Writings by Todd Bensman

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Tough Post-9/11 Terrorism Sentencing Laws Under Assault Townhall July 9, 2019
Suspected ISIS Operatives Disguised as Migrants Caught in Nicaragua The Center for Immigration Studies June 26, 2019
Report: ISIS Planned to Enter US, Create Economic Chaos The Center for Immigration Studies June 19, 2019
How to Reduce the Threat of Released Jihadis The Federalist May 30, 2019
Why Iran's Cash Crunch Isn't Disabling Hezbollah Yet The Federalist May 24, 2019
Why the Case of Jordanian-Mexican Smuggler Who Transported Yemenis over the Texas Border Is Important The Center for Immigration Studies May 1, 2019
Extreme Vetting: Still a Dream The Center for Immigration Studies April 30, 2019
A Bizarre View of Justice for American ISIS Terrorist Townhall April 22, 2019
Did the Maryland Terrorism Suspect Have Ongoing Ties with Jihadists in His Native Trinidad? Center for Immigration Studies April 11, 2019
All In The Family: ISIS Edition Townhall April 4, 2019
ISIS Commander Arrested in Hungary Held Refugee Passport Enabling Unrestricted Air Travel PJ Media March 25, 2019
Yemenis Smuggled over Texas Border Wearing Hard-Hats and Reflective Vests Center for Immigration Studies March 6, 2019
What Became of the Obama-Era Program to Counter Terrorist Infiltration at the Southern Border? Center for Immigration Studies February 25, 2019
Against the Evidence, Media Keeps Insisting Terrorists Aren't Crossing the Southern Border The Federalist February 6, 2019
Did Panama Ever Reopen Its Investigation Into the Flight 901 Bombing? The Federalist January 23, 2019
What Happened to the Texan Who Became the Goebbels of ISIS? PJ Media January 21, 2019
Prayer Rugs at the Mexican Border: How Important? Center for Immigration Studies January 21, 2019
Every Last One: Another Prosecution of the Garland, Texas Terror Attack Starts Next Month PJ Media January 14, 2019
Congressional Committee Calls for Investigation of First Terror Attack by Border-Crossing Migrant Center for Immigration Studies January 14, 2019
Trump and the GOP Were Hardly the First to Worry About "Special Interest Alien" Smuggling to the Southwest Border Center for Immigration Studies January 9, 2019
House Homeland Security Committee Releases Special Report on Terrorist Border Infiltration Threat Center for Immigration Studies January 3, 2019
Central American Countries Are Helping Middle Easterners Illegally Enter the United States The Federalist January 2, 2019
Time to Remember the Forgotten Jihadist Beheader in Oklahoma Now Cleared for Execution The Federalist December 31, 2018
Reflections on How Islamist Lawfare Has Succeeded PJ Media December 21, 2018