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Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
Biden Knows Terrorists Are Crossing the Border; Why Doesn't He Stop It? The New York PostMarch 18, 2024
ISIS Plot to Assassinate George Bush Reminds Us the Border Crisis Security Threat Is Real The New York PostFebruary 12, 2024
The Road from Damascus: The Bloody History of Border Crossings from Syria The American MindJanuary 22, 2024
Are Borders Back in Europe? The American MindDecember 12, 2023
'Attachment A' Is a Roadmap to Hamas Enablers in the US — Is the FBI Paying Attention? The New York PostNovember 3, 2023
Biden Administration Secretly Let in Thousands of Unvetted Migrants from 'Countries of National Security Concern' The New York PostOctober 30, 2023
Thousands of 'Special Interest Aliens' Posing Potential National Security Risks Entering via CBP One App Center for Immigration StudiesOctober 24, 2023
What to Make of CNN's Exclusive about an ISIS Smuggler Who Moved Uzbeks over the Border Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 29, 2023
H-1B Doctor's Jihadist Plot: How Well Do We Vet Visa Applicants? The New York PostAugust 28, 2023
The Treasonous Story of a U.S. Soldier Turned Jihadist The FederalistJuly 11, 2023
U.S. Border Crisis Puts Nation at Risk of Terrorism -- A Case Study Center for Immigration StudiesJuly 5, 2023
Tehran Slaps America's Face as Biden's 'Deal' Moves Forward Creative Destruction MediaJuly 4, 2023
Former FBI Analyst Exposed America to Jihadists Creative Destruction MediaJune 28, 2023
Open U.S. Border Entices Jihadists -- The Plot to Kill Bush The New York PostApril 12, 2023
Iranians in Car Trunks at the U.S. Border; Never a Good Thing MediumFebruary 3, 2023
The Empty Promise of 'Rigorous Security Vetting' in New Migrant Border-Crossing Program Center for Immigration StudiesJanuary 26, 2023
Tijuana's Mosque and the Open Road to California Center for Immigration StudiesNovember 30, 2022
Record Number of Suspected Terrorists Crossed the U.S.–Mexico Border NewsweekOctober 28, 2022
About the Iraqi Asylum Seeker Who Allegedly Wanted to Import an ISIS Terrorist Hit Squad TownhallMay 27, 2022
About Those 42 Terrorists Who Crossed the American Southern Border TownhallApril 27, 2022
U.S. Government Now Publishing Terrorist Watch List Encounters at American Land Borders The Center for Immigration StudiesApril 27, 2022
CBP: Migrants from Terror-Plagued Regions Are Crossing the Southern Border The Center for Immigration StudiesDecember 3, 2021
Selective Memory: The Carefully Excised "WHY" of the 9/11 Attacks The Investigative Project on TerrorismSeptember 15, 2021
Limits on Afghan Refugees Mean Little Given Our Open Southern Border The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 19, 2021
Europe's Terrorism Report Has Lessons for Americans The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 16, 2021
Extra-continental Migrants Flooding U.S. Border Pose National Security Concern Creative Destruction MediaJuly 30, 2021
The Biden Administration Blocks Scrutiny of Jihadi Visitors TownhallJuly 26, 2021
Amid Media Silence, Congressman Asks FBI Chief about Border-Jumping Yemenis The Center for Immigration StudiesJune 11, 2021
Minnesota Military Linguist Ensnared in Honeypot "Abandoned Her Country" for Hizballah The Investigative Project on TerrorismApril 20, 2021
The Threat of Border-Crossing Migrants on Terror Watch List Is Real The Investigative Project on TerrorismApril 7, 2021
Landmark Confirmation of Border Threat The Center for Immigration StudiesMarch 19, 2021
The Afrasiabi Affair: Media Outlets Silent About Publishing Alleged Covert Iranian Agent The Investigative Project on TerrorismMarch 16, 2021
Europe's Migrant Crisis, Still Yielding Terror, Foretells the Effects of Biden's Border-Crossing Boom The National PulseMarch 9, 2021
'Extra-Continental' Migrants throughout the Americas Marching and Clashing Their Way Toward New Biden Border TownhallMarch 1, 2021
11 Iranians Captured at US-Mexico Border TownhallFebruary 15, 2021
A Border Threat So Taboo That Few Dare Speak of It The Daily WireFebruary 1, 2021
Americans Will Soon Rue Biden's Ending the 13-Country Travel Ban The Center for Immigration StudiesJanuary 20, 2021
Wave of 'Extra-Continental' Migrants Predicted in Biden's First Year The Center for Immigration StudiesDecember 18, 2020
WaPo Story on 'Muslim Ban" Perpetuates Erroneous Partisan Narrative TownhallDecember 4, 2020
Guatemala's Terrorist Designation of Hezbollah Explained The Investigative Project on TerrorismDecember 4, 2020
Ending Trump Travel Ban Spells Trouble The Investigative Project on TerrorismNovember 23, 2020
FBI "Actively Pursues" a Possible Hezbollah '94 Plane Bombing The Investigative Project on TerrorismNovember 9, 2020
Terrorist Knifer in France Illegally Crossed EU Border with Migrants The Center for Immigration StudiesOctober 30, 2020
U.S.-Bound Yemeni Migrants and Their Smuggler Busted in Brazil The Center for Immigration StudiesOctober 21, 2020
Brazil Busts Top Smuggler of Iranian Migrants to the U.S. The Center for Immigration StudiesSeptember 22, 2020
The Challenge of Repatriating American ISIS Fighters The FederalistSeptember 10, 2020
Jihadi Waltzes into US; Vile Facebook Posts Blow His Cover The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 26, 2020
Europe Suffers from a New Global Terror Tactic The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 19, 2020
Arrest of Released Terror Convict Highlights Threat of Jihadi Recidivism TownhallMay 29, 2020
How the Corpus Christi Jihadi Attacker Entered the United States The Center for Immigration StudiesMay 22, 2020
Europe's Most-Wanted Jihadist Crossed into EU Disguised as an Asylum-Seeker The Center for Immigration StudiesMay 12, 2020
Traitor for Hezbollah: Minnesota Linguist Lured by "Honeypot" Spy Scheme Creative Destruction MediaMay 10, 2020
Americans Need Protection from Jihadi Doctors The Center for Immigration StudiesMay 5, 2020
Pakistani Doctor in Minnesota Indicted for Jihadi Plot The Center for Immigration StudiesMay 5, 2020
Lessons from the Islamist Migrant Terror Plot against U.S. Air Force in Germany TownhallMay 5, 2020
Why Bangladeshi Migrants Illegally Entering the U.S. Pose a Security Risk MediumMarch 24, 2020
U.S. Lays Out Welcome Mat for Middle Eastern and Other "Extra-Continental" Migrants Creative Destruction MediaFebruary 5, 2020
Soleimani's Network of Sleeper Agents in the Americas The FederalistJanuary 7, 2020
Did The U.S. Kill An American Citizen After Taking Out ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi? The FederalistDecember 16, 2019
Like in Europe, America's Broken Asylum System Enables Islamist Infiltration TownhallDecember 9, 2019
Secret U.S. Efforts in Latin America Keep Jihadis Out TownhallDecember 2, 2019
Hold Off: Designating Mexican Cartels as Terrorists Could Dilute War on Jihadists The Center for Immigration StudiesNovember 27, 2019
Mexico-based Jordanian Smuggler of Six Yemenis Sentenced in Texas The FederalistNovember 6, 2019
Ecuador a Linchpin in Fight against Terrorist Migration The FederalistOctober 21, 2019
The First Illegal U.S.-Border-Crossing Terrorist Is on Trial The FederalistOctober 14, 2019
Mexico Struggles with Influx of U.S.-Bound Eastern Hemisphere Migrants TownhallOctober 10, 2019
Appellate Court Throws Out Terrorist's Lenient Sentence TownhallOctober 2, 2019
DHS Must Investigate Somali Terrorist Who Crossed U.S. Southern Border The Center for Immigration StudiesOctober 1, 2019
U.S.-Mexico Busts of Bangladeshi Smugglers South of the Border The Center for Immigration StudiesSeptember 12, 2019
Ecuador: An Unlikely Battleground to Secure America's Southern Border The Center for Immigration StudiesSeptember 3, 2019
Where Is the Promised Investigation of Iran's Deadly Panama Bombing? TownhallSeptember 3, 2019
Smugglers of Mideast Migrants to US Busted in Brazil The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 27, 2019
A Most-Wanted American Jihadist Is Caught in Mexico The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 21, 2019
Sumaiya Ali May Become First Convicted Terrorist Released under First Step Act TownhallAugust 12, 2019
Getting Smuggled from Afghanistan to Texas Is Easier than You Think The Center for Immigration StudiesAugust 6, 2019
No, Anti-Terrorism Efforts Haven't Hampered Investigations Of White Supremacists The FederalistAugust 6, 2019
Major Smuggler of Immigrants from Mideast, Africa Arrested in Costa Rica The Center for Immigration StudiesJuly 31, 2019
Tough Post-9/11 Terrorism Sentencing Laws Under Assault TownhallJuly 9, 2019
Suspected ISIS Operatives Disguised as Migrants Caught in Nicaragua The Center for Immigration StudiesJune 26, 2019
Report: ISIS Planned to Enter US, Create Economic Chaos The Center for Immigration StudiesJune 19, 2019
How to Reduce the Threat of Released Jihadis The FederalistMay 30, 2019
Why Iran's Cash Crunch Isn't Disabling Hezbollah Yet The FederalistMay 24, 2019
Why the Case of Jordanian-Mexican Smuggler Who Transported Yemenis over the Texas Border Is Important The Center for Immigration StudiesMay 1, 2019
Extreme Vetting: Still a Dream The Center for Immigration StudiesApril 30, 2019
A Bizarre View of Justice for American ISIS Terrorist TownhallApril 22, 2019
Did the Maryland Terrorism Suspect Have Ongoing Ties with Jihadists in His Native Trinidad? Center for Immigration StudiesApril 11, 2019
All In The Family: ISIS Edition TownhallApril 4, 2019
ISIS Commander Arrested in Hungary Held Refugee Passport Enabling Unrestricted Air Travel PJ MediaMarch 25, 2019
Yemenis Smuggled over Texas Border Wearing Hard-Hats and Reflective Vests Center for Immigration StudiesMarch 6, 2019
What Became of the Obama-Era Program to Counter Terrorist Infiltration at the Southern Border? Center for Immigration StudiesFebruary 25, 2019
Against the Evidence, Media Keeps Insisting Terrorists Aren't Crossing the Southern Border The FederalistFebruary 6, 2019
Did Panama Ever Reopen Its Investigation Into the Flight 901 Bombing? The FederalistJanuary 23, 2019
What Happened to the Texan Who Became the Goebbels of ISIS? PJ MediaJanuary 21, 2019
Prayer Rugs at the Mexican Border: How Important? Center for Immigration StudiesJanuary 21, 2019
Every Last One: Another Prosecution of the Garland, Texas Terror Attack Starts Next Month PJ MediaJanuary 14, 2019
Congressional Committee Calls for Investigation of First Terror Attack by Border-Crossing Migrant Center for Immigration StudiesJanuary 14, 2019
Trump and the GOP Were Hardly the First to Worry About "Special Interest Alien" Smuggling to the Southwest Border Center for Immigration StudiesJanuary 9, 2019
House Homeland Security Committee Releases Special Report on Terrorist Border Infiltration Threat Center for Immigration StudiesJanuary 3, 2019
Central American Countries Are Helping Middle Easterners Illegally Enter the United States The FederalistJanuary 2, 2019
Time to Remember the Forgotten Jihadist Beheader in Oklahoma Now Cleared for Execution The FederalistDecember 31, 2018
Reflections on How Islamist Lawfare Has Succeeded PJ MediaDecember 21, 2018
MEF in the Media
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Jihadists at the Gate: U.S. Open Border Policy and the Security Crisis The Washington Outsider ReportJune 14, 2022
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
Here's the Case That Shows How to Handle the Jihadist Prison Radicalization Threat PJ MediaAugust 21, 2018