Writings by Sarah N. Stern

Title Publication Date
Rubber Bullets: Power and Conscience in Modern Israel Middle East QuarterlyMarch 1998
Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Antisemitism Migrated from Academia onto Capitol Hill The Jerusalem PostSeptember 22, 2021
You've Come a Long Way, Bollinger! [incl. George Saliba, Joseph Massad] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate)March 11, 2020
An Antidote to the Metastasizing Cancer of Anti-Semitism in America JNS (Jewish News Syndicate)December 11, 2019
Even More Dangerous Than the Proposed California Curriculum ... [incl. Bernard Lewis, Rashid Khalidi, Hamid Dabashi, Joseph Massad, Hatem Bazian] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate)August 21, 2019
Who Is Educating US Students About Israel? AlgemeinerNovember 30, 2017
Who Is Finding Their Way Into American Students' Minds? [incl. Hamid Dabashi] JNS.orgNovember 28, 2017
Hatred Masquerading as Scholarship in the Classroom [incl. Hamid Dabashi] FrontPage MagazineSeptember 18, 2014
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Recruit Academia Chapter 10C, in Frank Gaffney (ed.), War Footing, (Naval Institute Press, 2005)December 1, 2005