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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Israel-Hating Faculty Train Diplomats at Georgetown [incl. John Esposito, Jonathan Brown, Nader Hashemi] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) April 3, 2024
Why are Federally Funded University Centers Pushing Antisemitism? The Daily Signal November 21, 2023
Israeli Minister Asks Princeton to Remove 'Antisemitic Propaganda' from Course [incl. Jasbir Puar, Satyel Larson] National Review August 17, 2023
GW Ends Partnership with Middle East Studies Association After BDS Vote JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) July 26, 2023
'A Step Toward Eradicating Antisemitism on Campus': George Washington University Ends Partnership with Middle East Studies Association The Algemeiner July 25, 2023
The Flight from MESA Martin Kramer on the Middle East March 27, 2023
'Obsessive': Republican Senators Urge Department of Education to Examine Anti-Zionism in College Programs The Algemeiner March 9, 2023
Top 10 Jew-hating Colleges and Universities Across America [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Rabab Abdulhadi, Noura Erakat, Sa'ed Atshan, Saree Makdisi] Front Page Magazine April 25, 2022
12 Universities Urged to Drop Middle East Studies Association Over BDS Endorsement The Algemeiner April 6, 2022
Professors Who Teach Courses on Israel Endorse Academic Boycott of Israel The Washington Free Beacon March 25, 2022
The War on History Jewish Review of Books Spring 2020
Harvard and Yale Ensnared in Education Dept. Crackdown on Foreign Funding [incl. Alavi Foundation] The New York Times February 12, 2020
BDS Monitor [incl. Middle East Studies Association, Sarah Ihmoud, Marc Lamont Hill, Joseph Massad, Norman Finkelstein] Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME) November 27, 2019
Clarion Exclusive Report: Foreign Influence Ops on US Universities [incl. John Esposito] Clarion Project September 6, 2019
Did Tiffany Trump Post a Fake Rumi Quote on Instagram? Jezebel Investigates [incl. Omid Safi, Fatemah Keshavarz, Franklin Lewis] Jezebel May 7, 2019
An Exploration Into Life of American-Iranian Who Fell in Love with Islam [inc. Seyyed Hossein Nasr] Mehr News Agency (Iran) March 13, 2019
Catholic Theological Union Offers Course on 'Islamophobia: A Catholic Response' [incl. Scott C. Alexander] Jihad Watch February 27, 2019
Miguel Civil, World's Leading Scholar of Ancient Sumerian, 1926-2019 News of the University of Chicago February 1, 2019
The Fantasy Islam of the University of Chicago's Fred Donner (Part 3) Jihad Watch February 1, 2019
The Fantasy Islam of the University of Chicago's Fred Donner (Part 2) Jihad Watch January 31, 2019
The Fantasy Islam of the University of Chicago's Fred Donner (Part 1) Jihad Watch January 30, 2019
Feds Allege Brother of UChicago Prof Spied on Campus Jewish Centers for Iran [incl. Alireza Doostdar] The Chicago Maroon August 21, 2018
Gift from Joyce Z. Greenberg, AB'52, supports Jewish Studies at UChicago UChicago News October 17, 2017
UChicago's First Arabic-Language Magazine Releases Second Issue The Chicago Maroon April 6, 2017
Majority of Domestic ISIS Terrorists Are U.S. Citizens by Birth [on Robert Pape] Chicago Magazine February 21, 2017
Students in College Launch Magazine in Arabic [incl. Noha Forster] News of The University of Chicago February 7, 2017
'The American Face of ISIS': Most Attackers US-Born, New Analysis Shows [incl. Robert Pape] (Hyde Park Patch - Chicago, Illinois) February 4, 2017
Biggest Terror Threat Is Homegrown Says University of Chicago Study [incl. Robert Pape] ABC 7 News February 3, 2017
Is ISIS Taking Notes From Star Wars? [on Robert Pape] The Huffington Post June 3, 2016
Research Team in Chicago Analyzes Patterns of Terrorists as Part of War on Terror [on Robert Pape] CLTV News December 10, 2015
Meet the Iran Lobby [incl. Robert Pape and Reza Aslan] Tablet Magazine September 1, 2015
Professor Robert Pape's Research Into Suicide Attacks Fousesquawk Blog April 11, 2015
Lecture Explores the Strategy Behind ISIS, Suicide Attacks [on Robert Pape] Emory University News Center March 30, 2015
Office Hours: An Interview with Islamic Studies Professor Ahmed El Shamsy The Core (University of Chicago Magazine) Winter 2014
More American Jewish Students Take Up Study of the Arab World [incl. Fred Donner] The New York Times October 17, 2013
Arabic Professor Farouk Mustafa Dies at 70 The Chicago Maroon (student newspaper of The University of Chicago) April 9, 2013
Panel Answers Questions About Islam During Forum at Morton Grove Library [incl. Omer Mozaffar] The Chicago Tribune November 19, 2012
Washington Post's Misdiagnosis of Obama's Middle East Failing [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The Algemeiner July 19, 2012
Do You Listen to Your Experts? The Gulf Today March 17, 2012
Suicide by Bomb [on Robert Pape] The Weekly Standard August 1, 2011
Release the Redacted Transcript [including Rashid Khalidi]! National Review Online June 13, 2011
Pro-Palestinian-in-Chief National Review Online May 26, 2011
Focusing on the Arab World The Harvard Crimson May 26, 2011
Obama, Israel and American Jews [incl. Rashid Khalidi] Sandbox (Blog of Martin Kramer) June 1, 2010
Palestine "Catastrophes" Spur Talk from Khalidi, Mearsheimer The Maroon (Student Newspaper of The University of Chicago) May 18, 2010
Center for Middle Eastern Studies Director Fired [on Rusty Rook] The Chicago Maroon (Student Newspaper of The University of Chicago) March 22, 2010
Former Israeli PM Lecture Results in Removal of Protestors [incl. Elie Rekhess, Norman Finkelstein] The Daily Northwestern October 23, 2009
Some Day, Yale's Prince Will Come [incl. Jytte Klausen, Roy Mottahedeh, John Esposito] Sandbox (Weblog of Martin Kramer) August 21, 2009
Panelists Discuss Gaza and Obstacles to Peace [incl. John Mearsheimer and Norman Finkelstein] News February 12, 2009
Anti-Israel Professor Claims Access To Obama [on Rashid Khalidi] WorldNetDaily January 19, 2009
Our World: The Convenient War Against the Jews [incl. Juan Cole, Steven Walt, John Mearshimer] The Jerusalem Post October 6, 2008
More Anti-Israel Bias at Columbia [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Timothy Mitchell] The American Thinker September 12, 2008
Language Professor Says Learning Languages Leads to Understanding [incl. Muhammad Eissa] KCPW (Salt Lake City) June 11, 2008
Obama Misrepresented Tie with Palestinian Activist? [on Rashid Khalidi] WorldNetDaily May 23, 2008
Defending Israel on Campus Is Goal of High-School Program [incl. Middle East studies, Richard Bulliet, et al.] The Jewish News (Cleveland) May 12, 2008
Pragmatic Politics, Forged on the South Side [incl. Rashid Khalidi] The New York Times May 11, 2008
American U. of Beirut to Name U. of Chicago Scholar as Next President [on Peter Dorman] The Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog March 12, 2008
Jerusalem Program Won't Cut It [overseas Arabic study at the U. of Chicago] The Chicago Maroon January 29, 2008
The Selective Indignation of Israel's Academic Critics [on L. Roland Matory, Middle East studies] The Jewish Press December 27, 2007
Orientalism . . . or, What's in a name? [on the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Cambridge, the Oriental Institute at the U. of Chicago, et al.] A Don's Life (blog at the Times of London) October 1, 2007
Oriental Institute Reappoints Director [on Gil Stein, U. of Chicago] The Chicago Maroon March 30, 2007
How Barack Obama Learned to Love Israel [incl. Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said] The Electronic Intifada March 4, 2007
Natakalum Al-Arabi (We Speak Arabic) {on Arabic classes at Saint Xavier University and Moraine Valley Community College near Chicago] The Daily Southtown (Tinley Park, IL) March 4, 2007
Glimpses [on Ingrid Mattson] University of Chicago Magazine January--February 2007
Erasing History and Ourselves: Nadia Abu El-Haj, Israel, and the Western Tradition Family Security Matters December 28, 2006
Columbia's El Haj slanders...but what are her standards? [on Nadia Abu El Haj of Barnard College] Solomonia Blog November 27, 2006
Academic Freedom Declines Across the United States [mentions Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Wadie Said] November 25, 2006
A Voice for Tolerance Worcester Telegram & Gazette October 11, 2006
Polishing an Image, Islamic Style FrontPage Magazine September 29, 2006
Putting a Different Face on Islam in America The New York Times September 20, 2006
The Failure of Western Universities The Brussels Journal August 30, 2006
A hot paper muzzles Harvard Los Angeles Times May 14, 2006
Quiet Riot [on Mearsheimer and Walt] The New Republic March 31, 2006
War of Words Over Paper on Israel Inside Higher Ed March 27, 2006
Fred Donner and the Failure of Intellectual Integrity in Near East Studies History News Network November 15, 2005
Divinity School awaits summer arrival of Sells, expert on Islamic studies University of Chicago Chronicle April 28, 2005
Anti-Zionism rages at Columbia Chicago Maroon November 5, 2004
University celebrity returns, promotes book Chicago Maroon May 21, 2004
Panel, demonstrations strike nerve Chicago Maroon February 13, 2004
Events explore Middle East controversy Chicago Maroon February 6, 2004
Khalidi discussion mistaken Chicago Maroon November 14, 2003
Bill may affect curriculum Chicago Maroon November 14, 2003
University scrambles to replace Khalidi Chicago Maroon October 20, 2003
Probing the roots of terror Christian Science Monitor September 2, 2003
Columbia Professor Endorses Terrorism - Parody July 23, 2003
Subsidizing Anti-American Bias FrontPage Magazine July 17, 2003
Israeli inequality addressed Chicago Maroon May 9, 2003
Islamic World Less Welcoming to American Scholars New York Times April 18, 2003
Profs square off over Iraq war Yale Daily News April 18, 2003
Suddenly, a Seller's Market for Arabic Studies New York times March 19, 2003
Chicago Prof Joins Conspiracy-of-the-Month Club March 18, 2003
Middle East Studies Sees Rise in Student Interest Columbia Spectator March 5, 2003
Columbia Wins Back a Mideast Historian Chronicle of Higher Education February 7, 2003
Rashid Redux January 29, 2003
Khalidi to Accept Said Chair After Long Delay Columbia Spectator January 23, 2003
The New Push for Middle East Studies Saudi Aramco World January/February 2003
The Columbia Club of Middle Eastern Studies November 5, 2002
Israel Studies Has an Israel Problem [incl. Dov Waxman] Sapir Journal Summer 2022
Title Publication Date
On an Arab Lobby:Challenges and Opportunities American Jerusalem Committee June 2002
Basic Truths From Both Sides Of The Conflict Chicago Tribune April 3, 2002
Israel Blocks Path to Peace Chicago Tribune February 11, 2002
American Anointed American Prospect November 19, 2001
Rashid Khalidi on Jerusalem The American Committee on Jerusalem April 5, 2001
The Crisis of Our Times: Nationalism, Identity And the Future of Israel/Palestine Open Tent September 2000
Statement on refugee problem, issue of Jerusalem NGO Symposium held in Geneva, Switzerland September 3, 1996
Is There a Future for Middle East Studies? Middle East Studies Association July 1995
For a Shared Jerusalem Al-Ahram Weekly December 31, 1988
A Universal Jubilee? Palestinians 50 Years after 1948 Tikkun Magazine March 1988
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Qatar Foundation International Funds Arabic Programs in Select US Schools The Daily Caller August 15, 2019
Radical Departure [on Daniel Pipes] Philadelphia Magazine January 2007
Israel-Lobby in den USA Telepolis August 19, 2006
The Lobby Steps Up Its Activity Dar Al-Hayat June 22, 2006
So pro-Israel that it Hurts Haaretz March 23, 2006
Kalb Upbraids Harvard Dean Over Israel New York Sun March 21, 2006
The Israel Lobby London Review of Books March 10, 2006
Controversial Middle East scholar addresses democracy in lecture Chicago Maroon May 27, 2005
Maroon panal coverage Chicago Maroon February 17, 2004
Khalidi observations misinterpreted Chicago Maroon November 25, 2003
Khalidi's move to Columbia raises diversity questions Chicago Maroon November 3, 2003
Khalidi's Hiring, Columbia's Bias FrontPage Magazine October 3, 2003
Hauser Helped Fund Professor of Hate New York Sun July 23, 2003
U.S. Mideast Academics Fight Charges of Bias Reuters February 12, 2003
Khalidi accepts chair offer from Columbia Chicago Maroon January 31, 2003
Faculty have ideologies Chicago Maroon November 22, 2002
Faculty politicize the classroom Chicago Maroon November 15, 2002
Allegations of anti-Semitism Chicago Maroon November 15, 2002
Reporting on Professors' Views Fails to Address Controversy Columbia Spectator November 14, 2002
Offer of Said Chair To Khalidi Draws Fire Columbia Spectator November 14, 2002
Accusations on Campus Watch Chicago Maroon November 12, 2002
Morgenstrn gets it wrong Chicago Maroon November 12, 2002
Khalidi Is Offered Chair at Columbia New York Sun November 5, 2002
Mideast professor under fire Chicago Sun-Times November 4, 2002
Fundraising letter for American Committee on Jerusalem November 2002
Email abuse allegations and actions taken University of Chicago Alumni Gateway November 2002
Watching the watchers Chicago Maroon October 29, 2002
University professors labeled anti-Israeli by Campus Watch site Chicago Maroon October 29, 2002
Mideast conflict boosts tensions at U.S. colleges Chicago Tribune October 17, 2002
Campus Watch: Interview with Prof. Rashid Khalidi Electronic Intifada September 26, 2002
Report from Campus
Title Publication Date
Bias incidents at University of Chicago July 24, 2002
Jewish and pro-Israel students at the University of Chicago subject to intimidation and hate July 24, 2002
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch Weekly Update November 27, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update November 1, 2023
Pro-Hamas Profs Declare Their Support for Mass Murder JNS October 30, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 21, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 7, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 27, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 12, 2023
Campus Watch Weekly Update August 14, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update May 3, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update April 11, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update March 28, 2022
Campus Watch Weekly Update December 20, 2021
Craig Considine's Sci-Fi Islam American Thinker December 18, 2021
Campus Watch Weekly Update October 12, 2021
Tarnishing Academe to Legitimize Jihad: Prof Appears with Terrorist Supporters The American Spectator October 11, 2021
American Academics Defend Iranian Regime Despite Dismal COVID-19 Response The American Spectator May 7, 2020
Misrepresenting Transnational Jihad The Iconoclast (New English Review) April 9, 2020
Federally-Funded Middle East Studies Centers Need Scrutiny Academic Questions V. 33, Spring 2020
Middle East Scholars Blame Trump for an Iran Policy 40 Years in the Making The Hill August 20, 2019
Georgetown Lecturer Whitewashes Islamism, Blames West for Jihadis American Spectator April 26, 2019
Taxpayer-Funded Bias on Middle East Invades K-12 Classrooms The Algemeiner November 8, 2017
Essay Mischaracterized Mission of Campus Watch (Letter to the Editor) The Chronicle of Higher Education March 27, 2017
'Student Voices' Exposes Anti-Semitism in the College Classroom The Algemeiner July 26, 2015
Robert Pape: Blaming Suicide Bombings on the 'Occupation' FrontPage Magazine November 24, 2010
Politicizing Archaeology in the Holy Land: The Revisionism of Barnard College's Nadia Abu El-Haj Family Security Matters March 21, 2007
Campus Watch FrontPage Magazine September 23, 2003
The War is Over and We Have Lost National Review Online May 14, 2003
Columbia U's Radical Middle East Faculty FrontPage Magazine March 18, 2003
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
Reza Aslan: Colleges Should Have Rules on Who Can't Speak on Campus Breitbart July 15, 2019
Student Activists Outraged as Williams College Tries to Adopt Pro-Free Speech Policy [incl. Reza Aslan] Legal Insurrection April 25, 2019
Impact of Islamic Philosophers on Western Philosophy Is 'Huge' [incl. Charles Taliaferro, Imran Aijaz] Mehr News Agency (Tehran) July 18, 2018
Profound Delusion: A Professor's Convoluted Explanation of Jihadi Beheadings [on Robert Pape] Terror Trends Bulletin October 9, 2014
Uncommon Interview: Professor Steven Salaita The Chicago Maroon (student newspaper of University of Chicago) October 7, 2014
Economist Cancels Illinois Lecture Due to Salaita Decision Inside Higher Ed September 23, 2014
U.S. 'Occupation' to Blame for Terrorism, Muslims Say [on Robert Pape] WorldNetDaily October 7, 2010
The Israel Lobby Destroys Academic Freedom? [on University of Chicago conference, incl. Norman Finkelstein] Minding the Campus October 19, 2007
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
American Academics Defend Iranian Regime Despite Dismal COVID-19 Response Campus Watch Blog May 7, 2020
Misrepresenting Transnational Jihad Campus Watch Blog April 9, 2020
Middle East Scholars Blame Trump for an Iran Policy 40 Years in the Making Campus Watch Blog August 21, 2019
Taxpayer-funded Bias on Middle East Invades K-12 Classrooms Campus Watch Blog November 8, 2017
Essay Mischaracterized Mission of Campus Watch Campus Watch Blog March 27, 2017
U. of Chicago's Robert Pape's Faulty Argument Against Trump's Exec. Order Campus Watch Blog February 8, 2017
Robert Pape: 'Making Fun of Islam or Mohammed Provokes Attacks' Campus Watch Blog May 11, 2015
Robert Pape: Blaming Suicide Bombings on the 'Occupation' Campus Watch Blog November 24, 2010
NYU Hosting the Latest "Academic Freedom" Conference; Break out the Violins Campus Watch Blog February 22, 2008