is Enough [incl. Ilana Feldman, Rabab Abdulhadi] The College Fix June 3, 2020
Emory Professor Receives $305K Grant to Study Moderate Islam [incl. James Hoesterey, Yasmin Moll, Vincent Cornell] The Emory Wheel (Emory University) October 29, 2019
Clarion Exclusive Report: Foreign Influence Ops on US Universities [incl. John Esposito] Clarion Project September 6, 2019
Tariq Ramadan's Academic Supporters [incl. Jonathan Brown, John Esposito, Yasir Qadhi, Hatem Bazian, Khaled Abu-El Fadl, Richard Falk, Norman Finkelstein] Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) June 23, 2018
Faculty Who Say Yes to 'Anti-Zionist' Conspiracy Theories [on Vida Samiian] Commentary Magazine August 1, 2017
An Iraqi-American Professor Remembers His Complicated Midwestern Youth [on Laith Saud] Chicago Reader April 6, 2017
The Brooklyn Library Must Not Allow Norman Finkelstein to Lecture on Israel The Algemeiner March 22, 2017
"Politics."- DePaul Professor Answers to Turmoil in the Middle East [on Kaveh Ehsani] The Courier (student newspaper of College of DuPage) October 27, 2016
SFSU Officials Condemn Posters Targeting Professor [on Rabab Abdulhadi] San Francisco Chronicle October 18, 2016
ZOA Condemns UC Berkeley Course on Dismantling Israel [incl. Hatem Bazian] The Jewish Press September 21, 2016
The Return of the Malevolent Jew: the Academic Nazification of Israel [incl. Norman Finkelstein, Richard Falk, Steven Salaita] American Thinker November 16, 2014
Chicago's DePaul University Tapped to Develop Arabic Language Teacher Council [incl. Nesreen Akhtarkhavari] DePaul University Newsline May 20, 2013
Students, Scholars Participate in Islam in America Conference The DePaulia (student newspaper of DePaul University) October 10, 2011
Protesters Rally Against DePaul Tenure Woes [incl. Norman Finkelstein] RedEye Chicago News May 27, 2011
Questions of Racial Discrimination on Tenure Unsettle DePaul [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The New York Times December 23, 2010
When the Truth Loses, Genocide Wins the Debate [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The San Francisco Examiner May 17, 2010
Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Ian Lustick [incl. Norman Finkelstein] FrontPage Magazine January 5, 2010
Making the Case for Israel on Campus [incl. Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Norman Finkelstein] inFocus (Jewish Policy Center) Winter 2008
Academic Freedom and Middle East Studies [incl. Juan Cole, Norman Finkelstein, Nadia Abu El-Haj] inFocus (Jewish Policy Center) Winter 2008
Trustees Can Hold Middle East Studies Accountable [incl. Juan Cole and Nadia Abu El-Haj] inFocus (Jewish Policy Center) Winter 2008
Handling Norman Finkelstein The Jewish Journal November 10, 2008
The Challenge In Answering Back To Anti-Israel Rhetoric on Campus [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The American Chronicle October 18, 2008
Quiet War on Campus: Israel Remains Under Attack Despite Fewer Public Protests [incl. Joseph Massad, Hamid Dabashi, Norman Finkelstein, et al.] The Jewish Journal August 20, 2008
Committee for Tyranny in Academe [on the Ad Hoc Committee to Defend the University; incl. Norman Finkelstein, Nadia Abu El-Haj Jerusalem Post April 8, 2008
Campus Pilgrims Pay Homage to the Terror Masters [incl. Sara Roy, Augustus Richard Norton, Columbia University] Pajamas Media February 15, 2008
The Selective Indignation of Israel's Academic Critics [on L. Roland Matory, Middle East studies] The Jewish Press December 27, 2007
FSM's Second Annual ‘America's Most Dangerous College Courses' [incls. DePaul prof. Aminah Beverly McCloud] Family Security Matters December 18, 2007
Answering Anti-Israel Academics [incl. Norman Finkelstein, Middle East studies] Israel Insider December 2, 2007
The "Free Speech" Agenda [incl. Lee Bollinger, Middle East studies at Columbia, Norman Finkelstein, et al.] The Harvard Crimson November 21, 2007
Yet Another Columbia Disgrace [on Nadia Abu El-Haj; also on Juan Cole, Norman Finkelstein The Spine [TNR Blog] November 3, 2007
Varying Teaching Styles, Beliefs Deserve Respect [alludes to Juan Cole, Nadia Abu El-Haj, and Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Skiff (Texas Christian University) October 25, 2007
Controversy over Barnard Professor up for Tenure [on Nadia Abu El-Haj; Laurie Brand] Associated Press September 11, 2007
Fracas Erupts Over Book on Mideast by a Barnard Professor Seeking Tenure [on Nadia Abu El-Haj] The New York Times September 10, 2007
Middle East Tensions Flare Again (in U.S.) [incl. Nadia Abu El-Haj, Middle East Studies Association] Inside Higher Ed September 5, 2007
What's Fair and Not Fair in the Middle East Debates? [on Ian Lustick, Norman Finkelstein] History News Network August 6, 2007
The Dangers of Government-Sponsored Art [incl. Aminah Beverly McCloud, Omid Safi, "America at a Crossroads"] The American Thinker June 27, 2007
Open Letter to the DePaul Administration Regarding the Denial of Tenure of Professor Norman Finkelstein [ref. Tariq Ramadan] History News Network June 17, 2007
Outspoken DePaul Professor Denied Tenure [on Norman Finkelstein] United Press International (UPI) June 11, 2007
Go Ahead, Circle Your Wagons around Finkelstein [also on Joseph Massad, Alan Dershowitz] Phi Beta Cons (NRO) June 6, 2007
Producer Charges PBS with Supressing Film [references DePaul's Aminah McCloud] Denver Post May 15, 2007
Frank Gaffney vs. PBS [ref. Aminah Beverly McCloud, Tariq Ramadan] The Weekly Standard April 17, 2007
PBS Silences Filmmaker on Radical Islam [how Aminah Beverly McCloud of DePaul helped silence filmmaker Martyn Burke] Family Security Matters April 17, 2007
The Film PBS Does Not Want You to See [on DePaul's Aminah McCloud] Family Security Matters April 11, 2007
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
The Attack on Middle East Studies: A Historical Perspective [incl. Nadia Abu El-Haj, Joseph Massad, Rashid Khalidi, Norman Finkelstein, Dhabah "Debbie" Almontaser, Daniel Pipes] Middle East Policy Spring 2008
The New McCarthyism [refs. Nadia Abu El-Haj, Norman Finkelstein, Beshara Doumani, Khalil Gibran International Academy, MESA] The Nation November 12, 2007
Barnard Tenures Scholar Opposed by Massive Campaign [on Nadia Abu El-Haj; ref. Juan Cole, Norman Finkelstein] Inside Higher Ed November 5, 2007
Of McCarthyism and Academic Freedom [incls. Nadia Abu El-Haj, Norman Finkelstein, Dhabah "Debbie" Altmontaser, Daniel Pipes] ZioNation Blog November 3, 2007
Nastiness in the Ivory Tower [incl. Richard Falk, Nadia Abu El-Haj] Los Angeles City Beat September 20, 2007
IsraelLobby Censors Academic Honesty [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The Badger Herald (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison) September 11, 2007
Professor McCloud and PBS [on Aminah McCloud of DePaul] Phi Beta Cons (NRO) May 10, 2007
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update November 20, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 7, 2023
Profs on Paris Attacks: Je Suis NOT Charlie! FrontPage Magazine January 26, 2015
Norman Finkelstein's Conspiratorial Universe FrontPage Magazine March 11, 2011
USC "Middle East Awareness Week" Features the Usual Suspects November 9, 2007
DePaul Prof. Aminah Beverly McCloud: Pushing "Islamophobia," Obscuring Islamism October 22, 2007
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
ICC Head Prosecutor 'Whitewashing' Israel: Finkelstein [incl. Norman Finkelstein] Anadolu Agency (Turkey) October 30, 2019
The Comical Decline of Norman Finkelstein Fousesquawk (blog of Gary Fouse) October 18, 2019
Finkelstein GS '87 Delivers Anti-Semitic Remarks at a Panel on Black and Palestinian Solidarity [on Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Princetonian (Princeton University) October 11, 2019
Norman Finkelstein Sighting in Canada Fousesquawk (blog of Gary Fouse) April 1, 2019
'Deeply Disturbing': U of T Talk by Anti-Israel Activist Norman Finkelstein to Test Ontario's Campus Free Speech Policy National Post (Canada) March 4, 2019
Norman Finkelstein Pops Up Again Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) August 3, 2018
State Politician Rebukes Brooklyn Public Library for Holding Lecture Series by Israel Critic, Author Norman Finkelstein New York Daily News March 20, 2017
'Are New York Taxpayers Funding Rabid Anti-Semite's Appearance?' [on Norman Finkelstein] Arutz Sheva March 19, 2017
Germany MPs Investigate Pro-Hezbollah Academic Finkelstein The Jerusalem Post March 18, 2017
UN's 'Israel Apartheid' Report Written by 9/11 Truther Who Promotes Antisemitism [on Richard Falk] The Jewish Chronicle March 16, 2017
UN Report Written By Richard Falk Brands Israel As 'Apartheid Regime' Forward March 15, 2017
'You're a Moron!' Anti-Israel Professor Quits Interview Over Jewish State [on Norman Finkelstein] Jewish News November 14, 2016
Infamous Anti-Israel Professor Storms Off Debate on 'Double Standards' Towards Jewish State, After Calling Moderator a 'Certified Moron' [on Norman Finkelstein] The Algemeiner November 14, 2016
When Anti-Semites Use Jews to Further Their Cause [on Norman Finkelstein] The Huffington Post January 12, 2016
Finkelstein Weighs in on Salaita Settlement Dissident Voice November 19, 2015
American Professor Norman Finkelstein Slams Israel Over Gaza Blockade Daily Sabah May 12, 2015
Scholar Addresses Anti-Semitism in Relation to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict [on Norman Finkelstein] The Badger Herald March 13, 2015
I Debated With Norman Finkelstein at King's College. It Was Dire, and Scary. The Jewish Community Online March 12, 2015
Not One to Mince Words [on Norman Finkelstein] NUVO News March 11, 2015
Norman Finkelstein Sighting: He Is Teaching in Turkey Fousesquawk Blog January 20, 2015
Norman Finkelstein: Charlie Hebdo is Sadism, Not Satire Turkish Press January 19, 2015
Steven Salaita, University of Illinois Professor Denied Job Offer, Speaks at DePaul The Depaulia (student newspaper of DePaul University) October 12, 2014
Norman Finkelstein Throws Wrench In Anti-Israel Movement's Claim To A Rights-Based Agenda News of the Anti-Defamation League June 21, 2013
Richard Stallman on Norman Finkelstein May 17, 2013
Norman Finkelstein Refers to Obama as "Murderer" FouseSquawk Blog April 23, 2013
The High Cost of Defending Israel [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The Huffington Post February 7, 2013
More Than a Coincidence? [incl. Norman Finkelstein] Inside Higher Ed January 4, 2011
Evaluating MSU Week [incl. Norman Finkelstein] New University (student newspaper of University of California Irvine) May 17, 2010
Is This a Man Who Sheds Light, or Simply Sets Fires? [on Norman Finkelstein] The New York Times February 11, 2010
No Hate Speech Allowed: This Blogger's Declaration of Independence [incl. Norman Finkelstein] Pajamas Media January 4, 2009
Finkelstein Speech in Cleveland Spurs Protests Jewish Telegraphic Agency December 14, 2008
Tallying Political Contributions from DePaul Faculty [incl. Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Daily Observer July 24, 2008
Why Can't Ben Gurion University be as Principled as DePaul University? [on Norman Finkelstein and Neve Gordon] The Jewish Press Blog July 10, 2008
Closed Out? Norman Finkelstein, Controversial Scholar Denied Tenure, Can't Find a Job The Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog July 7, 2008
Demeaning Jewish Victims of Terrorism [on Norman Finkelstein] Huffington Post July 7, 2008
A Pariah In Exile [on Norman Finkelstein] The Jewish Week July 2, 2008
Why Israel Booted Norman Finkelstein Jewish Press June 25, 2008
"Go On Now Go, Walk Out the Door..." [on Norman Finkelstein] Chronicle of Higher Education December 11, 2007
Canadian University Hosts Israel Basher [on Norman Finkelstein at U. of Toronto] December 2, 2007
Why Norman Finkelstein Would Have Tenure — in Israel The Chronicle of Higher Education November 30, 2007
Finkelstein the Sexist Frontpage Magazine November 23, 2007
Princeton Groups Sponsor Anti-Israel Speech [on Norman Finkelstein, refs. Princeton's Department and Program in Near Eastern Studies] NJ Jewish News November 8, 2007
Speakers Snub Oxford Debate in Panel Row [incls. Norman Finkelstin] The Jewish Chronicle October 26, 2007
The Israel Lobby Destroys Academic Freedom? [on University of Chicago conference, incl. Norman Finkelstein] Minding the Campus October 19, 2007
Oxford Union Is Dead [refs. Norman Finkelstein] Frontpage Magazine October 19, 2007
The ‘Diversity' of Ideas Lie at UC Davis [incls. Norman Finkelstein] Intellectual Conservative October 16, 2007
The Finkelstein Affair [on former DePaul professor Norman Finkelstein] The Volokh Conspiracy October 2, 2007
The Passion of Norman Finkelstein FrontPage Magazine September 17, 2007
The "Fink" in Finkelstein [on Norman Finkelstein] The Badger Herald (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison) September 13, 2007
DePaul University's Finkelstein Quits Jewish Telegraphic Agency September 6, 2007
The Next Piece of Housekeeping for DePaul? [on Norman Finkelstein] FrontPage Magazine September 6, 2007
Finkelstein and DePaul Settle Inside Higher Ed September 6, 2007
Tenure Dispute at DePaul Ends With a Settlement and Professor's Resignation [on Norman Finkelstein] The Chronicle of Higher Education September 6, 2007
Embattled US Professor Who Accused Jews of Using Holocaust to Stifle Criticism Agrees to Resign [on Norman Finkelstein] Associated Press September 5, 2007
Finkelstein Resigns at DePaul U., After Deal Forestalls Threats to Defy University [on Norman Finkelstein] The Chronicle of Higher Education September 5, 2007
DePaul, Embattled Professor Settle Dispute [on Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Tribune September 5, 2007
DePaul U. Memos Accuse Professor in Tenure Dispute of Being Disruptive [on Norman Finkelstein] The Chronicle of Higher Education September 4, 2007
DePaul Memos Tell of Run-Ins with Professor [on Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Tribune September 3, 2007
Defending Fink [on Norman Finkelstein] The New Republic September 2, 2007
Denial of Tenure Defended [on Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Sun-Times September 1, 2007
Controversial Professor Plans to Risk Arrest After University Cancels His Classes [on Norman Finkelstein] Fox News August 30, 2007
In Wonderful Company [on Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Dish (Andrew Sullivan's blog) August 30, 2007
Not the Norm [on Norman Finkelstein, Thomas Klocek, AAUP] Phi Beta Cons (NRO) August 29, 2007
Holocaust Academic Vows to Fight Axe of University Class [on Norman Finkelstein] The Guardian (U.K.) August 29, 2007
DePaul University Cancels Class Taught By Professor Critical of Israel [on Norman Finkelstein] Associated Press August 28, 2007
DePaul Pulls Plug on Controversial Professor [on Norman Finkelstein] The Chicago Tribune August 28, 2007
Terminating the Terminal Year [on Norman Finkelstein] Inside Higher Ed August 27, 2007
DePaul U. Cancels Courses of Professor Who Lost Tenure Bid, but He Plans to Teach Them Anyway [on Norman Finkelstein] The Chronicle of Higher Education August 27, 2007
Tenure Decisions at DePaul U. [letter to the editor re Norman Finkelstein] The Chronicle of Higher Education July 27, 2007
DePaul Flubs Up on Finkestein Minding the Campus June 29, 2007
Students Will Begin Hunger Strike in Support of DePaul Professors Denied Tenure [on Norman Finkelstein] Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog June 25, 2007
DePaul University Students Fast for Academic Freedom [on Norman Finkelstein] Monthly Review June 25, 2007
Finking on Finkelstein Reason Online June 25, 2007
Finkelstein's Sexism FrontPage Magazine June 25, 2007
Students Protest Tenure Denials at DePaul U. [on Norman Finkelstein, et al.] The Chronicle of Higher Education June 22, 2007
Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Outtenure? [on Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Sun-Times June 22, 2007
The Fight Against the Israel-Haters in Academia [on Norman Finkelstein] San Diego Jewish World June 15, 2007
Norman Finkelstein: The Case Against Comment Is Free (The Guardian, U.K.) June 14, 2007
Students Ordered to Leave Chief's Area [on Norman Finkelstein and DePaul U.] The Chicago Sun-Times June 14, 2007
DePaul Chief May Face Vote of No Confidence [regarding Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Sun-Times June 13, 2007
ADL Reacts to DePaul's Denial of Tenure to Prof. Norman Finkelstein Anti-Defamation League June 11, 2007
DePaul Denies Tenure to Controversial Political Science Professor [on Norman Finkelstein] Associated Press June 11, 2007
Outspoken Political Scientist Denied Tenure at DePaul The New York Times June 11, 2007
DePaul Denies Tenure to Finkelstein Jewish Telegraphic Agency June 11, 2007
DePaul Rejects Finkelstein Inside Higher Education June 11, 2007
DePaul U. Turns Norman Finkelstein Down for Tenure The Chronicle of Higher Education June 11, 2007
Controversial Professor Denied Tenure at DePaul The Chicago Tribune June 10, 2007
Finkelstein Rejected from U.S. College June 10, 2007
No Tenure for Controversial Professor The Chicago Sun-Times June 9, 2007
Finkelstein's End The Spine (TNR Online) June 8, 2007
DePaul Rejects Tenure Bid by Finkelstein and Says Dershowitz Pressure Played No Role The Chronicle of Higher Education June 8, 2007
Student Group Petitions Against Prof [on Norman Finkelstein] Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) June 4, 2007
Radical Reverse Psychology [on Norman Finkelstein] FrontPage Magazine June 4, 2007
Match Point [Noam Chomsky Vs. Alan Dershowitz on Norman Finkelstein] The New Republic Online June 1, 2007
Name-Calling and a Canceled Lecture [on Robert Trivers, Norman Finkelstein, Alan Dershowitz] Inside Higher Education May 29, 2007
An Unstable Academic Threatens Alan Dershowitz [on Robert Trivers, Norman Finkelstein, Alan Dershowitz] FrontPage Magazine May 29, 2007
Scientist Says Harvard Canceled Talk [on Robert Trivers, Norman Finkelstein, & Alan Dershowitz] The Boston Globe May 27, 2007
Dershowitz V. Finkelstein The Chicago Jewish News May 25, 2007
Taking the Bait [on Norman Finkelstein] The New Republic May 21, 2007
Tenure or trouble? [on Norman Finkelstein] Chicago Sun-Times May 14, 2007
DePaul's Disgrace [on Norman Finkelstein] The Spine (TNR Online) May 12, 2007
Steve Emerson and Alan Colmes Go at it Over Anti-Semitic DePaul Professor [on Norman Finkelstein] Hot Air May 11, 2007
Academic Questions [on Norman Finkelstein] The Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia) May 10, 2007
Academic Repression Update / A Question of Scholarship: On the Tenure Controversy of Prof. Norman G. Finkelstein The Advocate (CUNY Graduate Center) May 4, 2007
Finkelstein's Bigotry The Wall Street Journal May 4, 2007
The Chutzpah Industry [on Finklestein and Dershowitz] The Nation May 2, 2007
The Unsolicited Outside Letter; A Regular Part of the University Tenure and Appointment Process [on Norman Finkelstein, Alan Dershowitz, et al.] Solomonia Blog May 2, 2007
Finkelstein Calls Israel a Human Rights Abuser, Following Brief Protest [on Finkelstein's lecture at Brandeis] The Justice (Brandeis Univ.) May 1, 2007
Finkelstein Distorts Facts to Fit Agenda The Justice (Brandeis Univ.) May 1, 2007
Up for Tenure and Under Fire [on Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Princetonian April 20, 2007
Dershowitz, Finkelstein, and a Bitter Tenure Battle The Jerusalem Post April 19, 2007
Inspiration Under Attack [on Norman Finkelstein] The DePaulia April 13, 2007
Finkelstein In Nasty Tenure Battle The Jewish Week April 13, 2007
Stanford University Officials Bar Public from Panel Featuring 'Ex-Terrorists' [references Finkelstein] San Francisco Chronicle April 13, 2007
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
SFSU/Najah MOU Results in Proposed Study Abroad Trip to 'Palestine' Campus Watch Blog February 14, 2019
German Institute Hosts 'Holocaust Industry' Author Norman Finkelstein as Visiting Scholar Campus Watch Blog January 20, 2017
Finkelstein vs. Salaita: Battle of the Anti-Israel Profs Campus Watch Blog November 20, 2015
Norman Finkelstein As Repugnant As Ever Campus Watch Blog March 19, 2015
The Many Faces of Norman Finkelstein Campus Watch Blog March 6, 2015
Norman Finkelstein vs. The Angry Arab Campus Watch Blog June 27, 2013
The 'Angry Arab' Slams Finkelstein; Wants to Eliminate Israel Campus Watch Blog February 20, 2012
Correcting Nora Barrows-Friedman of the Electronic Intifada Campus Watch Blog January 14, 2010
NYU Hosting the Latest "Academic Freedom" Conference; Break out the Violins Campus Watch Blog February 22, 2008
USC "Middle East Awareness Week" Features the Usual Suspects Campus Watch Blog November 9, 2007
DePaul Prof. Aminah Beverly McCloud: Pushing "Islamophobia," Obscuring Islamism Campus Watch Blog October 22, 2007