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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
An Academic Is Fired Over a Medieval Painting of the Prophet Muhammad New Lines Magazine December 22, 2022
Republicans Eye Pro-Iran Propaganda in US Colleges After Prof Claims Israel Behind Rushdie Attack [incl. Nader Hashemi] The Washington Free Beacon August 26, 2022
University of Denver Professor Blames Israel for Rushdie Attack [incl. Nader Hashemi] The Washington Free Beacon August 24, 2022
Elite Universities are Protecting Iranian Agents [incl. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, Seyed Hossein Mousavian] The Jerusalem Post May 8, 2022
The Attack on Dr. Mousavian The Daily Princetonian February 6, 2022
Why is Princeton Harboring a Man who Condones Threats against American Diplomats? [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian[ The Daily Princetonian February 6, 2022
MESA Nostra Contest [incl. Hamid Dabashi] Jihad Watch January 23, 2022
Why Should the World Boycott Iran's Islamic Regime? [incl. Hossein Mousavian, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati] Iran International January 19, 2022
A Most Unwanted Man [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] Tablet Magazine January 12, 2022
Scrutiny Over Princeton Scholar, Former Iran Official for Appearance in Documentary Praising Soleimani [incl. Hossein Mousavian] The Algemeiner January 10, 2022
Princeton Faculty Member Brags About Death Threats Against Trump Admin Envoy [incl. Hussein Mousavian, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati] Washington Free Beacon January 9, 2022
Princeton Took Millions from China, let Professor Rot in Iranian Prison [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] The New American December 28, 2021
Former Iran Hostage files Lawsuit Against Princeton University for 'Abandoning him' [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati] The Jerusalem Post December 25, 2021
How Princeton Sacrificed its Scholar to Maintain Ties with Tehran [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] Iran Focus December 25, 2021
Historian Says Princeton Left him to 'Rot' in Iranian Prison [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] The Washington Free Beacon December 23, 2021
An Oberlin Professor is Under Fire for his Past [incl. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, Seyed Hossein Mousavian] The Dispatch April 30, 2021
Iran's Lobby Uses Princeton to Amplify Mullahs' Propaganda [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] Iran News Update March 30, 2021
Iranian Disinformation has Gone Unchallenged in the West for Over a Decade [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] National Council of Resistance of Iran (Foreign Affairs Committee) March 29, 2021
Iran's Lobbies and their Influence Campaign in U.S. and Europe [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] National Council of Resistance of Iran (Foreign Affairs Committee) March 26, 2021
Lies in the Cognitive War Against Israel (Part 2) [incl. Richard Falk, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Jasbir Puar] Times of Israel March 25, 2021
Palestine's Leading Educational Institution, Birzeit University, to Get a New President [incl. Beshara Doumani] WAFA News Agency March 13, 2021
Iran: Have the West Been Naïve in Dealing With Iranian Influence Activities? [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] National Council of Resistance of Iran (Foreign Affairs Committee) January 24, 2021
Iranian Propaganda Operates Freely in the West, With Sources Both Overt and Subtle [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] National Council of Resistance of Iran (Foreign Affairs Committee) January 22, 2021
Kecia Ali to Examine Gender Bias in Academia BU Today (Boston University) July 15, 2020
Satellite Launch Strengthens Iran's Standing in West Asia: Expert [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] Tehran Times May 12, 2020
The Worldly Exile The Nation May 5, 2020
Germany Vulnerable to Israel due to Holocaust: Ex-diplomat [incl. Seyed Hossein Mousavian] Tehran Times May 5, 2020
Book on history of Deobandi-Barelvi ulama debates wins American prize [incl. SherAli K. Tareen, Muhammad Qasim Zaman] Samaa TV May 1, 2020
An Interview with Dr. Celene Ibrahim State of Formation April 22, 2020
Qatar's State-of-the-Art Foreign Lobbying Campaign Tablet Magazine March 29, 2020
Fragile Fragments: Marina Rustow Unpacks Daily Life in Medieval Egypt News of Princeton University February 11, 2020
Six Reasons Why the Ottoman Empire Fell [incl. Michael Reynolds, Mostafa Minawi] The History Channel January 10, 2020
Iranian-Americans: Investigate Princeton Prof. for Crimes Against Humanity [on Seyed Hossein Mousavian] The Jerusalem Post January 4, 2020
Teaching at Princeton — With Blood on His Hands [on Seyed Hossein Mousavian] New York Post January 1, 2020
Education Department Calls Colleges' Foreign Contracts 'Disturbing' [incl. Xiyue Wang] The Chronicle of Higher Education December 11, 2019
Iran Frees Princeton Graduate Student [on Xiyue Wang] Inside Higher Ed December 9, 2019
Iran Frees Chinese-American Scholar for US-Held Iranian Scientist [on Xiyue Wang] Associated Press (AP) December 7, 2019
US and Iranian Men Released in Prisoner Swap [on Xiyue Wang] BBC News December 7, 2019
American Graduate Student Held in Iran on Spy Charges Since 2016 Released [on Xiyue Wang] Fox News December 7, 2019
Iran Releases American Graduate Student in Prisoner Swap [on Xiyue Wang] The Hill December 7, 2019
American Student Freed in Prisoner Swap After Three Years in Iran Jail [on Xiyue Wang] NBC News December 7, 2019
Iran Frees Chinese-American Scholar for US-Held Iranian Scientist [on Xiyue Wang] Al-Jazeera December 7, 2019
American Student Xiyue Wang Freed in U.S.-Iran Prisoner Swap National Public Radio (NPR) December 7, 2019
In Prisoner Swap, Iran Frees American Held Since 2016 [on Xiyue Wang] The New York Times December 7, 2019
United States and Iran Swap Prisoners in Rare Act of Cooperation [on Xiyue Wang] Reuters December 7, 2019
BDS Monitor [incl. Middle East Studies Association, Sarah Ihmoud, Marc Lamont Hill, Joseph Massad, Norman Finkelstein] Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) November 27, 2019
BDS Monitor [incl. Norman Finkelstein, Amer Zahr] Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) October 29, 2019
Michael Cook Awarded Balzan Prize for Islamic Studies Princeton University News September 9, 2019
Clarion Exclusive Report: Foreign Influence Ops on US Universities [incl. John Esposito] Clarion Project September 6, 2019
European Dreams vs. Mass Migration [incl. Tariq Ramadan, Bernard Lewis] Gatestone Institute September 1, 2019
Even More Dangerous Than the Proposed California Curriculum ... [incl. Bernard Lewis, Rashid Khalidi, Hamid Dabashi, Joseph Massad, Hatem Bazian] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) August 21, 2019
Editors Apologize After Israel Studies Publication Accused of Anti-BDS, Pro-Israel Bias [incl. Arie Dubnov, Pnina Lahav, Yehudah Mirsky, Derek Penslar, Daniel Kurtzer, Ilan Troen] Haaretz August 1, 2019
Macron Demands Answers from Iran Over Academic's Detention [incl. Haleh Esfandiari, Xiyue Wang] Agence France Presse (AFP) July 15, 2019
A Middle Eastern-Studies Professor on His Conversations with Mohammed Bin Salman [on Bernard Haykel] The New Yorker April 8, 2019
The True History of the Land of Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Philip Hitti] The Algemeiner February 14, 2019
Norman Itzkowitz, Authority on Ottoman History and Former Head of Wilson College, Dies at 87 News of Princeton University February 1, 2019
Norman Itzkowitz, Professor of Near Eastern Studies Emeritus, Dies at 87 News of Princeton University's Near Eastern Studies Department January 25, 2019
Professor Norman Itzkowitz, Princeton [Obituary] The Times, Trenton January 22, 2019
Postdoc Becomes NJ's First Female South Asian Mayor [on Sadaf Jaffer; incl. Daniel Sheffield] The Daily Princetonian January 13, 2019
Professor Lewis Strikes Back [on Bernard Lewis] Islam: the Good, the Bad, and the Everyday [Blog of Michael Isenberg] October 4, 2018
Iran Lashes Out in Aftermath of Ahvaz [incl. Bernard Lewis] Jerusalem Post September 23, 2018
U.N. Presses Iran to Free Princeton Scholar [on Xiyue Wang, incl. Middle East Studies Association] The New York Times September 10, 2018
RIP Bernard Lewis Islam: the Good, the Bad, and the Everyday [Blog of Michael Isenberg] August 1, 2018
The End of an Era [incl. Bernard Lewis] The American Interest July 20, 2018
Middle East Scholars Demand Peace [incl. Richard Falk, Joel Beinin, James Gelvin] Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) July 14, 2018
In Memoriam [on Bernard Lewis] Princeton Alumni Weekly July 11, 2018
One Question: Gaza [incl. Richard Falk, Sara Roy, Norman Finkelstein, Helga Tawil-Souri, Joel Beinin] State of Nature Blog June 28, 2018
Tariq Ramadan's Academic Supporters [incl. Jonathan Brown, John Esposito, Yasir Qadhi, Hatem Bazian, Khaled Abu-El Fadl, Richard Falk, Norman Finkelstein] Fousesquawk (Blog of Gary Fouse) June 23, 2018
Salute to Two Intellectual Giants: Bernard Lewis and Richard Pipes Gatestone Institute June 17, 2018
NYU Receives $500,000 Grant to Support Arabic Collections Online Albawaba News June 10, 2018
The Conflicted Legacy of Bernard Lewis Sandbox (Blog of Martin Kramer) June 7, 2018
With the Death of Bernard Lewis, the Age of Academic Giants Has Come to an End Mosaic Magazine June 6, 2018
Bernard Lewis Rests Among the Greats JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) June 1, 2018
Bernard Lewis Has Much to Teach Us The Washington Times May 29, 2018
A Historian in Full [on Bernard Lewis] The Weekly Standard May 25, 2018
Bernard Lewis and the Clash of Perspectives Arab News May 25, 2018
Bernard Lewis, Eminent Middle East Historian at Princeton, Dies at 101 News of Princeton University May 22, 2018
Bernard Lewis Was Right about the Return of Islam Spectator USA May 22, 2018
The Legacy of Bernard Lewis The National Interest May 21, 2018
Bernard Lewis, Influential Scholar of Islam, Is Dead at 101 The New York Times May 21, 2018
Deaths of Pipes, Lewis Remind of Great Role Of American Academia New York Sun May 21, 2018
Bernard Lewis, 'the Imam' [incl. ASMEA, MESA] National Review May 20, 2018
Bernard Lewis The Wall Street Journal May 20, 2018
Bernard Lewis, Celebrated Middle East Scholar, Dies at 101 [incl. MESA, ASMEA] The Jerusalem Post May 20, 2018
RIP Bernard Lewis, Legendary Historian of the Middle East AEIdeas May 20, 2018
Bernard Lewis, 1916-2018 Sandbox (Blog of Martin Kramer) May 20, 2018
Editorial: Bernard Lewis, 1916 - 2018 The Weekly Standard May 20, 2018
Bernard Lewis, Eminent Historian of the Middle East, Dies at 101 Washington Post May 19, 2018
Panel Discusses Iranian Protests and Their Repercussions [incl. Nura Hossainzadeh] The Daily Princetonian February 23, 2018
A Conversation With Richard Falk The Nation January 19, 2018
New Spring Courses Offer Exciting Opportunities for Academic Exploration [incl. Marina Rustow] The Daily Princetonian November 14, 2017
Opinion Editorial: Islamic Schools Help Students Become Better Americans [incl. Amaney Jamal] Ventura County Star October 9, 2017
Al-Arian Brings Muslim World Into Spotlight at Istanbul Conference [incl. Richard Falk, Tariq Ramadan, John Esposito] Daily Sabah October 6, 2017
Congressman: Investigate Iranian Funding of Academia The Clarion Project August 2, 2017
Rep Calls on Feds to Investigate Iran's Ties to U.S. Universities New York Post August 1, 2017
No One Does Anti-Israel Bias Quite Like the U.N. [on Richard Falk] National Review July 1, 2017
Did the Independent Just Publish a Fake Ben-Gurion Quote? [incl. Richard Falk] UK Media Watch March 29, 2017
Nikki Haley for the Win: UN Withdraws Anti-Israel Report and Official Resigns [incl. Richard Falk] Legal Insurrection March 19, 2017
Students, Faculty Gather for International Women's Day [incl. Satyel Larson] Princeton Alumni Weekly March 10, 2017
Academics Mull Boycott of U.S. Conferences as a Way of Fighting Travel Ban [incl. Max Weiss] The Chronicle of Higher Education January 30, 2017
How a Lebanese Immigrant Helped Pave the Way for the Study of Islam and Muslim Culture in the U.S. [on Philip Khuri Hitti] Public Radio International December 6, 2016
Students Petition to Allow Barry to Teach Wilson School Courses The Daily Princetonian October 23, 2016
Michael Barry '70, Lifetime Humanitarian Rehired as WWS Research Scholar The Daily Princetonian October 11, 2016
'Not in a Good Place': Scholars, Officials and Experts Survey the Security Landscape 15 Years After 9/11 [incl. Bernard Haykel] The Daily Progress September 10, 2016
A Prescience of the Past [on Bernard Lewis] Mosaic Magazine June 16, 2016
Can One Be Simultaneously a Zionist and a Great Historian of Islam? [on Bernard Lewis] Mosaic Magazine June 14, 2016
Bernard Lewis's Century The Jerusalem Post June 9, 2016
A Historian Turns 100 [on Bernard Lewis] The Weekly Standard June 6, 2016
Bernard Lewis and Islam American Thinker June 5, 2016
Bernard Lewis at 100 Patheos June 1, 2016
Happy 100th Birthday to Our Dear Friend, Bernard Lewis The Algemeiner June 1, 2016
Bernard Lewis at 100: An Appreciation Commentary Magazine June 1, 2016
The Return of Bernard Lewis Mosaic Magazine June 1, 2016
Bernard Lewis, 'Making Noises' National Review May 31, 2016
Bernard Lewis is 100 Today Middle East Institute Editor's Blog May 31, 2016
Happy 100th Birthday Bernard Lewis Bereans at The Gate Blog May 31, 2016
Bernard Lewis at 100: An Appreciation National Review May 31, 2016
Jewish 100, 2015: Bernard Lewis – Voices The Algemeiner March 30, 2016
Middle East Expert Michael Barry to Leave Princeton University Newsworks March 14, 2016
Students Petition Against the Non-Renewal of Michael Barry's Contract The Daily Princetonian March 3, 2016
Paris Terrorist Attacks Placed in Global Context at Multidisciplinary Roundtable [incl. Bernard Haykel] The Daily Princetonian November 21, 2015
Faculty and BDS The Jerusalem Post October 26, 2015
Looking for Israel at Harvard [incl. MESA] The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2015
Islam has Bought France's Most Important University Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) September 20, 2015
Islamophobia: Fact or Fiction? [incl. Edward Said, Bernard Lewis] Gatestone Institute August 15, 2015
Bernard Lewis: The Intellectual Giant and the Grasshoppers American Thinker July 13, 2015
Is the Islamic State a Religious Movement? [on Bernard Haykel] The Christian Post June 17, 2015
How ISIS Is Similar to the Protestant Reformation [on Bernard Haykel] The Christian Post June 16, 2015
Anti-Semitism on Campus: A Clear and Present Danger [incl. George Saliba, Hamid Dabashi, Joseph Massad, Steven Salaita, MESA] Simon Wiesenthal Center June 10, 2015
Princeton Is 'Quiet Ivy' No More as Raucous Israel Debate Roils Campus [incl. Daniel Kurtzer, Max Weiss] Forward April 30, 2015
Academics Condemn Decision To Put Israel Conference On Hold [incl. Richard Falk] Morning Star (U.K.) April 1, 2015
Islam, Mohammad, and ISIL - An Interview with a Scholar of Islam [on Michael Cook] March 31, 2015
MPs Call to Scrap Southampton Conference on Legitimacy of Israel [incl. Richard Falk] Jewish News (U.K.) March 12, 2015
Muslim-Jewish Coexistence: Mark Cohen on its History and Relevance Today ISLAMiCommentary January 14, 2015
Western Sleepwalkers and the Paris Massacre [incl. Richard Falk] FrontPage Magazine January 12, 2015
Fouad Ajami Goes to Israel [incl. Richard Falk] Mosaic Magazine January 8, 2015
Something Is Rotten in UCLA's Center for Near East Studies [incl. James Gelvin, Richard Falk, Sondra Hale] FrontPage Magazine December 19, 2014
A GIA Response to Former UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk The Hoya (student newspaper of Georgetown University) December 18, 2014
Princeton Jewish Community Split Over Hillel Stand on Divestment [incl. Max Weiss] Forward November 20, 2014
The Return of the Malevolent Jew: the Academic Nazification of Israel [incl. Norman Finkelstein, Richard Falk, Steven Salaita] American Thinker November 16, 2014
Princeton Professors Open New Front in Campus Battle Over Israel [incl. Max Weiss, Daniel Kurtzer] Forward November 14, 2014
Princeton's Faculty Petition to Divest from Israeli Occupation [incl. Amaney Jamal, Max Weiss, Richard Falk] The Huffington Post November 13, 2014
Petition for Princeton to Divest Sparks Debate [incl. Molly Greene, Michael Laffan, Gyan Prakash, Cyrus Schayegh, Max Weiss, Daniel Kurtzer] The Daily Princetonian November 9, 2014
Center for Jewish Life: Freedom of Speech or Association? [incl. Max Weiss] The Daily Princetonian October 15, 2014
Response to Professor Max Weiss from the Center for Jewish Life The Daily Princetonian October 13, 2014
Middle East and North Africa Regional Fellowship Program Sends First Fellow Abroad [incl. Stanley Katz] The Daily Princetonian October 13, 2014
Is the Center for Jewish Life Stifling Free Speech on Campus? The Daily Princetonian October 12, 2014
Report Recommends Controversial American-Iranian Policy Changes [incl. Daniel Kurtzer] The Daily Princetonian October 7, 2014
Researchers Examine Arabic Anti-Americanism on Twitter [incl. Amaney Jamal] The Daily Princetonian October 6, 2014
500 Mideast Scholars Call for Academic Embargo of Israeli Institutions The Jerusalem Post October 3, 2014
Thinking About Taking a University Course on the Arab-Israeli Conflict? Think Again. Jewish Journal September 5, 2014
Mourning Fouad Ajami Mosaic June 26, 2014
Richard Falk at San Diego State University Fousesquawk Blog April 23, 2014
Islamic History Scholar Michael Cook Wins Holberg Prize News of Princeton University March 11, 2014
Princeton in the Middle East Program to Send Postgraduate Fellows Abroad The Daily Princetonian March 6, 2014
Wilson School to Offer Study Abroad Program in Israel The Daily Princetonian February 18, 2014
Saving Islam from Its Victims [incl. Lila Abu-Lughod] FrontPage Magazine January 22, 2014
Petition Challenges Pourdavoud Chair Candidate The Daily Princetonian January 7, 2014
Baltimore-Born Woman Joins Harvard Law Faculty as Islamic Law Scholar [on Intisar A. Rabb] AFRO October 11, 2013
British Academy Urged to Snub Richard Falk The Jewish Chronicle August 30, 2013
British Academy Supporting Racist Lecturer Condemned by UK [on Richard Falk] The Jewish Press August 26, 2013
Students, Alumni Evacuate Revolution-Rocked Egypt The Daily Princetonian July 12, 2013
UN's Falk Gives Voice to 9/11 Conspiracy Theory The Jewish Voice July 6, 2013
Special Rapporteur for 9/11 Truth [on Richard Falk] The Washington Free Beacon July 1, 2013
Richard Falk Vows To Stay On in United Nations Post Despite Criticism Reuters June 11, 2013
EU Slams Falk's Israel Report as Biased at UNHRC The Jerusalem Post June 10, 2013
Richard Falk, U.N. Rapporteur on Palestinian Rights, Calls for Close of UN Watch The Forward June 9, 2013
U.S. Calls for Resignation of UN's Richard Falk The Times of Israel June 9, 2013
US Denounces Falk's 'Outrageous Abuse' of UN Position Arutz Sheva ( June 9, 2013
Top United Nations Official Richard Falk Calls for Removing UN Watch UN Watch June 6, 2013
This Day in Jewish History: A Historian Who Didn't Support the Invasion of Iraq is Born [on Bernard Lewis] Haaretz May 31, 2013
Another Scandalous Session of the UNHRC [incl. Richard Falk] The Jerusalem Post May 28, 2013
UN Circulates NGO Resolution to Fire Richard Falk UN Watch May 24, 2013
U.N. Human Rights Experts: More Transparency and Accountability Required [on Richard Falk] The Heritage Foundation May 16, 2013
Lessons on Hating America [incl. Richard Falk] Human Events May 13, 2013
U.S. Has to Push UN Human Rights Council to Can Hate-Monger Richard Falk New York Daily News May 11, 2013
UN's Richard Falk Again Calls Boston Attack "Resistance" to U.S. "Military Undertakings" UN Watch May 9, 2013
Anti-Israel UN Human Rights Official Can't Be Fired, State Department Says [on Richard Falk] Fox News May 9, 2013
Richard Falk and the Crooked Ways of UN Rules The Rosett Report (Blog of Pajamas Media) May 9, 2013
Anti-Americanism Increasing at the United Nations [on Richard Falk] The Christian Post May 7, 2013
Blog Post by Princeton Professor Emeritus Sparks Controversy [on Richard Falk] The Daily Princetonian May 5, 2013
'Special rapporteur' Falk Needs to Take a Walk Tribune Media Services May 3, 2013
Princeton University Must Fire Professor Richard Falk The Algemeiner May 3, 2013
Why Do Jews and Israel So Often Feature at Center of Conspiracy Theories? [incl. Richard Falk] The Times of Israel May 3, 2013
Outrage Grows Over U.N. Official's Boston Comments [incl. Richard Falk] The Foundry (News Blog of The Heritage Foundation) May 2, 2013
After Boston, A Predictable Wave Of America-Bashing [incl. Richard Falk] International Business Times May 2, 2013
The Shinzo Abe-Richard Falk Axis The Wall Street Journal May 2, 2013
Falk Addresses Controversial Boston Bombing Post The Daily Nexus (student newspaper of the University of California Santa Barbara) May 2, 2013
No More Excuses for Richard Falk and His Anti-Israel Venom at UN Jewish Community Voice May 1, 2013
Bolton: U.S. Should Resign from 'Clown Convention' at UN [on Richard Falk] Newsmax April 30, 2013
Bill Hambrecht's Connection to UN Boston Terror Apologist Richard Falk April 30, 2013
UCSB Professor in Hot Seat After Boston Marathon Comments [on Richard Falk] KEYT - NPG News of California April 29, 2013
Richard Falk, Al Gore, and Al Jazeera The Rosett Report (Blog of Pajamas Media) April 29, 2013
The Brothers Tsarnaev and the Danger Whose Name we Dare not Speak [incl. Richard Falk] American Thinker April 29, 2013
Leftists Defend Radical Islam — Conservatives Befriend Secular Muslims [incl. Richard Falk] FrontPage Magazine April 29, 2013
Here's How to Dump UN Official Who Smeared U.S. After Boston Attacks [on Richard Falk] Fox News April 29, 2013
Words Seem to Matter More Than the Facts [on Richard Falk] The Buffalo News April 29, 2013
The U.N.'s Human Wrongs Council: Terrorists' Best Friend [incl. Richard Falk] Pittsburgh Tribune-Review April 28, 2013
Professors of Hate [incl. Richard Falk] Hernando Today April 28, 2013
UN's Disgraced Richard Falk to be Honored Tomorrow by Famed US Financier at American University of Beirut UN Watch April 28, 2013
Ban Ki-Moon Caves In, 'Rejects' Falk's Boston Terror-Israel Link The Jewish Press April 28, 2013
Multiculturalism and the Decline of American Values [on Richard Falk] The Algemeiner April 28, 2013
UN Official Richard Falk,Will Keep Job, Despite Anti-U.S. Boston Marathon Rant Fox News April 27, 2013
Victory: UN Reverses Course, Condemns Richard Falk UN Watch April 26, 2013
U.N. Investigator Richard Falk Blames U.S. Foreign Policy For Boston Marathon Bombings Latinos Post April 26, 2013
Ronald Lauder Urges Dismissal of UN Official Who Blamed Boston Bombings on Israel, United States [incl. Richard Falk] European Jewish Press April 26, 2013
Sludge From Turtle Bay [on Richard Falk] The Washington Times April 26, 2013
Richard Falk and Radical Islam The Washington Times April 26, 2013
Congress Takes On U.N.'s Richard Falk over Boston Comments The Foundry (News Blog of The Heritage Foundation) April 26, 2013
Richard Falk and the New American Tories The American Spectator April 25, 2013
U.S. and Canada Call for Removal of Richard Falk after He Blames Boston Marathon Bombings on U.S. and Israel The Algemeiner April 25, 2013
You Do Not Want Richard Falk's Justice Arutz Sheva ( April 25, 2013
The Same Old Same Old [on Richard Falk] Jewish News of Greater Phoenix April 25, 2013
UN Official's Smear of Boston Victims Just Latest Attack on US, Israel [on Richard Falk] April 25, 2013
UN Official Richard Falk Links Boston Bombings to US Policy on Israel Jewish Chronicle April 25, 2013
Richard Falk: Unfit For Office The Commentator April 25, 2013
Richard Falk Blasted by American Jewish Committee for Linking Bombing, Israel Reuters April 25, 2013
Princeton Professor Emeritus's Blog Post on Boston Marathon Bombings Draws Criticism from U.S. Ambassador to UN [on Richard Falk] The Daily Princetonian April 25, 2013
United Nations Jew-Basher Richard Falk Blames Boston Marathon Attack on Israel New York Daily News April 25, 2013
UN Official Who Tied Boston Bombings to Israel Must Go, U.S. Says [on Richard Falk] Yahoo! News April 24, 2013
Falk: Boston Marathon Victims 'Have To Die' Because Of American-Israeli Relations CBS Radio April 24, 2013
Susan Rice Slams U.N. Official for Saying U.S. Foreign Policy to Blame for Bombing [on Richard Falk] The Washington Times April 24, 2013
Boston -- Clash of the Talking Points [incl. Richard Falk] Los Angeles Times April 24, 2013
Canada Lambasts UN Official for Saying Boston Bombings Caused by 'American Global Domination Project' [on Richard Falk] Canadian Press April 24, 2013
Ban Slams Falk for Tying Boston Attack to U.S. Policy Reuters April 24, 2013
UN Rights Council's Falk Blames Boston Terror on US and Tel Aviv [on Richard Falk] The Jewish Press April 24, 2013
ADL Denounces U.N.'s Richard Falk for Attempting to Blame the Boston Terror Attack "on Tel Aviv" News of the Anti-Defamation League April 23, 2013
What the Falk? The Wall Street Journal April 23, 2013
Two Tales of UN Rapporteurs, Falk, Mendez & Bahrain, As DPI Leapt at Press Tweet [incl. Richard Falk] Inner City Press April 23, 2013
On Richard Falk UN Dispatch April 23, 2013
Jewish groups slam UN official Falk for blaming Boston Marathon explosions on U.S. and Israel April 23, 2013
UN Official Criticises U.S. Middle East Policy, Shown the Door [on Richard Falk] Firstpost April 23, 2013
Does Richard Falk Actually Exist? The Reality-Based Community April 23, 2013
UN Official Blames Boston Marathon Bombings on American 'Domination' [on Richard Falk] Fox News April 23, 2013
UN Official, Richard Falk, Says Boston Got What It Deserves, Quotes 'Whom Evil is Done, Do Evil in Return' The Global Dispatch April 23, 2013
Did Boston Have It Coming? The United Nations Says Yes [on Richard Falk] Power Line Blog April 23, 2013
UN's Falk Ties Boston Bombs to Obama's Israel Trip The Jerusalem Post April 23, 2013
Antisemitism, Anti-Americanism Are UN Human Rights Council Official's Job Description [on Richard Falk] Fox News April 23, 2013
AJC Urges Condemnation of UN Official Richard Falk for Boston Terror Slander Sacramento Bee April 23, 2013
Sick! Professor Richard Falk: Terrorist Attack Happened Because of America's 'Fantasy of Global Domination' Gather April 23, 2013
U.N. Official Pins Blame for Boston Marathon Bombing on 'Tel Aviv' [on Richard Falk] The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. April 23, 2013
UN Rapporteur Falk Sparks Outrage With Marathon Bombing Comments [on Richard Falk] Talk Radio News Service April 23, 2013
US-Israel Ties Factor in Boston Bombing, Says UN Man [on Richard Falk] Jewish Chronicle April 23, 2013
UN Official Says U.S. Had Boston Attack Coming [on Richard Falk] The Times of Israel April 23, 2013
Richard Falk, Controversial U.N. Official, Blames Boston Bombing on Israel Support The Forward April 23, 2013
UN Human Rights Official Calls Boston Bombing "Blowback" and "Resistance" [on Richard Falk] FrontPage Magazine April 22, 2013
UN Human Rights Official Says Boston Got What It Deserved [on Richard Falk] April 22, 2013
UN Official Justifies Boston Bombings as 'Retribution', Blames America & 'Tel Aviv' [on Richard Falk] UN Watch April 22, 2013
A Candid Discussion with Haleh Esfandiari Foreign Policy Association April 15, 2013
Enough Said: The False Scholarship of Edward Said [incl. Bernard Lewis, Fouad Ajami, MESA, ASMEA] World Affairs Journal March/April 2013
Palestine - UN Special Rapporteur Bans Free Speech [on Richard Falk] Canada Free Press March 31, 2013
Q-and-A: Kurtzer, Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Egypt, on the Current Middle East Turmoil The Daily Princetonian December 10, 2012
Alumni Couple Donates $10 Million to Establish New Iranian Studies Center [incl. Sukru Hanioglu] The Daily Princetonian November 20, 2012
Princeton University Gets $10M Gift for Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies The Times of Trenton November 17, 2012
$10 Million Gift Establishes Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies Princeton University News November 16, 2012
In Wake of Protests, Study Abroad Programs Threatened The Daily Princetonian October 1, 2012
Tannous Addressed the Relationship Between Christianity and Islam The Hoya (student newspaper of Georgetown University) September 28, 2012
Robert Fulford on Bernard Lewis: The Most Eagerly Consulted Historian in the World National Post July 28, 2012
Memoir of a Middle-East Maven [on Bernard Lewis] The Jewish Chronicle July 6, 2012
The Orientalist Shield [incl. Bernard Lewis, Hamid Dabashi] The Jerusalem Post July 4, 2012
Bernard Lewis' Stubborn Hope Tablet: A New Read on Jewish Life May 9, 2012
'Osama bin Laden Made Me Famous' [on Bernard Lewis, incl. Middle East Studies Association] The Chronicle of Higher Education April 22, 2012
Do You Listen to Your Experts? The Gulf Today March 17, 2012
Diplomat and Students Explore Hot Topics in Israel [incl. Daniel Kurtzer] The New Jersey Jewish News February 17, 2012
Wilson School's Kurtzer, Politics Professor Jamal Discuss U.S. Role in Israel, Palestine Conflict The Daily Princetonian (student newspaper of Princeton University) November 23, 2011
Shunning an Academic Endorser of anti-Semitism [incl. Richard Falk] The Chicago Maroon November 11, 2011
Keeping Faith: Amaney Jamal [Interview] The Daily Princetonian November 10, 2011
Decade Later, Professors Reflect on Aftermath [incl. Amaney Jamal] The Daily Princetonian September 11, 2011
The Revered and Reviled Bernard Lewis Moment: Independent Journalism from a Jewish Perspective September/October 2011
Saudi Arabian Dollars Buying American Influence WorldNetDaily July 11, 2011
A Call for Arab-American Studies at Colleges [incl. Peter Golden, Amaney Jamal, Mazooz Sehwail] The North Jersey Record July 7, 2011
Bernard Lewis and the Arab Spring Claremont Review of Books Summer 2011
Princeton University Panel Addresses Osama bin Laden's Death [incl. Michael Reynolds, Bernard Lewis] The Princeton Packet May 5, 2011
'The Tyrannies Are Doomed' The Wall Street Journal April 2, 2011
Follow the Money Jewish Ideas Daily March 2, 2011
Hatem Addresses Emergence of Islamic Feminist Movement [on Mervat Hatem] The Daily Princetonian February 16, 2011
Displaced Princeton Students to Study at Hebrew University The Daily Princetonian February 14, 2011
Princeton Students Escape Egyptian Turmoil The Princeton Packet February 4, 2011
Princeton University Arranges Flights Back Home for Students Studying in Egypt The Daily Princetonian January 31, 2011
Cruising Speed [incl. Bernard Lewis] Impromptus (National Review Online) November 23, 2010
Proposed Mosque Could Foster Tolerance, Panel Says [incl. Amaney Jamal] The Princeton Packet September 30, 2010
Scholars Voice Support for New York Mosque Project [incl. Amaney Jamal] The Princeton Alumni Weekly September 29, 2010
Arabs and Public Opinion [on Amaney Jamal] Princeton Alumni Weekly February 3, 2010
Princeton Professor Breaks Down Perceptions of Muslim-Americans in U.S. [on Amaney Jamal] Focus EMU Online (Eastern Michigan University News) February 2, 2010
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A Lesson on Muslim View [on Bernard Lewis] The Philadelphia Inquirer November 4, 2007
Human Rights Groups to Hold Vigil in New York Calling for the Immediate Release of Haleh Esfandiariand Other Detained Iranian-Americans [incl. Princeton's Near Eastern studies dept.] Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars June 20, 2007
Poll and New Report Show Frustration of Young Muslims in the U.S. [quotes profs. Omid Safi, Muqtedar Khan and Amaney Jamal] Associated Press June 7, 2007
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Debating the Place of Israeli Academics [report on conference of the Middle East Studies Assoc.] New York Sun November 20, 2006
10 Academics Are Among Recipients of National Honors in Arts and Humanities [incl. Ajami, Lewis] Chronicle of Higher Education November 10, 2006
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Controversial Mideast scholar returns for second shot at a Princeton chair New Jersey Jewish News December 15, 2005
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Mideast diplomat accepts new post Daily Princetonian December 2, 2005
Khalidi is sole candidate for history position Daily Princetonian December 1, 2005
An Eye for Terror Sites, NSC Puts Scholar in Charge of Middle East [on Michael Doran, formerly of Princeton] Washington Post November 17, 2005
Bishara lashes out against U.S. foreign policy [Princeton's Third Annual Edward W. Said '57 Memorial Lecture] Daily Princetonian October 7, 2005
Malevolent fantasy of Islam Le Monde diplomatique August 2005
Contemporary Muslim Studies chair becoming a hot seat [Rashid Khalidi] Princeton Packet June 28, 2005
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Nobody in History Speaks for Everybody in the Department Daily Princetonian January 7, 2005
Anonymous professors should pay attention to University regulations Daily Princetonian January 7, 2005
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Editor's Note on 'NES Department Faces Warring Factions' Daily Princetonian January 5, 2005
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An Area of Darkness [incl. Daniel Pipes, Bernard Lewis, Fouad Ajami, MESA, Rashid Khalidi, John Esposito, ASMEA, et al.] National Review Online November 10, 2008
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2007-2008: Another Year of Global Academic Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism [incl. MESA, ASMEA, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Yinon Conen, et al.] Institute for Global Jewish Affairs October 2008
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The Difficult Life of an Essential Lawyer [incl. Norman Finkelstein] The Observer May 13, 2020
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Finkelstein GS '87 Delivers Anti-Semitic Remarks at a Panel on Black and Palestinian Solidarity [on Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Princetonian (Princeton University) October 11, 2019
Guardian Investigates and Pulls Letter from Jewish Activists Backing Williamson [incl. Norman Finkelstein, Richard Falk] The Times of Israel July 9, 2019
Anti-Israel Activist Jailed for Racist Rant About Indians Found Dead [incl. Richard Falk] JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) July 4, 2019
Furore Over Falk Visit [on Richard Falk] The Australian Jewish News June 20, 2019
Arab Spring, Trumpism Discussed at Istanbul Panel [incl. Richard Falk] Andalou Agency (Turkey) March 14, 2019
Human Rights NGO Urges UN Secretary-General Guterres to Condemn Palestine Rapporteur's Association with Antisemites [incl. Richard Falk] The Algemeiner February 21, 2019
Forty Years of Misreading Iran [incl. Richard Falk] Washington Examiner February 11, 2019
'Never Forget' is Being Forgotten [incl. Richard Falk] The Jewish Star (New York) February 1, 2019
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Prof. Richard Falk: Rather than Addressing the International Crimes of Israeli Apartheid, Nikki Haley Chooses to Attack Me American Herald Tribune January 30, 2018
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BBC News Website Passes Off Anti-Israel Hate Fest as 'Academic Conference' [incl. Richard Falk] BBC Watch April 6, 2017
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Why Isn't MSM Reporting Richard Falk's Hatred Of America, Israel, and Jews May Be Behind His Israel-Apartheid Claims? The Lid Blog March 21, 2017
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Hikind Condemns Public Funding For Hezbollah Defender / Holocaust Revisionist [on Norman Finkelstein] Yeshiva World March 19, 2017
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Falk Should Have Been Discredited Decades Ago The Algemeiner March 17, 2017
Head of UN Body Resigns as Her Group's 'Apartheid Israel' Report is Withdrawn [incl. Richard Falk] Times of Israel March 17, 2017
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Same Old anti-Semitic Song [incl. Richard Falk] Israel Hayom April 3, 2015
Southampton University Likely to Stop "Anti-Israel' Conference [incl. Richard Falk] The Jerusalem Post April 2, 2015
British University Cancels Conference on Israel's Right to Exist, Cites Protest Fears [incl. Richard Falk] Jewish Telegraphic Agency April 1, 2015
Politicizing Scholarship to Question Israel's Existence [incl. Richard Falk] Arutz Sheva March 22, 2015
Pressure Mounts on Southampton University to Cancel Openly Anti-Semitic Conference [incl. Richard Falk] Breitbart March 22, 2015
University's 'Anti-Semitic' Israel Conference Condemned [incl. Richard Falk, George Bisharat] The Telegraph (U.K.) March 21, 2015
On a UK Campus, Another 'Hate-Fest' Likening Jews to Nazis [incl. Richard Falk] Newsmax March 17, 2015
Former Minister Voices Concerns Over Southampton Conference on Israel Legitimacy [incl. Richard Falk] The Jewish Community Online March 12, 2015
Southampton University to Host Three Days of Hate [incl. Richard Falk] Commentary Magazine March 12, 2015
'Provocative & Unhelpful' Outrage as British University Questions Israel's Right to Exist [incl. Richard Falk] March 11, 2015
US, Others Protest as Wife of Controversial UN Official Richard Falk Named to New Post May 14, 2014
UN's Richard Falk Urges Companies Worldwide to Boycott Settlement Products Ma'an News Agency May 10, 2014
Good Riddance, But Richard Falk's Departure Will Not Change the UN The Prince Arthur Herald April 5, 2014
United Nation's Richard Falk: Apologist for Evil; Critic of Peace RedState March 31, 2014
A Famous Professor who Loathes Israel is Now UN Scribe [on Richard Falk] The Journal Pioneer March 16, 2014
Richard Falk Returns to Princeton FrontPage Magazine February 21, 2014
Princeton Invites 9/11 Truther Who Blamed Boston Marathon Bombing on "American Global Domination" to Deliver Lecture [on Richard Falk] FrontPage Magazine February 16, 2014
Why is the American Studies Association Shocked? [incl. Richard Falk] Jerusalem Post January 2, 2014
Un-American Studies [incl. Richard Falk] Jerusalem Post January 2, 2014
American Studies Association Members Defend Israel Boycott by Citing Anti-Semitic 9/11 Truther [on Richard Falk] Tablet Magazine December 26, 2013
The United Nations Cop for Israel [on Richard Falk] The Jerusalem Post December 23, 2013
Canada Calls for Dismissal of Richard Falk for Accusing Israel of 'Genocidal' Intentions Jerusalem Post December 19, 2013
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United Nations Human Rights Truther Claims Egypt is Plotting Genocide Against… Muslims [on Richard Falk] FrontPage Magazine September 7, 2013
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The Antisemitism Lobby [incl. Richard Falk] The Commentator October 6, 2011
A Bizarre and Unsupported Argument [on Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Princetonian November 19, 2007
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