Professor Kaukab Siddique hates everyone from "dirty Jewish Zionist[s]" to the "homo lobby."

Kaukab Siddique, the Pakistan-born Lincoln University English professor, is under fire for the bigoted and radical commentary on his publicly available Facebook page.

As reported by the Daily Beast, his writings include rants about "dirty Jewish Zionist white supremacist thugs," the "homo lobby," "American women" being "slaves of rich men," and "many women" being "sluts."

A member of the Baltimore-based Islamist group Jamaat al-Muslimeen (Assembly of Muslims), Siddique is notorious both for his Holocaust denial and calls at a 2010 Washington, DC rally to "destroy" and "dismantle" Israel.

In addition to anti-Semitic, anti-gay, and sexist comments, Siddique claimed that "no American Muslim is a terrorist" and told the Daily Beast regarding ISIS's well-documented rape and sexual slavery of Yazidi and other women, "I need evidence that anything was done to Yazidis."

Siddique supports Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric jailed for his role in terror plots targeting the New York City area.

On Facebook he wrote, "Gradually Muslims will realize that the atrocity stories against ISIS are propaganda."

Daniel Greenfield of FrontPage Magazine has pointed out numerous instances of Siddique's open support for ISIS, including a Facebook post after the shooting at the "Draw Muhammad" contest in Garland, Texas that read, "Two of ISIS [sic] gave their lives for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh."

He also decried the fact that the U.S. is "bombing the Islamic state," while elsewhere defending the late al-Qaeda recruiter—and reported inspiration for Chattanooga shooter Mohammod Abdulazeez—Anwar al-Awlaki.

Of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, Siddique wrote:

Dear sisters and brothers, today Hamas fought very well against the zionist [sic] monster. Israel admitted that 13 of its best troops were killed today. One military Jew was captured.

Civilian casualties of palestinians [sic] were extremely heavy because the rabid dogs of the Jews were doing their worst.

Despite increased scrutiny, Siddique still rails against Jews on his Facebook page. Regarding the case of Sandra Bland, the African-American Texas woman who, after being arrested this month following a traffic stop, allegedly committed suicide in prison several days later, he wrote:

And that Zionist Jewish dog [Alan] Derschowitz [sic] was teaching: just don't resist. In other words the Jew was implying that it was the woman's fault!

Siddique's blatant anti-Semitism and pro-terrorist sympathies are simply the socially and intellectually vulgar expressions of sentiments held by many professors of Middle East studies who, with few exceptions, dress up their equally boorish beliefs with conspiracy theories and euphemisms. Whether this bigotry and endorsement of violence against innocents is subtle or open, however, apologists for Islamism sully the reputation of any university that employs them.

Those who wish to make their views known can write to Lincoln University Interim President Dr. Richard Green at or call (484) 365-7400.

Cinnamon Stillwell is the West Coast representative for Campus Watch.