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Border Walls Are All the Rage Worldwide Because They Work PJ Media November 7, 2017
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Why France Turned a Blind Eye to the Murder of Sarah Halimi The Jewish Chronicle August 24, 2017
A Captivating Tour of Jewish Life at the Moment before the Holocaust and Israel Mosaic August 16, 2017
The End of Europe as We Know It? The Jewish Review of Books Summer 2017
Why France Is Revolting against the Ancien RĂ©gime Standpoint April 2017
How Merkel and Middle Eastern Migration Ensured Britain's EU Exit PJ Media June 29, 2016
Statist France Is Collapsing PJ Media June 20, 2016
Is Trump America's Jean-Marie Le Pen? PJ Media April 14, 2016
Islamization and Demographic Denialism in France PJ Media March 14, 2016
The End of the Multiculturalist Consensus in Europe The Daily Caller February 4, 2016
After Paris, Marine Le Pen's National Front Is Here to Stay PJ Media December 10, 2015
The French Will Not Surrender This Time The American Interest December 5, 2015
After Paris, Are French Security Forces Up to the Task? The Jewish Chronicle November 19, 2015
UK Commander: World's Weak Response to 'Human Shields' Encourages Terrorists to Use Them PJ Media October 27, 2015
Why Jews Are Leaving France (Again) Mosaic October 22, 2015
The Jewish Future: Demography and Identity Commentary October 14, 2015
Jewish Conservatism: The Moment is Ripe Mosaic June 4, 2015
A "Nakba" Museum in Washington, DC? PJ Media April 24, 2015
Le Pens at War over Jew-Hate? Think Again The Jewish Chronicle April 21, 2015
Israel's Atomized Political System Commentary March 11, 2015
France's Moment of Truth PJ Media January 16, 2015
Will Even Oman Now Face Turmoil? PJ Media December 8, 2014
A Pyrrhic Palestinian Victory in France PJ Media December 5, 2014
As the World Turns: Will the West Prevail? World Affairs September/October 2014
Red-Green Sweden Recognizes Palestine as 'State' PJ Media October 10, 2014
Connecting the Dots The Jerusalem Post August 31, 2014
Barbier, Beelzebuth, and Anti-Semitism: The French Socialists' Conundrum PJ Media August 11, 2014
Francois Hollande Misreads France's Thoughts on Syria PJ Media September 13, 2013
The France/Jihadist Critical Mass PJ Media June 3, 2013
Francois Hollande Praises Anti-Semitic Writer PJ Media March 20, 2013
France Waking Up to Its Anti-Semitism? PJ Media November 15, 2012
No Future in France: Dire Times for French Jews PJ Media August 12, 2012
Islam in France: The French Way of Life Is in Danger Middle East Quarterly March 1997
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The Islamist Terror Attacks in France MEF Wire January 27, 2015